An Old Memory Pt. 01

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1961 and my high school days were over, and with no money for college, a small body [5ft. 7″, 135 lbs] so no athletic scholarship, and just a slightly above average scholastic record, I had to get a job fast-or else my father would kick my ass out of the house. So I became an enumerator [going house to house on foot and recording the people over the age of eighteen in each household].

Paid a bonus to have us get through the city we were doing in a short time, I excelled at my job, only to discover that shortened my job by at least two weeks. My last Friday, my boss, a man named Jack, late twenties, average build, but possessor of a significant package [ I had fantasized about sucking his cock several times] paid me and asked me to come to his office.

At eighteen, I had never sucked an adult cock, only my little friends early on, and when I discovered how the world viewed a fagot, I stopped having sex. So in actuality I was a virgin.

Jack sat behind his desk and I sat in a chair in front; he told me how I had done a good job; how there was an opening for a permanent enumerator, one who would travel with him and his other two regular guys, Mark and Jim. The pay would be a raise from what I had gotten and the company paid a Per Diem that covered a rented room and one meal a day.

“Does güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that interest you, John,” he asked.

“Oh, yeah; it does,” I blurted out as my heart pounded and a wave of joy swept through me.

He stood and walked to the desk front; he leaned against it, folded his arms, and in the awkward silence my eyes widened as I gazed at the outline of his long, thick erection formed inside his pants. Silence.

Finally, he spoke, “I noticed how your eyes always fell on my package here in my pants, John,” and his hand slid up to the erection’s head and he pinched it. “If ya room with me, and we cook, you can pocket the Per Diem and earn a fair amount of extra bucks over the year, John. And, I believe, we can have a great time.”

My own cock, a decent size for a small man, had hardened to its limit the second he walked around the desk. And my mouth fell open; my hand reached for the bulge in his pants only a foot from me. He took my hand and guided me to my feet; my own bulge surprised him as he ran his hand over its hardness, and then he put my hand in his mouth and sucked my fingers as his other hand undid his pants.

He let them fall to the floor. My eyes fell to see the reason for the bulge. Wearing no underwear, his immense cock sprung forward, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it curved upward and its enormous head peaked out from his foreskin, dripping pre-cum. He placed my wet hand on his member, and his other hand opened my pants, and deftly he pulled my underwear down so as to reveal my own. It, too, dripped pre-cum as he brought the two cocks together, and my six and half inch cock was dwarfed by his as he brought both heads together, smearing our pre-cum about each. His large mushroom head looked twice the size of mine, and -so turned on- I almost shot my load as our cocks rubbed together.

Over the cock heads his middle finger traced, collecting pre-cum, and then he brought the finger to my mouth; I opened it and he finger-fucked it, and I instinctively sucked his finger clean of the pre-cum. The finger withdrew and with his other hand he cradled my head and brought my mouth to his; his tongue probed as I sucked it in, filling my mouth. The pre-cum taste had my head reeling; his lips were at my ear, “Kneel and suck my cock, boy.”

Instantly, I dropped to my knees. His erection curved upward, and his balls were right in front of my my face. I cupped them and took both of them in my mouth, and I welcomed the warm salty flavor of sweat, making me eager güvenilir bahis şirketleri to taste more. Carefully, I tongued his testicles, rolling them delicately about and sucking them clean as he moaned, “Yes, oh, yes.”

Feasting on his balls, seconds passed; transported out of my body, I believed I could see myself, on my knees, sucking a large cock. my hands reached around and I squeezed his ass checks. one of his hands grabbed my hair and pulled my head gently away, releasing his balls, and the other hand pushed down his cock so it’s head rested on my lips-more pre-cum moistened my lips as he glazed my mouth with his cock-head.

“Boy, open your mouth,” he said as he pulled his foreskin back. A slight but acrid mens room aroma wafted up to my nostrils, resulting in a dizzy, rushing feeling spreading throughout my body. Nothing could prevent me from opening my mouth to accept his cock. My tongue danced over its surface, the pre-cum tasted delightful; I cupped his balls and he slowly began to push his cock deeper into my mouth. The large mushroom head pressed at my throat’s entrance, and then he slowly pulled back and slowly pumped it in and out of my mouth.

“Boy, I need to teach you how to take a cock all the way, but that’s okay-we have all the time in the world.”

I heard the door open, and in walked Mark and Jim; with their cocks out, they stood one on each side of Jack. He removed his cock and guided my mouth to Jim’s cock. And I gobbled it in. “What we have here is a cum-slut in the making, boys,” Jack said as I eagerly sucked my second cock.

Let me know if ya want to read part 2.

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