Alison Meets a New Lover

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aIt was the start of a new semester and Alison Walkers was excited. This always meant a new fresh start for her, and this was especially important this semester since Alison was starting her nursing clinical. Alison cared tremendously about her school work. She desired to become the best nurse she could be, and this semester was her chance to prove it!

Alison was taught last year about some of the basics of nursing. She already knew how to do practices such as providing hygiene, toileting, patient handling, colostomy care, bed-making, medication administration, basic CPR, aseptic technique, suture removal, patient assessment, urinalysis, taking vital signs, documentation and standard precautions. All of these things though, she learned in a group setting. This was her chance to do some of these things on her own.

Alison had bought pink and green scrubs to wear for her first day. She was assigned to a nursing home. Although the pediatric centers were the favored place among most of the nursing students, Alison was overjoyed when she found out her assignment. She absolutely loved the older people, especially the older men!

Still, she walked into the Durnham Living Center not really knowing what to expect. It was her first day after all, and all she knew was she had to meet a Mrs. O’Ryan at the front office. Alison walked into the sliding doors and found the office right away. On her way in she saw some older women playing cards and an older man reading the newspaper. It was still early. The women looked up and smiled, but the man was busy reading.

Alison walked into the glass office door.

“Um, I’m here to meet Mrs. O’Ryan,” she said politely to the homely woman sitting behind the desk.

“Oh, sure. She is right here.” The lady led Alison to a small office with big windows.

“Hi, there, you must be Alison Walkers,” An older woman said politely when Alison walked in.

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

“Well, Alison, we are very happy to have you with us. Now going through your records, I see that you have been through our recommended training. We will just need you to sign a few things and you can get started.”


“Oh, one more thing. There has not been a nursing student here in a long time, so the patients here will be very excited to see such a young and pretty face. However, some of the men might get a little too excited, as they haven’t seen a young woman in a long while. Just watch yourself and let us know if anything becomes…er…inappropriate.”

Alison nodded. Then she filled out the paperwork.


About twenty minutes later, Alison was on her own on an assigned floor in Durnham. Her task was to meet the patients and take care of any immediate needs they needed that another nurse couldn’t get to right away. And if Alison couldn’t take care of that need she was supposed to find another nurse to help out.

The first patient she was to nişantaşı escort see was a Mr. Smith. Alison knocked on his door, and heard

a “Come in.”

Alison stepped inside the bright and relatively spacious room. She saw Mr. Smith, an older man in his late sixties, early seventies, with short dark gray hair and a handlebar mustache. He smiled when he saw her.

“Hi, Mr. Smith, I’m Alison Walkers. I’m a nursing student,” Alison said politely, extending her hand, but Mr. Smith grabbed her and pulled her near him.

“Oh, hi, Allie, sweetheart! You don’t mind if I call you that, do you? Oh, my wife’s name was Allie.” He said as he kissed her on the cheek.

“No, Mr. Smith, no, not at all.”

“Oh, please call me Jerry, honey.”

The two of them talked for some time. As Alison got a closer look at Jerry, she could see that he was still in relatively great shape. His arms still held muscle, and he had broad sculpted shoulders. Alison felt butterflies develop in her stomach as Jerry was telling her about his days in the war and then on the construction site where he used to work. Alison tried to ignore the butterflies and the excitement growing in her. She couldn’t fall for one of her patients! Besides, he was pretty old. Alison did have a thing for older men, she knew, but she could NOT fall for a guy in a nursing home!

“Tell me about yourself, Allie,” Jerry asked after some time.

Alison told Jerry about college and about her friends. She found Jerry very easy to talk to, and he was a great listener. She told him about how her friends always had boyfriends and about how she felt left out because she didn’t have one. She told him about how she never felt attracted to men her age, and how that bothered her.

Jerry listened sympathetically to all of Alison’s stories. He admired how beautiful Alison looked, and couldn’t help but to think that she looked a lot like his wife many, many long years ago. He couldn’t believe that Alison didn’t have a boyfriend. In fact he was stunned. The girl should have three or four guys in line to date her, that was how pretty he thought she was. The fact that Alison was attracted to only older men got his attention too. He felt himself stir when she said that. In fact, sitting next to her made him feel a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long, long time, maybe twenty years or more. But Alison was way too young, and he quietly cursed himself in his head for even thinking in that way about her. She was simply a very nice and beautiful young woman.

“You are very beautiful, Allie. I am surprised that men are not waiting in line to date you!” He exclaimed after listening to her woes.

“Oh, you are too kind, Jerry! Wow, I am so sorry. I am usually not like this, telling people about all of my problems, especially when I should be concerned about you! You are my patient,” Alison said, stepping out of her trance and realizing ortaköy escort she was still working.

“Oh, it is quite alright, darling. You are entertaining and confiding in me! And when I needed a friend the most, you became my friend, so you are helping me very much!” Jerry said, trying to calm her down.

“Okay, I feel a little better. Is there anything I can do for you?” Alison asked him.

“Er, well… no it is okay. I will ask Belinda later.”

“Oh, what is it?” Alison asked, picking up on Jerry’s hesitation.

“Well I just need a…you know, a bath? But I can’t do it on my own, I just am not good at it anymore. But I don’t want you to worry your pretty head about it. You’ve done enough for me already!”

“But, it’s okay. I mean, I want to help you,” Alison said, feeling the butterflies reappear inside her stomach.

“Are you sure? If you are sure, I mean, I guess you need to get practice at this sort of thing,” Jerry tried to reason it inside his head, feeling his body respond again at the thought of a pretty girl giving him a bath.

“I will try to make it as un-awkward for you as I possibly can,” Jerry laughed with a wink.

Alison laughed, “Okay.”

“I can get undressed myself, I will meet you in the bathroom,” Jerry nodded to her.

Alison got into the bathroom and turned on the water for Jerry. She couldn’t believe how she was feeling about him. She reached down in her pants and discovered that her panties were wet. She hoped they wouldn’t soak through her scrubs and become noticeable.


Jerry walked into the bathroom about five minutes later. Alison looked at him and gasped. Somehow, this old man had a six pack! Jerry laughed at her expression.

“Surprised, huh? Ha, yea this place has a pretty good gym downstairs. I have to go down there with one of the physical trainers all the time, and they won’t let me do heavy weights or anything, but they let me do sit-ups and push-ups. I do them every day, morning and night,”

Jerry grinned.

Alison couldn’t help but stare at his abs. She didn’t dare let her eyes wander farther down.

“Um, yea! Ha, well, you ready?” Alison asked nervously.

“Yep, ready as I’ll ever be. Do you have a swim suit or something? You’re going to get wet and it still is rather chilly outside.” Jerry asked as Alison helped him step into the bath.

It was then that Alison realized she forgot her swim suit and her extra clothes. She had two choices. She could either get her scrubs wet, or just go naked.

“Um, Jerry? I sort of left my swim suit at home. It is okay though,” She said as she started to strip off her clothes.

“Oh, honey, just give me a bath a different time then,” Jerry said, feeling bad for her, but secretly wanting to see more of her body.

“No, you are already in the bath, so it is okay.” Alison took off her scrubs, and began unhooking pendik escort her bra and slinking out of her panties.

“Alright, I won’t watch you undress,” Jerry said as he turned his back. Alison took off the remainder of her clothes and stepped into the bath with him.

Alison took the soap and carefully washed his shoulders and back gently, massaging his muscles in the process. Jerry relaxed and sighed. Alison worked her way down his back and then massaged his behind. Jerry couldn’t help his feelings anymore. He turned around, embarrassed at his obvious problem. Alison’s eyes widened when she saw the swelling.

It was as if he was eighteen again! His hard throbbing cock was maybe seven inches or more! Alison sighed longingly when she saw it.

“Uh, sorry, I-” Jerry began, as he prayed it would go away.

“Ssh,” Alison said as she reached her hands around the back of his neck and kissed his lips. Jerry couldn’t believe her reaction! He kissed her back more fiercely, and soon they were making out, their arms exploring each other.

“Wait, honey,” Jerry stopped her, “This, this isn’t right. You are so young. And as much as I would love to, I cannot take advantage of you like that.”

“But Jerry, baby,” Alison cooed, “You are mature and the type of older man I need. You wouldn’t be taking advantage of me if I want it too. You listen better than most men my age, and you know what love is. Besides, you need a bath and I can make sure everything is clean.”

Jerry couldn’t deny that last part, and reluctantly gave in. Alison continued to wash his body, and let him wash hers. She reached her hands lower and lower until her hands couldn’t go anywhere else but one last place. She hesitated, and then touched his cock gently, making him sigh and moan. Jerry hadn’t felt that kind of touch from a woman in a long while, he almost forgot what it felt like.

Alison wrapped her hands around his penis and rubbed it faster. She wrapped her hands tighter and tighter and faster and faster the more she got into the rhythm. Jerry couldn’t control himself anymore. He completely surrendered to her every move.

Alison felt his body tense up, and his cock get harder than a rock. She knew it wouldn’t be long now before he would explode. She bent down on her knees, let the water rinse the soap away, and then let her mouth take the place of her hands.

The sensation was more than Jerry could handle. He felt her suck his cock twice, and then-

“I’m going to cum soon, baby…ooh, Oh, OH, YEAHHHH!” He moaned as white liquid hit her mouth and the sides of the tub.

Alison licked the cum off of her mouth and off of the rest of his penis. She smiled at him and kissed him intensely.

Jerry smiled at her.

“Will you be my boyfriend? Will you let me be your Allie?” Alison whispered in his ear.

Jerry couldn’t say no. He smiled and kissed her back.

“Do I get to pleasure you, now?” Jerry asked her eagerly.

“Next time. You owe me, remember that! I have to continue on my rounds,” Alison said as she got back on her scrubs, helped Jerry out of the tub, and started to leave his room.

Alison couldn’t help it now. She loved her nursing assignment and her new boyfriend!

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