All Somali Hijabi Lesbians

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Looking into the eyes of the Hijab-wearing Somali chick lying nearly naked on my basement table, I smiled with smug satisfaction. You’re my bitch now Sagalina, I said smugly. The young black woman whimpered softly, and begged me to release her. Keep whining and I will gag you again, I smirked. Sagalina’s eyes widened and she went silent, for she knew that I meant business. With my dildo embedded in her asshole and my fist deep inside her cunt, I had Little Miss Muslim right where I wanted her. The name is Christina Armando Vallejo and I approve this message.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved black girls. Don’t ask me why. Attraction is attraction, what can I say? I totally get the nature of attraction. I am one hot mama and I know it. I stand five feet eleven inches tall while barefoot, with dark bronze skin, curly black hair and pale brown eyes. A lot of people mistake me for Puerto Rican or Moroccan, depending on the days and who’s looking. I almost always correct them. I was born in the Dominican Republic, to a Haitian mother and Hispanic father. I consider myself biracial, and I am proud of my Afro-Caribbean and Latin roots.

My family and I moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, in the summer of 1999. We’ve been here ever since. My father, Ernesto Vallejo is a deliveryman for UPS and my mother, Marie Jeanne Lemieux-Vallejo is a nurse at Ottawa’s General Hospital. I have a younger brother, Guillermo, who studies business at Algonquin College. We’re a family of hard-working immigrants living in Canada’s Capital region, trying our best in a fascinating and sometimes hostile world. Nothing in life is ever easy and my family casino siteleri and I are after the North American Dream. Even though my parents are somewhat conservative Christians, they’re okay with my being a lesbian. How cool is that? They just want me to be happy!

These days, I’m at the Law School of Ottawa University. When I’m not in class or chilling with my friends, I pursue sexy black girls like Sagalina Ibrahim here. The more religious the woman, the more fun it is for a dyke like me to seduce her. I don’t know why I am so into religious women. Maybe it’s because my first sexual experience was with the lovely Miss Sharon, wife of a Jamaican pastor I knew back in Toronto. We had a lot of fun, Sharon and I. Ever since those early days, I’ve had a thing for religious black women. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Pastor’s wife or a Hijab-wearing Muslim chick from Somalia. I’ve got to have that religious black pussy. What can I say? I like the way they smell and taste.

The first time I spotted the lovely Somali gal known as Sagalina Ibrahim, I was walking through the hallways of La Cite Collegiale, a Francophone institution of higher education located in the heart of Ottawa. The sight of this tall, big-booty chick clad in Muslim gear absolutely turned me on. That’s why I approached her, befriended her and eventually seduced her. For me, seduction isn’t a game. It’s THE game. The only one worth playing. I love to seduce a chick and get her into bed. I am a seductress. It’s what I am and what I do. And I am good at it.

I’ve always known that underneath their Hijabs and long skirts, Muslim women were just as freaky as the rest canlı casino of us. And Sagalina Ibrahim definitely did not disappoint. The sexy little Hijabi surprised me by going down on me in a movie theater the first time we went out. She just pulled down my pants, got on her knees and licked my pussy. I was kind of surprised by that, to tell you the truth. What surprised me? Two things, actually. First of all, I didn’t think Sagalina Ibrahim would be an easy lay since she’s a pious Muslim chick who reads the Koran and wears the Hijab and all that jazz. Second of all, I usually have to do a lot more than just take a chick to a movie theater before we get to the panty takedown contest, you know?

What can I say? It’s always the quiet ones that surprise the shit out of you, even if you’re a veteran in the game of seduction. Sagalina told me that she liked freaky shit, like bondage, dominance and the really hard core stuff. I’ve done some BDSM before and liked it just fine. If this sexy Somali Muslim chick wanted to be dominated, I was totally down with that! I took her home and treated her to some of my kinkiest brand of fun. It amazed me how open-minded and eager she was. I always thought a young black Muslim woman like her would be reluctant, or chaste, or something along those lines. Nope, this broad was more eager than me, and that’s really saying something!

I tied up the lovely Sagalina Ibrahim and admired her sexy naked body. From her round, cone-shaped breasts to her wide hips, thick legs and big round ass. I totally liked what I saw. I left her Hijab on because it seemed like such a naughty thing to do. I licked and fingered kaçak casino her pussy while she lay on the table, moaning and shuddering. To intensify things, I brought along my dildos and a nice butt plug which I inserted in her anus after rolling a condom on it. I play rough for sure but I always play safe. Lesbians can spread diseases too, you know. It’s not just for male/female and male/male couples. Better safe than sorry I say.

Sagalina liked having the butt plug in her asshole, so much that I asked my favorite little Somali Muslim slut if she’d ever done that before. Hell yes, she said with a smirk. I smacked her face and she yelped. My way of reminding her who was in charge. She looked at me with surprise in her eyes. I smiled and kissed her, and plunged the dildo even deeper into her ass while stimulating her clitoris with my fingers. The intense sensations quickly drove her over the edge, and soon she was howling in pleasure. Orgasmic delight, ladies and gents. Nothing like it. I fucked Sagalina’s cunt with the strap-on dildo and buried my face between her tits as she moaned and cried out my name. Scream for me, I ordered, and she did just that. I love an obedient slut!

Yeah, as you can see, Sagalina Ibrahim and I had a lot of fun together. I’m definitely thinking of adding her to my stable of sluts. So far I’ve got a fortyish married Jewish lady from Kanata, Ontario, and a Japanese-Canadian businesswoman. I think a hot Somali Muslim slut would make a nice addition to my growing collection, don’t you? Indeed. After this fun little session, I let Sagalina take a shower then sent her on her way. I kept her panties as a souvenir because I like my trophies. It’s not just men who collect them. Many of us lesbians have them for the same reason. After Sagalina’s departure, I had myself a cigar and a glass of wine, then fingered my pussy while watching Glee. How was YOUR evening?

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