An Empath’s Detective

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A. Zachary had been on the force for a number of years now —- the youngest graduate from the academy at age twenty-four. She challenged herself to finish a Bachelor of Arts degree and the Police Academy at the same time. Superiors and co-workers alike knew full well that when Zachary set her mind to something, it got done with 110% of her attention. Now after only four years on the force, she made it to Lieutenant in the last year.

“Detective, we just got word on a bank robbery down on 34th and Higgins.” A young man in his early 30’s announced. He stood 5 feet 7 inches in her doorway and was still not tall enough to meet her eye to eye.

Steel blue eyes gazed at him without a flicker of emotion reflecting on the chiseled plains of her face. “Let’s get on it. Why did you run in here? Just to tell me and then stand there? Get some squads out there on the double,” she yelled as her anger rose.

Oh, boy, she’s mad. I just fucked up big time. Officer Hadley thought to himself as he ran out of the office, and to the switchboard to alert everyone else needed in that location.

What a fucking idiot. If I could, I’d request him transferred somewhere else. Ugh. If only he wasn’t such a moron. She grabbed her jacket before heading out to the plain squad car. She keyed in the information she received on her laptop and took off to the location.

At the scene of the robbery, squad cars littered the front of the bank.

“What’s the story here?” Zach asked the nearest officer.

“The SWAT team hooked up a video line through the emergency alarm line that records all activity from the bank cameras. There are three assailants inside, and probably around a dozen citizens including employees. The leader of the trio is older, Caucasian and in his mid-thirties. The other two are just teens, maybe sixteen or seventeen years old,” the officer responded. “Both of the teens are also Caucasian, and very jumpy. Apparently, they didn’t plan for things to go wrong. The leader seems high-tempered. It’s going to be very difficult to convince him to come out. Each of them has a gun, we’re not sure if they’re concealing more.”

Zach surveyed the situation. Looking at the front entrance and windows, she pondered what could be done with the least amount of tragedy. “What other exits are there to the building?”

“We’ve been informed there is a rear entrance to the bank, off of the parking lot, and there is also an emergency exit on the west side of the building off of the alleyway,” the officer summed up.

Zach tapped her chin with a forefinger. “I want you to post two officers at the emergency exit, but make sure they are at a distance and completely out of sight. I want to give the impression that the exit is unguarded. As for the rear entrance, have only a few officers with dogs visible back there.”

Detective Johnson walked up next to her while she gave instructions. He had been her partner for two years now and knew a plan was already brewing in her mind. “What do you make of this Zach?”

“I have a strong premonition those boys are going to panic and try to make a run for it. As soon as they do, we’ll chase them down. This will also give us an open door to get in. That pig fucker leading them may very well crumble under pressure with his boys gone.” She turned to the officer again. “When we do get in the building, make sure you have those going inside have their pieces pointing ready to fire.”

“Yes, Detective. We’ll get to it.” The officer ran off to see that Zach’s instructions were carried out.


“We’re fucked, we’re fucked. I can’t believe this. What are we gonna do? We gotta get outta here.” The red head nervously wiped his sweaty upper lip with the back of his hand.

“Shut up Johnny. I just need a moment to think.” The leader scanned the room of people. Everyone was sitting on the floor as they had been told to do. This wasn’t supposed to happen. What went wrong? I am not going to prison. I will not get caught. I just need to save my own ass. No need to worry about these two little shits or anyone else.

The silence in the room became unnerving. “What are we gonna do Bret? What are we gonna do?” the blond teen started to get teary eyed. His anxiety was transparent, as he scanned the exterior of the building. “Hey, the emergency exit is unguarded. I checked, and there isn’t a sign of anyone out there. We can get out that way.”

Red faced from evident irritation, Bret yelled, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you that stupid? You think those pigs are actually not out there planning something?”

Johnny interrupted. His long wavy red hair bounced to and fro with every animated movement, “But, it’s true. I checked it myself. There is absolutely no one out there. Maybe they thought the bank has only two exits. Most places do, so why would they be thinking there is a third?”

“Because they’re cops. They look everywhere you dumb ass.” The leader rubbed his hand across his face in order to compose himself. These shits are gonna güvenilir bahis get me killed. No. I won’t allow it. I’ll shoot them down along with everyone else here, before I let them take me to prison. Then an idea hit him. “We’re taking hostages. Each of you grabs one person to use as a shield. I’ll have my own shield and you two as back ups. I’ll let you two get shot at first. “Then we can consider that exit.”

The young blond man grabbed a Latina woman.

The red head grabbed the woman’s little girl, and the girl began screaming. “Mama. Mama.”

“Aiy, dios mio,” the woman cried out, “please not my baby. Let her go, please I beg you.” The horror stricken mother began to cry.

“Shut up bitch.” Bret yelled.

Out of nowhere, a soft voice caught their attention, “Please…don’t take the little girl. Take me instead.”

Everyone turned to the voice’s owner. A young strawberry blonde woman slowly stood to her feet. The short woman gently repeated her plea; “Please… leave the little girl.”

Johnny looked between the two. My god, what am I doing? This girl is only six years old. How could I want to take her? He shoved her to the floor, and she began to sob. Her mother made the sign of the cross across her chest grateful that her plea was answered. Johnny then grabbed the short woman who volunteered to take the little one’s place.

“Okay, this is how we’re going to do it. I’m going to let the pigs know we have hostages and that we are ready to shoot. You two head out to the car in the alley,” Bret declared.

“No! I’m tired of listening to you. Your ideas haven’t worked so far. We’re wasting time. Those cops are gonna find this exit eventually. We gotta go NOW!” The blond teen yelled. Without further thought, he rushed for the door and opened it.


The young man’s body slumped to the floor. The Latina woman passed out at the sight. In the commotion and shock of it all, Johnny suddenly bolted out the door with the young woman in hand.

“That little shit!” Bret exclaimed. He turned to face the crowd. Grabbing the little girl who was still crying, he said, “Okay, anyone moves and I kill you and the girl.”

Busy with his threats and deciding what to do next, he didn’t realize the door was now partially ajar. Within seconds, two officers quietly peeked in and hurriedly assessed the situation. Without a sound, they filed in pointing their weapons at the leader’s head.

Bret got the eerie sensation something was behind him as the eyes of the hostages gazed past him.

One of the officers took notice of the little girl in the leader’s grasp and the gun pointing at her face. Without a second thought, he shot. The body fell.

Zach and Johnson chased down the redheaded teen with the hostage into an abandoned warehouse.

Johnny climbed to the second floor of the warehouse and hid behind some machinery. He needed a chance to think of how to get out of this, and hoped to have averted their pursuit of him.

“What are you going to do?” the blonde woman gently asked.

Angered, he said, “Shut up. Shut the fuck up. You say anything else and I’ll kill you right here.” He waved the barrel of the gun in her face. He was in a panic, as rivers of sweat ran down his face.

The blonde laid a tentative hand on his forearm because she felt his emotions and knew that fear was taking over his rationality.

He jerked away and attempted to shoot his hostage an evil look.

The woman tried to convey the sadness she felt for her young captor. He’s only a kid. Why would he get caught up in this?

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you crazy? You think I’m just going to let you go and you can go back to your middle class life?” the young man shouted.

Unbeknownst to them, their voices drifted directly to Zach’s keen hearing, as she took the steps to the second floor. Johnson continued to scour the first floor, and she noted there wasn’t any time to contact him, so she decided to move closer to the voices.

“You’re a stupid bitch for volunteering to take that little brat’s place, do you know that?” Johnny asked his captive.

“Why are you doing this?” the blonde woman responded, as tears fell down her cheeks.

Not wanting to shock the young man, and have him kill the hostage, Zach thought of how to get their attention. She found a roll of masking tape on a table nearby, and decided to throw it in their direction.

Upon hearing the startling thump of the tape roll, the young man jumped up with his hostage, firmly, in his grip, his gun pointed, directly, at her head.

Zach quickly had her gun aimed at him. She took in the details of the robber and then looked at the hostage to survey any damage. Blue eyes meet green for the first time.

Everything became silent. The young woman could not believe how the fierce blue gaze of this tall officer pierced her heart.

For a moment Johnny believed if he got rid of the cop then he could run and no one would find him. He took this last türkçe bahis chance with his life without thinking of the consequences. Quickly aiming his gun towards Zach, thinking she wasn’t paying attention, he shot.


Two shots rang out at the same time on the second floor. Two bodies fell; blood pooled quickly around one head.

The young blonde checked Johnny’s pulse then rushed over to the Detective, to find Zach holding her left shoulder. Her shirt was quickly soaking with blood. Zach felt a hand behind her head, gently pulling her over to rest her head in a warm lap. “Let’s elevate your left side to try to slow down the bleeding,” the young woman said softly. Blue eyes met green again. “I’m just going to check quickly for an exit wound.” She reached her small hand to the back of Zach’s shoulder. There wasn’t enough blood to indicate the bullet went through.

Johnson sprinted over and knelt in front of his partner. “Hey there, Wonder Woman, I’m calling in the paramedics.” He pulled out his cell phone and placed the call.

The blonde woman cradled the detective’s head and gently stroked back a few dark bangs.

“What’s your name beautiful?” Zach asked and then passed out.


Blue eyes slowly opened. Looking at the ceiling, and hearing the annoying beeping of a heart monitor, Zach figured she was in the hospital. And I thought I wasn’t going to get my ass in here for at least six months. She looked around and noticed a young blonde woman sitting in the visitor’s chair with her eyes closed, her head bobbing as she attempted to fight off sleep.

Suddenly the blonde’s head jerked up, feeling someone watching her. “Hi.” A blush crept up her cheeks. “I guess I was nodding off.”

“You sure were,” Zach’s low voice was, noticeably, dry and raspy.

The young woman poured some ice water into a cup from the nightstand and handed it to Zach. “Here, take a couple of sips.”

The refreshingly cool liquid eased Zach’s parched throat, “Thank you.” As she drank she didn’t realize her eyes were piercing the other woman’s soul.

“Wh…what?” the blonde stuttered.

“What’s your name?” the detective asked softly.

“Kerry. Kerry Longworth,” the green-eyed beauty responded, still a bit shaken from her intense soul-connection with the detective.

Zach was just about to introduce herself, but the little strawberry blonde beat her to it. “Detective Zachary, right? Um, your partner told me.”

“Yeah, but my friends call me Zach or Alex,” the injured woman offered, grinning crookedly.

“Okay, Alex,” Kerry smiled, softly.

Zach closed her eyes a moment. “Damn, I like the way you say that,” she whispered.

“What did you say?” the blonde asked, unable to quite believe her small ears.

The detective blushed; not realizing the other woman heard her. “Um…I…uh…like the way you say my name?”

Kerry smiled.

“Why are you here?” Alex asked.

The young woman found a piece of lint on her clothing that appeared to be very interesting as she tried to avoid the question.

Alex reached out and touched Kerry’s thigh. An electrically charged sensation passed between them. The blonde jerked away reflexively.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you…” Alex began to apologize.

Kerry interrupted, “No, I’m sorry. I…I…don’t really know why I’m here. I mean…you saved my life and…I…just felt this need to be here. I guess I wanted to say thank you.”

Alex observed the small woman’s body language ——- the fidgeting, the nervousness. Hmm, I think there’s something more to this. “Well, I was just doing my job, but you’re welcome. Don’t have many people expressing gratitude for the job we do. Plus, this did give us the opportunity to meet.”

Sea green eyes locked with ocean blue. Kerry gulped. The pull towards this tall detective was almost too much for her. She couldn’t explain her feelings or the magnetism. She knew the tall woman felt something. She sensed it. Suddenly she was snapped out of her thoughts.

“Hello? Are you still there?” Alex questioned.

“Uh, yeah…I’m sorry. Wh…what did you say?” Kerry stuttered.

“I was asking if you’d like to go out to dinner tomorrow,” the detective held her breath, waiting for the blonde’s response.

With a confused look, Kerry asked, “Aren’t you still going to be in the hospital? You just got shot you know?”

Alex gave her a lopsided grin. “Oh, I’ll be out. I’ll convince them to let me go by tomorrow morning at the latest.”

“I see.” Kerry promptly froze then. She just asked me out? Oh my gods. What am I going to do? I’ve never dated a woman. Wait, who says it’s a date? Maybe she’s just being friendly. I can’t assume…

“Kerry? Kerry, are you okay?” Alex could feel Kerry panicking, and it made her own heart pound.

“I’m sorry. I was…um…yes,” the blonde fidgeted with her fingers, again.

“Yes?” Alex questioned, hoping Kerry would echo her answer.

“Yes, I’ll go to dinner with güvenilir bahis siteleri you. But I’m paying. It’s the least I can do to thank you.” Kerry stood and straightened her skirt. “Um…I better let you get some rest. I…I…have some stuff to do.” She began to walk out.

Alex smiled. “Kerry?”

The young woman turned. “Yes?”

“It would help if I knew where you lived so I can pick you up tomorrow,” the detective shot the blonde her lop-sided grin once more.

“Oh, of course,” the blonde blushed and pulled out a pen and pad of paper from the nightstand, and scribbled the information down. “I put my phone number too, in case… um…you need to cancel or something.”

“I will be there. At 6pm sharp,” Alex smiled once again.

“Okay,” Kerry realized how serious the moment became. I better leave before I make a bigger fool of myself. “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She walked out.

As soon as the door closed Alex pumped her right fist in the air and brought it down. Yesss. Mmm hmm, she is fucking hot. And it was so cute how she was fumbling with her words. Oh, this is going to be good.


Kerry had been tearing through her closet for thirty minutes trying to put together an outfit. “Argh, I have nothing to wear. What am I going to do?” She looked at the clock on the nightstand next to her bed. 5:15pm. “Alright, calm down Ker. I’m sure there is something in this godforsaken pile of clothes that would be acceptable. Of course, if I keep talking to myself, I won’t get anything done.” She stomped into the bathroom deciding to put her make-up on first. Once done, she walked back to the closet, and the clothes strewn about the floor that she had tossed in her tantrum. Finally she picked out a brown silk blouse and black skirt. Black nylons and black-heeled loafers completed the ensemble. She looked in the mirror. Hmm, not bad. Now I just wish I wasn’t so nervous.

Alex drove down the main street looking for where she needed to make a left turn. Flashes of the dream she had last night at the hospital ran through her mind. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of those smiling green eyes warming her soul. What the hell was that dream, anyway? Oh, yeah, I was in a forest.

She was enjoying lying naked on a boulder warmed by the afternoon sun. Her hair was much longer though, and as she looked down her body, she noticed old faded scars in various places. Suddenly a voice called to her. Turning around, those smiling green eyes came towards her. The figure was also naked, and knelt to give her an endearing kiss. The woman sat with her legs crossed and motioned for Alex to lay her head on the inviting lap. She did and reveled in the feel of small fingers raking through her silky black locks.

That’s where I woke up. It was so weird. Like we knew each other for all time. And that woman in the dream looked so much like Kerry. Weird. She pulled up into the driveway. Ringing the doorbell, she patiently waited.

Kerry opened the door. “Hi.” Damn, she looks handsome.

Alex was wearing black slacks, polished boots, and a gold color buttoned shirt neatly tucked in.

The tall woman smiled. Holy shit, she’s gorgeous. “Um, hi. Ready?”

“Yeah, let me just grab my purse.” She ducked behind the door for a second and returned closing it behind her. She walked towards the tall woman who was holding open the car door, and hopped in. “Thank you.”

Alex got in, started the car, and backed the navy blue Nissan Xterra out of the driveway.

“How is your shoulder?” Kerry asked to break the silence.

“Good. It feels stiff, but fine. They didn’t have any complications with extracting the bullet,” Alex explained.

“That’s good. I still can’t believe they let you out though,” the small blonde grinned, crinkling her nose, endearingly.

“Oh, believe me, they prefer that I leave quickly. The staff knows I hate hospitals and I’m a real bitch each day I have to be there,” the detective confessed, blushing slightly.

“So, where are we going?” Kerry asked, curiously.

“Do you like seafood?” Alex responded to the blonde’s question with one of her own.

“Love it. It was about the only thing I ate when I lived on the east coast,” Kerry moved a lock of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear.

“Where on the east coast?” the detective probed.

“New Jersey,” Kerry answered.

“Is that where you grew up?” Alex asked.

“Yeah. In a small town called Bernardsville. It was nice,” the blonde’s voice took on a dreamy quality.

“So, why did you move to the city?” Alex found herself, suddenly, wanting to know everything about this woman.

“I wanted everything a big city had to offer. I like the bustle of activity,” Kerry explained. “Plus I wanted the opportunity to truly get serious about my writing.”

Alex looked over at the young woman when she ceased speaking. “So, tell me about your writing. What do you write on? What do you have published?”

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I haven’t had anything published yet. I teach a writing class in the spring at Loyola University. I also occasionally do restaurant reviews for the Chicago Reader,” the blonde answered. “My true passion though is mythological fiction.” ***********

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