Alpha Bear on Campus Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is the first chapter of what may be a slow build to one of my biggest fantasies about one of my biggest crushes. President May (in the story) is based on a real person (the university president of the school I attended). The physical description of him is accurate. I always wondered how my fantasy could become a reality and so I have tried to create a logical sequence of events where this could have come true. The more real something is the hotter. This will end up being several chapters. Would love to hear your feedback.

Chapter 1 – The Awards Dinner

“Ladies and gentlemen, would you please take your seats, so we can begin tonight’s program.”

The voice belonged to that of Dr. Rick Parsons, dean of the Graduate School of Business. Tonight was the School of Business Academic Awards Dinner. Dean Parsons would be emceeing tonight’s awards where both undergraduate and graduate students would be honored. I was an undergrad Business Major and getting ready to graduate Summa Cum Laude. I could have played baseball in college, but I wanted to have more time to devote to my studies. It had really paid off! I had recently been accepted to the university’s graduate program. Being a small town kid, I was excited to continue my education in the big city. Plus, it allowed me to be able to lustfully admire a couple of the men on stage for another two years. One of those men was Dean Parsons, a man I had gotten to know a little bit during the last four years. The other was the guest of honor for the evening and my ultimate daddy crush, President Thomas May. More on him in a bit.

First, let me talk about Dean Parsons. He was quite young to be a dean being only 40 years old, and frankly, his resume wasn’t very long either. One might question how such a man managed to lock down a high ranking job at a successful university. However, in his two years at the helm of the School of Business, Dean Parsons had quickly shown himself to be more than competent and won over the trust of both staff and students. It seemed President May had made another good hire for his university. Dean Parsons was high on my list of daddy crushes at the university, although he fit more into the “Sir” role given his younger age. He had that “dad bod” physique sporting a hard stomach that hung slightly over his belt buckle. His arms and chest were fit and toned enough to give the indication that he was an athlete back in his day. He had dark brown hair with a solid hairline and kept it short and combed to one side. His rectangle glasses matched his hair color and gave him that smart professor look. Tonight he was particularly handsome in his dark grey suit.

I had gotten to know Dean Parsons not through my time at the university but through my part-time job as a waiter at the 19th Hole Restaurant inside Brentwood Country Club (only a few miles away from campus). Dean Parsons was an every weekend golfer when the weather was suitable. Oftentimes him and his golfing buddies would grab a few drinks and a meal after a round of golf. My coworker, Sean, was a year older than me and a business graduate student at the university. For weeks he had pestered me about introducing myself to the dean. Sean insisted I needed to get my name out there as it could help me get accepted to the graduate program. But I was too shy and lacked the courage. You see, my success in school came from the hours I spent with my nose buried in books in the library. Participating in class or giving presentations was not in my wheelhouse. It was no doubt something I would have to learn to overcome if I were to be successful in business.

Rather than try and overcome this shortcoming on my own and strike up a conversation with Dean Parsons to lay the groundwork for some professional relationship, I instead chose canlı bahis şirketleri to admire Dr. Parsons’ nice tan and the way he looked in his polo and golf shorts. A couple times I wasn’t too sly either. I’m pretty sure he caught me looking at his bulge a few times while I pretended to write down his order. It wasn’t until Sean ignored my pleas one day and took the initiative to introduce me. That introduction was a bit awkward as I stumbled to figure out what to say. Perhaps my crush on the guy added to my nerves. But Dean Parsons was a pleasant man (especially after a few drinks), and I eventually grew comfortable chatting with him and his golf buddies every Saturday as I brought them their drinks. And I continued to make note of how his golf shorts and polo fit each day.

“Welcome to the 2018 Awards Ceremony for the School of Business.”

I quickly took my seat and the night’s festivities were off and running. I couldn’t tell you too much of what was said in Dean Parsons’ opening address as my eyes were fixed on President May. Dean Parsons may have been attractive but this man was the whole package. President May was 61 years old and an accomplished man having helped grow the university’s student population by 30%. The university was a small liberal arts school that now had over 2,000 students – a number that would not have been surpassed without President May’s leadership. In addition to this, President May had led the fundraising and building of two new academic buildings, two new student dorms, and renovations in several others during his decade tenure.

President May was beloved by everyone. He may have been a modest 5’10, but he was still the big man on campus. He wasn’t one of those administrators that stayed in his office suite and avoided the underling students at all costs. No, he frequently intermingled with them in between their classes greeting several by name. He was a personable guy that had a knack for making everyone he talked with seem like a good friend, even in the most trivial of conversations. In those small interactions he played a type of fatherly mentor to his students. That may have been why so many young people looked up to him. Each student’s day was better off than it had been after these everyday encounters. Such was the talent of President May.

Furthermore, the president looked every bit the part of “alpha daddy bear.” He had a rugged yet handsome face, thick gray hair, and was always dressed to the nines in his famous suits. My favorite was his navy blue one complete with a vest of the same color. The way that vest fit around his broad shoulders, muscular back, and then buttoned tight around his big papa bear belly…I had wondered many times what it would feel like to rest my head against that belly. Oh! And I mustn’t forget about those navy pants! My word could President May fill out a pair of pants. I hope his tailor received excellent compensation for the job he did coming up with the perfect fit.

The inner seam of his pants was tucked tight against his inner thigh making the fabric in the seat of the pants cling to the exact shape of President May’s ass. The fit left very little to the imagination. You could tell exactly how thick his thighs were and how plump his ass. I have kissed it many times in my dreams! I have also gone out of my way to walk behind the man about twenty strides so I could watch his backside move back and forth with each shifting of his weight. Most older men either are not stylish enough to wear pants that form to their body, or are not confident in dawning such a look. Those words do not describe President May as all his suits fit this snuggly, and he modeled them with his long strides and confident swinging of his arms as he walked.

“…so please welcome to the stage the one canlı kaçak iddaa and only, President Thomas May!”

A large applause broke my daydream, and I quickly refocused to the ceremony at hand. President May went down a list of the year’s accomplishments at the business school and gave a short and charming message and his congratulations to the 2018 class.

Dean Parsons once again stepped to the mic calling forth the Cum Laude award winners. Each came forth to receive a certificate of achievement and a handshake and picture with President May. I was nervous yet excited to get to “meet” my ultimate daddy bear.


That was me! I stood up and walked briskly to the stage. I did not like it when all eyes were on me, and I instinctively stared at the floor as I approached. I reached the foot of the stairs and looked up and saw President May giving me a magnanimous smile. I shouldn’t have let myself be drawn in by this infatuating look as I misjudged how many steps remained and tripped over the last one. I lost my balance and began to fall forward before catching myself with my hands avoiding a complete face plant. But the stumble was enough to cause a slight chuckle from those in the crowd. How embarrassing! I dared not look at President May as my face had turned bright red.

“Woah, you okay there young man?” I heard President May say as I shook his hand and accepted my award. His hands were rough and his stubby fingers squeezed my hand with a strength that I could not match.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you, sir.”

“Always have to watch out for that last one!” He quipped as he gave me a slight pat on the back. His hand stayed there as we turned and posed for our picture. I could feel the warmth of his hand through my dress shirt. The cameraman quickly snapped our picture, and the two of us broke our pose, but not before I felt President May give my back a friendly squeeze before I departed the stage. Oh, would I be able to use that to fuel my fire tonight!

The rest of the program carried on as scheduled. I mingled with a few friends afterwards. They insisted that my little stumble was not as bad as I perceived it to be. Still I cringed reliving those few seconds. I glanced around the room at everyone now enjoying each other’s company. I was hoping to find a new group of friends to hang out with as this current conversation had grown stale. In doing this, I noticed Dean Parsons and President May engaged in a jovial conversation, laughing at what must have been a good joke. They probably were laughing at how I had made a fool of myself. My eyes roamed up and down President May’s suit making sure to burn this mental image into my memory. This man had squeezed my back. If only I could feel both those hands squeezing my back but simultaneously pinning me to the bed…

As my eyes returned upwards I noticed he was now looking at me! I quickly looked away. Did he see me checking him out? Could he even tell that’s what I was doing from so far away? I looked back over and saw the two of them now standing closer together being sure to keep their conversation close to the vest lest someone overhear. President May kept looking back in my direction as he whispered in Dean Parsons’ ear. The dean was also now looking at me and nodding his head as he listened to the alpha bear’s words. This conversation went back and forth for a bit until President May whispered what must’ve been a short command because the next thing I knew, Dean Parsons was waving me over. I gulped. I never knew how to act around attractive men. I remembered how awkward it was when I first met Dean Parsons at the country club. I told myself to be cool and began to walk over to the two gentlemen.

“John. come here for a bit. I want to introduce you to someone.” canlı kaçak bahis I continued my walk and then stood closest to Dean Parsons.

“President May, this is John Steiner, one of our finest students.”

“Hello John. Pleased to meet you.” President May said.

“Oh the pleasure is all mine, Sir.” The pleasure is all mine? Was that too much? It wasn’t like I was meeting the president of the United States or the pope. ‘Relax,” I tried to tell myself. There was a slight awkward silence at my overshoot of a greeting but Dean Parsons smoothly transitioned the conversation.

“You know Sir, not only is John an excellent student, but he is also an excellent waiter. He provides the best service at Brentwood. I think he had our order memorized after the first time he waited on us.” I smiled sheepishly at the compliment and politely said thank you.

“Oh, well then let me apologize on behalf of my friend here,” May began to joke. “Knowing how stingy he is with the business department, I am sure he is not a generous tipper!” The dean laughed at this, but I felt the need to back him up.

“Oh no. Dean Parsons and his friends have always treated me very well, Sir. I enjoy waiting on them.” Boy did that last sentence fit my personality. I only wished it had more of a double meaning.

“Well it sounds like we are lucky to have such a fine young man at the university. I, too, am a member at Brentwood. My house is just behind the 12th green. I’ll have to stop in the 19th Hole sometime and experience this fine customer service for myself.” President May raised his eyebrows and gave me a slight grin as he said this.

“Absolutely, sir. Just ask for ‘John’ and the hostess will seat you in my section.”

“Actually, John. Let me ask you this. Dean Parsons tells me you are starting graduate studies this summer. How about we set you up with a job in the business school. You’ll be able to get some hands on learning in your field right here on campus. Plus, I am sure we can pay you better than the country club. I know all about how Brentwood cheats the staff out with their “tip share” policy.” President May was right. Waiters didn’t get to keep most of their tips. Anything other than cash went right to a community pot that was shared not just by the wait staff but also all other service employees at the club. It reduced John’s weekly rate to barely above minimum wage.

“Uh, yeah… Yes, sir. I, .I would be very interested in that!” I was stumbling through my answer. “The ‘tip share’ policy is not one of my favorite things about Brentwood. I would love to work on campus!”

“Well excellent! Why don’t you stop by Dean Parsons office Monday morning, and he can find a nice fit for you. What do you say, Ricky? Can we do that for our friend here?” President May grabbed Dean Parsons just above the elbow as he said this and left it there awaiting his answer.

“Yes Sir. Whatever you want.” The dean responded. This made President May chuckle.

“Did you hear that, son? President May looked me in the eye. “Whatever I want! Now that’s service!” Again, he lifted his eyebrows. Damn, that last line…plus he had called me ‘son.’ Tonight was going to be quite the easy fantasy. My mouth hung slightly open as his playful remark. I wasn’t sure what to say. His stare held me there another second until I was finally able to force a smile and nod.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, John.” President May stepped toward me and extended his hand. I did the same. This handshake was even firmer than the one on stage and he held it longer than was custom. “I look forward to seeing you around on campus this summer.” I quickly thanked him and said my goodbye to both men.

I hurried out of the event hall and went as fast I could back to my apartment. Immediately I plumped down on my bed and thought about President May’s final words to me. ‘Did you hear that, son? Whatever I want! Now that’s what I call service!” Except in my mind I wasn’t standing next to President May as he said this. I was down on my knees…

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