All The Guys Like Her

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I’ve often heard the expression, referencing a woman, that “all the guys like her”. Normally this was made in the context of a fun woman who liked to talk sports, drink beer, and tell bawdy jokes. It took on new meaning for me last year.

I’m Scott. I got a job in Philly right out of college, when I was 22, in a male dominated profession, with almost no women in the workplace. I didn’t know anyone in the area, and I should have done more research before finding a place to live because there were few social people near the apartment I got; especially no good female prospects. I am not normally too picky about women — I love them of all ages, hair color, and bust size. However I seem to like small breasted 50-60 year olds or 18-19 year olds (I’ve never figured that one out) better than others.

I wasn’t getting any ass, and was complaining to one of my older co-workers, Dave, about it one day. He asked what type of women I liked, and when I told him, his eyes lit up — but he said nothing. A couple of days later, he graciously invited me over to his house in Springfield, PA, for dinner on Sunday, which I gratefully accepted.

When I got to his house, there were several other people there, including a couple of single women, and Dave’s wife. I thought he might be trying to fix me up with one of the single women, but Dave’s wife Jo caught my attention. She was probably, like Dave, in her late 50s or early 60s, slim with small tits, and dressed to show off her skinny waist, awesome ass, and sculptured thighs. Definitely an MILF! She also had a real nice smile, and a flirtatious manner.

To my surprise Dave didn’t sit me next to one of the other women at dinner, but between Jo and another guy. I spent most of the dinner bantering with Jo, who laughed more at my jokes than she should have, and me at hers. Since I was right next to her — and looking — I was sure she had no bra or panties, just a sun dress; and when she put her hand on my knee I thought “Holy shit, a femme fatale!” [By the way the meal Jo prepared was great.]

As I was leaving and profusely thanking the host and hostess, Jo gave me a hug and a short kiss on the lips; and I could swear she dragged her hand over my crotch on purpose when she broke away. My brainless little friend sure recognized it — he had been half hard all dinner but embarrassingly now gave a full military salute. Fortunately I had some papers Dave had given me and was able to cover him up.

I went home and immediately spanked the monkey thinking about all the things I would like to do to Jo. I got little sleep that night, but vowed to put my co-worker’s wife out of my mind the next morning.

About Wednesday of the next week, Dave asked me if I would like to go to a Phillies baseball game that Friday night. I said “sure”, thinking a bunch of guys were going. When I met him to go, it was just him, another guy in the office, Bill, and — Jo. I was both thrilled and apprehensive that she was going with us. Both emotions were amplified when Dave sat me and Jo in the back seat, with Bill and him up front, as we drove to the game.

Bill and Dave seemed lost in talk of baseball statistics as we drove to the game. My conversation with Jo started out about baseball, and then moved to light hearted banter, like at dinner. It then – uncomfortably — progressed to sex. I had to cover my crotch with my baseball cap to at least mitigate the embarrassment somewhat, and thankfully before the conversation got too graphic we arrived at Citizen’s Bank ballpark.

I was trying to think about baseball rather than fucking Jo but again Dave sat me next to her, on my left, with Bill next to me and Dave next to Bill. During the entire game, Jo was flashing me — she had on a short sundress and, again, no bra or panties. I tried not to look, but got glimpses of her little shaved cunt on several occasions. Even though it had gotten dark, I put on wrap-around sun glasses, so I hoped I wasn’t too obvious. She gave me a big smile each time she suspected I saw the kitty. I was starting to sweat.

At the time of the 7th inning stretch, Dave and Bill excused themselves, and made it known they wouldn’t be back casino şirketleri for awhile. The section we were in was mostly older people, no children, and a fair percentage of the fans were drunk and most were concentrating hard on the tight game (3-2 Phillies lead). Dave and Bill couldn’t have been halfway up the stairs when Jo grabbed my right hand, caressed it awhile, and then held it on her bare right thigh as she was ostensibly watching the game and cheering. I was conflicted. Her thigh felt great but I wondered what Dave would say.

After a few minutes of my mind swirling while my hand was on Jo’s thigh she whispered to me

“Scott, I’ve got an itch. Could you lightly scratch it for me?”

“Uh, Sure” I stammered. “Where is it?” [I am so naïve.]

With that she led my hand under her dress, along her thigh, to her crotch. If I was conflicted before, now my mind was in a full fledged game of ping-pong! Bad Scott apparently aced good Scott out and I stuck my middle finger in her moist tight little pussy. Jo got a small mind-twistingly seductive smile on her face and cooed:

“Yes, right there.”

I fingered her for the next couple of minutes trying as hard as I could to be discrete, as she uttered low, quiet moans, and rested her head on my shoulder. Finally, I knew I was going over the edge, and pulled my hand out. After giving me a short peck on my lips, she pulled out her cell phone, made a call, and simply said “OK” into the phone, and put it back in her purse.

Almost immediately after the call, Bill and Dave walked down the stairs, both smiling devilishly. “What the fuck?” I thought to myself.

As soon as they got back, Dave sat next to me instead of Bill, but with Bill looking on and Jo cackling, Dave said:

“All right Scott, let me have your right hand.”

I started to resist, but Jo changed her cackle to a full blown chortle, and said:

“Go ahead, Scott, you need to give him your hand.”

I stopped resisting; Dave brought my middle finger up to his nose and sniffed, turned to Bill and said “Damn she’s good”. With that they each took a $20 bill out of their wallets and handed it to Jo.

“Nice doing business with you boys” was all she said as she stuffed the bills into her purse. Then the three of them acted like nothing happened and they cheered the Phillies to victory. I mostly sat in stunned silence.

On the way back, Bill and Dave were lost in talk of the game while again I was in the back seat with Jo. Only this time it was dark. And it was clear Jo wanted more finger fucking, and also exposed her tits. I realized resistance was futile — and in view of Dave’s and Bill’s reactions earlier there was no reason for resistance — so I finger fucked her most of the way back, with one and then two fingers; she was too tight to fit a third in. At the same time I was stroking or sucking on a tit, but I had to be careful because she had such sensitive nipples she starting squirming and moaning so much when I touched one I thought for sure Bill and Dave would have to look back. It got me so hot that when she put her hand on my crotch I came right in my pants, like I was a horny teenager.

When we got back my finger-fucking hand was soaking wet. Jo seductively wiped it off on her dress, and popped her tits back in her top. After we exited the car Dave asked if I wanted to join them at a club the next night — Saturday. Jo was looking at me wide-eyed biting her lip waiting for my response. I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but the ride back in the car was my most fun — by far — since getting to Philly, so I said “Yes”.

“We’ll meet here, 8:30 tomorrow night” Dave said as I nodded.

Things had been bizarre so far. I was hoping they might get even more bizarre because I sure wanted to fuck that little minx.

When I arrived at Dave and Jo’s Saturday night again she was the only woman. Dave, Bill, one of their neighbors, Jim, me, and Jo, were the fun-seekers.

Jo looked great. She wore a slinky black dress with sequins, 4 inch red high heels, and nothing else. We had a drink at the house before we left. This time Jim and Bill crawled into the back seat casino firmaları with Jo between them, and Dave and I sat in front. From the sounds coming from the back seat — Dave ignored them as he chatted me up — it was clear Jo was being finger fucked by both guys.

When we got to the club, things really got wild. While we were sitting in a booth, with me across from Jo and Dave, Jim and Bill rotating positions next to her, she was constantly being felt up and finger fucked. Even when dancing, one or other of the three guys would squeeze a boob or move their hand under her dress, grabbing her bare ass or cunt. The three guys were also drinking heavily.

After two or three hours of this — with Jo drawing attention from many admiring males — I must have had a forlorn look on my face as I was sitting across from Jo. Bill had gone to the bathroom, and Jo looked at me and said to Dave:

“Oh look, Dave, Scott looks so tense. I need to help him out.”

With that, she crawled under the table, unzipped my pants exposing my rock hard cock, and started feverishly licking and sucking. She had wonderfully spooky lips. It was almost like her lips had a mind of their own; and her tongue was like a snake’s! Dave and Jim were chuckling, apparently at the look on my face.

When Bill returned he asked where Jo was.

“Relieving Scott’s tension” Dave replied, to laughter all around.

Just then Jo deep-throated me, and seconds later I was rocketing gobs of cream down her throat as I’m sure my eyes were rolling in my head.

“She’s one great cocksucker, isn’t she Scott” Dave said. I simply nodded while thinking “That’s the understatement of the year”!

The night continued on with more finger fucking, exhibitionism, and tit squeezing — and drinking. I normally don’t drink much and I made a special effort to stay sober since it was obvious we were going to need a designated driver.

We finally closed down the club, and I put Jo in the front seat with me and the three drunks in the back. The three of them were talking about what “scenario” they would use when we got back, and apparently decided on “evil knights”. I had no idea what in the fuck they were talking about but was interested to find out.

While the guys were having their discussion in the back seat, Jo was trying to give me another blow job in the front seat. I stopped her since I sure didn’t want to get in an accident, especially with three drunks in the back seat and since it was Dave’s car, not mine. I told her we would be sure to have fun when we got to her house.

When we got to Dave and Jo’s house the three other guys were like little kids. Then ran to a closet, pulled out plastic swords and helmets, and a real rope. All three belted down two more stiff drinks (just what they needed) and then Jim and Bill grabbed Jo’s arms and said:

“Ah, looks like a beautiful fuckable wench; Let us have our way with her.”

Jo pretended to swoon and said “Oh no, evil knights, thou must not take my virginity. Help.”

With that Dave came up and said “I’ll save you damsel,” at which point the three of them started sword fighting like little kids. After a minute or so of this bullshit, with Jo yelling stuff like “Godspeed good knight,” Jim and Bill “overpowered” Dave. They “disarmed” him, sat him on a chair, and tied him to it. Then each grabbed one of Jo’s arms with one hand, and with the other hand removed her dress so that she was naked except for her high heels.

While I had grabbed Jo’s tits and soaked my fingers in her pussy juices, and my cock had enjoyed her mouth, I hadn’t seen her naked before. She really looked good, and I went from half mast to full salute in two seconds. Jim and Bill laid her on the plush living room rug, tied her hands above her head with a handkerchief, and then Bill pulled down his pants and kneeled down, apparently to fuck her.

But Bill was too drunk. Not only was his dick limp but he was wavering. He actually collapsed on top of her. While Jo took it in good humor she obviously wanted the lug off of her so I dragged him over to a corner.

Jim was so drunk he couldn’t even get his pants down and just güvenilir casino lay next to Jo and said he would just massage her tits. I wanted Jo to myself, however, so I found a football lying in the closet they got their plastic swords from and gave it to Jim telling him the ends were Jo’s tits, and dragged him aside as he was mumbling something while caressing the pigskin.

Seeing how drunk Bill and Jim were, I didn’t have any confidence that they had tied Dave up properly and I didn’t want any interruption so I retied him.

Jo had a big smile on her face while I removed my clothes as I approached her. She spread her legs, exposing her honey pot, which I went after like a bear at a beehive. I was licking, sucking, and fingering her pussy, trying to find a clitoris. While I was doing this she kept on saying stuff like “Oh good knight, this brigand is trying to defile me,” and Dave, in his drunken stupor, with slurred speech, was responding with stuff like “I will rescue you fair maiden, fear not.”

I was having difficulty locating Jo’s clitoris. While I hadn’t had a fuck in at least three months how to find a clit is like riding a bicycle – not something you normally forget. I finally came across a little “pimple.” When I stuck my tongue on it Jo just about jumped to the ceiling. While it was the tiniest clit I had ever seen she must have had ½ of her body’s nerve endings in it because as soon as I started working it over with my tongue she stopped talking bullshit to Dave and started screaming and writhing around. As I was driving her clit nuts I grabbed a nipple with each hand and started gently twisting them. Her nipples were almost as sensitive as her clit and she was quickly going over the top.

I had never brought a woman to climax with just my tongue and fingers before but she had to have climaxed at least three times, while leaking pussy juice all over the place, before I let up.

After giving her about a minute to recover while kissing her and driving my tongue into her mouth, she started moaning “Fuck me, Fuck my little cunt off, Fuck my brains out you bastard.”

Not wanting to disappoint a damsel, I got right to it.

I turned her over on her hands and knees and shoved my dip stick into her slippery cunt. I had fucked a number of 50-60 year olds before, but never one with a cunt that tight. The only reason I was able to easily enter it was because she was flooded with pussy juice. Holy shit did it feel good! At the same time as I was pounding her I grabbed her sensitive nipples and massaged them. This caused her to wiggle around intensifying my enjoyment, and spurring me on to fuck her even harder.

At some point while I was joyfully doggy-style pounding away I remembered Dave was there. I had never fucked with an audience before and had a moment of apprehension; but when I looked over at him, he had passed out too.

After I brought her through another orgasm, as she was clearly building up to yet another one, I ejaculated a full load into her. This resulted in more wiggling and movement from her as she climaxed yet again. God, it felt soooo good! I continued to fuck her long after my last spunk was deposited, and as she started to go limp, I withdrew.

This was my most fun ever. My brain was on overdrive and the fact that I hadn’t had a fuck in months combined with my enhanced libido and that I was 22 meant that I wanted her the whole night. So I untied Dave, with a fireman’s carry brought him to and dumped him in his bed, covered up Jim and Bill with blankets where they lay in the living room, and carried Jo to the guest room bed.

I was so excited I think I stayed hard for the rest of the night (actually morning), and had my dick in Jo’s cunt for a good three hours. We fucked in every position I had ever tried in my life, each one as pleasurable as the last. Finally, with the sun clearly rising in the sky I grabbed my clothes, got dressed, and got ready to leave.

Jo was lying on her side in a pool of dried sweat and cum, with more cum oozing out of her pussy, and with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. I covered her with a sheet, kissed her on the lips and walked to my car. My dick and balls were so sore I winced with each bowlegged step. I ended up sleeping all day, fantasizing about my next encounter with Jo, and thinking she truly was a woman that “all the guys liked” for very good reason!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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