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My name is Alicia. I’m a student at the world-famous Rhodes Institute of Technology in the state of Delaware. Although originally from Boston, I find myself enjoying life in Delaware. It’s a fun state to live in. I don’t stand out among them, except for my accent that is. I stand five feet eight inches tall, thick, with blonde hair, alabaster skin and pale blue eyes. I’ve always been a big girl. Nothing I can do to change that. Oh, I don’t have issue with it. Must be genetics, that’s all. I’m proud of my body and I’ve made peace with myself a long time ago. The people of Delaware are a lot friendlier than Bostonians. Then again, the only people on earth less friendly than Bostonians are probably New Yorkers and denizens of Baghdad. I’m not kidding. I don’t miss Bean Town. It’s a boring place full of nutcases. I used to attend Emerson College but I transferred to Rhodes Tech during my junior year. No regrets so far, folks. I’ve been having so much fun at that school I could write a book about my experiences. Relax. I’m only gonna share one short story with you.

Rhodes Tech is one of America’s biggest schools, with over twenty thousand students, spread over two campuses, Camden and Bridgeville. We’re a school with a strong engineering, computing and science curriculum but lately, it’s our sports that contribute to our fame. The Rhodes Institute of Technology Department of Athletics offers Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Rowing, Tennis, Squash, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Football, Rifle, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Fencing, Water Polo and Golf. For female student-athletes, they offer Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Rowing, Golf, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Equestrian, Field Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Rugby, Volleyball, Wrestling, Rifle, Pistol, Fencing and Water Polo. For club sports, we have Men’s Sumo Wrestling, Badminton, Cycling and Boxing along with Women’s Cycling, Badminton and Karate. Our sports teams are collectively known as the Rhodes Tech Toolmen and Toolwomen. Rhodes Tech has an interesting demographic. There’s ten teachers for every hundred students. The school is also fifty two percent male and forty eight percent female. I could live with those stats. Makes it easier to find a man. I’d hate to be stuck on a campus full of catty females where sexy men were scarce. That would be hell!

I love men. Especially those sexy black men I see on the varsity football team. I’m currently seeing one of them. His name is Tom. He’s a six-foot-three, big and strong, jet-black and totally sexy stud. We first met in my Philosophy class. Tom was a sexy black stud who was also quite brilliant. He was a fan of the German philosopher Nietzsche. I’m more partial to the writings and philosophies of Ayn Rand. She was a smart woman bahis firmaları and she was also very individualistic. I’m not a group-minded person. Explains why I’ve got zero girlfriends and few male friends on a college campus full of men and women. The gals I meet tend to be drama queens. Best avoided. Who cares about these women? I’m looking for a man! A sexy stud like Tom will do just fine, thank you very much. I approached Tom one day after class. He was walking around with some of his buddies, fellow student-athletes Jake and Lloyd, respectively from the Men’s Baseball and Men’s Wrestling teams. Jake was a tall, good-looking Latin stud with long black hair, bronze skin and pale green eyes. I’ve seen him on the diamond. He’s our best hitter. What a man. Lloyd wasn’t bad either. Tall, muscular, blond-haired and blue-eyed, he looked like a Viking. But neither of them could compare to Tom, the man I secretly thought of as my black king.

Tom was the kind of guy whom more than one woman had eyes for. seriously. I heard the females talking. Black chicks, white chicks, Asian chicks and Latin chicks. They all wanted the sexy black stud for themselves. That’s too bad because he was mine. There was no way in hell anyone else was having him. I had a whole seduction scheme planned. Everyday, seemingly by accident, I bumped into Tom. The sexy black stud was always friendly. I played the role of coy college coed. That didn’t work. You see, Tom was a church-going Christian man. He wasn’t going to hook up with some floozy. That’s why he was still single in spite of being one of the best-looking and most eligible men on campus. Star athlete, brilliant student and sexy bachelor. Could any woman want anything else? The man was perfect.

I got closer to Tom, asking him if he wanted to be friends. He liked that and we began hanging out. Sometimes, after class, we went to the movies. Other times, we studied together at the library. Tom always had at least two books on him. Nietzsche’s Will To Power and The King James Bible. How those two go together is beyond me since the world-famous German philosopher was a devout atheist but hey, whatever. Tom was a really interesting guy. He had big plans after college. He wanted to graduate from the Rhodes Institute of Technology with a bachelors degree in business administration. He was only taking philosophy as an elective. That’s cool. I asked him if he ever thought about playing professional football. That made him smile. He had a nice smile. Dreamy. Oh, yeah. Um, where was I? Tom told me that every college football player dreamed about playing professional football player but few of them ever got the chance. Tom loved football but had different goals. He wanted to take corporate America by storm. With his intelligence, good looks and natural charm, I bet he’d take corporate America kaçak iddaa by storm. I could see him as some big-shot CEO someday. He’d be the sexy male executive all of the company women gossiped about during their lunch hour.

I was finding out quite a lot about the sexy young black man I had a crush on. He took his studies and his faith very religiously. And he was a devoted follower of Nietzsche’s principles. He was very goal-oriented and didn’t bother with the distractions of sex, relationships and the other hazards and pleasures of college life. I admired that about him. And I found myself increasingly frustrated. It’s been forever since I got any. Seriously. I’m going through the mother of all dry spells. My last sexual encounter with a man was with Mike, a sexy Latin stud from Boston College. He was going out with Elisabeth, captain of the Emerson College women’s basketball team and my former best friend. She found out. That’s part of the reason why I moved. The question is, how do I get Tom in the sack? There had to be a way.

One night, I invited Tom to my dorm. The reason? Just two friends hanging out on a Friday night. We watched a couple of DVDs, notably the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy and Underworld : Evolution. They were his favorite movies. I liked them too. We were sitting on my couch. I looked at him. Damn, he was so fine. I gave into temptation and suddenly kissed him. When our lips parted, Tom looked at me, stunned. Oh, shoot. He gave me a weird look. What have I done? Now he knows that I like! I quickly weighed my options. I could tell him that it was a joke, and continue to be his pal, if he wanted to continue the friendship, that is. Or I could tell him the truth. I chose option two. I told Tom that I liked him, had liked him for a long time and just wanted him to know. He looked at me a long time without saying anything. Then, he smiled, pulled me to him and kissed me. And that, my friends, is how it all began.

I don’t quite know how we went from kissing on my couch to being stark naked on my bed. I remember us practically ripping our clothes off, and the rest is a blur. I was naked on the bed with Tom, and he seemed to like what he saw. Some men like big women. Thank heaven for such men. Tom asked me to turn around, saying he wanted to admire my fine ass. I gave him an eyeful. He grasped my cheeks in his hands and squeezed them. I smiled. Tom came up behind me. His hands ran up on my breasts and caressed them before slipping between my legs. Tom’s fingers slid into my wet pussy. He fingered me, playing with my clit. I sighed in pleasure as my sexy lover’s digits explored my hot wetness. In no time, he had me revved up. He licked my ear, then told me to get ready for some fun. With that, he thrust his cock into me. I gasped as Tom’s hard dick penetrated my pussy. At last, kaçak bahis my sexy man was inside of me. Where I craved him most. He bent me over the bed and began to fuck me. I felt his hard cock inside of me. It felt so hard and strong. I begged him to go deeper into me.

Tom placed his hands on my hips and began pounding his cock into my pussy. I screamed as he took me on the ride of my life. This was awesome. My whole body shook as Tom fucked me for all I was worth, slamming his cock deep inside of me. When he came, filling me with his hot seed, I screamed in primal joy. We lay on the bed, breathless and ecstatic beyond words. I looked at Tom and smiled. He smiled back. He told me to get ready for round two. I was ready to go. Once more he put me on all fours. He whispered something into my ear. I hesitated. I always considered myself sexually adventurous, when given the opportunity, but this was virgin territory for me. Oh, what the hell. You only live once. I nodded. Tom laughed, and patted my bottom. He spread my butt cheeks wide open, and I felt something hard press against my backdoor. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. A moment later, Tom’s cock entered my ass. I gasped. Oh, my. It felt…incredible. Tom planted his hands firmly on my hips and pushed his cock deeper into me.

I felt the walls of my anal cavity stretch as Tom began fucking my ass. Truth be told, it hurt. I’ve never had anything in my ass before. Especially not a big cock like Tom’s. So I don’t have anything to compare the experience to. Tom took his sweet time as he robbed me of my anal virginity. Inch by inch, his cock went inside of me. Slowly, the initial pain I felt receded. Instead, I felt a strange, curious sensation. I felt wonderfully filled. It was a good feeling. Tom noticed the change in my body language. He asked me if I was alright. I told him to just fuck me. He laughed, and resumed pounding his cock into my ass. I backed my booty up, grinding it against his groin. Tom’s cock filled my ass and I loved it. He really got into it. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back while fucking me. I screamed and begged him for more. He did me like sex was going out of style. I didn’t care for anything in the world beside the deliciously hot pain I felt in my bottom every time Tom thrust into me. When he came, I experienced an all-new sensation. His hot seed filled my bottom like a hot flood of liquid masculinity. And I loved it. It was so intense. I screamed, partly because it was so frigging intense and partly because I didn’t want it to end.

A few passionate moments later, I lay in Tom’s arms. My body was covered with sweat. And I was still glowing from the steamy sex. Tom had his arms around me, and for the first time in a long time, I felt thoroughly satisfied. I didn’t have anything to say and neither did he. What can you say about perfection? Absolutely nothing. With that, we fell asleep. I looked forward to many more passionate nights of steamy lovemaking with my handsome new lover. My college life just got more exciting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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