Almost There

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From the moment I got my computer online, I was searching out Porn. I watched movies, watching everything from group fucks to bestiality. One day I was watching some girl sucking off a Great Dane. Even this turned me on. Everything turned me on especially oral sex.

I’ve always loved oral sex but my girlfriends often shied away from it. Hell I had two girlfriends start complaining about TMJ saying it hurt too much to give me head. I’m no monster, about 7 inches of healthy cock, so I can’t understand what the problem is. I assumed that was why I was always turn on by watching a big cock get sucked dry.

Sooner or later I started wondering to gay porn sites, watching men suck off men. I was so hard I could burst. I had to find out why, so I started chatting with the gays.

Late at night, when the folks were asleep, I’d be sitting at my computer with my dick in hand, all wet from spit and pre-cum. Typing one handed while I talked some queer through orgasm.

Curious: Can you feel my hot breath on your huge throbbing cock….my tongue streaking across the head tickling your slit.

random gay: Ohhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaah!

Curious: Mmmmmmmm I love the taste of your cock… I slide it into my mouth, slowly, one inch at a time. Oh I can feel it in the back of my illegal bahis throat.. Almost….mmmmmmmmmm I can feel your heavy sack on my chin as I swallow you whole.

random gay: Oh Yesssss…more…please don’t stop.

Curious: I draw you out to the very tip very slowly sucking you, then thrust you into my mouth….over and over…slowly draw you out before swallowing you again…

random gay: Oh god I’m gonna…..

Curious: I rub the sensitive underside of you with my slick fingers as I fuck you with my mouth….getting faster and faster sucking you so hard my cheeks hurt…. I want to taste you…come on let me taste you…

random gay: Here i cum…I’m gonna

Curious: Cum for me ….. flood me with that hot spunk…..MMMmmmmmm I want it!!!

random gay: Cumminnnggggggg!!!!!

Many nights I’d spend on the computer, a cyber-cock-slut, sucking every guy who wanted me to, wanting to taste the real thing.

Then it happened. I met some guy who was minutes from my house, he had a big white van and he wanted to meet me for his first gay experience.

I shot out my door like a flash of light, grabbing my jacket and my black-jack (you never know what kind of freak some internet lover could turn out to be) on the way out. I met him illegal bahis siteleri in a dark parking lot. We exchanged a clumsy greeting, I could tell he was as nervous as I was, and got into the back of his van.

His name was Jason, he was a carpenter and had a nice build. Jason was wearing a pair of blue sweats, and a tee shirt. I could barely look at more than his crotch.

Just to be me, I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go through with it. In answer he just grabbed my crotch and felt my hardening cock.

“You can unwrap it if you want,” I said as I started to feel his tool through his flimsy sweats. He unclasped my jeans and reaching in yanked me out. He started to jerk my off roughly, tugging my skin farther than it wanted to go.

After a moment he got scared, and said he couldn’t go on…he didn’t want to suck a cock. I was so disappointed and still horny as hell. I asked if I could suck his (god I wanted it) and he just ripped down his sweats in response.

There I was face to face with his impressive tool. An inch and a half thick and as long as mine glaring at me through his foreskin. Not only was this the first time I touched a penis other than my own, it was the first uncircumcised prick I have ever seen. I dove on it, I wanted to canlı bahis siteleri feel it in my mouth. The skin felt loose over his hard shaft, sliding up and down his pole as my lips surrounded the head. My other hand sought out his heavy balls gently rolling them in my hand. I opened my eyes to see my hand, this hand that had touched only pussy and myself in sexual bliss, curled around his big cock as I sucked him.

Again he grabbed my cock, jerking my roughly, pulling me till it hurt. Suddenly I felt his hot breath on my dick, making me throb for a hot wet mouth to replace his calloused hand.

I continued to suck this monster cock, taking it all the way into my mouth till my nose touched his balls. I could feel him expand in my mouth just as I could tell I was right at his lips. He was going to give me his seed. I had been waiting a long time to feel this, to taste his spunk.

Just as I readied myself for the flood from his big heavy balls, He pushed me off of him.

Jason said he couldn’t go on, afraid it would mean he’s gay. In other words he was scared because he enjoyed it too much.

Disappointed, I told him it was alright. “I’ll be happy to finish what I started, but I won’t force you,” I said.

He apologized and we parted ways. I got back into my little sports car and drove home to masturbate to the memories of that big hairy cock in my mouth, imagining the feeling of his hot salty cum filling my belly.

It wasn’t long before I got the chance to explore more, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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