Alicia’s First Girl Ch. 01

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Alicia was wet. Between her legs. Very wet. Wetter than she’d ever been before in public, she thought as she stared at the incredible vision just a few yards away. The girl was young–perhaps in her early twenties–and utterly, impossibly gorgeous, lying on a large beach towel and clad only in a slingshot-style one-piece bathing suit that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The sun was hanging low over the ocean, casting a golden glow onto the scene, while a cool wind began to blow softly, kicking up a little sand. The ever-present gulls were circling overhead, calling to each other with their unmistakable, piercing cries. The tide was slowly moving in, the waves crashing onto the shore with more ferocity than an hour or so ago. However, the symphony of colors and sounds and tactile sensations that accompany a trip to the shore were going largely unnoticed by Alicia. Her eyes were riveted to this one young lady, and she was powerless to pull them away.

How can this be happening to me? Alicia wondered as she continued to study this wonderful creature. She wasn’t a lesbian–at least she didn’t think she was, but now she was beginning to wonder. When the girl first arrived and dropped her tote bag and towel on the sand, Alicia didn’t think too much of it. In fact, she was rather annoyed that this stranger had chosen to pick a spot so near to her. She has the whole damn beach here, why does she have to be so close to my space? Alicia’s annoyance quickly dissipated, however, when the girl took off her sweatshirt and jogging pants.

Of all the women Alicia had met or seen in her lifetime, she thought she had never seen anyone more stunning than this young lady, and that was saying something. After all, Alicia herself was no slouch. Thirty years old, with a tight body and raven black shoulder-length hair, she was a head turner in her own right. But now, Alicia was the one whose head was turned. Alicia studied the younger girl’s body as she stood, stretching in the warm afternoon sun, her slingshot suit barely clinging and covering her most essential spots. She was perfectly proportioned, perfect in every detail, right down to her nearly waist-length dark brown hair. She had the sexiest ass Alicia had ever seen, and her breasts were full, firm and natural-looking. No silicone there, Alicia thought.

The girl then sat down on her towel, pulled some sun-screen out of her bag, and began to rub it onto herself. She rubbed it on slowly, lovingly, sensually, as if she really enjoyed the touch and feel of her body and didn’t care who knew it. Alicia, who was watching this lying on her belly, raised up slightly and dug her elbows into her blanket and propped her head up with her chin in her hands, to get a better look. It was then that her loins began to stir, and she first felt a moistening between her thighs.

Alicia watched as the sexy young woman slowly rubbed the lotion on her legs, moving up higher, to her inner thighs, narrowly avoiding a public masturbation scene. As she watched this, Alicia wondered what it would be like if she were the one putting lotion on the girl, or if the girl was rubbing her the same way she was now putting it on herself.

The girl finally finished applying her sunscreen, then lay down on her back. Alicia realized that her juices were starting to flow, she could feel the dampening in the crotch area of her bikini bottoms. As much as she tried to deny it to herself, she was beginning to ache with lust for this girl, wondering what it would be like to lie next to her, on top of her, feeling that incredible body, the soft, flawless skin…

Being on a public beach made it difficult for Alicia to do what she really wanted to do right now. She wanted to lie right there, stare at this hot, sexy angel that had landed right in front of her, and play with herself while she engaged in flights of sexual fantasy. Her pussy was soaking wet, aching to be touched, rubbed, fingered, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She began to feel frustrated, even while at the same time she was chastising herself for feeling this way about another woman.

Pushing herself up a little higher to have a look around, Alicia scanned the bahis firmaları beach in both directions, and saw that there were really not that many people around. There was one small group, maybe a few hundred feet away, but it appeared that they were packing up and getting ready to leave. Other than a few surfers, who appeared as small dots out on the ocean, she really didn’t see anyone else within a quarter mile or so.

Slowly, carefully, so as not to draw attention to herself and spoil the moment, Alicia lowered herself back down. Still on her belly, in a quasi-pushup position, she braced herself with one elbow and continued staring at the girl a few yards in front of her. The girl was still lying on her back, perpendicular to Alicia so that Alicia had a pretty good view of the girl from head to toe. Alicia found it odd that the girl had never once looked over at her or noticed her staring. Most people do, after awhile, sense that they are being stared at and react to it. Not this girl–not yet, anyway. Alicia was grateful for that, but still, she wanted to be careful. She grabbed her towel with her free hand and threw it over her backside, to help mask what she was going to be doing. She moved her free hand down, slipping it under her belly, down to her bikini bottoms, under the elastic band, where her fingers encountered warm, slippery wetness.

Slowly, easily at first, Alicia began to caress her femininity with her fingers, brushing them over her clit, as she gazed at the young girl, slowly scanning her body from head to toe, marveling in its perfection and sexiness. She watched as the girl’s chest rose and fell slowly, her breasts straining at the wide straps of the slingshot suit that barely covered her nipples, and imagined herself kissing and nuzzling those breasts, playing and teasing those nipples. Alicia’s fingers worked faster as she looked at the girl’s flat belly and sexy thighs, and imagined lying on top of her, the girl’s strong, shapely legs wrapped around Alicia, those perfect breasts pressed into hers…

Alicia slipped a finger into her pussy, which was soaking her bikini with its sweet, lubricating juices. She slipped a second finger in, and pushed them both in as far as they would go, letting out a soft, involuntary cry of pleasure as she did. She was somewhat surprised when she realized that she was rocking her body, pushing herself into her hand as she fingered herself. She tried to stop herself–she didn’t want the girl to look over at her and realize what she was doing, but it felt too good. Alicia realized that she was so turned on now that her inhibitions were disappearing like sandcastles in high tide. As she stared at the godlike vision of loveliness before her, Alicia continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy and grind it into her hand for another minute or so, her level of arousal ever increasing, the road to orgasm getting ever shorter.

Suddenly, the girl moved. Alicia froze, suddenly afraid that she’s been discovered. She lay her head on the blanket and pretended to be asleep, her hand still inside her bikini bottoms. Soon, Alicia heard footsteps in the sand, getting closer, closer, then finally heard a soft, lyrical voice say,

“Hi there, are you awake?”

Alicia looked up, thanking God the towel was still covering her ass. The object of her lesbian fantasy was standing over her. Trying not to sound out of breath, she answered, “Yes, I’m awake.”

Alicia, still lying on her belly, tried to pull her hand out from between her legs as smoothly as she could, hoping the girl wouldn’t notice. She then pushed herself up into a sitting position, wrapping the towel around her waist to hide her pussy-juice soaked bikini bottoms, which had started out the day a pale blue but were now quite dark at the crotch.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” the girl said,. “but it’s getting a little chilly out here, what with the sun going down and all, but I’m not quite ready to leave the beach. I drove a long way to get out here…so anyway, I was wondering…”the girl hesitated, seemingly a little embarrassed, “…I was wondering if I could share your blanket here with you. It seems pretty big…”

“Why, that would kaçak iddaa be nice,” Alicia heard herself saying. “It IS a big blanket–came off a kingsize bed–plenty of room for you. Come on over.”

“Thanks so much. My name is Nancy.”

The girl now had a name, a nice, old-fashioned name. Alicia liked it. “I’m Alicia, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Alicia. Let me run over and get my stuff and I’ll be right back.”

While Nancy ran to get her towel and bag, Alicia spread out and smoothed over the blanket, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. Her womanhood was still wet, still sensitive, and wanted more attention. She was, after all, getting pretty close to orgasm when this interruption occurred. Still, she was grateful for it. The face and body had a name, and was real, and was talking to her.

Nancy came back over and sat down next to Alicia, who had moved over to make room for her.

“It’s a beautiful day to be at the shore,” Nancy said, smiling at Alicia.

“It really is,” Alicia replied, full of unbridled lust for this girl now that she was sitting next to her.

“I live way out in the valley, so I don’t get out here much, but today it was just so damn hot I couldn’t take it any more, so I braved the traffic and here I am,” Nancy said cheerily.

“I live about five miles from here,” Alicia volunteered, “but I still don’t come down as often as I’d like.”

“I know how it is, there’s always something that comes up and keeps you from doing what you really want to do,” Nancy said.

You got that right, Alicia thought to herself. They stared out at the water together. The sun was beginning to set, and the sea and sky were ablaze with the orange and pink hues that are only found in Southern California coastal sunsets.

Nancy turned to Alicia, and said softly, “You poor thing. Looks like you got a bit of a sunburn today. I have some aloe vera in my bag, if you’d like me to rub some on you.”

“I think I would like that,” Alicia said, not sure what was going to happen next but curious as hell to see.

“Lie down, then, and I’ll get the aloe.”

Alicia lay down on her belly again, and soon Nancy was over her, slowly and soothingly rubbing aloe on her sunburned shoulders and back. Nancy’s touch was velvety, sensuous, everything that Alicia knew it would be. Nancy moved down to Alicia’s lower back, then her butt cheeks, which were mostly exposed because the string bikini Alicia was wearing had very little back coverage. Nancy spent a long time there, gently rubbing and caressing, her hands slipping under the little band of cloth that covered Alicia’s butt crack.

Alicia was getting turned on again, and she thought that Nancy could tell. Meanwhile, Nancy continued her sensual massage, moving down to Alicia’s inner thighs, the backs of her legs, then back to her inner thighs, moving higher and higher. Alicia parted her legs, inviting Nancy to keep moving all the way up, and Nancy did just that. Nancy slid her hands up slowly, until they were pressing against Alicia’s pussy lips from outside her bikini.

Soon, Nancy’s smooth, knowledgeable hands were rubbing and caressing Alicia’s pussy from behind, the thin, soggy band of fabric between her legs pulled to one side. Alicia was moaning softly, her juices once again flowing freely. She was out of her mind with lust and desire, her inhibitions totally gone now.

Nancy rolled Alicia over onto her back, and then Alicia spread her legs wide open. Nancy reached down and quickly undid the side ties of Alicia’s bikini bottom, and pulled it away from her. Then Nancy slowly and gently sank down on top of Alicia, and Alicia wrapped her legs around her as she began to kiss Alicia fully and deeply on the mouth. Alicia kissed back with unabated passion, and began to rock her body against Nancy’s. Nancy answered by pressing her pussy into Alicia’s, her pelvis undulating in time to Alicia’s motion.

Nancy’s tiny slingshot bathing suit, which was nothing more than a few thin elastic bands sewn together to cover just the bare essentials, had slipped away from Nancy’s breasts, baring her erect and hardened nipples which she pressed into Alicia’s kaçak bahis chest. The tiny band of material that had barely covered her pussy had bunched up to one side, and felt good to Alicia as it rubbed up and down her clit as Nancy gyrated on top of her. Alicia was mad with passion now, grabbing onto and holding Nancy tightly as they humped each other. Alicia was moaning and calling out, moving as hard and fast against Nancy as she could, experiencing the way Nancy’s incredible body felt pressed against hers.

Soon, Alicia felt Nancy slip a finger into her pussy, then two, then Nancy had her fingers all the way up inside of her, moving them in and out in synch to their movements together. Alicia’s woman syrup was all but pouring out of her now, and she writhed and cried out in sexual ecstasy as Nancy relentlessly finger fucked her.

“OH BABY, FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!” Alicia yelled out.

Nancy complied by twisting her fingers around inside of Alicia, pushing them in just as hard as she could, searching for Alicia’s G-spot. Nancy had a good idea where she would find it, and when she did, it opened the floodgates.

Alicia felt the incredible, indescribable feeling immediately, and without warning, her climax hit her, hard.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” she screamed at the top of her voice. “OH OH OH OH OH OH OHGOD!!!” Her cries drowned out the surf and the gulls overhead. “OH OH OH OHHH OOHH YES GOD YES GOD YESSSSSSS!” Alicia seemed uncontrollable as her orgasm wracked her body. Nancy didn’t let up, either, and continued to finger fuck Alicia and grind into Alicia’s body with her own.

Finally, Alicia’s climax waned, and she lay back, panting, sweating, moaning as Nancy kissed her all over. They held each other tightly, kissing and rocking against each other, then Nancy rolled onto her back and spread her legs. “Lick me. Lick my pussy! I know you want to,” she begged, urgency and unsatiated lust in her voice.

Right then and there, there was nothing more that Alicia wanted than to taste Nancy’s pussy. Alicia dove on top of her and began licking Nancy’s labia and clit, relishing the taste of her juices. Nancy’s head rolled from side to side, as she sighed out loudly “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” over and over, each time Alicia hit the sweet spot. Soon that wasn’t enough for Alicia, and she began to suck on Nancy’s clit, harder and harder, while Nancy literally vibrated and yelled out in pleasure. As she sucked, Alicia slipped a finger in Nancy’s cunt and began to slide it in and out, in and out, faster and faster.

Nancy’s love syrup was bathing Alicia’s face, and Alicia loved it. She loved the taste, the smell, the feel, everything about it. Nancy was arching her back now, her cries increasing in loudness and urgency. Alicia spurred her on, wagging her fingers inside Nancy as Nancy had done to her as she finger fucked the hell out of her.

A loud shriek pierced the early evening air as Nancy achieved a shattering climax. She screamed out over and over again, and shot a huge load of pussy cum into Alicia’s face. Alicia just laughed and kept fingering and licking Nancy’s cunt as Nancy writhed in sweet agony. Alicia stayed with it until Nancy was totally spent, then climbed on top of her and began to kiss her sweetly, gently, lovingly.

Finally, Nancy broke the silence and admitted, “Alicia, baby, I knew what you were doing over there by yourself.”

“I’m sorry if it upset you, Nancy, but for some reason you just really turned me on.”

“Jeeze, I wasn’t upset, it kinda turned me on too, but it took me awhile to get up the guts to come over to you.”

“I’m glad you did, Nancy,” Alicia said happily. “I’m very glad you did.”

They lay in each other’s arms like that for several more moments, then the reality of where they were doing and what they were doing there suddenly hit them. They both burst out laughing as they put their sweat and cum-soaked bathing suits back on, and decided they should take a quick swim in the ocean to clean themselves and their outfits up.

Fortunately, it appeared to them, as they ran to the sea together to take a quick dip in the cold salt water, that no one was around, and no one had seen them. But even if they had been seen, neither Nancy or Alicia cared. They had both found a new friend, a special friend, with a special and unique bond between them that would be hard to break.

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