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Allie was headed for Samantha’s house. It was Friday night and her friend had called her to tell her that her parents were out of town and that she was putting on a big, loud party. Boys, drinks, all of it. Just the kind of place a cute, single 18-year-old like Allie wanted to be.

She walked briskly in the dark, excited and impatient. She’d been out of a boyfriend for a few months and she missed the sex. With any luck she’d find a new one tonight. Or at least get drunk. Maybe both. She definitely looked nice; at about 5’3″, Allie was a bit on the short side, but the rest of her made up for it. Her short legs were beautifully curvy, toned and firm from frequent workouts. Her thick thighs merged beautifully into a gorgeous bubble-butt that tonight was shrink-wrapped in a pair of skin-tight black jeans. Allie was a bit of a punk, so that meant they were slightly ragged at the knees, and topped by a thick, chrome-spiked belt. Her flat stomach was left partly uncovered by a skimpy white tank top, and her nice breasts filled her b-cups well enough that she could almost have considered moving up a size. Her long, curly hair was died black. Skater shoes and a black hoodie rounded it all out.

Allie rang her friend’s doorbell excitedly. Sam was at the door in a second, accompanied by Christie, her best friend. They let Allie in and she noticed them watching her as she kicked her shoes off.

Sam was a pretty good-looking girl herself. A bit taller at 5’6″, she combined a bit of boyishness with a hot, busty body that got her plenty of attention. Tonight she was wearing loose, ragged carpenter jeans low on her hips, with a thick leather belt and a tight black t-shirt that showed off her bustyness. Her friend Christie was a cute blonde, about the same height, with a smaller chest but a bit more booty, which was wonderfully apparent in the faded, tight jeans she was wearing.

Allie looked at her friends inquisitively. She noticed the two girls were standing very close together, Christie’s butt brushing against Sam’s thigh.

“So,” she began, “who’s here so far?”

The girls gave her a strange smile. “We lied to you, Allie,” Sam said playfully. “You’re the only one we invited.”

“What?” Allie was confused, and a bit angry. She wanted boys, and beer.

“I think we can show you to a good time anyway, right Christie?”

“Mmm, for sure,” Christie replied. Sam gave her a little push on the ass and together they started towards Allie, who was only beginning to realize what they wanted to do to her.

The two girls each grabbed one of Allie’s arms and pushed her up against the wall, pinning her as they pressed their bodies onto hers. They ran their hands over her thighs, and she quivered with excitement as an undeniable feeling of warmth started to build between her legs. The promise of naughty excitement quickly eroded her initial reluctance, and as Samantha brought her face close, Allie’s lips greeted hers eagerly. Christie watched excitedly as the two girls kissed, softly at first and then more intensely as Sam started pushing her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. It was too irresistibly hot and so she joined in, kissing Allie’s neck and sliding her hand father up her thigh. Sam let her tongue flicker in Allie’s mouth one last time and pulled away to let Christie move in, and she slowly unzipped Allie’s hoodie. She slid her hand up her shirt and tickled her belly button, making Allie squirm slightly as she kissed Christie. Sam moved closer and took Allie’s earlobe into her mouth as she moved her hand further up, stopping just short of her full breasts.

Allie felt the girls pull her away from the wall, and Christie wrapping her arms around her as Sam moved in from behind. With one hand on the back of her neck and the other around her waist, Christie continued to kiss her. Allie shivered as Sam put her hands on her ass and started caressing it lustfully. She moaned, and as she arched her back she felt a firm spank land on her curvy butt.

The sting was very arousing and as she felt Sam spank her once more she wrapped her arms around Christie and kissed her deeply.

Sam spanked Allie’s hot little ass a few more times, and then, leaning towards the girl’s ear, she cupped her round bottom firmly and asked in a dirty voice,

“Allie bedava bahis babe, why don’t we take this to my bedroom?”

Christie pulled away and whispered into the other,

“Yeah, Allie, why not?”

Allie shivered, and, biting her lip, slowly moved towards her friend’s room. The two girls were right behind her, and each put a hand on her butt as they followed her down the hallway. Her tight, low-cut jeans molded her hot ass perfectly and the girls cupped her bubble-cheeks firmly as she walked.

As they entered the dim room, the girls pulled off Allie’s hoodie and pushed her towards her bed, sitting her down and then turning back to each other. They got close and kissed, unzipping each other’s jeans and slowly sliding them off their hips and down their legs, pausing to caress their bodies. Before they got too worked up, they turned to the girl sitting on the edge of the bed, who they were happy to see had been watching them intently.

Allie had become a bit nervous at the sight of these two girls taking off each other’s clothes. It was getting her very hot, but maybe she wasn’t quite ready for this. But before she could protest, Sam grabbed her by the waist and Christie got her legs, and they lay her down on her back. Allie tried to resist but Sam got up on her chest and kneeled onto her outstretched arms, pinning them down. As Sam lifted her butt off her chest, Allie again felt desire overcome her inhibitions. Sam’s hot pussy hovered in front of her face with nothing but wet, skimpy panties covering it. Sam was smiling at her naughtily as she watched her staring, and she brought her damp muff closer to Allie’s face, stopping short and teasing her as she rocked her hips back and forth. Allie stared at Sam’s damp mound, mesmerized as she rocked it in front of her face. The smell of a hot, horny girl was intoxicating and she wanted desperately to get closer.

Christie caressed Allie’s thighs as Sam pinned the girl firmly to the bed. Running up the inside of her legs she passed her hands over the girl’s mound, rubbing it through her tight jeans. She spread Allie’s legs as she ran her hand back and forth, drawing moans. The pleasure was making her squirm, but Sam held her firmly in place and there was nothing she could do when she felt Christie unbuckle her belt. Shy reluctance raced through her as thoughts of another girl taking her pants off raced through her mind, and she tried vainly to escape. But the feelings of naked helplessness just turned her on, and as she felt Christie unzipping her jeans she closed her eyes, taking in the scent of the hot cunt hovering in front of her face.

Sam looked back over her shoulder to watch Christie peel off Allie’s tight pants. Christie raised Allie’s legs up onto her shoulders, and slid her hands down her thighs and over her round ass. Grabbing onto her belt, she tugged Allie’s tight jeans off her butt and down her hips, baring her gorgeous ass. Sam got off of Allie’s chest.

“Turn over, babe,” she ordered with a naughty smile. Allie felt herself blush as she rolled onto her stomach. The girls urged her up onto all fours, and as she arched her back they caressed her gorgeous butt together. Her jeans were just off her ass, her chrome belt following the bottom of her round cheeks, and a red thong riding up between them. Sam moved in and started running her tongue over the smooth white skin, and Christie tugged Allie’s thong further up her butt.

“Look how nice that is,” Sam said as she caressed Allie’s round ass, running her hand all over its curves and making her shiver. “Look at how round that is, look at how hot that little ass is,” she moaned as she spanked Allie firmly.

Sam moved in and started running her tongue over Allie’s hot, pink ass, and Christie give it one last caress before crawling up beside her and moving in for a kiss. Allie’s excitement was feverish, and she was gasping for air as Christie ran her hand through her hair, kissing her deeply.

Sam ran her tongue all over Allie’s hot little ass, and pulling her thong aside she started to lick her tight asshole. The pleasure took Allie by surprise and she had to pull away from Christie, gasping as she felt Sam’s tongue rimming her tightly clenched hole. Christie stroked her hair gently. “You love bedava bonus it, don’t you,”

she mused. Before she could answer, Allie felt Sam push her tongue into her ass, making her moan as the naughty pleasure overcame her.

Sam pushed her tongue in and out of Allie’s ass, feeling it slowly relax and give in to her pleasuring. Then, she pulled away and pulled her friend’s thong and jeans down her thighs to her knees, revealing her hot, tight pussy and curvy, toned thighs. Sam caressed her cute butt, and slid a finger towards her eager asshole.

“You want some more, huh, baby?” She teased.

“Please,” Allie begged, her face flushed as she arched her back, poking her ass towards her friend imploringly. “Mmm, you’re so dirty,” Sam teased as she spanked her. She licked her index finger, and without waiting she pushed it up Allie’s ass, making her gasp.

Christie watched as her friend finger fucked Allie’s tight ass. Allie was moaning, her chest pressed against the bed and her ass up in the air as Sam pushed deeper and deeper into her. Christie reached down to Allie’s waist and pulled up her tank top, unclasped her bra and ran her hand down towards her bare breasts. Allie got up onto her elbows, and her friend started gently caressed her ample breasts. Soon, the simultaneous feelings of Sam’s finger deep in her ass and Christie pinching her hard nipples were driving her insane.

Sam slowly pulled her finger out of Allie’s ass and moved in with her tongue, licking it gently. But slowly she moved downward, letting her tongue run over the smooth skin that separated Allie’s ass from her wet cunt. Allie gasped as she felt Sam lick her labia, teasing her. Sam paused, admiring her friend’s gorgeous pussy. She ran her hand up her thigh, grazing her gorged clit and caressing the small patch of hair just beyond. Then, she placed a soft kiss on Allie’s swollen clit and started flicking her tongue over it. Allie couldn’t contain herself and started to pull away from the unbearable pleasure. Sam got a firm grip on her hips and pulled her back, licking her clit and diving her tongue into her tight pussy.

“Fuck me, Sam,” Allie begged as Christie continued teasing her erect nipples. She rocked her hips back and forth as her friend’s tongue went in and out of her hole, bringing her closer to the edge. She came violently and loudly, leaving Sam’s cheeks smeared with intoxicating, sweet orgasm as she kissed her hot pussy one last time. Shuddering, Allie collapsed onto the bed. Sam admired her ass longingly as she ran her hands down the girl’s hips, and pulled her jeans off the rest of the way. Then, she lay down beside Allie, and, caressing her curvy butt, moved in for a kiss.

The taste of hot pussy on Sam’s lips was incredibly arousing. Having just come very intensely, Allie was slowly beginning to feel a need for more. As she kissed Sam, she too reached down for her lover’s ass, and slid her hand under the girl’s panties to feel the smooth skin. Sam broke away from the kiss and smiled naughtily at Allie as they caressed each other’s asses. Playfully she rubbed her nose against Allie’s, and soon they were rubbing their bodies together, pausing to pull off their tops so that they could enjoy the feeling of their hard nipples brushing against each other as they wrestled. Sam let Allie get on top of her. Pinning her friend beneath her, Allie straddled Sam and leaned down to kiss her.

Christie moved behind Allie and, grabbing her by the waist, urged her back. Allie got back onto her knees as Sam slid away from her, until her hips were roughly below Allie’s face. Sam spread her legs and once again Allie was staring down at her panty-covered mound. Allie leaned down and rubbed her nose over the damp patch in Sam’s panties. It smelled so good and she couldn’t help but run her tongue over it.

Without realizing it, Allie had arched her back and spread her legs, exposing her hot, damp cunt for Christie to admire. It was irresistible, and she found herself teasing Allie’s cunt with her finger as she licked the girl’s asshole. Allie gasped, feeling shy and definitely horny as another girl started to play with her naughty pussy. Sam took advantage of her momentary distraction to slip off her panties, sliding them down to her knees and deneme bonusu then squirming them off the rest of the way. Allie stared at her bare cunt longingly and hungrily. She couldn’t believe her luck as she moved in to taste her first pussy.

As Allie was getting ready to bang Sam on the bed, Christie grabbed a thick red dildo from Sam’s dresser. As she crawled back up behind Allie she couldn’t resists the urge to run it over her own gorged clit a few times; when she brought it up to Allie’s cunt, it was already glistening from her pleasure.

Allie was having the time of her life checking Sam’s box out. She ran her tongue all over the inside of her thighs, moving closer and closer to her hot cunt. Sam grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her along, firmly at first and then less carefully as the promise of dirty fun built up her excitement. When Allie finally brought her tongue over Sam’s swollen clit, they exchanged lustful glances. Allie dove into her friend’s cunt, and the flickering of her tongue over her clit soon had her moaning. “Fuck me, you hot little slut,” Sam groaned as she firmed her grip on Allie’s hair.

As Allie ate her friend out, Christie rubbed the dildo against her inflamed clit. It was clear this girl loved eating pussy. Christie pushed the dildo into Allie’s cunt, and though it was a tight fit, her well-lubed hole took it in eagerly. But it had caught Allie by surprise and she groaned, waves of pleasure flooding her already overloaded senses. She buried her face into Sam’s mound as Christie slowly thrust the dildo in and out of her.

Christie took the back end of the dildo in her mouth and continued fucking Allie in that way, using one hand to balance and the other to rub her own desperate pussy. It felt so good, and had her mouth not been full she would have no doubt been moaning as loudly as the others.

Allie ate Sam’s pussy frantically, desperately trying to make her cum before she herself went over the edge. She was bucking back and forth with each of Christie’s thrusts, taking the thick rubber cock deep inside of her. Sam stared, mesmerized by the sight of her gorgeous friend taking it from behind eagerly as she ate her pussy. It was all so hot, and it wasn’t long before she came violently, wrapping her thighs around Allie’s head and crying out in pleasure. Moments later, as her convulsive throes subsided, Allie broke away from her, moaning in orgasm.

When the two girls came to their sense they turned towards Christie. They watched her as she licked Allie’s orgasm off the dildo, rubbing her clit and moaning softly. Allie and Sam crawled over to her, grabbing her arms and stretching her out on her back. Sam snatched the dildo away from her, and, spreading her legs, rubbed its glistening head against her clit.

“You want some cock, don’t you, babe?” she asked maliciously.

“Mmm, please Sam…” Christie implored.

Allie lay down beside her, cupping her breasts as she murmured, “You want some cock in that hot little cunt of yours, don’t you baby?” She pinched Christie’s rock-hard nipple gently and moved in for a kiss, pushing her tongue into the girl’s mouth. Just then Sam slid her dildo deep into Christie and began nailing her with increasing intensity.

After satisfying Christie with a deep, loud orgasm, the three girls lay together naked, Allie intertwined with Sam, and Christie spooning her from behind. They held each other for a while, occasionally kissing as they enjoyed their total exhaustion together. All too soon Allie knew she had to go, and she got up to gather her clothes. But as she picked up her thong panties, Sam came up behind her.

“Hold on, sweetie,” she said gently. “It’d be really hot if you wore mine instead,” she continued, handing her damp, musky panties to Allie, who was all too happy to accept them. She slipped them on and turned to face Sam. As they kissed, Sam ran her hand over Allie’s muff, rubbing her tender cunt through her wet panties. Allie shivered, aroused by the naughty, dirty feeling of another girl’s juices on her crotch. Needless to say, it was a little while longer before she got the rest of her clothes on.

When she finally fought her tight jeans back over her butt, it was with great reluctance that Allie headed out. She kissed her friends one last time, knowing she’d never look at them the same way, and that there many other things that had been irreversibly changed for her, too. But as she walked through the dark, deserted streets, the feeling of Sam’s wetness against her own was all that was on her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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