Are You For Real?

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Checking my E mail yesterday I found a message from a Literotica reader, StyxVenom, asking me if I was for real. He said he enjoyed my stories but doubted them based on the difference between being dominated and enjoying cock.

“I am in Anaheim tonight, staying at the Disney Hotel. If you’re real, get back with me and I’ll see if you’re as good as you say you are. I am married, hate faggots but enjoy blow jobs.”

I had never been contacted by another reader like this before, but thought what the heck, I’ll reply. If it’s anything like AOL users, the guy will be a flake anyway. I sent a reply and went back to work.

Checking my messages at lunch time I found another message to me from Styx. “Good boy. Come to building B, the 7th floor, room 721. Be here by 8:00 PM sharp.”

One thing I like is being told what to do. If I’m asked, I usually don’t follow through, but when I’m told I make sure I follow through. After work I showered, and drove to Disneyland, and parked at the Downtown parking lot. I made sure I was early. At 7:55, I was knocking on the door to room 721. I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing this, since I didn’t know a thing about Styx, but I did want to prove to him that I was real.

Guys don’t turn me on, cock does. A guy can be young (but over 21), or old, good looking or not. It doesn’t matter, as long as his cock gets hard. Put a cock in my face and tell me to suck it and I’m all bahis firmaları for it.

When I knocked the door was partially open. I heard a deep voice inside tell me to come in and be quick about it. I walked into the room and hard a difficult time seeing anything. It was nearly pitch black. He lit a single candle and instructed me to walk over to him and drop to my knees. I did as I was told.

“Good boy. So far you haven’t disappointed me. Now, unzip and unsnap my pants and pull them down.”

I did as I was told. I still had very little idea of what this guy looked like. I could tell he was overweight, and from the bulge in his briefs, he appeared to be nicely hung, at least 6 or more inches.

“Pull my shorts down.” I did and his hardening cock hit me in the face. “Kiss it boy.” I did and noticed a musky odor, not freshly washed but not much sweat either. He had probably showered about two to three hours ago. For the first time ever, I was turned on by a man’s odor.

“Worship it boy. Kiss it while I lie down on the bed, and suck it like it’s the only thing in the world to you.”

My tongue started to dance around his beautiful mushroom cock head. I started bobbing my head up and down, taking in an extra inch of cock until it hit the back of my mouth. Damn… it must be at least 7 inches long. But it tasted good, clean, fresh and rock hard.

“That’s it boy, suck it and watch out kaçak iddaa with your teeth, this cock has to feed my wife’s pussy when I get home tomorrow, so make sure you treat it well.”

I love sucking a nice cock and this was no exception. It was beautiful. I started to move faster and he told me to slow down a bit. I took one of his big, hairy balls in my mouth, licking it slowly as he began to speak.

“I’ve been reading Literotica for about three years now and this is the first time I’ve been on the road and horny. You are the first guy to suck my cock, and you’re doing a damn fine job there boy. I can’t believe you’ve only sucked a few other cocks. You don’t strike me as the gay type.”

I looked up at him and said, “I’m not gay. I love women and pussy, but now and then I enjoy sucking a nice cock. Your message to me surprised me, but I am glad I’ve come over to meet your cock, it’s wonderful. I want to prove to you that I am for real.”

“Good boy. Keep sucking my balls. That’s one thing my wife doesn’t do and it’s turning me on.”

I asked him if there was anything else his wife wouldn’t do.

“She doesn’t lick my ass, but I don’t expect you to. I just want a good blow job, and you’re doing just fine boy.”

My lips slowly moved south of his cock, to his ass which was at the edge of the bed, and slowly I inserted my tongue into his hole, a little at a time, making sure to move it back kaçak bahis and forth.

“Oh god boy, that’s damn good. I can’t believe you’re doing that. Keep it up boy. Suck my ass. I’ve been with whores who wouldn’t lick my ass. That makes you a first class slut boy.”

After a few minutes of sucking his ass I moved back to his balls, sucking one at a time, slowly, listening to his moaning. Then I kissed his cock head once again and started sucking on it.

His moaning started to get louder and louder. He ordered me to suck harder and faster, and I did. His body started to stiffen and his cock seemed to get just a bit harder, signaling he was about to cum. I started to lift my head up and he grabbed it and forced my head back down on to his cock, blasting off in the back of my mouth, forcing me to swallow his hot, thick load. After about 6 bursts he relaxed and pulled out of my throat.

I swallowed the final drop and noticed his cum tasted bitter, but looked up at him and told him he tasted wonderful.

He told me to follow him into the bathroom and then ordered me to hold his cock while he took a leak. I did, a new step in my life, as the only cock I’ve ever held while taking a piss is mine. When he finished he didn’t shake it, but ordered me to lick it clean. I looked up at him, not believing what I had heard, yet I still took his cock into my mouth, tasting a few drops of salty, disgusting urine and then licked his cock totally clean.

“You taste wonderful,” I lied.

“Good boy, you are all you said you were and more. Now get out.”

I quickly dressed and left, knowing I had done as I promised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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