Afternoon Delights

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It was a fine, late spring day, a perfect day on which to tend to the garden.

Eve weeded her rose garden, Judy walked up silently, falling to her knees beside Eve, and began to help. Eve looked at Judy and smiled. As Judy continued to pull weeds, Eve got up and filled the watering can and poured water at the base of the roses. Some of the water splashed up on Judy, getting the front of her shirt wet. She smiled, stood up, and took the water can from Eve and poured it over her head. Eve was speechless as Judy’s firm round breasts were clearly outlined by her now wet tee shirt. As Judy wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples were protruding and easily visible. Eve choked back a gasp and smiling, took the water can and poured the last of the water over her own head. Laughing and shaking water out of her eyes, Eve realized Judy was staring at her wet breasts standing out against her wet tee shirt too. Judy licked her lips and smiled. Eve smiled back.

Emboldened by Judy’s reaction to her breasts, she took Judy’s hand and guided it to her breasts. Judy just stood there fingering the erect nipple between her finger and thumb and stared at the breast in her hand. It’s now or never she thought and she reached up and took Judy’s breast in her hand and like Judy had done, she rubbed the nipple between her finger and thumb. Judy’s breath gushed in and out, in flustered gasps, as her eyes opened wide at the sensation. Eve slowly lifted Judy’s tee shirt over her head and pulled it off and at the same time pulled off her own shirt. Standing there in the garden with bare breasts Judy looked like a young goddess. Her breasts bahis firmaları were beautiful, firm and high with light pink nipples and a nice size like a grapefruit and just begging to be licked and suckled.

Eve took Judy by the hand and led her to the gazebo and the privacy it would ensure. As Judy sat down, Eve gently reached up and lifted a breast in her hand and stroked it. Judy, laying on her back, let out a guttural sigh and looked at Eve, as she bent her head to pull the nipple into her mouth. Suckling on Judy’s breast, Eve slid a hand down the front of Judy’s shorts and brushed her fingers back and forth over Judy’s clit. Judy wiggled and moaned her pleasure. Eve slid the shorts off Judy’s hips and dropped them on the floor. Lying across Judy, Eve now kissed her full on the mouth and licked her lips gently with the tip of her tongue. Judy opened her mouth and Eve took it as an invitation and plunged her eager tongue deep, licking the inside of Judy’s sweet tender mouth. Judy returned the passionate kiss and began sucking on Eve’s tongue, almost swallowing it down her throat…

Eve decided this was best taken inside before they got caught fucking in the gazebo. Rising to her feet she took Judy by the hand and led her into the house and down the hall through the open bedroom door. Without any prompting Judy reached out and slid Eve’s shorts off her hips so they were both now naked. Lying back on the bed Judy reached up and gently touched her wet pink tongue to the tip of Eve’s breast, making her sigh and move into a position that would allow them to suck each other’s breasts at the same time. kaçak iddaa Licking around the full bottom of a breast, licking the nipple and then sucking it deep into her mouth, Eve was in heaven as Judy followed her every move. Eager to learn, Judy followed Eve’s lead and did everything she did. Licking and sucking and gently biting down on the nipple and rolling the nipple of the other breast in her fingers.

Each one made sure to lave equal attention to each breast. Eve slid her hand down and began to slowly dance her fingers over Judy’s clit and just waited for the reaction she was sure would follow. Judy thrust her hips up toward the invading hand and Eve obliged by stroking Judy’s cunt with her fingers. Slowly and gently inserting a finger Eve was not surprised to find Judy was a virgin, confirming her idea that the 20 year old was indeed as innocent as she looked. Eve was very gentle as she worked her fingers in and out of Judy’s cunt making sure not to disturb the hymen she found. She moved around and slid down Judy’s belly, licking every inch of skin, while still fingering the wet willing cunt. As she reached her goal she licked Judy’s clit with the tip of her tongue and was rewarded with a wiggle of Judy’s hips and a moan. Now Eve licked and sucked the clit, lowering her head to inhale the fresh sweet scent of Judy’s cunt. As she licked and sucked, Judy wiggled and moaned with uninhibited pleasure.

Reaching into the drawer by the bed Eve drew out her favourite sex toy, a double headed 15″ cock shaped dildo. She showed it to Judy and her eyes opened wide with surprise. Judy’s legs dropped wide open kaçak bahis and she licked her lips and nodded her consent. Licking the dildo Annie slowly inserted it into Judy’s glistening cunt. Slowly, as to make the invasion and deflowering a pleasant experience, Eve kissed Judy deeply as she reached down and pushed the dildo into Judy’s virgin folds. A deep, sharp intake of breath was the only sign of Judy’s hymen being broken, as was the drop of blood that trickled out around the dildo. Eve moved into position and inserted the other end of the dildo deep into her own cunt and started a clit-to-clit, face-to-face, dance of pure bliss.

Kissing Judy deeply, and grinding her cunt against hers Annie moaned as Judy rocked with her. As Eve began to build toward an orgasm, Judy shook and almost exploded off the bed as her first ever orgasm overtook her. Eve shouted and exploded too. Collapsing in each other’s arms they laid there kissing and settling back to earth. Judy stirred and reaching down between their bodies and removed the dildo. As Judy looked at the blood on the sheet Eve was afraid Judy would cry, but instead she just smiled. What happened next put all of Eve’s fears to rest. Judy slid down the bed between Eve’s legs and began to lick and suck her cunt and clit, using her fingers just like Eve had. Judy quickly brought Anne to another orgasm.

The two laid there in the bed kissing, licking and sucking each other for hours, tempered by short, blissful rests and cuddles. As the sun began to go down Judy reluctantly rose and began looking for her clothes, when Eve motioned that they were still outside in the garden and the gazebo. Laughing the two ran outside to retrieve them and as Judy got dressed; she smiled at Eve and gave her one last deep kiss. Then Judy disappeared back through the hedge between their two houses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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