Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 09

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“NO FUCKING WAY!” Jen said, almost screaming. She broke the breast circle around Alene’s cock, the pool of cum spilled onto the puddle. She looked franticly around.

“What’s wrong?” Nadia wondered. Alene looked as baffled as she was.

“Listen! I can accept someone coming this much from a very good stimulation, a year of saving and a whole lot of magic, but are you telling me this is just the start? I can’t accept that…” Jen screamed with shock as she stood up from the bed she started shaking, it was clear she was panicking.

“Jen, I think you’re a bit over reacting, try and relax. She did cum a lot but try and control yourself.” Nadia tried helping, she stood up and approached her.

In the meanwhile, Alene was resting from the small workout she got from Coming so much. Resting in the pool of cum, she started getting hard again, the scene before her was starting to turn her on, the two girls covered in her cum combined with the knowledge she won’t have to hold back at all got her more than ready. Alene couldn’t help herself and spoke the words on her mind “Jen, calm down, will you? How can we fuck when you’re like this?”

Jen just stood there and shook as Alene’s words sank in. “Fuck me?” she said in a trembling voice, “with that monster of yours?” Alene nodded, her cock pulsing with every beat of her heart.

“No way Alene, no fucking way. The deal is off! No way I am taking it. You’ll rip me in half. There is no way I’m letting you flood me with even half the amount you poured on the poor bed!” Jen yelled and started crying.

Nadia looked at the panicking Jen, she cried. Nadia couldn’t help but see herself just a few days ago, she felt for the girl. She liked her the girl and it was hard for her to see Jen like this. She did the only thing she could do, she hugged Jen with all her might, a strong motherly hug. An action that held so much power, a thousand words could not do what Nadia did in that second.

“Don’t worry,” Nadia whispered in Jen’s ear, “you are among friend. We won’t hurt you, we love you and want to give you the best pleasure we can.”

“But how can you say that?” Jen asked in a tearful voice, “it’s just too much.”

“I know. I was afraid to, but her cum is magical, like her cock, it helps you deal with the amount and the stretching.” Nadia raised her voice and talked to Alene who in the meanwhile got up from bed, “you won’t hurt Jen in any way, will you Alene?” Alene nodded.

“You see Jen, we love you, and you are safe.” Nadia said as Alene joined the hug.

“I know you are afraid,” Nadia broke the hug and kissed Jen passionately, “so I’ll go first. Will you please help me? I need you to go down on me Jen. I need to be ready for Alene.” And so, Nadia laid her back on the bed, spreading her legs and revealing her pussy. Jen noticed bahis firmaları it wasn’t starched from all the sex with Alene.

“Ok, thank you.” Jen said as she went down on the amazingly beautiful pussy before her. She licked the clit, drawing circles around it and from time to time passing over it. As she went on Nadia whimpered with pleasure and became very wet. After about five minutes or so Jen inserted her finger into Nadia’s wet hole and started playing, up and down, left and right, circles and just random movements.

“Ohh god!” Nadia yelled with pleasure, “I’m Coming!” She started shaking as Jen kept playing, feeling Nadia’s walls tightening around her finger. It was heaven, Nadia was very tight…

As Nadia came down from her heaven Alene took Jen’s place, “lay next to her,” she instructed Jen, “you are in for one hell of a show.” Jen started kissing Nadia as Alene positioned herself.

“Ok, I’m ready, start.” Nadia confirmed and Alene started pushing. It was insane, with Alene’s massive size she entered Nadia like she was very loose. First the head entered with a pop sound and the rest of the shaft followed. Nadia was taking the whole thing, she seemed to be much more then ok, moaning and groaning, she didn’t seem to be hurting, she was in heaven.

“Don’t worry about it,” Alene said to Jen as she started pumping in and out of Nadia, “she can handle it all with no problems thanks to my cum.” as Alene was speaking Nadia went rigged. “You’re Coming love?” Alene asked.

“GOOOOOD YEESSSSS, PLEASE MORE.” Nadia screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Sure love, as much as you want.” Alene replied and kept pumping. Jen was utterly shocked and tried helping the only way she could, she went to town on Nadia’s breasts, enjoying the soft yet solid form, she sucked and played with them.

After about 20 minutes Alene suddenly stopped, she tilted her head back and moaned. Jen understood she was going to cum inside Nadia, she wanted to see it happen, and she stopped sucking Nadia’s nipple just in time for the show.

At first, she saw Alene balls swell to about 4 times their size, they were so big they rested on the bed as Alene was at her knees. then she literally heard the fluid traveling up the shaft. A visible outline could be seen on Nadia’s belly as the flow finished the long journey up the pole. Nadia suddenly opened her eyes wide and screamed with pleasure as her belly started bulging with cum. To Jen it was insane, and just as suddenly as it started so did it end.

Alene and Nadia were back from heaven. Nadia seemed like she was pregnant, Jen couldn’t help but stare.

“It’s ok, you can touch, it doesn’t hurt.” Nadia said as she saw Jen’s amazed face. She reached her hand and grabbed Jen’s, guiding her to the bulge. It was soft and she felt Alene’s cum flowing kaçak iddaa inside, it was so nice.

“Ok girls, I think I can try too.” Jen said, “but be gentle with me please, I don’t know if I’m wet,” both girls started laughing hysterically, “look where you are.” Alene said laughingly.

She looked between her legs and saw she was literally dripping wet, she was damn ready. She spread her legs, waiting for Alene to pull out of Nadia and come to her.

“Is it ok with you?” Alene asked Nadia. “Sure thing.” Nadia said with a kiss and Alene pulled out with a loud pop sound. A massive stream of cum leaving Nadia’s womb as she emptied her stretched out belly.

Alene positioned herself at Jen’s entrance and looked directly into her eyes.

“Are you ok? Can we start?” she asked.

“I think I am, just go slow at first” Jen said in a calm voice, she rubbed her pussy against Alene’s monster.

“I wonder how are you going to be a solution to my problem. Anyway, I’ll start, tell me if it hurts.” she instructed and started the slow entry. It was clear she was Jen’s biggest and she only had the tip of the head in, slowly pushing her pussy lips apart.

“My god, you’re huge, wait a bit, let me adjust.” Jen requested and Alene did as told. In the meantime, Nadia emptied and was ready for some more action. She started by kissing Jen and playing with her clit, it was great and after a few minutes it started a nice orgasm, sending shots of pleasure into Jen’s mind and making her shake.

As it ended Jen spoke “thank you Nadia, I really needed that. Alene please give me more.” Alene was more the happy to do as requested and resumed her pushing, more and more of the head entered. First it was half in, then three quarters and after about 10 minutes of pushing and pulling the head was in. “ohhhh god, I’m so full,” Jen whimpered, “I’m Coming!” And with that the shaking started again but this time it was different, Alene felt the walls of flash around her, repealing along her cock, each wave pulled her in more and more. At first it was almost unnoticeable. As it went on, inch by inch Alene started noticing, but the orgasm just didn’t end and Alene kept entering. Half way in, it was clear, Jen was in heaven. She didn’t suffer and Alene let the whole thing slide in, pulse after delightful pulse.

In the mean while Nadia noticed Jen was well into her orgasm and went behind Alene. Playing with her pussy in one hand as the other caressed her breasts as she squished herself into Alene’s back.

As Alene came to a rest 15 inches into Jen, the orgasmic bliss was over and Jen came back to herself she spoke, “that was the best orgasm of my life.” she said with a smile. She looked down she saw Alene was all the way inside her, “when did this happen?”

“In the last 15 minutes of your orgasm,” kaçak bahis Nadia answered.

“God, I think this cum thing is true, this is so weird, it doesn’t hurt at all” Jen wondered as her eyes crossed Alene’s, it was clear, she was on the edge of Coming, and Jen’s moving and talking sent her over that edge.

“COMMMIIINNNGGGGGG!” Alene screamed at the top of her lungs.

At first Nadia felt Alene’s balls growing, they rested on the bed. Then her finger inside Alene’s pussy was squeezed so hard she thought it might break.

Then all the girls noticed the cum stream traveling from Alene’s base along the shaft, making it expended. It drew an outline on Jens abdomen.

“Fucking shit.” Jen yelled, orgasming herself. Alene poured gallons of cum into the poor womb as it expended to contain her load, Jen started getting a pregnant belly that kept growing for the next 2 minutes.

As all ended, the girls came down.

“Please Alene I bag you, give me more, DON’T HOLD BACK!” Jen screamed.

Alene took a deep breath and released, as if a heavy burden was lifted off her shoulders and the show begun.

“Oh god, no way!” Jen whispered passionately, “are you getting bigger?”

“Yes, finely I can let go.” Alene said in a serene voice, as if all her needs are answered. It was clear to all three girls Alene was growing, the point where her cock entered Jen got wider and wider, as thick as her wrists put together.

She was bigger than ever before and Nadia couldn’t help but let go of Alene and yelp as she felt Alene’s balls growing so large they shoved Nadia’s legs. they set there on the bad, as big as cantaloupes. The sloshing of cum inside could be heard clearly. It was clear to the girls that this is going to be something.

Nadia couldn’t help herself, she reached out and squeezed the massive soft balls in front of her. It was well beyond Alene’s abilities to stop now, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “god no…” screaming so hard her voice gave and she couldn’t finish the sentence.

At first, her cock got so wide it was as thick as her thigh. Then the sound was heard again, gallons upon gallons of cum, pushing through her and into Jen.

Jen on her end was Coming nonstop. Mumbling silently, “more, more please more.” In the meantime, Nadia massaged Alene’s balls for all they were worth, making her ejaculate more. Jen’s belly grew so huge she can’t see Alene and Nadia at all.

As things started winding down 15 minutes later Alene blew one last monster shot, blotting Jens boobs from a size E to a H cup.

And so, Alene pulled her cock out of Jen. It was massive, Nadia guessed it to be about 20 inches. As she pulled out Jen emptied, squirting the load on Alene and Nadia, covering the girls and flooding the poor bed again.

Alene laid on the bed. Her monster going soft, for the first time since she did the spell she was spent, satisfied. “Jen, you are one hell of a solution,” She said and fell asleep. It was heaven for the poor exhausted girl.

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