Airport Pickup

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Stepping off the plane, I am filled with anticipation. The hour long flight seemed never-ending, as I pondered the moment my hands will tighten on your shoulders as you sink deep inside me.

I sling the strap of my cabin bag over my shoulder, and stride towards the gate. You are waiting in the lounge, leaning casually against a pillar. Straightening as our eyes meet, you step forward to take my bag, and my hand. No words are spoken between us as you lead me briskly towards your car.

With my bag safely stowed on the back seat, you open the passenger door for me. Leaning against the car, I face you. My lips part as you lean in. But you don’t kiss me, instead pressing your mouth to my ear. “I can smell you,” you whisper.

The car park is far from empty, but I don’t care. Taking your right hand, I guide it beneath the hem of my skirt. Your fingers brush aside my skimpy underwear, and meet the pooling moisture that has gathered as I thought of you.

Your breath is increasingly shallow in my ear. Pressing me against the car, two fingers push deeper.

“Taste me”, I urge. Groaning as you remove your fingers, I smile as you lift them to your mouth. As you suck fingers coated with my juice into your mouth, I am struck by how much I want to taste your cock in the same manner. All in good time.

“Let’s go”, I say. I slip into the passenger seat and you edge around the vehicle to take your place in the driver’s seat. I lean over, and brush my lips against yours, the tip of my tongue sweeping against your bottom lip. I can taste myself. erenköy escort

As you manoeuvre the car out of the airport complex, my hands drop to my thighs, pushing my skirt out of the way. Spreading my knees slightly apart, my hands skim inner thighs, moving higher. Lifting my hips from the seat, I slip out of my knickers, letting it fall to the floor.

I turn my head to you, see you watching me. I suggest that you keep your eyes on the road.

You continue driving towards your home, and my legs are spread as far apart as possible in the cramped space. The middle finger of my left hand gently circles my swollen and tender clit. My eyes drift shut, and I slip slightly in the seat.

My right hand cups my breast, teasing a hard nipple through the layers of my cotton shirt and sheer lace bra. As I squeeze firmly, my fingers slide down, and into my well lubricated cunt.

Two fingers, three. Gliding my fingers deeper, and then pulling out, I imagine it is your cock that my inner muscles are clenching. From your groan, I gather you are thinking similar thoughts.

Your engorged cock is straining against your zipper, taunting me. Removing my hand from between my thighs, licking fingers clean, I focus on you.

I lean over as far as the seat belt will allow, and place my hand over your erection, feeling its heat through the fabric of your pants. I look up, see that you are valiantly trying to keep your eye on the road, and smile.

Sliding down the zipper of your pants, I reach inside, cupping you in my göztepe escort palm. You shift slightly in your seat, legs spreading further to allow me greater access to your cock, which I release from the confines of your underwear. My fingers surround your cock, which continues to swell and harden.

I lift my eyes to your face, and glide my fingers down to cup your balls, gently massaging.

Finally we have reached your home, and now parked in your garage; you reach over to release my seat belt. Your hands clasp my head, and I move closer so that I might taste your hardness.

As I continue to massage your balls, I run my tongue from base to tip. I savour the taste of your pre-come, and the knowledge that you want me. I lower my mouth, taking you inside.

Your hands tangle in my hair, urging me to take more of you, and I do. My hands, lips, and tongue drive you closer to orgasm, and your hips lift towards me. I swallow deeply as you find your release.

But I’m not about to let you rest. Raising my mouth to yours, my voice hoarse, I tell you how much I need to feel you thrusting hard and deep within me, how much I need to feel you filling me as I come.

Our tongues tangle and we kiss deeply, tasting each other. I pull back and open my door. You do the same, and soon you are leading me through into the lounge.

You sit down on the leather sofa, watching as I bend to remove my high heels. You pull me down on top of you. I am straddling your thighs; my skirt rucked high around my waist. My still covered breasts kadıköy escort against are your chest, my hands resting on your shoulders.

My shirt is soon removed, and my bra quickly follows. Your hands cup my full breasts, teasing the hardened nipples as I hold your head close. Tongue and teeth send shivers of pleasure through me, and I can feel your cock stirring against me. I groan as you lift me, placing me on the sofa beside you.

You stand, and deftly remove your clothes, and then once again take your seat. Still clad in my skirt, I climb over you. I know you must feel how wet I am against your flesh.

You take my mouth almost violently, and the fingers of your right hand move from my hip, down over my mound, to find my clit. I rise and fall against your fingers, feeling pleasure continue to grow, stronger and stronger.

I moan my disappointment as you take your hand away, but this is momentary, as your hands settle on my hips. My hands tighten on your shoulders as you lift me over your renewed erection.

I am so aroused that you enter me deeply with the first thrust, filling me completely. Rising and falling above you, faster and harder as you rub your fingers against my clit, I am soon coming, my muscles clenching around your cock, and I call your name.

Sinking against you, catching my breath, I am aware that you are still hard within me. Having already come so recently, you still have a little left to give.

As our eyes meet, and we both smile, I resolve to indulge myself in every way in the short time we have. Moving very gently over and around you, I tell you how much I want to feel your cock slipping deep into my ass.

You eagerly nod your approval, and I lift myself off you. I slip out of my skirt as you rise, and you take my hand and lead me towards the bedroom…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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