Aeris and the Paris Exhibit

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[Scene 1] – The Meeting

“Aeris works in the accounting field. She will be the one meeting with you. The Paris Exhibit, the art collection and exhibition you are interested in investing in, is a big investment for us too.” Rick said, looking at a picture of his wife on his office desk.

“Well, she works in accounting, will she know about the social impact of my venture?”

“Yes. Yes.” Rick starts twirling his coffee with his hand and takes a sip.

“Our company has a a long list of clients who invest in a variety of capital and marketing ventures, such as art. Aeris has been doing this for a long time, and so have we. Her reporting is excellent and she can answer most any question our clients have about investments, including rare, obscure opportunities like this.” Rick assured.

“Ok,” Mark replied. “I just wanted to make sure I can get the whole picture here, you know all the details, so I’m not, you know, left in the dark about something as simple as the art collection’s owner’s name and number.”

“Certainly, she’s our best sales person. She is very desirable at other firms in today’s market, because she has a talent in presenting information, I think you will like her report on this. It’s very organized. I’ve read it myself. How much do you know about the Paris Exhibit?”

“Not a whole lot, my company is small, but I’ve read the papers, and we need something out in the open to attract attention. This collection of art from Paris, it seems like the right choice because of our location.”

“Islington, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m sure Aeris has worked out how it might impact the town, or Island I should say. She will have the maps, demographics, and most importantly discussion, on a face to face basis. It’s important that we establish an open communication, face to face, so that you are reassured of your investment. It will also clear up details, like you mentioned. Aesthetics, things like that.”

“Thanks, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Ok, great talking with you, Mr. Angier, hope you have a pleasant afternoon.”

“Sure thing.”

Rick hangs up the phone, and looks at a crappy run of the mill painting on his office wall while taking another sip of coffee.

“Hope you can nail this thing Aeris.”

The next rainy morning, Aeris arrives at work in a silky colorful top after she removes her drab rain coat in the lobby closet. She has a confident prowess to her step, and deep breaths lead her long legs through the office halls of U.P. Investments, carrying herself straight into her office on the second floor.

After making coffee this morning at her home, she barely remembers picking up the right briefcase. She puts it down on the desk verifying its identity.

She parts her blonde hair and runs a long streak through it with her classy looking fingers, the wetness from the rain bringing refreshment from the summer heat. Looking out her window, sparrows are taking cover from some rain in the leafy green of the tree, a pair diving down to the company lawn. She opens her briefcase. She notices Ron, looking in her room as he walks briskly by. She takes a sighing breath, and closes the door in a busy-like manner. Peace of mind. She quickly shuffles some papers from her briefcase to her top drawer in her desk. She brings out a folder which reads: Mark Angier – Paris Exhibit.

“Ok.” Aeris asserts.

She quickly flips through and counts with her fingers.

“Introduction, Art investments – General, Demographics, Maps, Paris portfolio, Accounting, Financing, – whoops. Oh shit. This doesn’t belong here.”

She grabs a cluster of pages stapled together. She puts them in her top drawer.

“Can’t be doing this, even if it is vacation.” She whispers to herself. She taps a cluster of papers on the desk, straigtening them.

“Ok, everything is all set. This should be a walk in the park. But I can’t be sure, it is an Island in Maine after all. I don’t know the people very well.”

KNOCK KNOCK, the door sounds.

She closes her briefcase and grabs it, opening the door with a smile. It’s Kayla, Aeris’ good friend, with her eyebrows raised and her hips swung out with her hand on her side.

“Did you see those hotties this morning? The movers?”

“No..” Aeris tilts her head. “I must have missed them. I’m on my way to a meeting. You have to start making your moves Kayla, not just daydream..”

“I Know…” Kayla says with comfortable agreement. “I know, I do a lot of one night dates. But hey, I just like to have fun…and I use those daydreams. You know…while I’m working it!”

Kayla moves her hips around in a circle then raises her hand as if to slap her ass. They both laugh.

“Ok, I gotta go Kayla.” Aeris says as she walks out the door past Kayla. “Call me next week after my vacation!!” She says as she walks towards Rick’s office.

Who goes on Vacation to work? I do.. I guess it’s worth it. I like the attention, and the recognition from everyone here. Now, just gotta convince him that I am all set, give bakırköy escort him a little blip about more work to be done, and then get to working on my hobby, the sexy scripts that rake in that extra cash.. I like making side profit with these things. I’m so smart. I wonder if Rick would ever…nahh….

Rick always has a cup of coffee on his desk that he is nursing as he busily goes through client details and makes calls.

“Aeris, I just have one thing to say. Thanks for taking this job on your vacation. I hope everything goes ok.” He stands up and puts his hand on her shoulder as he walks her out.

“I want you, if you want, to leave early today, if you want of course, you can.”

“Oh. Thanks Rick. I appreciate that. Is that because you want me to nail this job?”

Rick smiles.

“Haha, exactly. No I’m kidding. I just want you to know I appreciate your work, especially this client, because it’s, you know, obscure. The art thing.”

“Thanks Rick, but actually I’m going to stay, at least until lunch. I have just a little bit of research I want to go over about the town, Islington. I have everything all set for Friday for Mark. I just want to go over some details about the town, because it’s an Island, I need to be confident, and witty, you know? I’ll do my best. Thanks again.” She gives him a smile of genuine appreciation that he trusts her. She can always pull a rabbit out of her hat to smooth things out.

“I trust you. Don’t worry.” Rick offers his hand for a shake and says “good luck” in a serious tone and then smiles and says in laughing manner “And by golly have some fun! You work too hard.”

Aeris, in her office, diligently and thoughtfully works hard at writing. They are gonna love this. She thinks. At the top of the page is a watermark of her pen name, “Water Lily” who she is known in the underworld of the sex fantasy industry.

She finishes writing a chapter, which has a lot of props and space for sexy dialog, including a dramatic space for actors and actresses to act out their desires on the stage of which she has set. The actual stage is mostly in the basements and clubs of local places, but she really never knows, she just writes them. But the places she takes them are far greater than poorly decorated basements and apartments. She takes them to lavish resorts, wild jungles, cities, and heartfelt villages with waiters, exciting venues of the erotic mind. She gives them characters they can act as they please, which is where the real money is made. What they do with her scripts is where “Water Lily” ends. She never goes beyond the deal, she just collects the cash.

At lunch she reads Magic Tricks: A Novice’s Guide, of which she thinks up elaborate tricks, sex tricks, for her scripts, that add something of a secret ingredient to her latest script. The lunchroom is lit with fluorescent lighting, and is crammed with hungry office workers. Three of her coworkers sit in the lunch room at the table next to her. There is a bustling of talking and hand gestures all throughout the lunch room because lunch just started. It’s fairly loud, and Aeris has trouble concentrating reading.

She is deep into a peanut butter sandwich, that she made in the morning in a hurry. I’m so hungry. Her ass is sore today, and she closes her eyes imagining the relief of a massage. Blindfolded, maybe have him rub her butt for a while, then … lick her pussy, and lick a playing card with his tongue. She would then identify that card while blindfolded. If she got it right, he would have to eat her pussy again, lick another card, and add it to the table. After a while it would all smell like pussy and she wouldn’t be able to identify the right card.

That’s when I would kiss his lips and suck his dick, Aeris thinks as she takes her last bite of the sandwich, eye gnawing the closest guy to her. Then she finishes her milk.

Tyra, a fit black woman in stretchy pants suddenly notices that Aeris is reading a book of magic tricks. She leans away from her conversation.

“Are you gonna do some tricks for us?”, she asks in a joking manner.

Caught daydreaming, she sees Tyra and blushes. Somehow Tyra seems to have caught her off guard.

She takes a surprising quick breath, noticing how sexy Tyra looks in her sporty outfit.

“OH. UM. NO.” Aeris mutters, chewing. Touching her face, she looks away, then looks back to Tyra and swallows. “I’m just getting ideas…I mean I’m just reading this for fun.”

Tyra’s table jokes a gesture of disappointment.

“Awww……” Trya pouts and then turns her attention back to her yogurt, keeping the the men’s attention at her table.

Aeris closes the book and drinks her milk, and daydreams about her vacation business trip.

Kayla suddenly appears.

“Why are you reading a magic book?” Kayla asks, ready to investigate. Tyra looks over as well. Aeris hesitates, and a few others glance over. She can’t really think of anything to say. She’s been handling both business and sex scripts in başakşehir escort the same briefcase.

“I’m a magician, but only part time.” she says with a smirk, and walks out of the lunch room, leaving a few curious expressions.

[Scene 2 – Briefcase]

Aeris arrives in Portland, ready to take a bus north.

“Should be just around the corner here.” she says looking at a map.

She walks on the sidewalk and then turns in an alley between two apartment complexes. Everything has that grayish concrete tint to it, and the coolness of the shadows. There are high fire exit ladders and a few garbage dumpsters. These are the kind of places I sell my scripts to, it figures. They are dirty. The alley doesn’t look so bad on a bright day though.

There is one person in the alley, Katrina, a young Asian woman wearing a yellow, sports jumpsuit standing on a steel grated platform. Her yellow outfit is pretty tight, and her nipples form two erect pinnacles as she walks closer. There are streaks of purple in her black hair.

“You are Aeris?” Katrina assumes, chewing gum, circling around Aeris, looking at her body.

“Yea. It’s me, Aeris. You must be Katrina, I’ve met you before?”

She puts her finger in her mouth and her other hand on her hip.

“Yes. I have something for you. I am a big fan.” she says.

“Listen. I have to get going, I’m sorry. I have a bus to catch. Do you have the money?”

“I have money. Here.”

She reaches behind her back and pulls out a wad of cash. She hands it to Aeris. There is a small travel bag next to Katrina.

“I made an outfit for you, I love your work. We have a lot of fun with your scripts.” She hands Aeris the bag.

“I don’t know if I can-“, “I mean, I’m going to work right now.”

“Take it, you can use it at work. It has a vibrator in it.” Katrina says with a smile.

Yeah Right. Although something in Katrina’s eyes tells Aeris to take the bag.

She picks it up. Not too heavy. I’ll just keep it in my hotel room.

“OK. I’ll take it. Thank you. And now for you.”

Aeris hands her a waterproof plastic folder with the sex scripts inside. Katrina seems satisfied with the weight. She hugs the package, then twirls her finger in her mouth looking at Aeris.

“You’re sure you can’t hang out for a few minutes? I’ll make it worth your while.” She slides her hand in back of her. Then back up to her lips.

“I really can’t, but thank you.”

“OK. Here’s my number if you change your mind.”

“Ok. Thanks. Is there anything I should know about the, lingerie?”

“Yea.” Katrina arches her chest forward displaying her petite nipples, and licks her lips in a circle, then spits her gum across the alley standing up straight again with one hand on her hip.

“When you sit down, a vibrator will turn on. Soft strings are clipped to the bra, they go around your shoulders, down your back, under your butt to a switch. When you sit down, it tugs on a switch that controls a vibrator in your panties. You wear it under regular clothing. Anytime you are sitting, you are in bondage. It’s easy. Stand up, it turns off.”

Aeris’s eyebrows raise.

“That’s pretty intense. I don’t know if I could-“

“No. You can handle it, all you have to do is stand up, it turns off. I made it special.” Katrina says. “Give me a call if you want to hang out.”

A few people walk past the alley mumbling. Aeris turns her head a bit and then back to Katrina.

“Ok. Thanks. You have fun too.” Aeris says, trying to make it quick.

Katrina turns around and walks up the stairs. Her pale ass is showing. It pours out of from the edges of a wide hole that was made. It waggles quickly up the steps eagerly awaiting the details contained in the plastic folder. Aeris smiles at the sight, and walks briskly out of the alley with her luggage.

[Chapter 3 – Islington Island]

The ferry arrives at Islington Island, a town of lure and mystery. Many stories have been written about the island, it’s inhabitants, mostly based on naval expeditions, shipwrecks, and lighthouses. It’s city life started to hustle and bustle after a boost from the local hotel industry. Many hotels were rebuilt or renovated over old ones, including the Ratmatak Inn, where Aeris stays.

She calls Mark Angier, her contact, in her room, after boring lectures from the front desk. She feels the need for action. She feels like the meeting can’t wait until tomorrow. She’s prepared and ready to get the negotiations over with so she can enjoy the rest of her vacation. She calls him up and asks him to meet her tonight, in her hotel room. He declines saying he is not prepared to talk business this late and they agree on brunch in the morning instead, as scheduled, at the Antoli Ristorante. She hangs up the phone in her empty hotel room.

The hotel room doesn’t offer much of a view. She looks out at a parking lot full of cars and pulls the curtains shut. She looks at her briefcase, and thumbs through the index tabs.

Everything bayrampaşa escort is here, I’ve been going over this for two weeks. The Paris Exhibit. An arrangement of the expressionist period’s most vivid works from Paris born artists. Well, that’s great for them. Artists who are appreciated for what they do. Then again, they are half way across the world, separated from the joy of sharing their art by oceans and more oceans. Separated from seeing the full effect of their art. Like me. I never cross the line between fantasy and reality. I walk up to the line, and throw a package across, a letter.. Maybe it is too unrealistic. My secret scripts, too hidden and tucked away that by the time they are unfolded into view they look like a cardboard box with crayon figures drawn on them, used by juvenile perverts to make a mess. But what about my expressions, don’t they count for something? When will they be recognized? What about MY desires, as a lover?

She opens a slot in the back.

“Oh shit, not again.”

She pulls out a script and starts reading it. It bothers her that she never seems to get to orgasm anymore, it’s too much of a bore in the typical dating scene. She can’t risk going over the line to the dark side, the people and sex perverts she sells her writing to for pleasure. She has to settle with boring dates from the office acquaintances and friends. She can never live out any of the fantasies she writes about. It would be too risky. Never seeing the fruits of her labor makes her turn her head away. She slams the folder shut.

Then she notices the small bag Katrina gave her. She opens up the zipper and pulls out the outfit.

“It looks sexy enough, I think it could pass as business related.” she jokes to herself.

“So this goes around my bra, and over my shoulders, down to ass crack, and flips a switch hmm.” she says as she examines the string and clips.

She takes a deep breath, and then undresses. The panties slip on easily. She searches with a hand behind her back to grab the two strings and pulls them over her shoulders, attaching them to the bra.

The outfit fits nicely, it’s suprisingly comfortable. She bounces her body up and down to test the comfort.

I wonder if it–



Her surprised face smiles a little bit as she sits on the bedside. The strands of the silky cord tug tight in her ass crack triggering the vibrator on, and pull her breasts up with her bra at the same time.

Wow, that vibrator actually works, I can’t believe Katrina, she’s got talent!

Aeris stands up and feels invigorated with life. The vibrator stops and she feels powerful, in control. She stands up very straight. The panties are still soft and comfortable. She crosses her legs to test the vibrator’s abrasion in her crotch. Feels fine. Wow.

Her eyes look sideways, expecting surprise as she sits down again.


She gulps a guilty pleasure as she contains her moan and wiggles in her panties on the bed. It’s right on my clitoris, I never get to do this…it’s so, so…

“OhhHH!…” Aeris moans as she jumps up, embarrassed. She takes breath and laughs out loud, smiling to herself.

She sits down slower this time, knowing what to expect, triggering the vibrator with a noticeable * tik*, and is able to contain herself. She starts rubbing her thighs, and wiggling her bottom around on the bed for a few minutes.

She squeezes her labia folds together through the panty fabric. The battery powered vibrator is sewn into a pouch, creating a bulge that is shaking. She pushes the bulge in. Holding it for a few minutes, she yelps louder, thinking of a man she met on the bus ride. Arching backward and forward causes sliding of the string in her butt crack. She tries to think of what Mark might look like.

She falls back in the bed, lets out a big sigh of relief, turning her head on the pillow. The clock says 11:49.

“Shit, It’s late.”

The next morning, the shadows from the trees of the Antoli Restaurant courtyard disappear, letting in morning sun to the tables and chairs, which start to be unstacked by a busboy. He carefully arranges them around the iron tables that have intricate swirls of metal for a tabletop. An old lady waters the flowers, and heads back towards the inside, probably to the kitchen as she puts on her hairnet. Mark Angier enters the iron gates at 10:00 AM, and picks a table at the outside courtyard of the restaurant, among a few other customers soaking in warm sunshine. He orders a coffee and reads a newspaper.

Aeris is strutting down the streets of Islington, with full confidence. She is looking to the sky. Her skirt is black, and tight. Her dressy top reveals her bra that gives her the gusto that men get when they wear tight jeans around women. She feels sexy, powerful, and ready to nail this meeting, and sell the investment The Paris Exhibit to Mr. Mark Angier. A few men in passing cars take a peek at her revealed bra, and more than one woman is envious of her confidence, inhaling a few threatened breaths of air. She crosses the inside of the gate of the restaurant with a swagger and places her briefcase down next to the only businessman there, Mr. Angier, who is sitting alone reading a newspaper. It’s a warmer than usual morning, and her hamstrings and thighs are heated up from walking a few blocks in the heat under a formal black skirt.

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