Alisha Ch. 04

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College Sluts

The next morning the alarm woke me up. I pressed the button and reluctantly got up to brush and do all my chores and get ready for college. It was Monday and I had to return to reality. The weekend with my cousin Alisha was spent so quickly.

My parents would return that day and my aunt and Alisha would go back to their place. I was sad to see Alisha leave. I was so at peace with her but we had to get back in the role of cousins. It sucked. I did the usual and packed my bag for the day and went downstairs.

My aunt and Alisha were already at the breakfast table. I wished them both good morning and took the bowl of cereal my aunt placed in front of me. I started eating and asked Alisha if she was ready.

She replied she needed to pack her books and then we could leave. After finishing my breakfast, I went into the living room to wait for Alisha. She came downstairs and we both shouted goodbye to my aunt and headed to college.

My college was not so far away and me, Alisha and our friends usually walked together. Today was no different. We met at the playground and as usual started discussing about our weekend.

I couldn’t even say goodbye to Alisha and so I fired off a text saying,

“We need to find a way soon. This is killing me.”

Alisha replied instantly,

“Yes, me too. I will text you once I reach home.”

I put my phone away and smiled at her and then focused on my friends conversation. We reached college and Alisha and me went our separate ways. College was college. All the lectures were boring and the break seemed a long way ahead. After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang signalling our break.

The lecturer gave us an assignment to read for homework and left. We went to the cafeteria and I saw Alisha sitting with her friends. I wanted to join her but that would raise questions since our group didn’t mingle. I went and sat at my usual table. My best friend noticed my silence and asked whether I was alright. I shrugged it off replying I was still sleepy and in the weekend blues.

Finally the lectures were over and I could go home. I wanted to see Alisha but couldn’t find her. My friends called me and so I left with them. After reaching home, I greeted mom and asked her about her stay. She said it was good and they missed me.

I took a can of coke from the fridge and finished it. My mom asked about my day and the weekend. She asked me whether I had well behaved. I assured her I had and excused myself saying I had homework to do.

I finished reading the assigned chapter and shut my books. Reaching for my mobile I fired a text to Alisha,

“Hi. What are you doing?”

Alisha replied, “Finished my homework. I am all alone!”

As soon as I read the message I was out the door telling mom I would be back for supper. I ran toward Alisha’s house. She lived down the lane. I knocked on the door and she opened it with an amusing smile and let me enter.

“That’s why you did not reply back.” She realised.

I checked my phone and saw a new message from Alisha. I shrugged and said,

“I am here.”

She giggled and pushed me on the sofa. Straddling me she wrapped her hands around my head and kissed me. Wow! The feel of her lips was electric. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. She moaned with the kiss. Our tongues were tangling and our breath mixing as we moaned in the moment.

I pulled off the kiss and said, casino şirketleri “I missed you.”

She smiled and replied, “Me too. I was waiting the whole day to do this.”

She was stroking my hair and again leaned to kiss me. She sucked my tongue in her mouth giving me tingles all the way to my spine. She broke off and taking my hand lead me to her room. I looked around and saw a typical girl’s room.

She had shelves of books neatly arranged on one side, and on the other side there was a shelf which had all of her cuddly toys. She had poster of a male celebrity on her wall. Her bed was made and there was not a single cloth strewn on the floor.

She pushed me on the bed and leaned down to kiss me but I rolled her on her back and straddled her waist. I pushed her hair aside and kissed her cheek.

She smiled and started to speak but I shushed her and said,

“Relax and just enjoy.”

She nodded. I bent and blew air in her ear. This made her giggle and so for the fun of it I did it again. I took hold of her earlobe with my teeth and nibbled lightly. Alisha moaned. I could see the skin of her neck exposed and so I licked and sucked on her spot. Alisha purred contentedly.

I proceeded towards her soft lips and captured them in a kiss. Her arms wrapped around me and so I pushed myself and said,

“Just lay back.”

Taking hold of her buttons I opened them and exposed her sweet suckable boobs. Trailing soft kisses all over her neck I reached her boobs. Ignoring her nipple I licked and kissed her boobs. The teasing was getting to her and she growled so I relented a little and sucked her nipple. This made Alisha shiver in delight and she moaned.

Being the annoying person I am, I left her boob and proceed to her stomach. I caressed her stomach causing Alisha to giggle. Her skin was so soft. I loved the feel of her skin against my hand. It felt right to my touch. As my hand climbed up her body Alisha sighed hard and grabbed my hand before pulling it up. She wanted me to touch her boobs.

I didn’t hesitate as my hand climbed the soft swell of her boob. My palm rested against her nipple as my fingers wrapped around her boob. Her hand gripped my wrist with desire as I squeezed her chest.

Her breathing changed as I used my thumb to tease her nipple now. I circled it feeling the rubbery flesh. It poked out hard off her chest indicating her arousal.

My forefinger and thumb closed around it as I tweaked it lightly. She gasped at the suddenness of it. I continued to twist and tease her nipple enjoying her moans. I licked my lips and found her spot on her neck. Alisha sighed. I continued to tease and kiss her. She was trying to lay still but it was becoming difficult.

Her hands squeezed the bedsheet and she raised her chest and writhed in orgasm. After it subsided she looked at me with subdued eyes and said,

“Fuck Danny. What are you doing to me?’

The word fuck from her lips made my cock twitch. Alisha could feel it.

She giggled and asked, “Do you like dirty talk?”

I smiled and said, “Who doesn’t?”

My hand left her chest and travelled south. Alisha sighed as I reached her navel. She knew where I was going as I circled her navel. I tugged her shorts all the way and to my astonishment found no panties at all!

Alisha giggled at the look on my face. I recovered and pressed into her valley. I traced her moist slit with my fingers casino firmaları and brought them to my mouth.

I licked her juice and said, “Yummy!”

I reached with my fingers and found her pussy so wet. I slipped so easily over her excitement as I found her opening and teased her there. Alisha tugged on my pants and so I stood up and pulled them down along with the underwear. My dick stood proudly at attention.

I lifted my shirt and threw it on the floor and resumed my position. Alisha’s hand went for my dick as I inserted a finger into her wetness. She gasped as her fingers wrapped around my cock and started stroking it. Circling her pussy I spread her juice around her swollen lips.

Her fingers gripped my cock and worked the head making pre-cum leak from me. She slipped her thumb around it and coated the head before teasing the sensitive underside.

I slipped from her wetness and found her clit. I coated it with her juice as I circled it. She gasped again and tipped her hips into my fingers as I teased her.

Her hand started a slow tug on my cock as I teased her pussy. Our eyes met as we pleasured each other. She pulled me closer and found my mouth. It was a long and silent kiss as I dipped back into her pussy. Her hot breath hit my face as she panted and moaned in pleasure. I let my fingers slip from her again to find her clit.

She pressed herself right against me. Her hand pushed my cock between her legs until it crossed her pussy and rested against it. My heart skipped a beat as my head touched the wetness she leaked.

She parted her legs and gave me just a little more room to touch her. My fingers started teasing her clit again as she turned her hips into me. My cock was right there at the entrance. My fingers were bumping it with each circle I made.

The way her body was right then it would have been so easy for me to enter her. Everything about her body was pointing me towards her entrance. Controlling my urge I resisted for the moment and let her set the pace.

She turned her hips toward me as I circled her clit with a soft touch. My cock was sliding over her wetness and touching my fingers each time she turned her hips. I was parting her lips, sliding along her wet skin between her legs and almost finding her opening as she tipped her hips.

Maybe she wanted me to press it inside of her. Maybe she was just happy to tease me. All these thoughts ran in my head.

She turned her hips again and let my cock slide up until it bumped my fingers touching her clit. Her breath caught in her throat as she moved and let my cock slide along her wetness again. She was so close that my cock caught her opening this time.

I could feel the head start to part her pussy lips. Her little lips opened around the head and started to let me slide inside. It took all the mental strength I had not to thrust my hips forward and bury myself inside her. I pulled my hips backwards.

My cock released and slipped along her wet slit again until I touched my fingers at her clit again. Alisha sighed in disappointment. I slipped my fingers under my cock, along her slit, until I found her hole. I pressed one finger inside and listened to her gasp as I let it sink inside and fill her.

Her hand went between our bodies as I fingered her pussy. Wetness was leaking out of her as she found my cock between her legs and gripped it. She turned her hips again until my cock was free from güvenilir casino between her legs. She pushed it between her legs until it touched my finger that was still inside of her.

I removed my finger from her hole and brought it to her clit eliciting a gasp from Alisha. She had my cock and control of what to do with it. Alisha teased her opening with my cock. A low moan escaped her lips. My cock was soaked in her wetness. I was close to entering her but the only thing stopping was her hand on my cock at her wet entrance.

I was teasing her clit mercilessly. She was sopping wet now. Everything that touched her was soaked in her juice. She was looking into my eyes but I let her decide.

“Danny,” she panted in a ragged breath. “I want you in me right now.”

I too was at an edge with all the teasing. I simply replied,

“I am right there Alisha. All you have to do is take me in.”

She tightened her grip on my cock as she pushed her hips forward. I touched her opening again before she let her hand fall away. Alisha continued pressing forward as my head entered her.

My mind was screaming ‘Oh my god! Finally.’

Alisha held on my waist tightly and moaned with her eyes closed. Looking at her like that put me on an edge. I could barely control myself from cumming. I pushed a little further and gasped at the feelings coursing through me. I encountered an obstruction and stopped knowing full well it was her hymen.

Alisha opened her eyes and nodded, “Go slow.”

I smiled and pushed lightly touching her hymen. I withdrew my hips and locking gaze with her pushed through her hymen. Alisha screamed and gripped my hands tightly. Tears were streaming from her eyes. I paused and let her adjust the invasion.

I wiped her tears and asked her, “Are you all right?”

She opened her eyes and nodded. “Yes. It hurt. But its starting to feel good.”

I smiled and withdrew my hips leaving the tip inside and slide inside again. Alisha moaned deeply. Her pussy gripped me tightly. The feeling was indescribable. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting. Knowing I wouldn’t last long I started driving my hips in and out.

After a few seconds I realised I was on the edge and pulled out just in time as my first shot splattered her stomach. I groaned. I shot my cum all over her stomach and collapsed sideways.

I didn’t knew whether Alisha climaxed or not and decided I would give it to her afterwards. I closed my eyes and let the aftershocks pass. After a while I turned sideways and saw Alisha watching me.

I smiled and said, “I love you.”

She flashed me her golden smile and said, “I love you too!”

I leaned and kissed her sweetly conveying all my love to her. Alisha wrapped herself and pulled me closer. We made out for 5 minutes and broke the kiss trying to breathe.

I asked, “Did you cum?”

She flashed me her sweet smile and said, “I didn’t think I could cum better than before but this was amazing.”

I was happy I at least made her climax once. Not bad for a first time. I got up and took her hand saying,

“We need to shower and put the sheet to wash and dry.”

Alisha looked down and saw the wetness and some blood. She looked down towards her legs and found a small amount of blood. She led me to the bathroom and we scrubbed ourselves and got out. She removed the sheets and put it on a fast wash cycle.

We sat on the sofa waiting for the machine to stop. Alisha cuddled with me on the couch. We were in a classic lovers position. I was enjoying this feeling of closeness. I had no remorse at all. I loved my cousin and she loved me. We now had only one problem – our parents.

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