An Afternoon with a Friend

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Big Dick

There is no proper place to put this story. It’s more of a description of what actually happened, not a piece of fiction. If I put it in “Loving Wives,” I’m sure to be bombarded with insults and complaints. It doesn’t belong in the gay section either. I don’t even think I’m bisexual. I’ve decided to place it in the “Fetish” section. I’m sorry if you don’t agree. Feel free to give me your views after you’ve read about what happened.

My wife Linda and I have been swingers for many years. We have met many wonderful couples and single men at parties and have had many sexy experiences. In recent years we have contacted and gotten together with single men. Most times, the three of us play together but occasionally, Linda will meet them alone for some private fun. I love to hear about the adventures later. Some people would say I’m a cuckold or a wittol. Labels don’t matter. I like what I like, whatever someone else might call it.

My wife, Linda, is a beautiful woman. She amazes me every day. Though she is in her 60s, she remains in shape. She says she needs to lose a little weight and thinks her breasts are too big, but I strongly disagree. She has dark red hair and an adorable face. All of that on her 5-foot 2 inch frame makes her very popular at the parties we go to.

About a week ago, I got a text message from a younger guy named Jeff. He wanted to know if we’d like to get together. We knew Jeff from parties. He and Linda had hooked up before. As a matter of fact, I know that she considers him among her favorite fuck buddies. He was not able to host this time, and since our son lives close to us, neither were we. Linda booked a local motel room and we set up the date.

I enjoy the preparation that Linda goes through before a date. She paints her toenails, shaves her pussy, picks out what she will wear, applies makeup and does her hair. It excites me when I think of the trouble she goes through to be more attractive to another guy. I was a little surprised when she chose an outfit that wasn’t particularly sexy, just wore a sweater and jeans. I think she still looked hot.

We drove to the motel and checked in. I got a text from Jeff saying that he would be there in about 10 minutes. While we waited, we had drinks and Linda went into bartın escort the bathroom. When she came out, I realized why she didn’t get all dressed up. She came out of the bathroom with only a very sheer silky robe and nothing else. My cock began to get hard already.

When Jeff knocked on the door, Linda let him in. She gave him a big kiss and he stepped back to look at her. He commented on how tasty she looked. He and I shook hands and I fixed us all drinks. This is always an awkward time for me. We had polite conversation as we drank, catching up on how everyone has been doing since we saw each other last. Jeff sat on the bed while Linda sat on a nearby couch. I was sitting on a desk chair adding to their conversation now and then. I could feel the impatience build. I didn’t want to sit and talk for the whole afternoon, so I suggested that Linda sit closer to Jeff on the bed. That seemed to break the ice. She moved to the bed and sat close to Jeff. He took her into his arms, and they began to kiss deeply. His hands went to her breasts and in an instant her robe was off her shoulders and on the floor.

They remained locked in their kiss as Linda fumbled at his belt to get his pants off. Jeff began to unbuckle the belt himself. He stood up and undressed as Linda moved further up on the bed to invite him to join her. I took out my cock so I could jerk off while I watched. Together they embraced on the bed, kissing, touching. Linda had his cock in her hand now and Jeff had his arm around her and put his hand on her ass. His fingers strayed into her ass crack then to her pussy as they continued to hold each other tightly. Jeff had his fingers inside her pussy by now and she continued to stroke his cock. As I watched them I took off my own clothes. My right hand was jerking off my cock as I grabbed my cell phone with my left. I had to record what was happening. I knew I’d love to use the video to jerk off to later.

As Jeff and Linda’s passion increased, I began to take a video with my phone. Linda spotted me rolled her eyes and said to Jeff, “He’ll be jerking off to that all week.” Jeff said, “Of course!” I knew damn well she was right.

So, I continued to take my video as Linda moved to take his cock into her mouth. bartın escort bayan She took about half of his 9 inches in her mouth. Jeff then told her to sit on his face. She changes position and straddled his face rubbing her pussy on his mouth. I captured her swaying tits on the recording. Then I moved down to record his tongue licking her clit. All the time I was jerking off while taking the video.

Linda then turned around so she could suck his cock while he ate her pussy. I missed nothing as they ate each other out in the 69 position. I knew I would watch this video many times in coming weeks.

After enjoying his tongue for a while, Linda told Jeff that she wanted him inside her, Jeff suggested they move to the couch. They both moved from the bed and Jeff sat on the couch. He told Linda to face away from him as she lowered herself down onto his stiff cock. She let out a moan as he first entered her pussy. They began to fuck slowly, then got faster. Linda was leaning forward slightly so I couldn’t get a clear view of his cock going in and out of her cunt, but when Jeff told her to put her legs up on the couch, she leaned back and I got a fantastic view! Her pussy was being fucked by another guys cock and she was loving it. Her wetness was dripping out of her as I recorded every thrust. His big cock disappeared into her body over and over again. That’s when I heard Linda say, “Lick it.”

Well, she hadn’t spoken to be for quite a while, so it took a second for me to realize that she was talking to me. She wanted me to lick her pussy. But Jeff’s cock was there. I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable licking her pussy so close to a penis! “Lick my pussy!” she said. I did. Forgetting about the video, I knelt on the floor between Jeff’s legs and put my face right where it needed to be. My tongue licked her clit as I tried to avoid Jeff’s cock. Each time he thrusted, his cock brushed against my chin. It didn’t feel horrible, so I continued licking, but with less precision than before. I wanted to devour her pussy. Several times my tongue was on Jeff’s cock. Again, it didn’t seem disgusting at all. I tried not to give it too much thought, so I began licking with more abandon. Linda was crying out to both of us about how good it escort bartın felt. She wanted to be fucked and licked harder! Before I realized it, I was licking clit, labia, cock, vagina, and balls all together as though it was one unit. I was enjoying this much more than I would have guessed. Then, a thought occurred to me.

I had seen it on a porn video. At the time, it didn’t interest me, but now, it seemed like something I really wanted to try. For the first time since I told Linda to sit next to Jeff, I decided to direct the action. I suggested we move back over to the bed. I laid down and told Linda to climb on top in a 69 position, with her ass facing Jeff. He had figured out my plan, so when I spread Linda’s cheeks apart, he was right there to put his cock back into her fuck hole. As Jeff fucked her, I returned to fucklicking with passion. His balls slapped my face and I licked them. With each hard thrust into her very wet pussy, I was right there licking, tasting their sex, swallowing her wetness, feeling his hardness.

When he began to fuck her harder, I knew they were both going to cum. I was about to cum myself. Linda had stopped sucking my cock, so I grabbed it and jerked off as I licked them both. Suddenly, as Linda cried out that she was cumming, Jeff thrusts became more determined and I could tell he was cumming too. Blast after blast of cum were shot into my wife’s cunt. Then Linda and Jeff were finished, but I continued to jerk my cock as he pulled his cock out of Linda’s pussy. As he did, my mouth was flooded with his juice. I continued to pull on my cock as I found myself with a large mouthful of Jeff’s cum. That’s when I shot my own load. Linda said, “Oh, my God!” as she licked up my cum and I swallowed Jeff’s cum. Thinking back, I wish I had given it to Linda to swallow, but I didn’t think of that at the time.

Would I do it again? Yes, I would. Linda and I discussed the experience later, but I couldn’t tell her everything. I asked her if she liked getting fucked and licked at the same time.

“It was awesome. But wasn’t it weird for you?”

I lied. “It was a bit weird, but I knew you were enjoying it, so I continued. I was able to avoid him pretty well.” I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I liked the feel of his cock as he fucked her.

So, go ahead, call me a faggot. I don’t care. I don’t feel gay. I don’t feel attracted to men at all. I don’t think I’d like to “drink directly from the hose.” But I must admit that I got a real deep pleasure out of my first experience with fucklicking.

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