Allison Sluts It Up Ch. 02

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Three days into Christmas break and Allison needed a cock, any cock, even Sam’s cock would have done. She started running a lot more, mostly because she needed something to do. One afternoon she ran past the home of her old American History teacher. He too had the days off since the High School was also on winter break. As she was passing the house she saw him in the window, he was changing shirts, and she could see the very impressive physique of her former teacher. She came to a dead stop. She had never realized how muscular he was. Mr. Furlong had always seemed cute to her, but in high school, she never would have lusted over him, like she was beginning to right now. His hair was wet, and he had clearly just stepped out of the shower. Allison could feel herself getting wet staring at his chest. Three days without another human’s touch was too much for her. Allison decided to be bold, and went and knocked on his door.

Dave Furlong was a human specimen. During college he had been a two-sport athlete, a linebacker, and an outfielder. At thirty years old he had largely kept up his old fitness routine, especially after he became the boy’s baseball coach. Dave was married, and genuinely loved his wife. But she was a marketing director for a large and growing corporation that was in the midst of a PR nightmare, and was seven months pregnant, and between the two they hadn’t had sex in months. He had just turned on some porn, and was planning to rub one out when he heard a knock at the door. Without pausing the DVD, and forgetting that he was only in his gym shorts Dave went downstairs to open the door. The blast of cold air made his already impressive pecs a little bit perkier, and he was shocked to see his former student Allison Prentiss in front of him.

“Uh hi Allison, can I help you?” He asked becoming very aware of how exposed he was.

“I just wanted to say hi Mr. Furlong, and thank you, I’m tutoring history in my spare time during school, and the extra money is fantastic, as are the friends its helping me make, and a lot of that is owed to how great of a teacher you were.” Allison said, while trying not to noticeably stare at his chest.

“Oh well, I’m glad to help” Dave started to say, but as the words left his mouth a very audible scream from a woman orgasming could be heard from upstairs.

Allison blushed, and put on her most innocent expression, “what was that, is everything okay?” she said.

“Uh, umh, shit, yeah it is. But I should probably let you get back to your run, and yeah, it was good to see you Allison.” Dave stammered while trying to fight off the shear embarrassment.

Allison turned to go, and out of the side of her eye watched his eyes gravitate down to her ass in the tight running pants she was wearing. At this point she threw all caution to the wind and turned back around and pushed herself inside the house.

“I’m guessing your wife isn’t home.” Allison said.

Dave started to tell Allison that she should go but Allison closed the door for him, and placed a hand on his chest.

“You know Mr. Furlong, I bet I can do it better than you can do it.” Allison said teasingly.

Dave really did not understand what she was saying, and was trying to find a way out of the situation. As Dave started to again tell her she should leave Allison kissed him deeply, and simultaneously slid her hand down the front of his gym shorts and grasped his cock.

Dave moaned into her mouth, and Allison broke the kiss saying “I saw you shirtless through the window, and I wanted to get a better look up close.” She kept slowly rubbing her former teacher’s cock, “your wife clearly isn’t enough for you right now if you’re watching porn in the middle of the day, and I think I can do more for you than the porn can…but you can watch it while I please you if you want.”

Allison’s voice was a perfectly innocent voice, and to hear the words she was saying coming out in that tone was too much for Dave and he readily agreed to everything she said.

The two went upstairs, and Dave drew the blinds. When he turned around Allison was already naked, and had spread her legs on the bed so Dave could see her perfectly bald pussy waiting for him. Dave slid his pants off and got in a position to fuck her. She stopped him.

“Wait Mr. Furlong. Let me suck your cock while you watch your movie first. Then you can fuck me. I just have two rules about fucking me: It can’t be missionary, and you have to cum inside of me. You can do anything else you want.” Allison said.

Dave quickly laid on the bed and alternated watching the TV, and Allison’s eyes as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Dave was about seven inches hard, and Allison was almost able to take the whole thing down her throat. After five minutes Allison could tell Dave was about to come and started twirling her tongue around his cock head, as Dave started to cum he pulled her head back and aimed his load across her face. Allison grinned, she liked to swallow a guy’s load, but knew that for some reason men loved to cum across a face, and was happy to let them.

Dave moved bahis firmaları Allison over to his wife’s dresser and placed her arms on it. Dave was the right height to fuck Allison in this position, and much to her surprise he did not need any time to get going again after cumming on her face. His cock slid into her very wet pussy and one hand held Allison’s hips, while the other fingered her clit. This was a first for her. She hadn’t had a cock inside of her that was large enough, and had the guy fingering her clit ever. She loved it, she loved every minute of it.

“Oh Mr. Furlong you’re so fucking good at this. I love your big naughty teacher cock.” She exclaimed.

Dave merely grunted in return and started fucking her faster. Allison was brought to a quick first orgasm, and after she came he withdrew from her turned her around, shoved her to her knees and jerked himself off onto her face again.

“You broke one of my rules!” Allison shouted while his cum dripped down into her eye.

Dave grabbed her hair and snarled at her “when my cock is in you, you don’t get to make the rules, when a man is fucking you, you are his property and he can do what he likes with you.”

Allison grimaced at this a bit. It reminded her of being raped by Sam. Allison started to cry just a little bit. It wasn’t tears of shame, or guilt, and really it wasn’t even about what he had said, she liked that part, it was that she wanted his cum in her so badly.

“I know.” Allison whispered. In all reality she knew it was partially true at least. Some men were like Jamie, animals in bed, but not hyper dominant. Some were like Sam, who were actually fairly meek but occasionally had it in them to commit a horrific act like rape. Other men were like Dave Furlong, who genuinely wanted to dominate their lovers. Allison also knew from chat rooms, and reading erotic fiction, that some men were submissive, and would let the woman take total control. Allison wanted to explore them all, and so she was glad to have Dave Furlong do this to her.

Allison licked Dave’s cock swallowing the little bits of cum leaking out of him. Dave took a picture of her, coated in cum, and told her that it would be good for him to rub one out to later. Allison told him that she could stop by any day over break that he wanted her to.

Dave made her leave without cleaning up, and so Allison was forced to wipe his cum off on the inside of her shirt, which meant she had to stand in her bra only on the sidewalk for a few minutes. She then ran home and showered.

That night she was washing dishes when she watched her back yard neighbor working out in her home gym. Her mother shook her head and muttered how shameful it was when she saw the sight. Allison couldn’t really tell what was wrong with it, the woman was probably forty, and had an amazing body not just for her age, but in general. If she wanted to work out in her sports bra and shorts in her own home why shouldn’t she be able to.

“I think she’s a dyke.” Allison’s mom said.

“What?” Allison shouted, partly out of shock that her mom would use that word, partly in excitement that maybe she might have another neighborhood playmate.

“Well, she’s never with any men, and she leaves with a lot of women and doesn’t get home till fairly late.” He mother replied.

Allison finished the dishes, and waited a few hours until her parents went to bed. After they did, Allison grabbed a pair of binoculars and peeped into the woman’s window. This woman had moved in while Allison was in college, and she decided that the next day she would go say hi, it was only appropriate to know one’s neighbors. IF the woman indeed was gay, then Allison would get the much-needed touch of a woman, especially after the harsh roughness of Mr. Furlong.

Allison went to the Furlong house early the next morning. She knew that his wife was going to be home tomorrow, and wanted to get fucked again by Dave. This time Allison did not go in running gear and instead went in a shorter skirt, with thigh highs, and a short cut top.

Within five minutes Dave Furlong had cum on her face once, and was burying himself in her cunt while bending her over the large ottoman in the living room. Allison’s face was scrunched into the fabric and she could barely breath, but Dave specifically held her there with his hand, a good indicator of what he wanted. This time he came in her, but still wiped cum from his dick onto her face.

Allison tried to kiss him goodbye, but she was shoved away and told no. This actually offended her, and she vowed not to come back tomorrow, or the next day.

Allison cleaned herself up in her car, and then drove to a sex toy store. It was something she had been curious about, and wanted to see if she could find a present for Janessa. Within five minutes Allison found her first FeelDoe she was instantly sold on a black “stout” FeelDoe. It would be a nice change of pace for her and Janessa. Allison also found a nice dildo for herself that was about Jamie’s size. She purchased both and hid them inside of her car.

Then Allison drove kaçak iddaa to the new neighbor’s house, and seeing the car in the driveway opted to go knock. From the door hanger she knew the woman’s last name was Parker. She knocked, and instantly felt like an idiot. She had no idea what to say to this woman at all. She began to hope no one would answer and when she heard the lock flip in the door she started to panic.

“Hello, can I help you?” Ellie Parker asked.

“Uh, well not really” Allison stammered “I’m Allison Prentiss, you live behind my parents, and you moved in while I was at college for the semester, and I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Well, that’s very nice of you” Ellie started “I’m Ellie Parker, and I believe you are the first person from the entire neighborhood to actually introduce yourself. Would you like to come in for coffee?”

“Oh, of course, thank you.” Allison replied, blushing.

Ellie and Allison chatted for half an hour about all kinds of subjects. Ellie told Allison that she was a nurse, and typically worked three twelve-hour shifts, and then had four days off. Eventually, the conversation hit a lull, and Ellie mischievously grinned at Allison and said “so you can see in my window when I work out can’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s actually how I noticed someone new was living here when I watched you yesterday.” Allison paused realizing how creepy she sounded “oh gosh not like I was peeping or being awkward I was just doing in the dishes, and then my mom came in and made a big deal of how you do it every night, and…” Allison just stopped talking and shook her head in embarrassment.

“It’s okay dear. If I didn’t like the idea of someone peeping in I would keep the blinds drawn.” Ellie told her, and reached out to put a comforting hand on her knee.

Allison practically melted when the soft smooth skin of Ellie Parker touched her knee over her tights. Completely out of her own control Allison actually spread her legs slightly when it occurred. Ellie took note of this, but did nothing at first.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Ellie asked.

“Sure let me text my parents and tell them I won’t be home that I’m eating with friends.” Allison replied.

For the next three hours Ellie and Allison chatted like old gal pals. Ellie eventually told Allison that she had a hot tub in the basement, and asked if Allison wanted to take a dip. Allison said sure, but she’d have to run home to get her swimsuit.

“Oh, well why don’t you just go without this time, it’s what I usually do and I find it to be absolutely marvelous.” Ellie told her.

Allison again blushed, and said okay beginning to think that her mom was right about Ellie being a lesbian. Allison was hopeful that she was. Ellie led Allison downstairs, stripped, and climbed in the tub. Allison slowly did the same, but taking her time and occasionally glancing to see if Ellie was watching her. And she was.

When Allison was totally naked Ellie remarked “your ass and tits are so firm and tight, I miss those days. My lovers fawned over mine then, as I’m sure yours do to you now.”

Allison just nodded her head, and then decided to quickly jump into the next step, Allison slid into the water, moved next to Ellie, cupped her breast, and said “your breasts are still absolutely gorgeous” as she began to kiss Ellie.

Ellie and Allison made out in the hot tub feeling each other’s breasts, and hips for thirty minutes. Ellie finally said “let’s go shower, and maybe I can teach you a trick or two.”

Ellie taught Allison several new tricks. It was Allison’s first rimjob, Allison’s first time having her toes sucked, and the first time Allison gave a rimjob, or sucked another person’s toes. She loved all of it. Ellie was better with her fingers than anyone else, and when Ellie slid a small vibrator against Allison’s clit it was all Allison could do not to scream. And then she failed, and screamed and screamed, and moaned, and came over and over again. Ellie was amazing, and the most generous partner that Allison would ever have.

The next morning Allison awoke to a text from Dave telling her to come to his place at 11am on the dot. Allison complied, because there was something about Dave that made her want to, even though of the four partners she had had up until that point he was third best. When Allison arrived Dave sat on the couch and Allison sucked him off until he came all over her face. Dave made a point of blowing a load right over Allison’s left eye so she couldn’t see out of it. Within seconds of cumming Dave snapped his fingers and Allison heard a clicking of heels heading toward her. She raised a hand to wipe off her left eye, and was stopped by Dave. She started to turn her head so she could see out of her right eye, and again Dave stopped her. Five more seconds passed and Allison felt the unmistakable sensation of being licked by another person. Someone was actually licking Dave’s cum off of her. She knew it wasn’t Dave, he was way too hetero to do something like this.

After a minute of being kaçak bahis licked, a warm towel wiped all of Allison’s face, and when the towel was removed she opened her eyes, and looked up to see a very pregnant woman in front of her in nothing but high heels. Allison’s eyes were immediately drawn to the woman’s full stomach, and the bush that covered her pubic area. Dave introduced Allison to his wife Leesa. He then got up, dressed and left the house.

“Sit down on the couch sweetheart, it’s okay.” Leesa told a trembling Allison. “I knew about the two of you, I always know when my husband is sleeping around on me. It’s okay, really. He finds me repulsive right now. He has ever since I told him I was pregnant. Literally the night before he found out he fucked me like an absolute whore, and made me gag on his cock, but the next night, it was game over he wouldn’t look at me sexually, or touch me at all. ”

Allison looked stunned, she was confused by how calm and nonchalant Leesa was about all of this. “It’s my fault really” Leesa continued, “when we first married his aggressive sex was too much, and I let him sleep with other women then. When I got accustomed to his ways I was able to handle it, and he stopped cheating on me. Then I got pregnant, and well, here you are.” Leesa wiped a tear away as she said these final words.

Allison didn’t know what to do so she just hugged Leesa, and kissed her on top of the head. Leesa bawled for ten minutes straight. Then, as she calmed down a bit, Allison took the pregnant woman’s heaving breast into her mouth and began to suck on it. Leesa began to cradle Allison’s head and moaned as the young girl with an expert tongue suckled away on her tit. After a few minutes Allison switched breasts and as she did began rubbing the woman’s pregnant stomach. When Leesa was shaking, Allison started kissing and licking every inch of Leesa’s stomach. Finally Allison worked her way down to the spot where Leesa’s stomach, and pubic area connected. As she did Allison kissed gingerly across Leesa’s pubic area, and down to the woman’s pussy. Allison did her best to mimic Ellie, she sucked and gently fingered Leesa, and the older pregnant woman shook violently more than once with the powers of her orgasms.

As a third orgasm started to build Leesa moaned to Allison “Oh fuck, I haven’t been able to finger myself for shit since month five, it’s been two fucking months and I haven’t had an orgasm at all, and in the last ten minutes you’ve given me two, oh Allison thank you so much ahhhhh” Leesa cried out as the third orgasm hit her like a wave.

Leesa pushed Allison onto her back after this and laid next to the girl. They made out for a half hour, until they heard Dave’s car door slam and his boots on the front porch. As Dave entered the house he was furious. Neither Leesa nor Allison knew what he was expecting, but it was not to find the two of them naked, and kissing. Dave started screaming at both of them. Leesa immediately got up, and ran up stairs and locked herself in the bedroom. Allison was too stunned.

As Dave began to berate her Allison slapped him hard across the jaw.

“You may want me to be your property, but I’m not.” Allison said to him. “It’s fine when we fuck for you to be rough with me, but you have no right whatsoever to speak to me like this outside of that moment.”

Dave responded by backhanding Allison. As he stood over her Allison lifted a leg and kicked him in the crotch. Dave doubled over while yelling at her that she was a bitch. But as he lay on the ground tears filling his eyes, he mumbled the words sorry.

It was an important lesson for Allison, sometimes, guys are shitty when they’re in the middle of a scene about when something is too far. Dave likewise learned that he had crossed a line, and was far better to his wife from that point forward.

The next three weeks of Allison’s break sped by. She spent most mornings at the Furlong house, either with Leesa or with Dave, and sometimes alternating between the two, but regrettably, never both at the same time. Her evenings were then spent with Ellie. On nights when Ellie was working a twelve-hour shift Allison ate dinner at home, then crept over to Ellie’s house to wait for her. When Ellie got home Allison poured her a glass of wine, rubbed her feet, then gave her a back massage, and then the two would go up to Ellie’s bed together.

On December thirtieth, Allison had her last fuck with Dave, then her last time eating Leesa out, and then her last time with Ellie. Allison flew to Florida for the Orange Bowl, where her college’s team, led a furious comeback, and Jamie busted off a forty-three yard scramble on third and long for the winning touchdown.

As soon as the celebration ended Allison headed back to the team hotel room. Jamie had given her a key to his room, and told her to meet him there after the game. As soon as she walked in Allison turned the cold up, so that her nipples would be extra perky, and slipped on the sluttiest lingerie she owned. Allison laid on the bed, and waited to hear the key slot buzz. While she waited Jamie sent her a text asking if Allison was ready to be his little freak for the night. In reply Allison slid to fingers into herself, and sent a picture of that, and a second picture of how coated in her own cum the fingers were.

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