And the Sky Turned Scarlett Ch. 02

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OK — First things first. This story makes a lot more sense if you’ve read part 1. You haven’t? Cool, we’ll wait here. Les says he’s in and

Great – you’re back. This is a mix of light BDSM, Anal, and just kink in general. I put more background in this story as the comments on part 1 were, shall we say “Less than favorable” I attempted to address all the faults my nice readers noted for me. Please remember to both vote & comments, as it’s a major motivating factor for me. And now…


As I woke up, I realized I wasn’t alone. I snuggled into the warm body behind me, and enjoyed the cuddling for a moment, before I remembered it was my sweet Molly, or Scarlett, as she insisted I call her as she…oh yeah. My ass tightened at the memory. It gave a bit of a burning spasm in protest. My girl was back. I’m happy, and warm with her, and yet all doesn’t feel right in the world.

It was about two and half years ago when I met Molly. I was at a party at Faye’s house. I hate parties, and regularly go out of my way to attend them, but she was a good friend, and told me that she’d hurt me if I didn’t show up. With an invite like that, how could I refuse?

So I had my ass planted on the corner of the sofa, nursing a drink, when in came Faye’s ex, an asshole name Barry. Barry was good friend of mine once upon a time. He introduced me to Faye, but he was a cheating asshole to her, and I took her side in the breakup.

Barry came breezing in, schmoozing up to everyone, in tow he had a ravishing blonde in a little black dress, and she brought in tow a cute little brunette in a black T-shirt & jeans, oddly enough, the same outfit I was wearing. The brunette tried to almost shrink away, and when she did break free of her friend, came to sit in a folding chair behind the couch I was anchoring.

I sat a spell, looking not at her, but by her. You know the look. The “I’m not looking at you cuz that would be weird, but I kinda want to check you out” look. The brunette barely noticed my attention. She just seemed to be trying to hide in plain sight. Taking a sip of my drink, I held it up, and broke the ice “Can I get you a drink?”

No response. I tried again. “Hi…Can I get you something to drink?” The brunette looked at me, and seemed rather shocked I was speaking to her.

“Me?” she sputtered.

“Yes, you. Would you like something to drink?” I replied. She looked at me, and her eyes seemed to warm. “I’d love something, but I’m not into alcohol.”

“I know just the thing” I replied, and went to the bar. I returned a few minutes later, and handed her a drink. She seemed surprised when I handed it to her.

“Oh! Thanks!” she said. “What is it?”

“My specialty” I replied. “A Virgin Diet Cuba Libre”

“A What?” she asked.

I gave her my patented shit eating grin “A virgin diet Cuba libre. Diet coke with lime. I always bring a woman a diet drink, because they could look like an Ethiopian and still complain they are fat, and diet soda woks better with citrus to kill the bubbles, and it looks like a party drink, but no alcohol. ”

She gave me an appraising look “You are either a huge asshole, or a fucking genius.”

“I’m both” I replied. “My name is Jeff. And you are…?”

“I’m Molly” she said, offering me an unpainted hand. I shook it quickly.

“How do you know Faye? I queried.

“I don’t actually. I was supposed to hang out with my college roommate Deidre, but when I showed up, that asshat Barry was there, and I got dragged to this party” She seemed frustrated.

“I know how you feel” I answered. “I hate parties, but Faye threatened to hit me, so I am doing my part to help hold the couch down on case gravity fails.”

Molly gave me a smile “What are the odds of gravity failing?”

I returned her smile, and said “Not very high, but then again, what were the odds an unelected man could serve two terms as President?”

This actually got her to laugh, and she just seemed to light up the room when she did. At that moment I just became smitten. We spent the rest of the party talking about everything, and nothing. She was charming, and witty, and really cute. I asked her out. She accepted. We became inseparable bahis firmaları for over a year, and one day I realized while at work that I loved her, and wanted her to move in with me. I just wanted her in my life.

I went directly to her place that night after work, and shared my revelation. Molly did not seem thrilled, but she said she’d think about it, which pissed me off. I told her that if she had to think about it, maybe she should think about what our relationship meant to her and she looked at me and said “I love you baby, I only wish you loved me like I love you.” I looked at her, and the just turned and walked out.

The next day I felt terrible, and went to apologize. Her apartment was empty. I stood in that empty living room and cried for about 15 minutes. Then I began calling everyone who knew Molly trying to find her. I even called that asshole Barry to get Deirdre’s number to see if she knew where Molly had gone. No sign of her for her for a year, until last night.

I looked around our love nest, as it were. It appeared to be a large loft or warehouse space. One corner was draped in black silk. It housed the burnt down candelabras from last night, and that thing I was strapped to. It basically looked like an engine hoist, with long feet against the ground, coming back to a central pillar. Off the pillar extended the arm, which had an X shape, bent in the center. I had been attached to the X by my arms & legs, which left my ass in bottom vee of the X, and below it was a second smaller arm, which had the dildo she violated me with on it. Basically the whole upper arm was somewhat flexible, and allowed my tied form to bounce on that dildo, which looked alarmingly large in the morning light filtering in thru the windows.

I rolled over, and faced my Scarlett, as she wanted to be known. I tickled her under her chin, until she woke up, and smiled that warm smile at me. “It wasn’t a dream” she said groggily.

“Scarlett…” I began. “Where have you been? Why did you go? Do you know how long I’ve been searching for you? Or the hell you put me through?” In the old days, Molly wouldn’t have argued. She’d have apologized, and soothed my hurt feelings. Apparently, along with the name change came an attitude change, because Scarlett attacked right back.

“I told you where I was last night, asshole. I even tried to tell you why I left. You didn’t listen, did you? Let me spell it out for you. I loved you, and I still do. But I couldn’t live life one more day the way it was. My life was vanilla, bland, boring. Even our love making was boring. A bit of oral foreplay, some missionary until we both had some vanilla orgasms, and a quick cuddle, and off to sleep. There had to more to life. You came, and told me you loved me, and I just envisioned being locked in a vanilla hell for the next 50 years. I couldn’t do that. I packed my shit, and left for LA.”

She looked at me, judging my reaction, which was just stunned disbelief. She then continued. “I took my savings and got a small apartment. I answered a classified ad for clerical work. The clerical work was at a BDSM video chat site. Men would look at the girls and then pay to take them private, where the girls would do almost anything the men asked them to. I made friends with one of the girls after being there for a week. Her name was Samantha Grace, and she worked as a mistress. She took me home with her, and after a few drinks, we fell into bed. She basically taught me the lifestyle I’m living now. It freed me. It replaced the vanilla with the richest, darkest chocolate. I became a cam girl, learned how much I loved having my ass filled. I was wildly successful, but there was still a piece missing. That piece was you. So I arranged with a friend of Samantha’s to borrow this loft. And I came to find you, and see if we still fit. I had the best orgasm of my life last night, with you in my ass. But the question is…What did you think?”

I sat up, and tried to collect my thoughts. And I began “Last night was the best night of my life. I thought anal sex was something only gays did. What you did was mind-blowing, and probably the only way you could have gotten me to do it. As for you being back, well, my life has been pure shit since kaçak iddaa you left. You see the tattoo on my arm. The sun & moon you drew. I got that to remember how you brought the sun into my life.” I reached down, and traced the larger version of the same drawing on her abdomen. “Why did you do it?” I asked.

She looked at me, with tears in her eyes. “I got it to remember that sunlight can’t have its impact without the darkness to compare it to. You were the sunlight in my life.”

I looked at her, tearing up as well. “Where do we go from here?” I asked. We hugged, and she looked at me.

“You need to please me.” She answered.

“I thought I did” I shot back.

“No, darling” she said saucily, and clucked me under my chin. “You need to use whatever you find in this place to show me your love. You need to give me some chocolate, to make the vanilla bright.”

I looked at her smarmy grin for a second. Then I reached out & grabbed her collar, & dragged her out of bed. She went where I took her, unresisting. I found a dog leash clipped to a grid on the wall. I quickly clipped it to the d-ring of her collar. On the same grid were several short chains, with clover clips on the end, and a large O in the center of the chain. I grabbed a few. First I clipped one set to her nipples right behind the barbells, and used a carabineer clip to attach the O to the d-ring of the collar. I then used a slightly longer one to go from the same d-ring, carabineer the center to her saucily pierced belly button, and the other end onto her clit ring. I then tossed her bodily to a futon mattress on the floor in another corner.

I looked at her, and saw the smarmy grin gone, replaced with a look of surprise. “Stay!” I ordered, and left to pee. When I came back, I found her struggling to her feet. “Do you not know the meaning of ‘Stay” slut?” I asked.

“I had to pee too” she said hesitantly.

“Oh, you had to pee too” I mocked. “You didn’t ask your master, now did you?” She cast her eyes down.

“No Lord Jefe” she whispered. I felt a thrill run through me, and my cock began to stiffen. I went to the small kitchen area, and found a 2 cup measuring cup.

I brought it back to the futon area, and noticed a d-ring attached to the floor. I went to the nearby grid, and found a chain with 2 snap rings. One I attached to the ring set into the floor. The other end I brought to her clit. I removed the chains I had on her, leaving the clover clips on her nipples. I took the carabineer on the center, and clipped it to her belly button, forcing her to hunch to avoid yanking on her tender nipples. I then placed down the measuring cup. I looked at her and said “You may pee”

“Thank you my Lord Jefe” She said faintly.

“Louder” I commanded. She repeated her thanks in a loud voice. She then maneuvered herself into an awkward hunch, and began to pee noisily in the cup.

“I wouldn’t splash” I said. “You need to lick up splashes” I walked over to a nearby candelabrum to collect my thoughts. What the fuck was coming over me? How did I know how to do this? And why did I like it so much? As I thought to myself, I lit the candelabra, remembering her use of wax the night before.

I turned back to her. The floor around the cup was surprising me clean, making me quite happy I knew I didn’t have the resolve to make her lick her own pee. I ordered her to unclip herself from the floor, and clean up. She quickly disconnected to snap ring to the floor clip, and ran the cup to the bathroom. She returned with some Lysol wipes, and wiped the floor just in case. She then came to kneel in front of me. In a strong clear voice, she said “What is thy bidding, My Master?” I almost cracked up laughing. She knew my love of Darth Vader from Star Wars, and quoted him to me. I loved this girl.

I went to the grid once more, and found a pair of handcuffs, and a gag, with a ball inside, and a dildo outside. I grabbed them, as well as a pump bottle of lube. I had her rechain herself to the floor, and then I cuffed her hands behind her back. I reattached the nipple chain to her collar strapped the gag on her, and greased the dildo while she watched wide eyed. I then turned around and sank my own asshole on the dildo kaçak bahis slowly.

I had only lost my ass cherry the night before, but the feeling had intoxicated me. It also gave me the ability to have multiple orgasms, where I could come 2 or 3 times in the space of about 5 minutes, an ability I had discovered last evening when I was bounced between Scarlett’s clamping ass & the large dildo. I thrust back & forth a few times, and then said “Are you that slow, slut? Fuck my asshole!”

Scarlett began bouncing her head rapidly back & forth. I had to grab the candelabra to hold myself against the force of her stroking. She fucked me hard, and I loved the feeling of stretching, and the pulling on my tender sphincter as she stroked in and out. I felt the head of the dildo pass over my prostate, and my cum jetted out, splashing on the floor.

As I became aware of my surroundings again, I realized the dildo was out of my ass, Scarlett was sobbing, and I was hanging on to the candelabra for dear life. I stood up, and looked around. Why was Scarlett sobbing? I unbuckled the gag, noticing her nipples were starting to turn purple, so I removed the clips. I then pulled the gag off her and asked “Why are you sobbing, my love?”

“Your cum…” She cried. “Your sweet cum was wasted on the floor. It smells so good. Why did you waste it?” I was momentarily stunned by the reaction. I disconnected all the chains, and led her back to the bed we shared the night before, while she stared forlornly at the cum puddle on the floor.

I began to lick her nipples as they returned to their normal rosy pinkness. She began to moan in response. I let my hand slip down to her bald snatch, which was a swampy wetness. I stroked her clit; she began to hump my hand. I then pinched her clit, and she shrieked in surprise. “Who told you you could come, slut?”

She blinked her beautiful eyes at me several times “I thought…I mean I thought we were making love?” She stammered.

“When I make love to you, you’ll know it, slut. Now get on all fours with some pillows under your belly.” I ordered.

She assumed the position. I spread her luscious ass cheeks, and slowly rimmed her. Her ass was quite possibly the most delicious thing I ever tasted. It tasted like sunshine, like honey, like the most wonderful ambrosia in the universe.

I slurped her hole, feeing it loosen. I then trust in my tongue, questing for more of her deliciousness. She began moaning & babbling. I kept at it, lost in that wonderful taste. I began thinking of it as addicting as crack, until I realized it was in fact, crack. I nearly lost it. When I came out of my reverie, I realized Scarlett was now becoming clearer. “Please….please…my Lord…Jefaaaaay. Please… May… I… come!!”

I withdrew my tongue, to both our regrets. While she began to relax, I left the bed to grab a surprise. A moment later I returned, and thrust my hardness into her winking asshole in one smooth glide. “AAAuuuggghhh!!!!” She screamed “Thank you Lord Jefe!!! Thank you for giving me what I need!” I fucked her ass slowly, marveling how her buttery shute was so different from her delicious pussy. It was hotter by a large factor, and just squeezed me like a loving velvet handshake.

I fucked her slowly, and listened to her moan about how good it was, and how full she felt, knowing how much I liked the same feeling. I felt the cum rise in my nuts, but held back. I thrusted in and pulled back, withdrawing from her ass, then sinking back in, trying to prolong the experience. That feeling definitely wasn’t prolonging anything; it was making me more desperate to nut. I leaned down, and tongued my loves ear, and whispered “Come with me, my love.” Her ass began to almost ripple on my shaft, as the orgasm she had been holding back came. I then grabbed the candle I had retrieved and poured the accumulated wax on her ass. She shrieked, and I came so hard, that I actually fell out of her ass, shooting on her thigh.

We lay together, and she retrieved some of my load from her thigh, sniffing it. “It just smells so musky & good!” she enthused. “Too bad it tastes like lumpy snot” We both began to laugh as we cuddled. After a few minutes she turned back to me and said “You’re right. I can tell when you’re making love to me.”

3 months later Scarlett spelling out the name she holds so near — “SLUT”


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