Aisha’s First Night in the Palace

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This is my first submission and I plan to make it a series. Constructive criticism is wanted and welcome. I also would love to hear if this excited you in any way. I have written many stories for my love, and this is one of them. I thank him for encouraging me to start sharing my stories and for being my inspiration. All characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.



Aisha waited anxiously on the floor with the other naked virgins in a hallway of the palace. Some of the girls were clinging to each other and crying. Others simply tried to unsuccessfully cover their nakedness with their hands and long hair, or stare at the floor, fidgeting nervously. Aisha simply stared at her surroundings, observing the grand height of the ceiling, and the vibrant, lavish décor surrounding them. She had never been this far away from home before, and was not self-conscious about her nudity in front of the other girls. In a poor family, there is no time or room for modesty when getting dressed or bathing beside her nine older sisters.

Several guards were nearby, trying not to stare too closely. The guards did make Aisha self-conscious, so she tried to pretend they were not there. Suddenly a door opens in front of them and from it appears an attractive woman that Aisha assumes to be about 10 or 15 years older than her. She is dressed in colorful silks and has a commanding presence unusual in a woman. Though she is older, she has retained her beauty and Aisha observes one of the guards trying to hide that he admires the woman’s appearance. Aisha thinks to herself that he must not want to live very long. The older woman speaks to one of the guards in a low voice. The guard says loudly, “All of you stand up for inspection, now”. The young women do as they are told, most of them visibly shaking. Alisha stands up at the farthest end, not fearful, but not in a hurry to be “inspected” either.

The older woman approaches them and her eyes scan them all, one by one. She begins to slowly walk down the line. She passes the first three girls and stops at the fourth in the row. “Turn around so I can see your backside, girl.” The particular girl she speaks to has been clinging to another girl crying and hesitates.

One of the guards sternly says, “Let go of her, and turn around as you were told.”

The girl sniffles and moves from her friend to turn around, shaking all the while. The older woman looks her up and down from behind, then nods to the guard. The guards take the girl by her arms, leading her away which results in her crying hysterically and her friend to wail loudly in panic.

They all wait in the hallway as the older woman continues looking at the girls, passing some by, and nodding for another to be taken away. Most of the girls are quieter when taken away, but sniffling just the same. Finally, the older woman approaches Aisha. She pauses to tell the guard to lead the girls away that she did not choose.

The older woman turns to Aisha and starts to look her up and down. Her eyes raise up again and she notices Aisha looking her straight in the eyes. “Girl, what is your name?”

Aisha raises her chin and says, “My name is Aisha.”

The woman stares at her, seeming to contemplate something. Aisha, assuming she should, turns around to be inspected. The older woman looks a bit startled, but says nothing. She stares at the younger woman’s backside for a long moment. “Guard, lead her to my personal chambers. I will continue the inspection myself.” A knowing look crosses the guard’s face briefly, but he recovers and nods. “Girl, follow me.”

Alone in the lavish chambers of the older woman, Aisha fidgets nervously, not knowing if she should sit or remain standing. An over-sized bed with deep purple and dark pink silks bedding is the center of the room. She barely gets a chance to look around, when with a whisper of silk the older woman enters the room. “Aisha, my name is Huddah. I am the First of the harem, and have been with the Sheikh from the time that we both were very young. He trusts my judgement in selecting new girls for the harem, but ultimately it his him that decides who stays. Now, I must inspect you to be assured that you are a virgin as the Sheikh wants no man but himself to touch any of his women before he does. Lay on the bed, with your hind end at the edge, and spread your legs.”

Aisha stared at the woman in confusion. “I don’t understand. They already confirmed my virginity at the market, and again when we first entered the palace.”

Huddah crosses her arms, and says in a stern voice, “If you want to have an easier life in the harem, IF the Sheik decides to keep you, it would bode well to do what you are told at all times. Move. Now.”

Aisha walked reluctantly to the bed. The first time she was inspected, was terrifying and invasive. The elderly woman that checked her had spread her legs apart roughly, sticking her nails into her thighs, and laughed when Aisha tried casino şirketleri to close her legs. She had gripped her “down there” roughly and pulled the lips apart, pinching them hard. Aisha, being proud, had fought off the urge to cry out in pain when the woman jammed her fingers inside her. She was not going to let anyone see her cry or be afraid. At the palace, they were gentler, and the inspection was done by two women closer to her age. They had spoken to her soothingly as they spread her lips carefully, only looked at her and did not put any fingers inside her. It was like when her mother would help other women deliver their babies. They seemed to just perform a duty.

Now, she didn’t know what to expect. Would this woman hurt her too? The woman seemed like no one to defy, but she didn’t seem terribly unkind either. Aisha laid down on the side of the bed, and scooted her behind down to the edge. “Put your hands on your inner thighs, and hold them apart, girl”, said Huddah. Aisha did as she was told, closed her eyes, and braced herself for what was to come. She could hear the silks that Huddah was wearing whisper slightly as she settled down between her legs. Aisha felt Huddah’s breath on her pussy, which slightly tickled it. Aisha swallowed nervously, hoping that the woman would not hurt her. She felt her lips being spread again, gently and slowly. Huddah paused, and after a moment say, “Yes, I can see your virginity is still intact. Your parents must be proud to have such a daughter. Have you let anyone play with you down here, girl?”

“I don’t understand what you mean, Huddah.”

“Well”, said Huddah, “has anyone touched you like this?” Aisha felt Huddah slide a finger up and down slowly between the lips of her pussy.

Aisha sucked in her breath both in shock and for another reason she could not explain. “Nnnn…no Huddah.”

“Hmm. Pity. Well, you will get used to it.” Huddah continues sliding her finger between Aisha’s pussy lips, stopping to rub toward the top on the hard nub that Aisha had sometimes accidentally bumped when bathing. She had noticed it was sensitive and now it was getting more sensitive with each stroke. “You will come to crave it. I can tell that you are a sensual creature. Somewhat defiant too. You remind me of myself when the Sheik accepted me. Listen to me, and you will have a great life here.”

Aisha gulps, and is having difficulty listening to the woman’s words. She is confused by what the woman is doing to her down there. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels…good. She feels like something inside her is building up, and if the woman were to stop what she is doing, she may need to rub it herself to relieve whatever it is that she is lacking. She feels Huddah moving the finger between her lips, faster. Aisha feels her pussy getting wet. Huddah slides the pussy juice up and down, spreading it over the little nub at the top. “This little place here, Aisha, is your clit. It feels good when I rub it, doesn’t it?”

Aisha squeaks out a non-verbal response. Huddah laughs softly and kisses Aisha’s thigh.

“Yes, I believe the Sheik will be very pleased with you. I am sure he will accept you.” The woman abruptly pulls her hand away, leaving Aisha still holding her own thighs apart, panting, and still wanting. Wanting what, she can’t put words to. “Now rise girl, it is time we begin your training.”

Training begins

Haddah led the naked Aisha to a small, dark room that only had one candle in a far corner as a light source. On the floor was a narrow, shallow bench with the shorter ends against the back wall, and towards the door. The bench was covered in teal, purple, and pink satin covered flat cushions. The box had several circles cut into the sides, with the exception of one large square cut out on the sides closest to the end away from the door. Haddah had Aisha wait outside the door with her until a young woman appeared, that Aisha recognized as one of the girls that had inspected her earlier.

The girl smiled shyly at Aisha, and walked into the room. She paused at the bench, pulled placed her hand at the underside of the bench and opened it like a coffin. Aisha could see a handle was on the inside of the lid. She noticed that on the end closest to the back wall, there was a round circle cut out in the middle of the cushion. The girl stood inside the open bench, laid down on her back and closed the lid from the inside.

Haddah gently took Aisha’s hand and led her to the bench and motioned for her to sit on the short of the bench so that her face was just inches from the back wall. Aisha could see the girl’s face through the hole, her eyes blinking at her. The girl gave her another shy smile and nodded, as if to say it was ok to sit down. Aisha reluctantly sat down, knowing this means the girl’s face is directly beneath her underside, with barely any space between them. She could feel the girl’s breath from beneath her as she sat. Her mind raced, wondering what they were expecting casino firmaları her to do. She hoped they wouldn’t make her do something foul like relieve herself on the girl’s face. What kind of people were they?

Huddah moved her hand to the area of the wall right near Aisha’s eyes, and grabbed a lever, which slid open a rectangular piece of wood away, leaving a hole. Aisha’s eyes only being a few inches from the hole could immediately see that she was looking into a bed chamber, even more lavish than that of Haddah’s. The hole was right above a bed, and a man in robes was sitting with his back to the hole that she was looking through. She had a bird eye’s view of the bed, and the top of the man’s head, but could not see his face. Aisha was still wet and quivering from the touches Huddah placed on her pussy earlier, and worried that he may drip on the girl’s face below her pussy.

Huddah sat behind Aisha on the bench, straddling her legs on each side, and wrapped her arms around Aisha’s waist. She gently presses Aisha forward, so she has to look through the hole. “Those who listen and watch, learn more than those who talk. Remember that, Aisha.”

Huddah rubs Aisha’s stomach gently as Aisha notices a door in the room burst open, through which a flood of colorful silks spills into the room. More girls than she can count in the confusion, run to the bed giggling, and jumping on it, surrounding the man.

The man laughs softly, and says, “I guess this means my girls missed me. Come show me how much!” The girls pile on and around him, kissing his cheeks, lips and hands. Then they begin to undress him, tearing off and tossing his many layers of robs to the side of the bed and some in the air. The man laughs and slaps one of the girls on the ass affectionately, to which she squeals excitedly.

Aisha jumps when Huddah talks, almost forgetting she is behind her on the seat, then realizes Huddah has moved her hands to Aisha’s breasts. “He is a lusty man, but he is a good man. He is a fair, fearless ruler, and he never abuses his women. He has much to worry about and our role is to ease his worries, to momentarily forget them. Worship him, make him feel like he is in paradise, and he will worship you as well.”

Soon there is a flurry of silks flying into the air, as the women all quickly undress, tossing their already scant clothing carelessly off of the bed. One of the women tackles the man, wrapping her arms around his neck, and begins kissing him passionately. They fall back onto the bed together, and the other girls begin to laugh and squeal with delight. The man stops kissing the girl, and whispers something into her ear, which makes her giggle and node. Aisha gasps as she sees the girl straddle the man’s face and he grips her thighs. The girl looks up to the small hole in the wall that only is big enough to show the observer’s eyes, gives Aisha a wink, making her blush. The girl cups her own breasts and begins to move her hips slowly over the man’s face and he grips her thighs more firmly.

It is at this point that Aisha realizes the girl in the box below her has put her own arms through the holes in the side of the box and had grasped, Aisha’s thighs. She feels the girl give her pussy a little kiss from below, right on the part where the hair grows in the front. Aisha tries to move but the girl keeps her gentle, firm grip on her thighs, and Huddah still has her hands on her breasts. “Huddah!” Aisha says fearfully.

The woman behind her says, “Quiet girl, listen, feel, and watch.”

The girl on the man’s face is gyrating her hips in a sexy motion that Aisha can’t keep her eyes off of. She feels the girl in the box flick her tongue at the slit of her pussy, then slide her tongue over the lips on each side, up and around her slit and back up again. Aisha feels a sound escape her mouth that has never come out of it before. Huddah starts to gently squeeze her breasts and places little kisses on her neck.

On the bed below, the girl is still riding on the man’s face. She is gripping the headboard, and throws her head back, moaning. Aisha sees that two of the women are at his hips, kissing each other deeply. One of them is stroking the man’s cock in her hand while the other girl is squeezing her nipples between her fingers. The girl stroking the man’s cock stops kissing the other girl and takes his cock in his mouth! Aisha gasps in shock and at that moment she feels a tongue slides between her pussy lips, making her jump. All four hands on her firmly keep her in place, and the girl begins to move her tongue up and down between Aisha’s pussy lips. Aisha feels a sound deep in throat and leans her head back on to Huddah’s shoulder, as Huddah continues holding her breasts, and rubs Aisha’s nipples with her thumbs in slow circles.

“Move forward girl, before you miss what they are doing.”

Aisha braces herself by placing her hands on her knees and leans forward, still feeling the tongue moving up and down between her güvenilir casino pussy lips in a steady rhythm. Looking down on the bed, she can now see the girl that was sucking the man’s cock is now sitting on him, gyrating her hips, much like the girl on his face. The girl on his face has turned around, and is deeply the kissing the girl that is riding on the man’s cock. The man has the girl by the ass cheeks, and is spreading them far apart, and putting his tongue inside her ass! Aisha shakes her head in disbelief. Huddah laughs softly, and moves one of her hands down Aisha’s stomach. “Someday, you will beg for the same treatment.”

Aisha sees a girl behind the one on the man’s cock, seemingly licking that girl’s asshole, spreading her cheeks apart, and another girl has spread her legs behind that girl. She is kneeling at the foot of the bed, with her face at the girl’s cunt, probably doing the same thing the girl in the box is doing to Aisha. Two other girls are on a pile of silk pillows on the floor with their legs wrapped around each other rubbing their pussies together, kissing each other deeply, and only briefly stopping to watch the people on the bed.

Aisha is watching all of the activity below her, listening to the moans, bed creaking, silk rustling, lips sucking, slurping, and squishing, wet noises. She feels the tongue in the box has moved to what she remembers is called her clit, and is flicking at it. The girl below her closes her lips around her clit and softly sucks on it, making Aisha whimper and press back against Huddah. She feels Huddah making soft licks, and light nibbles at her neck. She still has one hand cupping her breast, rubbing her nipple with her thumb, and Huddah’s hand moves form her stomach down to her cleft meeting the tongue with her fingers. The girl moves her tongue from Aisha’s clit and slowly moves it downwards, until she gets to Aisha’s pussy hole. She flicks her tongue around in circles, gently presses, and grips Aisha’s thighs to get a better hold on her. Aisha bites her bottom lip as she feels the tongue plunge up her hole and whimpers, trying to wiggle away. It felt …too good? Too good? Yes. So much. She could barely concentrate on the activity on the bed. The two girls that were entwined on the floor are called to the bed by the man and he reaches out his hands. The girls settle their pussies on his hands and both put one leg on the bed, leaving their legs open. He begins finger fucking them, and begins licking the pussy of girl above him. The girl on his cock is moving faster and grinding deep on his hips.

Aisha is getting deeply tongue fucked when Huddah begins to play with her clit. She continues kissing on her neck and biting it gently, massaging her breast with her other hand. Aisha feels something building again inside her. She wonders where it is going to lead her when she begins to shake. She moves her hands from her knees to the wall on either side of the hole she looking out of, watching the many-limbed monster below her on the bed. The colors of the clothing and bedding float in front of her as she loses focus and feels something hit her like an earthquake from inside. The tongue pushes deeper and deeper inside her. The fingers at her clit are merciless and rub her vigorously. “Yes, it is alright. Let it out girl.” Aisha feels a floodgate inside her break through. She slams the palms of her hands on the wall above the bed repeatedly as her first orgasm takes over her control.

“Ooooooooohhhh …Yesss!!



… Oooooooooo ooooooooo …


The activity on the bed, suddenly stops, and seven heads all turn to look up at the same time towards the little hole revealing only Aisha’s eyes. The women on the man’s face and cock suddenly moved off of him as he had moved to get up and look as well. The people on the bed all turn to each other for a few moments then suddenly burst into laughter.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a virgin cum on the first training day”, says one of the girls.

The man stares up at the eyes that are looking at him, curiously. “Ok, girls I have matters to see too.” The girls all say “aww” at once, grab their bits of clothing and leave just as colorfully as they arrived.

Above, Aisha feels destroyed. She rests her forehead against the wall, and pants, catching her breath. Her body continues to convulse as the girl below her gives her a gentle kiss on her pussy, and releases her thighs.

Huddah removes her hand from Aisha’s clit and hugs her gently around the waist. “Yes, you will do.”

First Night in the palace

Aisha was now in a large bedroom with three of the other girls that were selected with her that morning. The room had a sunken-in floor in the center that looked to serve as a bed that could easily hold 6 people. Several cushions that looked to be as large as beds themselves lined the walls. There was still plenty of room to walk in-between all of these services. The room was joined to another room where the girls that Aisha recognized as the ones that were with the man earlier were all standing around talking. The girls suddenly turn and stare when they see Aisha and the other new girls.

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