All About Family Ch. 04

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Nate and Stacey couldn’t have been happier to be home for their winter break. For Thanksgiving the family was together but they went and stayed at Jenny’s parents who had retired to a large estate in Florida. That meant no action for anyone. Well, not entirely true as both Nate and Stacey joined the mile high club on the airplane. Jenny’s parents flew the entire family down to visit and had booked everyone in first class. All eight seats in first were occupied by their family. John and Jenny sat together, Sean and Rachel, Nate and Stacey, and Michelle and her husband, Ray.

It was a nighttime flight. Nate loved to fly, especially at night. He enjoyed watching the lights of the cities and towns and the cars on the road go by far below him. He loved looking out at the horizon and see all the stars, far more than possible than on ground back home. The low lit cabin was making him tired and he had nothing to do, but he did not want to sleep. He looked around at his family members. Sean and Rachel were playing some travel game of Rachel’s, his mom was reading a gossip mag while his dad watched something on his portable DVD player, his aunt and uncle were both asleep, and Stacey was doing some work on her laptop next to him. Nate had watched part of a movie earlier in the flight but forgot to charge his laptop’s batteries before the trip and it was now dead. He got out his iPod only to find it had been playing for some time, probably since the limo ride to the airport when he last used it, and now it too was about to die.

“There, finally, I’m finished,” said Stacey as she folded up her laptop, “perfect time too, batteries were just about gone. Boy, its sure is cold, you cold Nate?”

“Yeah, little bit.”

Stacey called for one of the stewardesses to ask for a blanket but to no avail as the airline stopped the service of blankets and pillows to save money. “Fucking terrorists,” thought Stacey.

“You mind if we cuddle up to stay warm?” asked Stacey.

Then Nate had an idea. Nate whispered to his sister, “I have an idea to warm us both up.” Stacey looked at him quizzically. Then Nate raised his voice, “did you get it out Stace? Those eyelashes can really hurt when you get them in your eye. Come on Stacey, let me see if I can help get it out in the lavatory, better light in there,” said Nate, clearly putting on an act. As he stood up he helped Stacey to her feet who was still a little confused. “I’m gonna help get something out of Stacey’s eye,” Nate said to his mother, continuing his charade. He then grabbed Stacey by the arm and basically threw her into the airplane’s small bathroom. Jenny looked at him and smiled, then at her husband and both smiled at each other, as it was obvious they knew what the two were up to.

“I don’t have anything in my eye,” said Stacey, still not catching on to Nate’s game as he locked the door. The two of them were face to face in the tiny room.

“I know that, but I have something that can warm you up and make you hot and wet.”

“Wet?” she said. Now she understood as Nate reached between them and undid first his pants and then pulled down her skirt.

Nate licked his index and middle finger of his right hand then slipped them into his sister’s pink panties. His slid his fingers into her snatch and she closed her eyes and moaned. It was the first contact the two of them had had since their last goodbye fuck in mid-August as they headed their separate ways, back off to college. It felt good to be back in her, even if it was just his fingers. Soon she was hot, wet, and ready for action.

Stacey was feeling much better already and loved what her brother had just done with his fingers but now she needed to ready him. Despite the tight fit she managed to sit on the closed toilet lid and free Nate’s cock. He was already hard with some pre-cum on the tip as he had obviously enjoyed what he had been doing to her. She wasted no time and began sucking his cock. It was a funny angle though since it they were so close together, she barely had room to maneuver and pleasure him so she just took him deep in her throat and worked his cock with her tongue. She did that for about a minute before standing back up and awkwardly repositioned herself with her back to him so they could get the most out of the small space.

Nate pulled her pretty pink panties down just far enough so that he could get himself into her. Stacey readied herself for what was next. Normally Nate would rub his cock head up and down her slit to ready them both but they had no time for that and in one quick thrust he was back in his hot sister’s little cunt. She moaned loudly once but caught herself from doing it again, but she thought someone surely must have heard her.

Nate was thrusting with short, quick strokes in his sister’s pussy because of the lack of space but neither of them cared. It had been so long since they were with each other neither of them cared and both were nearing orgasms far sooner than normal. Nate sucked his thumb briefly and then stuck it into his sister’s casino şirketleri tight asshole. She wasn’t expecting it and she straightened up and tensed up, clinching all the muscles in her body which caused her to orgasm. Her tightening pussy gripped Nate’s cock and he pushed as much of himself as he could into her hot pussy and unloaded. The two’s orgasm lasted nearly as long as their fucking, but both were so happy and relieved.

They quickly got themselves back together and left the small bathroom.

“You get it out of her?” asked Jenny.

“Sure did. She feels much better now,” said Nate with a smile.

“I bet, I wish you had helped me. Oh well, maybe I’ll get something in my eye on the way back,” said Jenny (sadly she forgot until they landed back home about letting someone fuck her in the airplane bathroom. Oh well, she thought, maybe some other flight.)

Nate and Stacey were both sitting down again when Stacey leaned over to Nate and whispered, “I’m leaking.”

Nate didn’t know exactly what she meant. She pointed to the plane aisle and he saw a couple of whiteish dots leading from the bathroom. Then he understood; he wasn’t in her deep enough when he came and now his cum was leaking through her panties and dripping down her legs and onto the floor.

“I don’t know what to do, it’s leaking onto the seat,” she continued whispering, “Why’d you have to cum so much.”

“I’m sorry, Stace. Why don’t you just scoop it up and eat it?” Nate suggested.

Stacey felt it oozing out; it felt like it would never end. She looked around to make sure it was clear that no one would see, then stuck two fingers between her legs and brought them to her mouth. She loved the taste. Nate by himself she loved, and she loved the taste of her own pussy, but together it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Her fingers made the trip to her pussy to her mouth three more times. The last time she sucked on her fingers longer than before, making sure she got all of the sweet sex juice.

“Now that was hot,” said Nate as he pushed a finger into her cunt and brought them to his own mouth. He too enjoyed the taste. Just then the pilot came on the PA and told the flight attendants to prepare for landing.

That was a month ago. Now Nate and Stacey were home for several weeks, well, almost. Jenny had setup months ago, before the incestual relations were even a thought in anyone’s minds, a girl’s weekend to the city with her daughters and her sister. John was taking advantage of the situation by having a guy’s weekend by staying home and having his brothers come over for some poker.

Unfortunately for Nate and Stacey, Stacey, Jenny, Rachel, and Michelle leave for the city and won’t be back for four days. Fortunately for Nate, his cousins, Jason Jr. and Stephanie, were coming over for the poker night, although Nate didn’t know it.


The door bell rang. John opened the door and his brother Dave was standing there with a mini keg in hand. “Hey, John, let’s get this thing on ice and tap this bad boy,” said Dave, stepping in past John.

“Hey, Uncle Dave.”

“Hey, Nate, you playing with us tonight?”

“Of course, just hope you brought a heavy wallet because I’m taking all that you got.”

“Well, in that case, maybe I should finance my play by selling this beer here by the glass,” said Dave, both laughed, “speaking of which, help me get this thing on some ice.”

Moments later the door bell rang again. John once again answered the door, this time he knew it was Jason and when he opened the door he immediately said, “Jason, you fucking cock sucker, how you been?”

Little did John know that Jason had brought his two kids with? Apparently Jason didn’t care, “John, you rat bastard, ’bout time you had us over for a guys night.”

Jason Jr. was built just like his father; tall, about 6’6″, thin, dark hair, fair skinned, muscular. Jason was the star starting pitcher at a division 3 school down in Florida and was rumored to currently being scouted by MLB teams. Stephanie was like her mother, Jane. About 5’5″, solid D cups on a very petite 105 lbs frame, topped off with a perfect angelic face, smokey blue-gray eyes, pouty lips, and long blond hair. She looked like a movie star. Nate once thought he saw her in a porno about three years ago, but dismissed it because, aside from her being his cousin, she would have only have been 18 when she made it, at the oldest.

The two kids greeted their uncle, who made no attempt to apologize for his language, and apparently could care less the two kids were even there as he put his arm around the neck of his brother as they entered the house, talking about the box of cigars Jason had brought over.

Nate came around the corner and was shocked to see his cousins standing in the foyer.

“J.J., Stef, good to see you guys, I didn’t know you guys were coming,” said Nate.

“Yeah, our mom was having some Christmas party or something for all her friends tonight. So it was either casino firmaları come here, hang out with you guys, have some drinks, and play some cards or hang around there, be our mom’s lap dog, and listen to all her rich bitch friends talk about how they all suck at golf and their tennis instructor’s dicks,” said Jason Jr.

“You play poker, Stef?” asked Nate.

“Yeah, my sorority used to have a casino night. I was actually pretty good,” said Stephanie.

After a few hours of cards, after no more buy-ins were allowed and after the keg was drained and they had moved onto hard booze, everyone was pretty loose and speaking pretty freely and were all very loud. J.J. was the first out, simply because he didn’t bring a lot of money. He bought in once and went pretty high with his chips but his dad dragged him all-in into a hand where he had a pair of kings but his dad had a full house. Nate was next, then Stephanie. Sean was still in barely as John, Jason and Dave horded their huge masses of chips.

Nate suggested to J.J. and Stephanie that they go and watch a movie in the theater. The three of them left the table for the home theater, along the way grabbing a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Nate threw on a movie and the three kids sat around talking about the past, college, and some recent movies they had seen, completely ignoring the movie currently playing. They passed the bottle around and what started as a full bottle was soon nearing half full. Nate felt the conversation was starting to slow as he talked with his two cousins and so he suggested playing the drinking game “I never”. Basically you go around and a person makes a statement starting with “I never”, like “I never took a breath of air” for example, and if anyone in the group has, say, taken a breath of air, then anyone for which the statement if false takes a shot.

A few rounds in Nate, without thinking as his mind was in a drunken daze, said, “I’ve never been in a porno.”

Nate found that J.J. laughed at almost everything when he got drunk and right after he said that J.J. repeated the word “porno” and began laughing hysterically. Nate chuckled at the sight of J.J. rolling around but then he noticed Stephanie take a swig from the bottle.

“Ha! I knew it. I saw you in a porno a few years back. I knew it was you,” said Nate, as though he just won some sort of lottery.

“Which one?” asked Stephanie.

“I don’t know… hold on, I have it upstairs.” Nate stumbled off. A minute later he stumbled his way back into the theater with a DVD which he threw into the DVD player.

“I thought it was you but I thought that the timing would have barely made you 18, maybe even 17.”

Stephanie watched for a minute through drunken eyes. She watched as a girl was on her hands and knees sucking a cock. Then it panned over and sure enough, there was Stephanie, eating the young porn star’s pussy.

“Wow, that’s hot,” said J.J.

“That’s your sister, dude.”

“I know. Look at her, she’s so fucking hot.” Nate knew he was being serious because J.J. was not only not laughing, but didn’t even have a smile as he watched his sister on the screen.

Then Stephanie spoke up, “I remember this, this was my first porno ever. I had just turned 18 like a day before.”

“How did you even get into porn,” asked Nate.

“My sorority and a fraternity worked together making pornos to help finance our parties. It even helped pay for my college. What’s the title of this, is it “Frat Fucks and Sorority Sluts 8″?” Nate nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good one. I think I made about a dozen under that title.”

J.J. was off in his own drunken world, “God, I need to fuck her again so bad.”

With that Stephanie sobered up real fast, “shut up, J.J.!”

“Wait,” said Nate, “you two have had sex?”

“No, well, yes, I mean,” stuttered Stephanie, “just the once, and then a blow job, or two, after.”

Just then Sean entered the theater. Drunk, like everyone else, but sober enough to hear and comprehend what Nate said to Stephanie: “I remember the first time I had sex with Stacey…”

What Sean heard sent him into rage and he yelled at Nate, “you had sex with Stacey! My sister, OUR sister?!” Sean punched Nate in the stomach then pushed him to the ground. Nate fell backwards, gasping for air, grasping for something to keep him on his feet, problem was only thing in reach was Stephanie. He pulled Stephanie down with him. She fell on top of him. She too was turned on by not only her porn on the large screen but also the fact her cousins were having sex. As fell on top of him, straddling him, she then, without hesitation, bent down and began passionately kissing her cousin, Nate. Before long, however, Sean grabbed Stef by the hair and threw her off of Nate. Just as Sean was about to punch Nate in the face, Nate pleaded that he could explain. Sean gave him the opportunity, and as quickly as he could he explained the whole story with Jenny, John, and Stacey and how they planned to bring Sean into it all just as soon as Jenny güvenilir casino and Stacey returned from their weekend trip. He even explained how they planned to get Rachel out of the house so the five of them had the entire house to themselves, limitless, available for whatever orgy would certainly follow.

Sean couldn’t believe it. He stumbled backwards into one of the theater recliners. Stephanie got up and rushed over to Nate and began talking to him, but Sean couldn’t hear them. He had blacked out from a combination of shock, rage, and booze and his mind had completely shut out the world around him. When his vision and hearing returned he was greeted with his hot cousin getting pounded in the ass, pussy and mouth at some party on the screen in front of him. On the floor in front of him were his brother and Stephanie in a 69, loudly slurping and sucking on each other. While to his left was J.J. with his cock in hand as he stroked away to the live scene and the larger than life video of his own sister. As Sean watched J.J. stroke his long cock. As he did he realized he was getting hard just watching him. Sean felt confused. All his life he had loved girls. He had fucked many and he loved the feeling of a tight pussy. He knew he wasn’t gay. But yet here he was, stiffer than ever watching his cousin stroking his tool. He blamed the alcohol. He tried to get his mind off of his cousins cock, but apparently he did not stray far enough off topic as he said, “Jason, what the hell? That’s your sister.”

“Yeah, but she’s so hot,” he said as he glanced over at Sean, all while stroking himself. “Besides, you seemed to be turned on by it, too.”

“That’s not it,” said Sean, instantly realizing that was the wrong thing to way.

“Really? What is it then, me fisting my dick?” asked J.J. “because I’m cool if it is, I don’t care if you’re gay.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Still, I know a few guys on the baseball team that aren’t gay, even have really hot girl friends, but on road trips they’ll buddy suck each other.”

“Buddy suck?”

“Yeah, when another dude sucks your cock and you suck his back, just for pleasure, nothing gay about it.”

“What? That’s gross. I suppose they cum in each other’s mouth.”

“Some do, less mess. That’s what I’ve realized.”

“Wait, you’ve done that?” asked Sean, completely shocked that his cousin just admitted to taking another guy in his mouth and then swallowing as if there was nothing to it.

“Yeah, feels good. And if you get it done to you, no sense in being rude and not helping your friend who just helped you.” It sort of made sense to Sean, but he still thought it wrong. Just then J.J. had an idea, “with them going at,” said J.J. nodding to Nate and Stef, still sucking away at each other, “and us just sitting here all hard and all, why don’t we buddy suck?”

“What? No, now way, that’s too wrong dude. Besides, you’re my cousin,” said Sean.

“Listen, I’ll do it to you. You can just close your eyes and pretend I’m some hot chick blowing you, after all a mouth is a mouth, way I see it. And when you’re done, if you want, you can choose whether you want to return the favor.”

Buddy fuck, thought Sean, He thought this must have been the Greek logic so many thousands of years ago; it wasn’t gay, it was just another way to get off when some hot Athenian or Spartan pussy wasn’t around. Wait, what was he thinking, but before he knew it, J.J. was pulling down his pants and soon gripping his pulsing dick. He made no effort to stop J.J., must have been the booze, at least that would be his excuse when he was sober in the morning, Sean thought. J.J. took Sean into his mouth. Sean just closed his eyes and pretended it was some beautiful girl bobbing up and down on his shaft. Soon, without realizing at first, in his mind the girl had turned into his sister, Stacey. Her beautiful face, with his dick sliding in and out of her lush lips. He freaked out and opened his eyes as he neared orgasm. Instead of imagining cumming into his sister’s mouth, he witnessed the reality of him cumming into his guy cousin, J.J.’s mouth and watched as he swallowed his load.

Now, more than ever Sean was confused. J.J. stood up and returned to his seat, and began stroking his cock to Nate and Stef who were now fucking each other doggy style. Sean felt bad as his cousin just gave him great pleasure and was no sitting, essentially, alone. He cleared his mind, swallowed hard and got to his knees in front of J.J.

J.J. watched him as Sean too hold of the dick as if it were made of glass.”I knew you’d come around. No harm in trying just once,” said J.J., Sean agreed, no harm in trying, he repeated in his mind. “Go on, grab hold of it and work it, stop being so gentle. You got one, you know how it works,” continued J.J.

Sean began to feel more comfortable as he gave J.J. a hand job. It was almost like yanking himself. But then he noticed the cock getting closer, and that J.J. had his hands on his head, guiding him towards the shaft of flesh. The head brushed his lips and he resisted against J.J. J.J. felt it and decided to let him work at his own pace, since it was his first time ever doing this. Then, Sean closed his eyes and opened his mouth and accepted the cock into his mouth.

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