Anna from Ukraine Ch. 02

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“It tickles!” the Ukrainian 18-year old giggled.

She was lying on her belly with Mona’s tongue teasing the soles of her feet. Marianne was lying next to her, stroking her brown hair and planting small kisses all over her face.

It was becoming a Sunday tradition. Naked chilling in Marianne’s spacious bedroom. The blonde had turned on the computer for the occasion – Mona had the idea to go through the Facebook profiles of other girls at their school to determine once and for all if there were any genuine hotties there apart from themselves.

“That’s nice,” Anna moaned softly as Mona’s tongue slowly moved its way up her slender legs. She glanced over to her left. Marianne was browsing some Facebook photos.

“You know Sofie, right?”

“The blonde one in 3C?” Mona took a brief break from licking. “Not particularly hot last time I checked.”

“I know, but have you seen her older sister?”

Anna watched as Marianne browsed through Sofie’s photo albums.

“Wow!” the Ukrainian girl exclaimed. “Marianne is right, her sister is stunning.”

A somewhat sceptical Mona crawled up to Anna’s right.

“I don’t trust you pussy-thirsty sluts anymore. You’re becoming desperate.”

Marianne and Anna laughed.

“Ok, so you would kick this one out of bed then?”

Mona’s eyes opened wide.

“Fucking hell! She’s gorgeous! Know what this means, girls? We have to make friends with Sofie.”

“But Sofie is … boring,” Anna objected.

“We have no choice. She is our only ticket to her sister!”

“That is taking advantage of people,” Marianne argued. “It’s … unethical and stuff. We can’t pretend to become friends with her.”

“Of course we can!” the redhead countered. “It is for a higher goal. Besides, it only has to go on for as long as it takes me to get into her sister’s pants.”

“Mona, you are an evil person!” Marianne shook her head in disapproval of her hedonistic cousin. “Anna, what do you think?”

“I don’t know.” The Ukrainian took another look at the attractive blonde on the computer screen. “She is objectively very hot. I mean, not as hot as the two of you -“

“Or as you,” Marianne interjected.

“- but definitely worthy of our desire. Still, I side with Marianne here. It would be extremely phony if we were to fake a friendship with Sofie. She is not an interesting person.”

“You prudes!” Mona sighed. “Ethics, bla, bla, bla. Well, if your high moral principles prevent you from participating in this project, then your loss. And I can have that delicious body all to myself.”

The redhead licked her lips as she looked at the blonde girl on the photo. An evil smile spread across her face.

“She’s not serious, right?” Anna asked.

Marianne just stared back with a resigned look on her face.

“It is obvious that you still don’t know my cousin.”

Anna felt Mona’s hair tickle the back of her thighs again.

“Fine, disapprove of my grand scheme”, she could hear her voice from behind her. “I guess that means you disapprove of my tongue as well?”

Mona tickled Anna’s left buttock with the tip of her tongue.

“I guess it means I should just stop this, right? Who wants to have the tongue of an evil and cruel person between their butt cheeks?”

“No,” Anna moaned as she felt the redhead’s warm breath caress her anus. “Please don’t stop!”

Mona continued teasing the Ukrainian’s ass with her breath, not extending her tongue yet.

“I think your anus disapproves of me. I cannot do this.”

“No, it doesn’t!” Mona’s hot breath on her asshole was making the Slavic brunette impatient. “Please, Mona, just lick me there! Please lick my ass!”

Anna sighed deeply as Mona’s tongue made contact with her anus.

“Yeeeeeeeess. That’s so nice, Mona.”

The wonderful sensation was compounded by Marianne’s soft hands stroking her hair and caressing her neck and shoulders. The long-haired blonde was looking deeply into Anna’s eyes, clearly enjoying the sight of her Ukrainian friend’s arousal. Their noses touched. Anna could sense Marianne’s sweet breath on her face.

“Yeeess,” the Ukrainian moaned, urging her friend on. “I love it.”

Mona was deliberately refraining from touching Anna’s pussy, trying to postpone the first orgasm. Instead, all the attention was concentrated on the Ukrainian girl’s asshole. Mona knew all about how sensitive Anna was there.

“Mmmmmmm,” Anna purred as Mona probed her most private opening with her tongue. The brunette opened her mouth, inviting Marianne’s wet tongue inside. It never ceased to amaze Anna how sweet Marianne’s mouth tasted. Chocolate, ice cream – those were other sweet things that Anna was very fond of, but she could easily imagine getting tired of the taste if she had too much. Marianne’s mouth though was forever sweet.

Anna continued exchanging saliva with Marianne as Mona’s tongue slid up and down the crack of her ass with long, slow movements. Making love to these two Norwegian cousins was like swimming in an ocean of pleasure. She adored her two girlfriends. They was they smelled, the way they tasted, the way they touched her canlı bahis body. Anna wanted her life to stay like this forever.


Anna’s reaction was instantaneous as she felt Mona’s finger slide deep inside her soaking wet cunt. She was so excited now her body was squirming on the bed, her ass quivering as Mona continued to lick it. She was so close now.


Her eyes dizzy with arousal she just stared into Marianne’s gorgeous blue eyes as the orgasm cascaded through her slender body. She knew it was just the first of many that day.


Anna was still catching her breath. Marianne planted small kisses on her cheek and ear.

“It is so beautiful to watch you orgasm, Anna.”

Mona resurfaced.

“God, I just love your ass, Anna.”

The Ukrainian looked back over her shoulder. The redhead was staring at her perfect buttocks.

“I wish I could just crawl inside your ass and stay there forever,” she continued.

“You sure about that?” Anna laughed.

“Hey, Anita is hot, right?”

Marianne was exploring another Facebook-profile.

“She’s gorgeous,” Anna concurred. Anita was a sporty brunette that she had Chemistry classes together with. Sometimes they did assignments together. “She seems like a smart girl too.”

“But, unfortunately, very hetero,” Marianne sighed. She was dating one of the most popular guys at school and looked very much in love.

Mona was not so easily discouraged though.

“Hetero, my ass! Remember, Marianne, you were also heterosexual once.”

“Really?” It was the first time Anna had ever heard about this.

“Yes, she was like thinking about getting herself a boyfriend and stuff.”

An embarrassed Marianne tried to look away.

“Strangely enough,” her cousin continued, “she lost her desire for a boyfriend at more or less exactly the same time as she lost her lesbian cherry!”

“Mona!” Marianne didn’t seem too comfortable with this topic. “I guess I am… bisexual or something, but with a preference for girls, of course.”

“I don’t believe you, cuz. I am convinced you are a full-time, unapologetic pussy licker just like our Ukrainian friend here.”

Anna weighed in.

“I never see you ogle guys. Girls on the other hand…”

“Yes!” Mona affirmed. “I mean… have you seen her in German class?”

“Of course,” Anna immediately replied. “She’s practically eating the teacher with her eyes.”

Marianne was blushing.

“She’s just so gorgeous. I just can’t stop looking at her.”

Their German-teacher – Kathrine – was a tall 41-year old brunette who could easily be taken for someone ten years younger.

“I know, cuz, I know.” Mona stroked her cousin’s long blonde hair. “I don’t blame you. For a start, she has killer legs and an ass to die for. “

Marianne’s face turned all dreamy.

“Hey,” Anna suggested, “I think we are obliged to help out your cousin here. She clearly has a crush on her teacher. At the same time, she’s too timid to do anything about it herself.”

“Ok,” Mona replied after some deliberation. “But what about all those ethical principles you were advertising so loudly two minutes ago?”

“Come on!” Anna proclaimed. “She is our teacher and the same age as our mothers. If there’s anything unethical about it, it’s from her side. Teacher taking advantage of students and stuff!”

Mona seemed very pleased with the Slavic girl’s argument.

“She can take advantage of me anytime she wants,” Marianne murmured to herself.

“We will make your dream come true, Marianne,” Anna continued. “Before you know it you’ll be face down in Kathrine’s hairy pussy!”

“That would be fantastic! But… how do you know it’s hairy?” Marianne wondered.

“She’s 41! I know she looks much younger, but seriously, how many 41-year olds bother shaving their cunts?”

“I’m with our Ukrainian girl-toy on this one,” Mona said. “And for the record, just let me state that there’s nothing wrong with a hairy pussy.”

“I do trim it,” an irritated Marianne replied.

“Yes, in the bikini season,” her freckled cousin corrected.

“Like I have nothing better to do than to shave my pussy every day. I prefer to have a tongue between my legs, not a razor!”

“Ok, girls, back to Project Kathrine,” Anna interrupted. “I feel extremely confident about this. Teacher or no teacher, can anybody in the long run resist a combined onslaught of three girls like us?”

“Nobody, right?” Marianne’s face lit up.

“Nobody,” Mona concluded.

The discussion triggered new feelings of arousal in the three teenagers. Soon, they were rolling around on the bed, tongues and fingers roaming all over their increasingly sweaty bodies. Marianne’s bedroom filled with the sounds and smells of three beautiful 18-year old girls making love.


The following Tuesday, the three girlfriends were texting zealously on their mobiles during German class. Mona and Anna were teasing their blonde friend. Their teacher was wearing a pair of tight jeans that really gave justice to her amazing legs and ass.

“Stare a little harder, maybe her bahis siteleri pants will fall off,” Anna messaged her friends. Mona responded with an emoticon picturing lips kissing a pair of buttocks. They looked over at Marianne, who as usual was both embarrassed and excited at the same time.

“STOP TEASING ME,” she messaged back. But that message was immediately superseded by another message: “She’s so hot, right”. And two seconds later: “Look at her ass!”

Anna and Mona exchanged knowing glances and shook their heads. Their friend really had a crush – on their 41-year old teacher!

Anna noticed Kathrine scribbling something down. She recognized some numbers there. Was it…? She immediately updated her friends on her discovery.

“Think she’s got some kind of calendar.”

Mona was on the case and leaned over to whisper in Anna’s ear:

“We need to get hold of it. You keep her occupied, I browse through it.”

This could be their chance to find out how and where Kathrine spends her free time. She never seemed to bring her mobile to class, so this calendar might be their only shot. Anna and Mona had been discussing back and forth and arrived at the conclusion that seducing her at school was not doable. They had to bump into her somewhere else. Well, stalk her a little bit actually.

Kathrine announced the break and their classmates stormed out. Anna was quick to catch the teacher’s attention.

“Excuse me, I have a question about grammar. Have you got two minutes?”

“Of course.”

Anna was genuinely fascinated with grammar, so it was not difficult to keep the conversation going. She could see that Kathrine was impressed with her and probably very happy that one of her students for once showed some authentic interest in her favourite topic. From the corner of her eye, Anna saw Mona fervently browsing through the notebook. Suddenly, a mischievous smile spread across the redhead’s face. She must have found something!

“Anna, we must go now. We have to catch the bus.”

Anna could easily have kept the conversation going for another five minutes or more.

“Thank you, Miss H.”

“See you soon, Miss H.” Mona smiled.

As soon as she was certain their teacher could no longer hear them, Mona let them in on her sensational finding.

“Yes, it is a calendar and, even better, it has all her appointments! You’d never believe what her plans are for this Friday!”

Mona was bursting with excitement.

“Two words. Try to guess.”

“Mona!” Marianne was getting impatient. “Just let us know. What is she doing?”

“Just two words. The first one is “Julia””.

“And the second one?”

The second word was the name of a well-known gay disco in Oslo.

“You mean..?!!?”

“She’s meeting a female friend in a gay club in Oslo?” Anna finished the sentence for Marianne.

“But… who is Julia?” Marianne wondered.

“Cuz, how am I supposed to know that? But I would not be surprised if she is a person who either is or has serious plans of licking Kathrine’s pussy.”

Marianne’s excitement turned into disappointment. Anna tried to comfort her.

“Marianne, some Julia-person is not going to stand in the way of your sexual needs. Your beauty alone makes you irresistible. With me and Mona on your team in addition to that, that Julia-entity won’t stand a chance.”

“Anna is right, cuz. We promise you, come Friday night you will be the one with your tongue dipped in Kathrine’s honey pot.”

“Unless you don’t mind sharing a little bit with us,” Anna added mischievously.

“Of course, girls, that’s only fair. If you help me seduce her.”

“Promise,” her two girlfriends responded in unison. The agreement was sealed with a three-way kiss. As soon as they got home, they booked tickets online for the three-hour train ride to Oslo. Mona was also happy to learn that her uncle in Oslo would be going away for the whole weekend, so they could stay in his apartment.

Mona and Anna was staying over at Marianne’s that night and they lay awake in bed until very late, discussing the turn of events and laying a strategy for the Oslo-trip.

“Who in this time and age writes down her appointments in a calendar anyway?” Anna wondered.

“I don’t know,” Mona answered. “A person who doesn’t shave her cunt, I guess.”

“I couldn’t care less if she uses a typewriter and needs help to log on to her e-mail!” Marianne responded angrily. “She’s super-hot, so she can do what the fuck she wants!”


They had been there for an hour and where already on their second beer. Mona and Anna were dancing and making out on the half-empty dance floor, but mostly they were just waiting for Kathrine to turn up. If she would actually turn up. Maybe she had a change of plans, maybe they had decided to go to another club. Marianne was looking increasingly worried.

“There! Look!”

Marianne almost spilt her beer as she pointed in the direction of the entrance. There she was. Alone, wearing a tight pair of jeans and a little bit more make-up than usual. Not noticing her three pupils, she ordered a glass of red wine and sat down bahis şirketleri at a small table in the corner.

Anna took the initiative.

“Let me take care of this.”

Ordering another beer, she positioned herself by the bar so it would be impossible for Kathrine not to spot her.

“Miss H.!”

If there had been a hole in the wall or something, Kathrine sure would have disappeared there. Embarrassment didn’t even begin to describe her shock at bumping into one of her pupils in an Oslo gay club.

“Hello, eh… Anna.”

It was so amusing to see her teacher in this state of embarrassment, at a complete loss for what to say. Teasingly, Anna just stared at her, forcing the woman to come up with something to say.

“Eh… Are you here on your own?”

“No, I’m here with my girlfriends. You know, Mona and Marianne. And you?”

Kathrine did not seem very eager to reply. Anna was not going to let her off the hook however.

“Just out looking to score?” Anna asked. “Look,” she tried to calm her teacher, “we’re not gonna tell anybody. Just relax, Miss H. We know what kind of place this is, that’s why we are here too.”

Kathrine finally stopped looking away.

“You can just call me Kathrine. Ok, I’m here on a date, although she missed a train and will not be here before an hour or so.”

Perfect, Anna thought to herself.

“So why don’t we join you in the meantime then?”

The Ukrainian did not wait for an answer, just signalled for her friends to come over. The look of utter confusion on Kathrine’s face was priceless.


Awkward at first, with the second glass of wine their teacher started loosening up. It was becoming increasingly clear the 41-year old woman was enjoying the company of the three attractive teenage girls from her class. At first, the conversation was more general, but Anna could see the older brunette was curious.

“So… eh… do you have any girlfriends or?”

“Me and Anna are girlfriends,” Mona quipped, planting a wet kiss on the Ukrainian’s lips.

That was not entirely in keeping with the truth. It was more like they had a threesome relationship. But that was probably not the wisest thing to say if they wanted to pair her up with Marianne for the night. Plus Mona and Marianne were cousins – the incestuous aspects of it might put some people off.

“That’s true. Mona seduced me on the forest excursion in August.”

Now that was at least almost true, if she’d just added the words “and Marianne” after Mona’s name.

“That’s nice.” The beautiful woman’s face lit up in a smile. “I remember being 18 and having a crush on my best friend. Never had the courage to tell her. It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I had the nerve to come out. It’s easier for you girls today.”

There was a hint of sadness in Kathrine’s voice. Anna stroked the 41-year old’s hair as if to comfort her.

“That’s not fair. So many years of your life wasted because of society’s prejudice. Hope you have made up for it since then.”

“Yes,” Mona joined in. “I mean, for a woman as beautiful as you not to have a girlfriend is a crime, nothing less.”

The game is on, Anna thought. She felt her heart beating faster. She felt like… a predator or something. It was a new and exciting feeling. And the target for their hunt was their teacher!

“So, you’ve got somebody right now?” Mona inquired. “Like, this Julia-person?”

“Oh no!” Anna thought, “Julia’s name hasn’t actually been mentioned yet.” She could see that Mona also immediately realised her blunder. Fortunately, Kathrine was too muddled to notice anything odd.

“We’re just on the second date. She’s nice but seems a little bit shy.”

“So the first date did not end… successfully?” Anna wanted to know.

Mona clarified.

“What she means is, did you end up in bed together?”

“Girls!” Kathrine exclaimed. “I cannot… you are my pupils, I can’t talk to you about…”

Mona finished the sentence for her.

“-Sex? Why not? It’s ok, we’re all 18.”

Anna’s hand continued to caress Kathrine’s soft brown hair gently.

“Mona,” she said to her friend, “you have to understand that Kathrine doesn’t know us so well and sex and all that is personal stuff. Why don’t we try to break the ice by giving her some details about, you know, OUR sex life?”

A wide grin spread across Mona’s face. Marianne also looked very intrigued.

“So, Miss… sorry, Kathrine,” Anna started. “You know the toilet at the end of the C-wing, behind the music room?”

Kathrine nodded nervously, probably – and correctly! – anticipating some naughty and shocking revelation.

“It’s like practically always empty. So me and Mona sometimes drop by there in the break to fuck.”

“Anna!” Mona exclaimed with a mockingly terrified voice, “what if she tells the headmaster!” She immediately turned to her teacher. “Please, Kathrine, don’t tell anybody. We’re just two stupid young teenage girls in love.”

The redhead leaned even closer to their teacher.

“Please, Kathrine. We just can’t help it. Or rather,” – she sent an accusatory look in Anna’s direction – “it’s mostly Anna, actually. Sometimes she just gets so horny. I’m like sitting there trying to prepare for the next class and then she like drags me to the toilet and orders me to go down on her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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