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The Boston area publication that I selected catered to an audience seeking an extensive selection of personals, some of which that are quite entertaining others blatant in their sexual content. I advertised for a female companion to travel free with me across country in my 34′ ultra-modern motor home. I was hoping for a young woman that not only wanted to the share the ride but her but I even more hopeful it would include some of their personal charms as well.

Let me just say had Ling showed up alone I would have been more than interested but when she showed with Mia at her side before any interview was conducted I was already drooling and was quite sold. Four weeks later and after the few necessary preliminary meetings to discuss itinerary we hit the road leaving greater Boston on beautiful sunshine day.

The first few days were quite uneventful although I must admit having them for eye candy very pleasing. Of course being the aging pervert that I am during that time I managed to get a few glimpses of them in various arrays of skimpy dress and satisfied my peeping eyes at whatever opportunity arose.

On our forth night it all changed without planning or specific intent by anyone. After a real fun day that included taking in a little sightseeing spending a few bucks on the girls at a mall we found we found a nice quite camp ground and settled in for what I thought to be a quiet evening, boy was I dead wrong.

Considering my hobby over the past decade or so has been cooking and the fact I wanted to treat the girls I put together a nice high end dinner accompanied with a little top shelf wine. The wine eventually morphed into a raid on my more than adequate stocked liquor cabinet and before you knew it the giggles grew sillier and much more frequent, the music louder, the girls definitely beyond buzzed and their dancing particularly little sister Ling becoming quite sexy.


As the drinks flowed and the music changed from radio into their personal CD’s their selections grew wilder and wilder. By this time I’d already switched to a non-alcoholic beverage and parked my drunken ass on the edge of the master bedroom’s queen sized bed. Not long after that Mai Laughing and giggling while having a serious problem remaining upright had quit trying and snuggled herself onto my lap still trying to dance like her sister by slowly rotating her luscious ass into my lap causing things to rise.

As I sat enjoying that stimulation of Mia’s ass on cock which thanks to unintended massage was now fully grown and becoming ever more enraged as we both stared at her younger sister Ling dancing in the doorway. At eighteen a year younger than Mai she was beautiful in her own right but to the unknowing eye they were more than sisters, they were a match made in heaven, appearing virtually as identical twins.

The floral print may have been slightly different but both Mai and Ling were still a matched set as they had adorned themselves in relatively similar pastel orange summer dresses they had found that day at the mall. It was hot the past few days and they were appropriate being those real light weight summer dresses that had that special quality. Dresses of a quality that all men loved, the super light weight quality that becomes almost transparent when worn in a properly lit place where the light is a backdrop. As Ling danced in the bedroom doorway and we watched her performance the evening’s setting sun created that ideal backdrop as it poured through the windows behind her.

The sun that evening was not only warming to us but it gave off an eye catching natural glow of golden light that wrapped itself around Ling giving her entire body a haloed glow illuminating Ling’s naturally alluring attributes. No longer hidden as the light passed through the dress’s light fibers making Ling appear to be clad in only her skimpy panties and bra. In its glow the bulge of her orange sized breast that were nestled neatly in her push-up bra seemed to jump out at you and capture your eyes before letting them casino şirketleri fall to her hips. Hips that were adorned with those cute little hip hugger panties that not only showed the beauty of her tiny waist but drew your eyes straight to that rounded ass of hers that shook as she danced created artistic perfection.

I sat almost paralyzed with uncontrollable lust suffering the effects of the sisters’ stimulation. Mia sat on my lap staring obviously deep into her sister’s wanton display. Her frozen attention caused her ass to move in unison with the tempo she inadvertently copied as she stared at her sister’s performance. Also without her realizing it, in a desire to satisfy her own personal need for self-satisfaction Mia had shifted her body until my hardened cock had finally nestled itself deep into the crease of her scantly protected ass which she rode like a cowgirl on horseback.

In retrospect I think Ling either saw in our eyes or read in our body language the depth of effect she was having on us and therefore increased her efforts. But today as I think about it I’m sure as I remember that sly little smile that grew in nastiness as ferocity of her dance grew as well. Ling began violently swinging her limber desirable frame to and fro, shaking her head left and right Ling which caused her silken shiny waist length hair to flow freely and erotically wrap itself around her body as she danced adding more and more eroticism to her movements and greater lustful want in our minds. As ling danced about her display created a marriage between the movements of both hers and Mia’s ass as it danced on my lap. Between their open displays of wantonness my heart pumped so wildly causing me to fear that it might jump out of my chest.

Ling’s dance was so capturing it virtually held her sister and I prisoner of her rhythm but we froze in shock when with no warning it just stopped. Suddenly Ling remained unmoving, unmoving except a slow sway in her hips that was almost totally undetectable.

Ling’s hands that hung at her sides remained there still clutching the sides of her dress which after a moment or two also began to swing in that same excruciatingly slow tempo. Our minds and bodies were now into this new rhythm, in fact Mia was actually causing my cock to throb more painfully the tempo of her ass had slowed this new beat and was actually grinding itself into me.

I was gasping aloud from the pressure Mia was putting on me when once again with no warning changed her delivery. Ling began to swing her hands at first very slowly, then a little faster and faster again until she attained the same erotic ferocity of the music screeched out from the CD’s playing in the background. Ling began to sing her dress in ever increasing tempo left then right, up and then down adding a new series of eye catching dramatic dance moves to her repertoire.

These new more violent steps in her dance and swings of her hands began first exposing her legs and then thighs but on occasion her dress swung so high the gusset of her panties teased my field of vision. That erotic angel danced in the bedroom doorway and as time moved ahead so did the lucidness of her performance as it continued to grow in intensity, eroticism and passion.

As the dance’s passion grew so did Mia and mine which was easy to learn from the audibility of the breathing escaping our lips. At this point Ling had become almost evil constantly flashing her impish smile as if to let her sister and I know she was in control and she made it no easier on us with her creative and more seductive cerography.

Ling had a nasty that she way ling smiled at us and licked her lips while she wiggled her tongue as if implying she was performing oral sex on both of us. Knowing we were intent on watching her every move Ling made a big deal of shaking both sides of her dress before in an overly dramatic way let one side fall free. The hand now free made us follow it by first rubbing over her mound then let it begin an agonizing journey slithering like an erotic snake up her side stopping casino firmaları occasionally to massage her belly or lower chest but slowly and in a fashion designed to make our eyes follow in fact the drama of it all was worthy of an Academy Award.

Ling’s hand continued its journey until it came to rest as she grasped and squeezed the underside of her breast. Mia and I could not help but to gasp aloud and in unison when Ling’s fingers once on her tit began their own erotic dance. Staring straight into Mia and my eyes Ling while licking her lips in a suggestive manor began stroking and pulling on her nipple which only added to her sister’s and my already over the top raging hormones.

Ling’s dramatic stimulation of her nipple although quite nasty in its lurid performance was truly nothing compared to her next act. With the same little smile and tongue wagging Ling thrust her other hand in a semi-violent motion deep between her thighs, grasped her mound and began lustfully humping her hand as she stared back and laughed at us. Ling’s had become sheer nastiness and it was done solely for the benefit of her captivated audience, Mia and I.

Obviously if her intent was to tease and stimulate, it was a task at which she did well, Ling was succeeding at a rate well beyond her wildest imagination particularly when she began to get to herself as moans in a pre-orgasmic tone escaped her lips as she continued to humped her hand.

As Mia and I watched, no, as we sat literally paralyzed from the lurid performance playing out before our eyes additional fuel was added to the fires that burnt within me. Apparently Mia was peaking as well; I could feel the tremors in her body and her ass just vibrated on my lap, in fact. Mia was so turned on that as her ass vibrated my fully inflated cock found itself snuggled into the warm fleshy crease of her ass

Having listening to Mai and Lin talk one afternoon when they had no idea I was in proximity to hear, I got the crazy idea that if they weren’t incestuous lesbians they were at least curious about the idea, a concept that given the right opportunity I wanted to exploit. Maybe someday I would see it for real so I thought I’d use this concept as a seduction tool and giving tonight’s activities so far this moment in time it appeared that the time to try may have arrived.

Whispering into her ear I said, “Mia look at Ling’s nipple grow but I bet you’ve seen it even bigger than that, haven’t you Mai?”

“Uh huh,” was all Mia said but the rising heat in her voice as she tried to speak was showing.

“Tell me Mai do her nipples get much bigger?”

Mia didn’t answer but just kept staring at her sister and nodded her head as a response.

“Mia honey, tell me how does that big nipple feel and taste in your pretty mouth?”

Mia made no response except a series of moans as her eyes were locked on her sister’s ever more erotic performance and obviously without thinking licked her lips vigorously.

Maintaining my assault I added, “I bet she has a pretty tasty pussy too, tell me is it all trimmed nice?”

Still no answer but I kept it up, “tell me honey is it tasty too, I’d love to lick it with you, all right?”

I believe Ling had heard our banter and responded by massaging her breast and humping her hand with a new found passion. Ling had her eyes closed and her tongue added tons of saliva to her fire red painted lips as she licked them in a non-stopping almost trance like tempo.

I could see Mia’s eyes were so locked onto every erotic inch and movement of her sister that she was pretty much incoherent to anything else around her. Realizing that I wanted more than visual satisfaction and idle banter I reached under her Mia’s arm and letting the actions Ling was exercising on her right nipple be my guide I decided to duplicate them on Mia’s left.

Having never touched either sister sexually although I had hoped that giving the right situation it might just happen until then it hadn’t taken place and I was shocked as Mia pushed her tit into my güvenilir casino hand implying she liked what I was doing. Now with Mia’s soft tit was in my hand and her nipple in my fingers coping the tempo that her sister Ling set, Mia responded by increasing her self-satisfying ride on my cock as she snuggled into me.

Ling now was so heavily into her performance that she had morphed completely into another person, some sort of world famous sex object or something when she took her performance to the next level. Ling stepped closer, mere inches from Mia and I, put her right foot on a small hassock that was at our feet and mentally stepped into the starring role of a porno production that was playing out before our eyes.

Sometime much later I learned that as Ling watching me feel up her sister plus being able to hear me whisper an unending barrage of filth about how hot she was and performed made her more turned on than she had ever been before in her life.

Ling listened me say things to her sister like, “Mia look at you hot little sister, look at the sweat all over her wouldn’t you like to help me lick it all off her sexy body.”

“Mia, tell me baby, can you just imagine how hot, damp and tasty her pussy is now?”

“Tell me Mia what do you think Ling would like right now, do you think she wants my cock or maybe she really wants to feel your sweet tongue licking up all that sugary sweat?”

As the filth flowed from my mouth they both reacted as Ling danced with, if possible, more erotic emotion and Mia without realizing what she was doing reached up undoing the few buttons left before pulling the top of her dress down to her waist filling my hand with more easily attained tit.

Ling seeing us almost lost it completely, pulling her dress top open with such violence a couple of the top buttons popped off with such violence that one hit the side of my head as it bounced off and continued on behind me. Ling just went nuts with her other hand sliding below her dress causing the hem dress to ride up to her elbow but unfortunately the Black G-string she wore was blocked her treasures from my eyes as her hand had slid beneath it covering it completely with its darkness not to mention also hiding the violent demonstration of her apparent frustrated act of masturbation.

As all this transpired Mia’s body molded tighter into mine with her resting her head back on my shoulder. And as she did I looked down seeing a look on Mia’s face so hot and erotic it virtually took my breath away as I saw her lips quivering and was left with little choice but to kiss her and I did so with passion. As I kissed her somewhere deep inside me a passion emerged that I had not know since I was sixteen again and being tutored into the world of sexual adulthood by that woman almost twenty years my senior and altered my life forever.

As they say, much of life tends to repeat itself, and here it was again the same situation, only reversed. Settled into my arms and resting on my lap was this teen beauty that was more than twenty years my junior whose lips were completely locked to mine in violent warfare. Warfare wagged between tongues and as our tongues battled our eyes were also locked but oddly not on each other but remained locked on Ling.

Ling continued to dance but had once again added to its intensity, all of the rest of dresses frontal buttons had ceremoniously been undone and as her hips rotated she began like a Genie sliding free of her bottle Ling slid free of her dress with the erotic drama that would have made the best on stage at the striptease joint performer jealous.

Once Ling’s dress hit the floor and she stood there free of all things that kept her charms from our eyes except that tiny black and lace fringed G-string and matching up-lift bra that hid little even Mai had to gasp along with me at her sexiness.

After I caught my breath I filled Mia’s ear with the lurid statement, “I want to eat her like a fine desert and you too.”

“Oh God, oh my God,” Mia moaned in response.

“Help me baby, help me get her, NOW” I yelled aloud to Mia.

In almost an instant Mia and I had dragged Ling onto her back flat on the bed with Mia and I over her as Ling continued to laugh and was putting no fight at all even knowing out intent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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