Alpha Male Ch. 02

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His hand skimmed her aura, not quite touching her but nether the less leaving a heated trail in its wake. His left hand keeping a firm but gentle hold on both her wrists, effectively stopping her from freeing herself, she could do no more than wriggle in pleasure. He broke from the kiss, eyes hooded, to trace her cheek with his fingertips.

“Can I be having the name of this feast before me? A treasure the likes I have dreamed of for many a moon.”

His fingertips had now taken to stroking the column of her throat making it difficult for her to speak. Val’s mouth open and closed while she tried to get her name out. His husky chuckle caressing her as surely did his fingertips, a slow lazy grin uncurling as she sighed in pleasure.


“Ah, the Goddess herself made mortal.” His lips pressing gently to the dip in her throat made her squeak. “I am at your service lass. I am Tristan.”

His teeth nipped lightly at her skin causing Val to groan softly. Her back arching as she tried to tip her head back in further offering to him. Tristan’s hand glided down her throat to torment and tease her right breast through the lycra fabric. Both nipples already pebbled and solid, rubbing against the cloth in a delicious friction of their own as she wiggled with his attentions. The bristles on his face tickling and scraping her sensitive flesh as he kissed his way göztepe escort bayan down her neck and along her collarbone, then down again. His breath heating her skin as he nibbled the crest of her breast to her nipple, where he grinned devilishly before sucking the fabric covered nugget into his mouth.

Lightning bolted through Val. She cried out and bucked, feeling every nerve pulse and her womanhood further slicken with her arousal. Never again would she think that her breasts weren’t an erogenous zone. Tristan obviously knew just what buttons to push where it came to seducing women. Val became slightly aware that the pressure on her wrists had gone, but only when Tristan dragged a single fingertip around the swell of her other breast. His right hand cradling the breast he devoured.

“All this for me?” he murmured against her, “I must worship my lady as she demands.”

Val began to whimper, her eyes closed, feeling her bones further liquefy. Making love had never felt this good before. So tender yet so heated, and to think he hadn’t even really touched her yet. Tristan moved slightly, his mouth leaving Val’s breasts, to kneel once more at her side. Val’s brow knotted and she pouted, something she had never done before. He chuckled again, bringing both hands to cup the undersides of her breasts and dragged halkalı escort bayan his thumbs over her solid nipples.

His hands skimmed down her sides, fingers splayed to caress lower, following the natural curve of her body. Sliding his fingers into the lower-half of her costume so that only his thumbs were showing on top of the cloth. Val’s lips parted as another moan escaped them, the tip of her tongue sliding across her bottom lip as her eyes slowly opened and looked up into his.

With frustrating slowness, his hands caressed down her legs. A gentle tug caused Val to wriggle a little more. His hand’s hooked in the bottom half of her costume pulled the cloth down to her ankles, where he removed it altogether and tossed it away as if its presence offended him. The slight chill of the night’s air on her wet aroused skin made Val moan a little.

“I sense that my lady is a little heated right now,” Tristan chuckled

“A little heated doesn’t cover it,” Val’s voice having taken developed smoky undertones, she watched through half-closed eyes

A wicked smile uncurled slowly on his mouth causing Val’s breath to catch in her throat.

“I can help with that..”

“Tristan, I think its certain you have already helped enough.” She chuckled, giving her head a soft shake.

“Allow me to help ikitelli escort bayan further…”

The feel of his fingertips through the springy hair at her groin made Val gasp and jump at the same time. Tristan unhurriedly slid a finger deeper into the hair, between her lips and brushed against the swollen nub of flesh that throbbed. He chuckled as her back arched, pressing his finger deeper to her wet core. Thumb resting on the nub, rubbing at it slowly, a long finger slid its way into Val.

“Oh god…..” further words cut off as her voice melted into a ragged purr of pleasure.

Slowly Tristan rocked his finger in and out, stroking and caressing. The wetness increasing under his attention and when Val loosened around his finger, he simply added another. Val’s whimpering increased, her cheeks started to pinken. A third finger joined the other two. Keeping the pressure on her clitoris and the slow steady strokes of her core, Tristan shifted to lick her painfully erect nipples before kissing his way to her ear.

“Come for me Lady Valentine…” his tongue swirled around her ear lobe. “Come now.”

A little gush of liquid shot at his hand mere seconds before the slick passage pulsed and contracted around the stroking fingers. Val’s clitoris throbbed under his thumb, a keening groan caressing the air. Sheer stubbornness prevented Tristan from joining her release, though his body ached for it. He continued stroking slowly, wringing the orgasm from her. Eventually, the spasms crawling to a stop, Val’s eyes fluttered open and looked into his. He smiled as he caressed her face tenderly.

“Oh I intend to my Lady.” He answered her unspoken question. “When you have recovered a little, we still have some time.”

(to be continued)

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