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Of course I had noticed her before—she was roommates with my girlfriend Rebecca. That summer I was around Rebecca’s almost all the time. I’m not usually the kind of guy who packs up and moves to his girlfriend’s, but that summer was the fucking hottest summer I’ve ever been through in the city, and Rebecca’s apartment had air conditioning. And besides, the sex was great and for once I was dating a girl who I actually liked to hang out with all the time. And, there was Alexis.

Alexis was friends with Rebecca from college—they had moved to the city together because they didn’t know where else to go. Alexis was working in finance, which I had no idea about, but she was apparently very good at, because I don’t think Rebecca’s job as a film producer was paying for all that nice furniture in their apartment. She was terrific, sort of a guys girl, always into watching baseball and drinking a beer over a Marlboro Red.

They lived in Brooklyn too, but a much nicer part than I did, in an old warehouse building in Carroll Gardens with a roof deck that looked over Red Hook and out into the harbor, Lady Liberty sparkling over the water in the daytime and the lights of downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan sparkling at night. Rebecca and I would go out on Smith Street, and she would tag along, sometimes bringing an unsuspecting guy or two along, and we would all have fun together like old friends; them teetering in their high heels, me with my hand on the small of Rebecca’s back, looking forward to what was coming when we got home. Then we’d sit up on the roof and share a bowl and I swear I thought that was what life was all about. Once we had started to sweat in the humid night, Rebecca and I would lock eyes and make a slightly awkward exit back into the apartment, and Alexis would just grin. We all knew. Hot fun in the summertime, right? Rebecca and I would fuck, bucking our hips and biting our lips and getting sweatier in the chilly air conditioning than we ever did out on the roof.

Their two rooms were separated by a bathroom, with a door opening onto it from each room, and even though there was the padding of a few walls, I was always sure our fucking would echo into Alexis’ room, but she never seemed to mind. Rebecca seemed to almost get louder when she knew Alexis was home—she would pant and writhe and scream when I went down on her, squeezing my head into her pussy like it was all that mattered in the world. And a few nights when Alexis had brought some guy home, we would hear them too, her voice a little huskier than Rebecca’s, moaning just a little while the bed knocked against the wall. I had to admit I would always get more aroused when I could hear her, but I never thought anything of it. After all, I had my own perfect girl to take care of.

Physically, they couldn’t have been more different. Rebecca was slight and pale, with an ocean of blonde hair and quick green eyes that always told me what she needed. The only place she curved was in her hips and ass, a perfectly round little heart that shook mischievously in her skinny jeans. Her breasts were small and upturned, her little nipples would swell when I licked them. Her pussy was tiny, a perfectly trimmed patch of blonde hair begging you to put your tongue into her slit. We actually had trouble sometimes because I have a very thick cock about as big around as my wrist and sometimes it just wouldn’t go in without some coaxing, but when it did my head exploded with stars and she would arch her back and fuck me slowly, trying to get herself to stretch enough to fit me.

Alexis was pure Italian, she loved to point out the spot in Carroll Gardens where she imagined her great great grandparents lived after getting off the boat from Sicily all those years ago. She was perfect too, flawless olive skin that would glisten with oil when we were up on the roof in the sunshine, and curly brown hair that she would straighten when we were going out, making her look like a sleek seal and making every man in the room turn to her presence. But her finest feature were her breasts. I had always been attracted to slender girls, so I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with big breasts, but hers were absolutely perfect. She would wear low cut tops that dove almost to her bellybutton, letting her tits press against the fabric like some sixties movie star. But what killed me is when she walked around the apartment, totally oblivious to us, in a thin white tshirt with no bra, letting them bounce and jiggle as she walked around, the faintest trace of her areolas visible etiler escort when it was chilly. One of her less creative would be suitors sent her a text once, which we all laughed about at the time that just read “You’ve got great boobs.” Not the most graceful way to put it, but I don’t know if I could have put it much better.

It was early august, and Alexis had finally started to get to me. Rebecca and I were lounging in bed, a little hung over, half asleep. We had been too tired to fuck the night before, we had been dancing on the lower east side and didn’t get back until sunrise. I still smelled like booze and sweat, and Rebecca was sleeping on her back, that perfect creamy ass sticking up out of the sheets. I rolled over on top of her and started kissing her shoulders , my morning wood pressing up between her thighs towards her snatch. I could smell cigarette smoke on her from the club, mixed with her perfume. I whispered in her ear that it was time to wake up, but she grunted and shrugged me off. Never deterred, I shifted and put my hands down between her ass cheeks, spreading open her mound. She didn’t move, but I could feel her getting wetter, and she parted her legs slightly to let me in. I stuck in a finger and then another, she was already like an oven in there, and pretty slippery. She got wetter than any girl I’ve ever been with, her juices would start to trickle when she got aroused, and when she came we sometimes needed a towel to clean up. My fingers kept exploring, from her clit, down to her hole where I would slide a finger in and out, and then up to her ass hole, just tickling a little like she loved. Before long she grunted and shrugged me off again, but this time, she propped herself up and poked her little ass in the sky without saying a word.

I rubbed my hand, still wet from her cunt, over the tip of my cock and straddled her, pushing my head down between her lips, positioning myself to be inside. I pushed forward and felt the heat running up my shaft as I slid inside her. She gasped a little when my balls hit her skin, and her fists tightened on the sheet, willing me deeper. I fucked her slow, my head still spinning a little from the alcohol the previous night, trying to will every ounce of my blood into my cock so that I could stretch her tighter. We rolled to the side, spoon fucking so we could both lie down. It was our favorite way to fuck in the morning. I nibbled her shoulders and picked her leg up so that I could thrust all the way it.

“oooooh, fucck, keep it smooth.” I kept it smooth, as she brought a hand down to play with her clit. When I heard the familiar slurping sound I knew she was close, her cunt begging for more of me. We came together, too tired to yell, but I closed my eyes when I felt my balls tighten and my sperm pump into her. We fell back asleep like that, my cock softening inside her and my chest glued to her back with sweat.

We woke up in a half an hour, my cock waking me up because it realized it was still buried in pussy, and I started to thrust again. She laughed and moved away, slipping me out of her heat and standing up to stretch.

“Not again right now,” she said, yawning. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

We got in the shower and did our usual shower routine: I soaped her breasts, she soaped my cock, we both washed our hair, switching under the water when one of us got cold. She tried to kick me out to shave her legs, but instead I pushed her into the corner and bent down to do a little tongue cleaning of her pussy. I was pushing into her folds with the water washing down over my shoulders, teasing her clit when a door opened. Rebecca stiffened.

“Are you guys in there together?” Alexis asked, laughing. “Oh fuck, sorry, I just have to brush my teeth. Carry on!”

Rebecca couldn’t say anything, because I went back to work as we could hear Alexis brushing her teeth on the other side of the curtain. Rebecca tried to close her legs, but I worked her clit furiously, and she came as Alexis was spitting and rinsing. She left and we heard the apartment door close. Rebecca jumped out of the shower.

“Damn, we agreed that we would always put some kind of signal up when we’re showering with someone. I should have at least locked her door.”

“She didn’t seem to mind,” I said. Rebecca laughed and went to go dress. She had to meet some friends, and I was just trying to decide what I wanted to do with the day.

Turned out I didn’t do much, I spent most of the day napping on the couch fındıkzade escort and swearing at the Mets. I had made some lunch and was about to nap again when the door slammed.

Alexis walked in with her ipod still in her ears, twitching her shoulders and dancing a little as she filled a water glass. She had obviously been for a run, she was wearing sneakers and tiny little shorts, those tan thighs screaming at me from across the room. When she went up on her tiptoes to get a high glass , my cock hardened in my shorts as I could see those sculpted legs running up to just a little bit of ass cheek sticking out the bottom of her shorts. She turned around and saw me, startled. She took her headphones out and smiled.

“I didn’t know you’d still be here.”

“Yea sorry,” I said, “I guess I’m sort of a live in these days.”

She walked over and plopped herself down next to me.

“I had to go for a run because I didn’t want to watch this game. I’m almost afraid to ask, but who’s winning?”

“Who do you think,” I sighed. “Can’t even beat the fucking Nats.”

She swore and jumped up. “Well in that case, I’m going to get clean.” She turned and walked out of the room, and then paused. “Hey sorry about this morning, I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys.”

“Oh, we soldiered through,” I said, grinning.

“What a trooper. I hoped I didn’t ruin anything.” She smirked and skipped out of the room, leaving behind a scent of roses.

I layed back on the couch, watching a few more pitches. Disgusted with another missed grounder that would just be one more error on an already terrible season, I got up and walked into Rebecca’s room. I heard the shower turn on, and couldn’t help but think about her in there, getting all soapy and steamy. I thought about masturbating just to clear my head, but after the velvet glove of Rebecca’s pussy, the thought of my hand on my cock just didn’t seem all that appealing. Instead, I decided to repay a favor.

I opened the door of the bathroom and walked into the steam. Alexis was humming to herself, half singing along to some song. I was as noisy as I could be, clanking around at the sink and trying to be obnoxious. I was sure she heard me, but she just kept humming.

“Oh sorry, I just need to brush my teeth,” I said, expecting a laugh in response, but she just kept humming and moving around in the shower. Resigned that she wasn’t in a joking mood, I started brushing. The water turned off right when I was finishing up, and I was brushing off my tongue when the curtain flew open. Alexis had headphones in, attached to a waterproof radio that she had gotten from her aunt for her birthday. It took her a second to register that I was there, she was wringing out her hair and stood stock still. I stood there with my toothbrush frozen in the air, my mouth full of suds, staring at her in the mirror. She was perfect. Her wet hair was dribbling water down those luscious breasts, which hung like perfectly shaped pears, brown nipples pointing up at me, tightened by the shock of the warm water not being there. Her toned abs ran down to a completely hairless mound, where I could just make out plump little lips pouting out.

Unsure of what to do, I spit out my toothpaste and said the only thing I could think of.

“You’ve got great boobs.”

She started laughing, one headphone still dangling from her ear, her breasts moving up and down as she giggled.

“Thanks, I like them,” she forced out. I moved to leave the room.

“No wait,” she said and stepped out of the shower, wrapping herself in a towel. She tiptoed over to me, a glint in her eyes. She got up on her tiptoes to bring herself level with me.

“You missed a little,” she said, leaning forward and licking a fleck of toothpaste off the side of my lip. I met her tongue with mine and we kissed long and deep, me leaning against the counter and her holding her towel up. I was wearing a thin pair of athletic shorts with no boxers—standard lazy day baseball watching attire—and I tried to pull back my hips as my cock started to harden. She put her free hand on it, through my shorts.

“What have we here?” she said. “Rebecca always told me it was big , but you never know, right? Girls are always trying to make their boyfriends sound good.” She winked. “Let’s just see how truthful a friend she is.”

She knelt down and peeled away my shorts.

“Mmmmm, very truthful. I had started to think this city was just full of pencil dicks, but göztepe escort you’ve got a nice thick sausage down here. And uncut too? I always prefer it natural. I wonder how it tastes?”

Before I could say anything, she parted her lips and flicked her tongue across the tip. She grasped the base, letting her towel slide down, and pulled my foreskin back, swirling her tongue around the outline of my head. She squeezed my balls and nodded her approval as she started to take more of me into her mouth. Her tongue ran up and down my shaft as her mouth took more and more in. One of the drawbacks of having a thick cock is that girls with smaller mouths always ended up nicking it with their teeth, but Alexis knew exactly how to make it feel like velvet, sliding up and down effortlessly. Even though I had cummed countless times in the last few days, it didn’t take me long. She squeezed my balls and slid me down her throat, and couldn’t even see anything. My hands locked onto her wet hair and slid her deeper, gagging her a little, but she just kept going harder until I exploded, pumping cum into her mouth. She pulled back and stood up, a trail of saliva and sperm trailing from those pouty lips down to her chest.

“Muccch tastier than toothpaste,” she said, giggling. “Now. That was an just an innocent little blowjob between friends. I’m not going to make you do anything else, but if you want…”

I didn’t even let her finish, I just took the towel and threw it aside, lowering my head to her breasts. They weren’t the biggest I had ever seen, but they must have been a good solid C, impossibly soft and begging to be sucked. I took her left nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue around like she had my cock, nibbling on her nipple to make her shiver. My hand flitted down to her slit as I sucked them harder, feeling their weight as her chest began to heave up and down. I rubbed her clit as I sucked faster, she arched her back to push my face deeper into her tits, purring a long slow sound as I slipped a finger into her hole. I stood up and faced her, and switched our positions, but with her facing the counter and me standing behind.

I could see her face in the mirror as she snarled “Fuck me.”

I put my cock at her opening, expecting to have to ease in like I did with Rebecca, but she bucked her hips back, slamming her pussy onto my cock before I even knew what was happening. She smiled at me in the mirror, and I lost it. I wasn’t going to have her taking charge. I pushed my cock forward to force her hips further towards the counter, making her brace herself harder. I started thrusting, hearing my hips smack against her ass. She looked at me in the mirror hungrily, daring me to do more. I grabbed her hips and slammed myself in, my balls aching from the impact of her cunt. In the mirror I could see her tits moving back in forth in rhythm as my cock got deeper and deeper, her vagina walls squeezing me on the way out, me drawing out almost fully and then slamming home, hitting the back of her vagina and making her squeal from the force.

“Fuck me, oh Christ, fuck my little cunt, please fuck it fuck it fuck it…” she screamed. Rebecca had never been much of a dirty talker, and I had missed it.

“Ram me harder, I want to feel you tearing me apart, I want to feel it FUCK ME.”

I wasn’t thinking, my animal instincts taking me far away from that bathroom, all I could feel was her cunt squeezing my cock, all I could hear was her yelling, all I could see were her tits slapping up and down as she squeezed her eyes shut and gripped the counter like it would save her life. She stopped making words and started just making noises, groaning and screaming, and I groaned and screamed with her. I pumped and pumped, feeling my feet slipping on the wet tile, feeling the cum building up in my shaft. When I finally let go, I could feel my seed filling her, mixing with her wetness, as she let out one final scream and lowered her torso onto the counter, coaxing every last drop out of my cock.

I came to my senses like I always do right after I cum. The room came back into focus and I slid my cock out, sitting on the closed toilet because my knees felt like they would give out. We stayed in those poses for a few minutes until she straightened up, tousled her hair in the mirror and turned around.

“I’ve wanted that for a long time,” she said. “I can always hear you fucking her in the other room, and I always get wet from it, and that was incredible. But that’s all it was. It was amazing, we did it, and we can’t do it again. So now. I’m going to blow dry my hair. You’re going to go see if the Mets won. And we’re never going to talk about this again, ok?”

I still couldn’t quite speak, nodded, and left the room. I sunk back into the couch. Jesus Christ, just when I thought the summer couldn’t get any better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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