An Escort

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A fantasy, a piece of fiction, my first…

Whilst I couldn’t deny it was clear that I was a nymphomaniac, or at least a sex addict. Maybe just an out of control exhibitionist, or just a bit of a slut! Either way, I had an itch I was struggling to scratch. Boyfriends and one-night stands were not doing it for me, I was only interested in having sex with older men, much older men.

And it was the spontaneous, unexpected sex opportunities that really interested me. Those moments where you just go for it, particularly with a stranger, those were the opportunities I was craving, daily. Sometimes: many times in a day.

So I decided that it would be great to have a day filled with sex adventures with strangers. But how on earth would I arrange that?

The idea came to me that if I was an escort, I would be having sex with strangers all day. But a hell of a lot of risk came with that.

Did I want to take money for sex? Not really, but I might need to, to ensure it would be authentic, for both parties. So I looked into it.

It was clear that here in the UK, many escorts plied their trade by using a website called Adultwork. Here you can list your location, services, prices and contact details. You can also add photos, which of course are very important, and describe yourself.

I read many profiles to look for some inspiration and the feeling I got was how none of this was really what I was looking for. Until, I stumbled upon a profile that was interesting. The profile uncovered a woman who was married, but unhappy in her home life for a number of reasons. She needed sex and loved meeting new people, particularly men. She feels happy giving men what they are missing in their life while also fulfilling her sexual needs. She enjoyed the money too, which gave her an added freedom element.

So I tried to write a profile piece, which described both what I wanted and what I was hoping to provide.

It went a little like this: Come and spend a short time with a sex addicted nymphomaniac. My speciality is oral sex, so come to me if you want the best blowjob you’ve ever had. I will give you a slow, sensual toe curling blow job and swallow your cum. Whether I suck your cum out of you as you sit back and relax, or whether you prefer to jerk your cum into my open mouth, I am ready to fulfil yours and my oral desires. This is an oral only offer, for men over 50 only, it is also a short time offer, come get it while it lasts… Contact me on the email or mobile number below. I’d love to taste you…

I put the profile up with three or four photos of me without showing too much of my body and of course with my face hidden.

I added only two price options, one for 15 minutes and one for 30 minutes. Short, quick, horny sessions, was what I was looking for.

I first had to apply to the website to prove I was real and provide a phone number that they could call me back on. I was very nervous to provide all of this and deliberated over a couple of days. I then decided to not go forward with my plan.

A couple of days later I was horny again and dug out my notes and decided to go for it.

I was accepted as a member after a couple of days and all I had to do was make my profile live.

Would I get any emails, would people call me?

Before I did I had another wobble. What if I had 10 calls? How and when would I meet them? Would I really invite people to my apartment?

At the time, I was renting an apartment in Reading and was planning on moving out and back to the West Country in the coming months. So a morning and afternoon of debauchery with comings and goings would probably have little in the way of ongoing repurcussions.

So after some toing and froing, I decided to go for it.

I would start on a Tuesday morning and plan a day of sex. I would make appointments from 9am, I always woke up horny, then on the hour until 6pm if needs be.

I put the profile live on Monday afternoon.

The phone rang constantly and the emails came in.

I had arranged to meet with men from 9am through to 4pm on Tuesday, all by Monday evening. The phone conversations and emails had a similar ring to them, most men wanted more than just oral sex so I had to be fairly strict that I was going to be dressed, there would be no other sex, they could not touch me and I wasn’t going to be stripping casino şirketleri or touching myself in any way. A few dropped out and of course I expected the odd ‘no show’ as they call them in the game!

So I woke up in the morning, nervous and dangerously horny. I was up just after 5. I watched some porn to get my juices flowing (literally) and put myself in the right frame of mind to suck and swallow cum from strangers all day.

It was while I was fantasizing and watching porn to get me in the mood that my horniness moved up a notch. The excitement of what was coming and how I had gone this far was really exciting me. But then I had an idea that was taking me out of control. I would dress very sexily for my appointments. I might even consider not taking their money, after all this is as much for me as it is for them. But let’s wait and see…

At 8.55 I was waiting for my first appointment, more nervous then I had ever been. I had no idea who was turning up, no pictures, no description, nothing. I had to purely think of it as a cock that was coming to see me and I was going to suck it dry.

That the first appointment didn’t show up was not the start I needed. Another hour to wait, this meant more nerves and more doubt. I reconsidered my clothing. The idea of a dressing gown with sexy underwear underneath seemed a little risky, So, I went for a white t-shirt and black leggings. A white thong with matching bra completed the look.

So just before 10 and after a phone call to confirm my address, my first appointment arrived.

He was a small man in his 60’s, he nervously came in and I asked him to sit on the sofa. I sat between his legs and gently stroked his crotch. A little small talk and he passed his money to me. I put it on the coffee table behind us.

I could feel his cock stiffen and he told me how beautiful I was and that I shouldn’t be doing this! I reassured him that I loved meeting older men and wanted to please him it would please me too. His cock got hard and I pulled it free from his pants and took him in my mouth. He was clean and fresh, ready for my mouth.

I closed my eyes and gently sucked him, stroking his balls and allowing him to lift himself and free himself from his restriction. I started to moan in pleasure and very soon he warned me he was about to cum. I continued to suck and stroke and within 30 seconds his cum was oozing into my mouth. I sucked slowly until he was emptied, then I swallowed and smiled at him. He pulled his trousers up and thanked me and went to leave. Before he left, I gave him his money back.

“You’re my first, it’s on me, I enjoyed it.” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. He happily left, satisfied and richer than he expected!

I made myself a coffee and got ready for my next visitor. I hoped he was similar, I loved visitor number 1, just my type.

At just before 10 the phone beeped and the text message came in for me to clarify my address, which I responded to and visitor number 2 arrived on time.

He was much taller and a little younger, with long hair and a leather jacket and quite a good physique. He complemented me on my look and asked me where I wanted him.

“Take a seat on the sofa,” I said, “I’ll settle down in between here.” and I sat in between his legs.

I started to stroke is crotch and could feel a very large cock in there. He started to stroke my hair and my neck as I stroked him.

He undid his trousers and unfurled a long sexy cock. My eyes lit up as I took him in my mouth. As I sucked him he grew and was fully erect very quickly.

He was a fidgeter!

As I sucked him he could not sit still and so I smiled at him and asked him to try and relax a little.

“I’m trying.” He said. ” This just feels so fucking good, can’t I just have a squeeze of those breasts?”

I decided that if he squeezed my breasts he would probably also cum quicker and I would not have to continue battle with his fidgeting! I also was looking forward to a mouthful of cum.

“Just a little squeeze.” I said, and with that, he grabbed and cupped both of my breasts with his hands over my t-shirt.

“Oh my god, that feels good, let me see them please?” he begged.

I pulled off my t-shirt and popped both breasts over my bra. He grabbed them and squeezed them and within seconds he said, “Oh fuck I’m cumming.”

He casino firmaları squeezed my breasts and jerked frantically as his cum shot from his cock. Spurt after spurt shot into my mouth, I swallowed and continued to collect it as he shot more until it eventually slowed to an oozing and a trickle. I kept him in my mouth to gather it all up and then swallowed another thick mouthful.

‘Oh, I haven’t cum for weeks.” He said as he sat back and gasped.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked him. “I did…” I then said.

“Amazing he said, I’ll contact you next week if you’re free?”

I told him to check the site and book as he had done yesterday. He pulled his trousers up and left. I had two hours until my next appointment so I made an early lunch and had a shower.

I had really enjoyed a couple of nice cocks to suck and two good mouthfuls of cum. It was working out well so far. I also enjoyed going topless and letting visitor number two have a grope. I would consider it again for number three.

Number three was arranged by email, so my address was easy to follow up with as he messaged me as arranged at 12.55

With the address given, I now simply had to wait for his arrival. He had messaged me a few times and asked a lot of questions. He asked me what I would be wearing and encouraged me to where lacy underwear.

I told him I would be wearing a t-shirt and jeans, which put him off a little but he would then ask me what I would be wearing underneath.

When he arrived, he wasn’t what I was expecting. He was a small unassuming man in his late fifties with glasses and very little hair, and quite a big belly.

I asked him to sit on the sofa and he paid me as we both sat down. I put it on the coffee table and realized I still had the last payment sitting there. I put them both in a draw and settled back down between visitor number three’s legs.

I started to stroke his cock and balls and felt an immediate reaction. The questions started. “So what colour underwear do you have on?”

I answered, “White today.”

“Are you going to let me see?” he asked.

“We agreed this was a blow job only, sit down and relax, you’ll enjoy what I’m about to do to you.”

He did as he was told and I took his small, but well formed, and clean cock into my mouth. He was dribbling precum and really enjoying it.

“Please let me see your panties, just a quick glimpse?” he asked again.

‘Why don’t you sit back and watch me sucking your cock. Would you like to stroke your cock and cum in my mouth?” I asked, as I looked up at him, pointing his cock in my mouth and looking sexily into his eyes.

“Oh my god, you’re so sexy, please let me just get a glimpse of those panties.” He continued to request.

I stood up and turned away from him, so my backside faced him. I undid my jeans and pulled them down, showing my white thong. I removed my jeans completely then got back down and sucked his cock deep in my mouth, licking his balls with my tongue as I took his cock into my throat.

He jerked and reached down to put his hands into my panties. His fingers brushed past my clit, which was throbbing and it felt amazing.

I continued to suck him and moved my body around so that he could access my panties.

“Touch me.” I said, as I continued to suck him and look into his eyes.

He put his hands inside my panties and stroked my wet pussy, tickling my clit as he moved his hands and fingers up and down my opening.

“Oh thank you.” He said, and unexpectedly his cum shot out of his cock, covering my face and mouth. I opened my mouth and covered his cock so the rest of his cum shot into my mouth.

Once he had finished spurting I swallowed the cum in my mouth, then used his cock to gather the cum on my face and brushed it into my mouth, swallowing it all down.

“Wow, thank you so much for letting me touch you. Do you always do that?” he asked.

“It’s the first time ever, this is only my first day actually.” I said.

He was delighted and left with a big smile on his face.

Another no show, followed by a cancellation at 3pm meant that I only had one more visitor that day. I was very horny for him.

He messaged just before 4pm as arranged and I confirmed my address. At the last minute he asked me for a price for an hour, but I reminded güvenilir casino him that this was an oral only meeting. He told me he was Ok with that and wanted to take his time and cum twice if that was OK with me. So I agreed.

A tall gentleman in his late sixties arrived, shirt and tie and suit, very smart. A little distinguished but also clearly a bit of a pervert. He stared me up and down and asked me if the washing on the radiator was mine, and was there any underwear there he could see!!

In for a penny I thought and tossed him over a pair of black panties that were drying on a radiator.

“All mine.” I said.

He sniffed them and licked the crotch area. “Mm, lovely.” He said.

“Come and take a seat.” I said and brought him to the sofa and sat him down.

I started to stroke his cock and without any more thought he lifted my t-shirt and said “C’mon let’s get this off you.”

I found myself sitting there with just a bra on and as I stroked his cock he felt around the back and undid it while stroking my back and neck.

My bra fell to the floor and he grabbed and stroked my breasts.

“Up you come.” he said, as he started to suck my left breast.

I had no idea why I hadn’t stopped him it just felt normal and now he was arousing me and I was getting very horny. He helped me free his cock from his pants. A long thin cock with a nice large head, his balls were droopy and looked very full. Very sexy.

He then started to undo my jeans and tried to put his hand down them. I resisted, but rather than ask him to stop, I stood up and undid my jeans and started to pull them down. I removed them and before I could sit back down between his legs, he had pushed his hand right into my pants and was stroking my pussy lips and spreading them apart.

I cannot fathom why I showed no resistance, but instead I manoevred my body so that he could get a better feel and angle to push his fingers inside me.

He pushed his other hand down the back of my panties so his hands met between my legs, his fingers were now simultaneously working my pussy and pushing at my asshole.

I forgot all about my blowjob only role, as I allowed him to penetrate me with his fingers and enjoyed the amazing sensation he was giving me.

I rolled over as he instructed and he pulled my panties off and sunk his tongue into my pussy.

It was my turn to say “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum.”

“That’s right sweetheart.” He said. “Cum for Daddy.”

He continued to lick at my pussy and suck on my clit, his middle finger was now deep in my asshole and I was on all fours as he sucked at me from behind.

I was in total ecstasy as I felt him moving behind me, when the next thing I felt was his cock plunging into my pussy.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I looked over my shoulder.

“It’s Ok sweetie, Daddy is going to give you a good fucking and make you cum, now how does that feel?” he asked as he fingered my ass while fucking me deep and hard.

“Oh my god, it’s amazing.” I said as a second orgasm rattled through me.

“Good girl. Now come on around here. I’ve got some cum for you.” He said and obediently I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth for him.

As he jerked and aimed his cock at my mouth he continued to talk to me and control the situation. “Open wide darling this is gonna be quite a lot and we don’t want you spilling any.”

He jerked quickly then slowed and held my chin as he took aim and fired off 7 to 8 thick ropes of cum into my open mouth.

When he had finished he wiped his cock on my lips and closed my mouth. “OK, now you get to swallow all that while I make some more.”

He sat back down as I gulped his cum down and tried to reassemble my clothes.

“Is a coffee out of the question?” he asked. It should only take 10 minutes or so then you can suck me dry again.

I laughed and made us both a coffee. We chatted for 15 or 20 minutes then he suggested I make a start on a blowjob.

This time he sat back and enjoyed my teasing mouth as I brought him to another orgasm and he filled my mouth with more cum which I greedily swallowed down.

He paid and left.

A full day of cock sucking, and a little more besides. Wow, that was fantastic, I thought.

While I was busy there had been 7 emails asking about a visit and i had missed 5 phone calls and 3 text messages.

I went to turn off my profile, fantasy complete. First I put all of the money into my friends’ justgiving charity page.

Now, to disappoint and cancel all tomorrows’ appointments. Or should I go for one more day?

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