Antidote for Innocence

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Not that it matters but this is based on a true story narrated to the author by the main character, a man who casually mentioned the rather unusual way he lost his virginity. The author then coaxed him to deliver his entire story, which he did over a lazy weekend in a farmhouse in upstate New York.

The Greyhound driver swung towards highway I90W and began the two hour drive to the town of Huntslow, Ohio. Ryan Dole checked out a young brunette across the aisle. She buried her nose in her Kindle eReader as soon as she took her seat at Cleveland. Her deep green T shirt matched the early summer foliage rolling by but what attracted Ryan from his vantage point was her bouncy, shapely left breast.


He hadn’t had too much luck with them but this trip was going to make amends. He looked back to his younger days of boyhood and slipped into an unhappy day dream.


There was Sharon Gabriel from high school who was actually two years his senior. Living in the neighborhood, they often walked down the block to the school bus. Or he walked behind wide eyed with boyish excitement as she swayed her awesome behind. She being slightly older, he never went out with her though he carried a big secret crush throughout high school. She was a blond bombshell. A cute face dressed with dimples, with a longish chin, a sharp nose and sea blue eyes caught your attention before her smashing figure did. She also had shoulder length golden hair that had a careless shock hanging over her left eyebrow. She was simply gorgeous but in a different league, Ryan concluded. She hung out with the footballers and other heroes in school.

Then there was his classmate Gina Polanski. She was the only girl he dated in high school or even after and he was turning 24 next month! Gina literally forced herself on Ryan. He wouldn’t have minded that if she was as hot as some others. She was a nerdy, gawky, and thin but an oddly round faced girl with hardly any curves. Her near flat chest and small butt contributed to her non glamorous straight lined torso. To top it all she was strong willed, and possessive and gave the unhappy impression to all that Ryan was hers! He convinced himself that this was the only reason for his unenviable virginal state. That would change with this trip and his heart skipped a beat.

Ryan had to dig deep into his soul to understand what opportunities he lost. He had had one intimate session with Gina though, at a wild ranch house party towards school graduation. Everybody was high on either booze or grass and all eight bed rooms and shadowy hallways were occupied with couples making out. Gina and Ryan were in the back seat of his father’s Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in the ample yard. Ryan recalled the scene where Gina sat on his lap, topless smooching and even through the murkiness of a half-moon sky the odd conical projections of her pink nipples on flat chest was awkwardly un-sexy. Her smooth skin was a relief but even as Ryan reached behind to feel her tiny butt, he didn’t feel aroused enough for sex. He guessed it was because there were so many other girls that were immeasurably more attractive than Gina at that party. It ended there.

Later he heard she turned very religious and was now in Harvard Medical School! Good for her, he thought.

Soon after graduating from high school and after a few months of Pizza delivery, Ryan’s uncle Graham got him an offer to work as a truck driver in a US logistics company in the Middle East. The pay packet and benefits were mind boggling and that’s why he decided to go and stayed there for 48 months. The small worry was that he was driving from Kuwait to Iraq during a rather sensitive period.

The camp in Doha in Kuwait was where all the supplies to the staff in Iraq were shipped to and were transported from to a nodal distribution center in Basra, a southern Iraqi city. Ryan drove one of the many trucks that traveled in a convoy carrying everything from food and office supplies to medical stuff and some unlabeled packages that could have been anything.

In Doha he shared a barracks style air conditioned hut with three other guys. Only one of them was there at most times, though. Across a group of shacks and behind the mess was a small room where a seamstress sat with an archaic Singer sewing machine. Her name was Salima, a Lebanese woman in her thirties. The more he talked to her the more he liked her cute accent and even though she wore traditional head scarfs and was covered from wrist to ankle, she had that Mediterranean charm that interested Ryan. He found himself visiting her to get unnecessary repairs done and even plucked a button off his shirt to get it fixed by her. Gradually she was warming up to him and chatted long as she spent hours alone cooped up in her little space. He heard that she was married to an Egyptian electrician and had two children aged 5 and 3. His mother, who was a Kuwaiti looked after them while both worked.

It was on one of his visits to her room on a hot, dusty casino şirketleri and lazy afternoon that he had brought one of his shorts that required a waist to be adjusted. She gave him the tape to measure his waist himself but when his clumsy, inexperienced hands fumbled she resigned to her fate and helped him. Salima stood up from her stool behind the machine came over ever so close to him and took the measurement herself. Ryan was intoxicated with her nearness, her Arabic perfume and became acutely aware of her body.

She was well endowed! She had big shapely breasts pushing her thin top and a rounded rump on wide hips. Her waist may have been narrow but that was not quite evident. Presently her long fingers with painted nails handled the tape expertly round Ryan’s waist carefully avoiding touch. Ryan asked Salima to proceed with the repairs and left.

Back in the hut, he thought, wow, that woman’s something. How did he miss that? He even had a peek at that awesome cleavage under her blouse. Desire gripped him like some uncontrollable monster. Why was he still unable to sleep with a woman? He slipped into bed with his favorite box of tissues and masturbated thinking of her voluptuous body and how it would feel to peel off those layers of clothing and feast on every inch of her and finally enter her and pump her with blissful strokes and dump a load of his hot semen into her.

A few days later Ryan had just arrived from Basra and in the shower when the doorbell rang. He quickly wiped himself and stepped into a pair of black satin shorts and headed to the door.

It was a shocking surprise when he found Salima at the door with a plastic bag.

“Your shorts” she said almost looking away and turning to go.

“Just a moment. I’ll get the money. Five Dinars, right?”

She hesitated and then nodded with no eye contact. “Come on in. I won’t be a minute. It’s hot outside”

Ryan didn’t expect her to come in but to his surprise she gingerly stepped in looking around the room and carefully avoiding looking at his bare chest.

“Sit down!” Ryan could hardly believe what was happening. Why did she come to the hut? She usually called on his cell.

As if reading his mind she said: “I have to leave early today. I forgot my cell at home so I couldn’t call. I thought I’ll give this before the weekend.”

“Thanks” Ryan grinned lecherously. She wore a petal green scarf and a brown top with brown jeans. Her brilliant complexion had a thin film of summer sweat accentuating her smoothness. “Sit down, won’t you. You can have some fruits. I got some lovely oranges from Basra”

“Basra is not known for oranges.” She managed a giggle.

“Just got them at the Souk. I’ll get some”

From the kitchen area in the corner of the living room, Ryan noticed that Salima had sat herself down. He picked out some oranges and pineapple from the fridge crisper and offered them to her. She picked an orange, thanking Ryan.

“You are very beautiful” he mumbled, meaning every word and looking right into her eyes.

She blushed, looked down and thanked him again and peeled the orange.

Ryan sat in the chair next to her and said: “Tell me something. When did you start wearing that head scarf?”

“I was born a Christian. I married a Muslim and converted. I thought it was only appropriate to wear it. So it’s been about 6 years.”

“I have always wondered about your hair” Ryan was doubting if he was going too far but was glad he asked.

Salima went into a long discourse on the use of the ‘hijab’ with Ryan’s interceding questions. The discussion touched on conservatism, sexual attraction and interaction and Ryan jumped at the opportunity provided.

“I, like all men like to see beautiful women. It’s normal and not a sin. Why am I being denied that by you covering your hair?”

“That’s because, like I said, it’s only the woman’s husband who is allowed in our culture.”

“You know me well. Can friends also be allowed?” Ryan’s plea sounded weak.

“No,” came the firm reply. While slipping in a succulent segment of an orange she stood up to go.

As if possessed by some unknown force within himself he stood up, grabbed both her hands pulled her towards him and wrapped his arms behind tightly and brought her soft unyielding body to himself. She gasped in surprise, struggled and pushed away from him.

“What are you doing? Oh my God! I am shocked,” she protested.

“I am sorry, Salima. You are so beautiful. I love you so much. Please let me hug you. Please. Just once!”

Salima was staring at him barely believing what was happening but somehow Ryan noticed a softening in her eyes.

“I have never even touched a girl,” he lied “and you are the first I feel very attracted to. You are so very beautiful and the best I have seen or known in my whole life. Please”

Another rush of blood and Ryan grabbed her again and this time she didn’t push back but stayed passive and stiff.

“I casino firmaları am married and this is very wrong. This is a sin.” She was soft with no overt evidence of anger and Ryan wanted to believe he was winning.

The tightness of his locked fingers behind her loosened and he moved his palms up and down her back a few times. He was aware of his raging erection digging somewhere into her flesh. Her ample breasts were flattened against his bare chest.

In one glorious moment he felt her hands on his shoulder; not holding him but just lying there. He boldly planted a kiss on her cheek and caressed her back more and kissed her again. He felt the incredible softness and smoothness of her face and wondered at the natural beauty of Middle Eastern women.

Lustful desire was raging in his gut and Ryan pressed himself into her more and an involuntary grinding movement got hold of his sex starved hips. He stole a glance at her face and noticed that her eyes were closed! She must be feeling something good!

Then he made a tragic mistake. He moved his lips from her cheek to her lips while his hands just slipped down to her butt.

Ryan didn’t know which one of these maneuvers flipped a negative switch but she suddenly pushed back leaned against the kitchen wall stared at the floor then at Ryan’s surprised face and started walking out.

She shook off his hand when he was trying to hold her back and swiftly and gracefully slipped out the door. His seduction was a resounding failure.

The next few months were spent with a freeze in his relationship with Salima. He also heard gory stories on what happens to adulterers in these conservative countries. He somehow completed his 48 months with two contracts and returned to USA, still a virgin, to enjoy the pots of money he had earned.

His interaction with three women had come to naught.

The ‘Welcome to Huntslow’ sign on a rugged plank whizzed past and after his mental trip back he was happy to be in the present as he was going to be with a gorgeous girl that day! Oh what a thrill it’s going to be, he smiled but a tiny bit of anxiety also crept in as he wondered about the unfamiliar territory he needed to tread. The girl he was to meet was the reason he was so excited, though. She was the one he always wanted and craved for.

Ryan had spent the weekend with two of his closest mates in Cleveland. Kyle and Sharad were happy to spend some time with their childhood friend. They had their girlfriends with them too and Maya, Sharad’s Nepali girlfriend was simply a smasher and Ryan fueled his chronic and unsatisfied urges by ogling her lovely oriental curves. He was careful not to get noticed when he stole innumerable glances at her thighs when her short skirt rode upwards.

That lucky bastard Sharad!

It was Kyle and his girl Karla who actually put him onto his date for that day. Ryan was looking for Sharon Gabriel, his school crush and neighbor and a call to the alumni office said she was in the district and into her own business. Kyle remembered her and a common friend that Karla knew contacted and located her.

Ryan got her voice mail which sounded just like the Sharon he knew; sweet, confident and cheerful. He left her a long message clearly stating his full name and the school and neighborhood connections. She texted him something that looked like a code word and asked him to call back on a different number.

A professional sounding female secretary like voice answered and wanted the name, the phone number and the code and when it was given he got across to Sharon.

“Hi!” The enthusiasm was unmistakable and a bit surprising.

“Hi. Thanks for remembering me.”

“Of course I remember you, you cute little boy. Where have you been? Out of town for sure.”

Ryan gave her a quick history before he indicated that he wanted to meet her.

“Of course! Come over to my place. Is this evening OK?” She sent a flaming arrow into Ryan’s heart.

“Yeah sure.” Ryan gulped but remained calm.

She gave him the address with the apartment number and the buzzer code. Ryan carefully noted them down.

“I am called Sherry now,” she finished, “and reach my place around 6:30, will you? We’ll go out for dinner”

The bus pulled into the station and Ryan got into a taxi and gave the address to the driver and settled down when he learnt the ride was about 25 minutes to the lake.

It was later on the night, after he called Sharon that he checked on the website that she had sent with the text message. He got into the website somehow figured how to use the code she gave him and his cell phone number and got into a privileged page.

What he discovered blew his socks off!

This was an events management company called ‘Haphapenz’. There was a sneaky subsidiary called ‘Silky Smooth’ which Sherry Gabalonde was the CEO was of. There were descriptions of Sharon and other gorgeous girls and yes, rates.

Sharon Gabriel was a prostitute güvenilir casino now called Sherry Gabalonde!

Wow! He wasn’t sure what he was feeling; sadness, disbelief or amazement.

Ryan felt he was lucky he had the money when he read:

Quick Fix $275

Silky Sixty $425

Our Hours $850

Dreamy Dawn $1150

Day Tripper $1775

She was a high class one to boot! Ryan gave the numbers a quick thought, though he understood little details of the steamy choices but decided he could afford at least something and went to a bank machine to withdraw $2500 which was presently safely stuffed into his pants inner pocket.

A granite eight storied building appeared as did the happy blue waters of the lake.

Ryan’s heart was beating fast as he picked up his backpack paid the taxi off and stepped onto the porch lined with lush foliage in brass rimmed ceramic pots. The broad smooth bitumen driveway and the manicured lawn with carefully placed flowering shrubs oozed wealthy elegance. The eight floors of granite with hues of soft blue and smoky gray and the polished wooden doors and windows with crystal clear glass spelt class in every inch.

He buzzed himself in gingerly.

The luxurious white marble, high arched cream ceiling and shiny chrome interiors made Ryan look at himself with awkward self-consciousness. When he got past the receptionist and walked into the elevator to the 7th floor excitement gripped him again.

He was going to meet the most beautiful girl he knew. His only fear was if being a whore had made her any different looking in a negative way.

The soft chime announced the 7th floor but he was on a mental 70th!


The next few moments were not recorded in Ryan’s brain as sheer unbridled thrill of anticipation got hold of him. In a trance he knocked on her door and gaped at Sherry Gabalonde when she appeared at the doorway in a black low cut top and a soft brown flimsy skirt held by a broad belt.

“Hi!” Her genuine happiness warmed his empty heart but his numbness obliterated his tactile senses and he didn’t record her soft body as she hugged him and pecked him on the cheek.

He managed only a boyish almost embarrassed smile.

It took a while for him to absorb the surroundings. The apartment was beyond the foyer that he had just passed. Classic Victorian furniture sat majestically on plush wine red carpets in the living room on the right. Oil paintings and artifacts adorned the walls all over and straight ahead a large open hallway led to huge glass windows bordered with crimson satin curtains framing the cheerful blueness of the lake and the sky.

Sherry held his hand and pulled him towards the window and helped him unload his backpack.

“Sit down.” she said. He sat while she stood beside.

Then he noticed her.

She was still very unspoiled and beautiful. Only a lot more beautiful now, Ryan thought. Her golden locks were styled and set with dark brown streaks to shoulder length. Her square jaws and pointed chin didn’t detract from her attractive features and unblemished skin. She stood with her hands on her hips and Ryan noticed that her breasts were slightly larger looking now and that awesome cleavage accentuated their sexiness. The belt narrowed her waist further just as much as it broadened her hips.

“So what have you been up to?”

“Not much, actually. Between jobs now.” Ryan realized he had not said much.

They chatted for a while mainly about his bus journey.

Then he asked: “Tell me about yourself. You seem to be doing fabulously well.”

Sherry swiveled on her heels and seated herself next to Ryan and he didn’t miss that butt that he used to drool at so much. It was still good. A bit more flesh, perhaps but nice and ripe!

She began.

“You looked at my website? Yeah, you would’ve. So you know what I do!” She sat silently for a few minutes of awkward silence, then she began.

“Well it happened like this. Soon after I completed high school I was at a party and an older man was hitting on me. I mean he was seriously onto me but he was nice and polite and all that. Over a few glasses of wine we got talking. Even though I did not see him as a suitable partner I found his company very interesting and his humour and conversation entertaining.

“Long story short, he made me an offer. He invited me to join him on the seven day Disney Alaska Cruise with all expenses paid and $2000 a day as ‘salary’. That was a no brainer. I took it and even though I initially dreaded sleeping 7 nights with him, he was actually not bad. He was gentle, generous and kind and all that’s good. If you can keep a secret, he is Ralph Beanings. Yes, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur and CEO of Endomax. He recommended me to a friend who was going to Europe for two weeks and I agreed on the same terms. Only this guy was a creep. Anyway one thing led to another and I started making some cool cash. So here I am after three years. I have another seven girls working for me and we get on fine!”

“Wow!” was all Ryan could say. Then he went: “Are you enjoying yourself?” There was instantaneous regret that he had asked but Sherry made him at ease.

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