All in a day’s work!

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I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to write any more for this site but just put it down to the strange temperament of authors. Most of the comments I get are encouraging but some are far from it and these are usually from illiterate jerks who can’t string a sentence together themselves.

Before we start I have a confession to make: I’m afraid I lied about the incest, but its what seems to attract readers. Have a look at my other listed stories; its a theme I regularly deal with! (Sorry!)

Anyway enough of this; lets get on with Ricardo’s latest. This story more or less wrote itself. Its truth thinly disguised as fiction and comes from my everyday working life. I’m not (for obvious reasons ) going to identify or give any clues about the locality or type of office I work in and my profession will also remain a secret as it is not relevant to the story. But, I was sitting at my desk in the open plan office working at my PC (not the one I write this sort of thing on!) when two of my female colleagues walked past. I have women colleagues of all ages. The youngest recently had her 21st birthday but most are in their 30s and 40s.Some of these ladies are very attractive and I am a great admirer of the female sex anyway and can usually see something in most women to cause me to look twice! A tight skirt or trousers enhancing the VPL or looking at a tight bottom in the certain knowledge that it has only a thong wrapped round it or nothing at all!! A nice pair of breasts in a low cut top (I’m wicked ……. I keep a fan on full by my desk which has a pleasing effect on most women who come to see me about things …. particularly those wearing thin summer bras .. or no bra at all ….. you can always tell there’s a bit of a nip in the air!)

Well as I was saying, these two women (lets call them Karen and Sue), both in their mid to late 30s walked past my desk, deep in conversation, on their way to the ladies toilet which is on the other side of the wall next to my desk. They were talking about surfing the net and more specifically, they had obviously discovered THIS site. Sometimes my desk postion is very handy for listening in to conversations between women who consider they are in a postion of safety from being overheard by male staff at least. Women’s voices tend to carry more than men’s and I have been able to hear one or two conversations which I have found bahis firmaları very enlightening to say the least!

I confess to having been into the ladies loo. I often work late and if I am the last one out go round puttting all the lights out. This includes those in the toilets, so I know that the area adjacent to my desk is where the wash hand basins are and the cubicles are in the innermost area (pity.. I’d love to hear the ‘customers’ pulling their knickers down and having a piss or maybe relieving themselves in some other way!)

On this occasion, Karen and Sue went into the inner sanctum and presumably sat down and got on with it and then came out to freshen up. I got the impression that they had carried on their conversation while doing what they’d gone in there for because they came out to where I could overhear them talking (I assumed that they had had adjacent cubilcles but who knows? … )

I was anxious to know which stories they had been reading and it was with a heart thumping sense of unreality that I realised they had been reading some of my stuff which I write under another name. I also got the impression that they had been to the loo for purposes other than doing number 1s or 2s and I had this cock stiffening mental picture of them sitting in adjacent cublicles with their knickers down frantically rubbing thir clits while fantasising about my writings! If this was true I think it safe to say that they had both cum. I confess that I had to make a quick visit to the gents which thankfully was empty and knowing that I was sitting down probably back to back with where one of them had recently been, I too had an orgasm!

I gave them about 10 m inutes and went over to where they sit at adjoining desks and noticed the converstion change as I got there. Oh ladies, if only you knew!!!!!!. I took careful note of what they were wearing and that night wrote another story under my other name in which I described two girls of about the same age called Karen and Sue who, wearing the same clothes as they had been wearing that day had gone into the office toilets and masturbated over web story fantasies. In my story I put Sue into a thong and Karen into high leg knix because from careful observation during the day thats what they seemed to have on. I hnew K was wearing a white lace ‘soft’ bra because when I talked to her standing over and looking kaçak iddaa down it was very obvious because her tee shirt was no use at all in concealing her cleavage and the way she pushed her tits out I knew she was aware I was looking! Sue had a more discrete top but from the way her tits were displayed I guessed she was wearing a wired bra, so in my story. …she was!

Some days later, the new story was released by the webmaster (who sometimes takes an extraordinary length of time to review stories before releasing them live on site …… WHY IS THAT MR WEBMASTER? …….. and I went to work in a state of high excitement. Oh Yes! They’d certainly read it. They couldn’t wait to get into the toilet and I went straight into the gents which was fortunately empty and by careful listening got myself into a cubicle back to back with where they were (and as far as I could tell they were both in the same one!) They were also the only ones in the loo and its just as well because they were talking quite loud; they had obviously realised thatn there was far too much similarity in events for it to be a coincidence and that they really were the stars of the latest story but they had no idea how they were going to find out who the writer was. The story I had written had started off with them as the basis but had gone off into erotic hardcore flights of fancy in which they had gone out for a picnic together and had been given a good seeing to in the woods. This had involved being spanked over a low tree branch with a bunch of stinging nettles and thistles as I knew both were into spanking (well I did by now!) and then they had been given a good 69ing followed by anal sex for Sue and straight sex for Karen. Both of them had been fucked with their knickers just pulled to one side. The evil guys (One Scandivavian and one Black) who had done these dirty deeds had sprayed cum over their breasts and then just walked off leaving them sprawled in the grass and leaves. Both girls were masturbating furiously over this image and I hoped for their sakes that nobody came into the ladies toilet until they’d finished……… for my own sake as well because you know what I was up to, I assume!.

I left the toilet at the same time as they did and we all went back to our desks somewhat red in the face.

This situation went on for some weeks and I wrote three further stories about them, kaçak bahis but the other day a climax was reached in quite another sense. I was working late as is quite usual for me and eventually went round turning lights off before setting the alarms and going home. I went into the ladies and turned those lights off as well and was just opening the door when I heard a voice of protest from within the ‘business’ area and Karen came out pulling her skirt down. As I snapped the lights back on I saw that her bag was open and her knickers had just been dropped inside. I started to apologise when I saw Sue’s face behind Karen’s and the one cubicle door open. I have a reputation in the office for being the sort of guy who always tells racy jokes and is by no means a prude and I suppose they were worried that this would be all over the office the following morning!

I took in the situation immediately and thought the time had come for me to ‘come clean’.
“Well’ I said, ‘this’ll make a good story on XNXX won’t it ladies!’ They gaped at me. I continued, ‘lets see, the two girls found in the lav together when they think everyone’s gone home, Karen’s knickers in her handbag and Sue’s…..’ I paused to raise her skirt hem, and replaced it…… ’round her thighs!.’

They were lost for words so I led them over to the wash basins and told Karen to sit on the counter with her back to the mirror and Sue to bend over facing the mirror. I pulled Sue’s nix off completely and her skirt over her back and spread both their legs wide open proceeded to lick both their cunts in turn (and both were soakng wet). Then I pushed my already leaking cock inside Karen’s slippery cunt and finger fucked her friend’s cunt from underneath until I was nearly there … when suddenly Karen spasmed off the counter and came with a scream. I pulled out and rammed my pulsating member up Sue’s arsehole (which I knew she liked …. and I don’t get many opportunities for anal). I had so much lubrication on it that it slid into her rectum like a hot knife into butter and continuing to finger her clit and pounded my cock into her arse hole until with a scream louder than Karen’s she came and all but collapsed on the floor.

I stood up and washed my cock and my hands and face. The girls washed themselves down and put their panties back on. I gave both of them a big hug and promised I would keep shtum about this in the office and this would NOT feature on the web under ‘the other name I use!!!

I have kept this promise ………… haven’t I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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