Almost Chance Ch. 14

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Jen had already felt her view of the world change several times over the last day. Just twenty four hours ago, she’d been a shy, reserved, girl off to visit a friend and now she was a submissive, a woman ready, eager, to willingly give herself to another woman, to proudly accept her slavery. Realising that she and Mistress shared a connection beyond what she had already thought had been something she’d accepted, just a natural realisation from all that had gone before, but this was something she had not been expecting.

She blinked hard, twice, making sure this was Kelly she was seeing before, not just some other woman that looked a bit like her. It was undoubtedly her, pulling up a chair to sit at the table opposite her and Mistress. Jen could still feel her touch, Mistress’ – Kate’s – hand still resting on her arm, calming her slightly, keeping her grounded. Jen looked between the two other women, seeing a knowing glance and smile pass between them.

‘Hi babe.’ Kelly said. ‘Surprised to see me, I bet.’

Jen couldn’t think of a response. Surprise didn’t even begin to cover the emotions she was feeling. It was more like shock, a sense that everything she had thought she had known was wrong. Now she understood what Kate had meant when she said their meeting had been almost chance. Was this all just a game? Was the prospect of her servitude just a fantasy?

‘I think we should explain.’ Kate said, her hand still gripping Jen’s arm, leaning towards her with a reassuring smile. ‘Do not worry, my sweet. Everything that has happened here, everything that has been said, is true. You just need to know how it came to be before you can make your decision.’

‘OK,’ Kelly said, ‘I think the first thing you need to know is that me and Kate aren’t lovers. We’re friends, and we’ve had sex a few times, but this isn’t about the two of us. It’s about you and Kate.’

Jen relaxed a little. In her mind, the darkest prospect had been the idea that she’d give herself to Mistress, only to find that Kelly had got there first and had a higher place in her affections than Jen could achieve.

Kate was speaking now, her voice as calm and relaxing as ever. ‘As you’ve seen, my dear, this is a house of pleasure. I often hold parties here, inviting women I know and women they know to come here and… have fun for an evening.’

‘That was where chance came in, if anywhere.’ Kelly said. ‘I’ve been seeing Tania – she’s a lecturer at the University – and she knows Kate, so she asked me if I wanted to come to a sex party one night. Well, I could hardly say no to that, could bahis firmaları I? So, we come here and have a very good time.’ She was grinning salaciously now, clearly remembering what had happened that night.

Kate picked up the story now. ‘I like to get to know any women who come here who I haven’t met before, so I was talking to Kelly and showing her the house. We followed a couple of girls down to the cellar and then…’

‘That was the strangest thing. As soon as I walked in there and saw what was going on – girls tied up, all that sort of thing – I thought of you, Jen.’ Kelly said.

‘Me?’ Jen asked, finally finding her voice. ‘Why me? I’d never done anything like that before I came here.’

‘Never even though of it, I bet, right?’ Kelly smiled, already knowing the answer. ‘And that was why it was so strange. It was like I knew that you’d enjoy it down there. Maybe it’s because you were always pretty passive whenever we were together, but I just knew that down there was a place you should be. So, I mentioned you to Kate, she wanted to know more and -‘

‘That’s how I came to get on the train to meet you. Kelly told me when you were going to visit, so I arranged to get on the same train and see what happened. The rest you know, of course.’

‘So have you been here all this time?’ Jen asked Kelly.

‘Oh no. I just got here this morning. Kate called me yesterday to let me know you’d come with her, and she thought I should be here to explain what brought all this about. So, are you angry with me?’

Jen was silent for a moment, thinking it over. For a while there, she thought she had been angry with Kelly, thought that all this has been an unintentionally cruel trick, showing her a life she knew she now wanted then snatching it away, saying it all had never been real. But now she realised that there was something more at work. Kelly had confirmed what she had already been thinking, that she was somehow meant to be here.

‘No. Of course I’m not angry with you. I’m happy.’

‘Happy?’ Kelly asked.

‘Happy that my best friend can be here to see me giving myself to Mistress.’

She could feel Mistress gripping her arm tighter as she said that and didn’t need to look at her to know that she was smiling broadly at Jen’s declaration. Part of her had expected Kelly to be shocked by it, had thought that her friend would be shocked to see her give herself like this to another woman, but she wasn’t. Jen saw that she was smiling too.

‘Wow.’ Kelly said. ‘To think I had a hand in bringing the two of you together. I thought kaçak iddaa – I knew that you would enjoy meeting Kate, but I never expected it to end like this.’

‘You think she shouldn’t go through with it?’ Kate asked.

‘Oh no, I definitely think she should. I think you two were meant to be together.’

‘Maybe we were.’ Kate said.

‘You think so?’ asked Kelly.

‘I know so. But that’s a story for another time, I think. For now, will you stay and witness Jen’s surrender to me?’

‘I wouldn’t miss it for the world.’


Jen looked at herself in the mirror as she dried herself off after her bath. It had been less than twenty-four hours since she had first encountered Mistress on the train, yet now she was give herself entirely to her almost without a second thought. Yet she felt no worries about what she was about to do, even those concerns the sight of Kelly had caused within her had gone almost as quickly as they arrived. Indeed, Kelly’s tale had only helped to confirm her belief that this was where she was meant to be, that she had been destined to give herself to Mistress.

Looking at her body now, she felt no shame at her nudity and wasn’t viewing it with the critical eye she had looked at herself with before all this. Then, she had concerned herself with worries about how she looked, whether she was gaining weight, if her breasts were too small, but now she knew that her body was owned by Mistress, was part of Mistress and thus had to be beautiful if it was part of her. It was only through some sense of nostalgia that she looked at herself now, knowing that this would be the last time she would see herself without a collar. Mistress and Kelly were waiting for her, back in the room where she had first taken Mistress’ collar the day before, waiting for her to cleanse herself before she took that final decision. Jen had been ready to go through with it straightaway, but Mistress had insisted she take time to bathe first. Jen had been unsure as to why she had insisted on it, but now she could see why. The bath had been like a baptism, washing away what remained of her old self, her old life, giving Jen the chance to see her old self one last time and say goodbye to that life.

She was ready now. Carefully, she opened the door and then slowly walked across the hallway. The door to the room was open and she walked into it, seeing Mistress and Kelly standing there waiting for her, Mistress standing in front of the window, silhouetted by the light, Kelly standing to one side of the room, her position showing her role as an observer, kaçak bahis not a participant in what was to come. Both had changed their clothes while Jen was in the bath, Kelly now wearing a long, almost formal red dress but Mistress’ outfit was what caught Jen’s attention, reminding her again of the sheer beauty of the woman she was about to give herself to. For a moment as she first saw her in the light, Jen thought she was nude, but as her eyes adjusted to the light she saw that thought had come merely from the fact that Mistress’ clothes fitted her like a second skin. She was clad in lather again, black this time, only her arms left bare in an outfit like a catsuit that flowed over her from her neck down to the matching stiletto boots on her feet. The gold bands she had worn the night before were again on her arms, her hair loose, brushed back so it fell behind her shoulders, her lips coloured a deep blood red, an enigmatic smile playing on them as she watched Jen approach.

Jen lowered herself to her knees in front of Mistress, lowering her head and placing her hands in her lap. She was utterly calm, even relaxed, sure in who she was and what she was doing. The room was silent, but she could feel both Mistress looking at her, Kelly looking at both of them, witness to this moment of truth. Then Mistress spoke.

‘Look up, my sweet.’

Jen raised her head and saw that Mistress was holding her collar in front of her, resting it on her outstretched hands. Their eyes locked, Jen feeling Mistress gaze burn deep into her, showing her everything the collar represented with no need for words, their communication on a higher level already. Slowly, Jen lifted her hands up, carefully taking the collar from Mistress, reverently lowering it down as Mistress returned her hands to her side, watching impassively.

Jen looked at the collar carefully, searching within herself for any last doubts, anything that might prevent her from wearing the collar. There was nothing. Every part of her was prepared for it, every cell in her body felt as though it belonged to Mistress already. Putting on the collar was just an outward symbol of a change that had already occurred within her. Slowly, she placed the collar round her neck, feeling it slide into place around it as though it was made to be there. Even in that short time she had been without it that morning, she had missed the feel of it there, as if a part of her was missing. As she fixed it into place, tying the strap, she felt complete again, like everything was right in her life for the first time. The last of her old self had fled, replaced by the slave she had willingly become, on her knees before the woman she had given herself to.

Her destiny had finally found her. Fate, not chance, had brought her here. She was home.


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