Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 19

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(Just one more chapter left after this one of Wiley the Coyote, bootlegger and fucker. Wiley remembers when he fucked Madam Buterfly and Susie’s girlfriend, 18 year old Debbie in the ass).


I was driving the 72′ black Fury on my way south one day when an oncoming pick-up truck flashed his headlights indicating either a hazard or cop ahead.

I turned onto a side road and drove half a mile or so then parked. I turned the state radio on under the seat and listened.

Then I remembered I was going south to pick up—I was empty, nada, no dope, no whiskey.

Hahahaha–Geez, what an idiot—just a knee jerk reaction. I turned around and headed south again.

Over the hill I saw the road block, two state cars checking licenses.

As I approached, the trooper just waved me on. I saluted as I drove by and the tall lanky fellow saluted back.

They stared as I passed by. I suspected it was the throaty sound of the 440 engine and hood air intake that sparked their interest.

It was the end of August 1974, my second or third delivery to Queenies Bar; Madam Butterfly, the owner, was directing a rehearsal on stage. She saw me, smiled and walked over to take my hand and lead me to her office.

She was a gorgeous woman (transgender). She was tall, long legs, long dark hair and an Indian tan complexion. Her titties were perfect and she had a perfect firm ass. She had on a tank top that showed her big nipples, small gym shorts that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks, and high heels but you could not see her cock bulge. (I looked. . .hard).

“Did you hear about Jones? Some couple shot him not far from here. We’re donating money to pay for his funeral,” she reported in her husky feminine voice. (Referring to the recent murder of WD Jones of infamous Bonnie and Clyde gang of 1930’s).

I pulled her to me and kissed her full red lips tasting her lipstick and smelling her perfume. She kissed back as her hand felt my hard-on straining in my jeans.

“Oh, aren’t we randy today,” she giggled.

“Funerals make me horny,” I said and she chuckled.

She kneeled down and opened my pants, pulling them down to my knees. My cock sprang straight out at her face like a jab and its constitution was like a fire-hydrant. It was swollen and thick. She opened her mouth and her red lips stretched over the white shank.

I held her head pushing my cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue massaged the head of my excited prick. Her hand massaged my balls and she sucked wonderfully making moaning sounds. She managed to swallow my entire cock down her throat.

I pulled her up and together we stripped quickly. I marveled at her proud titties and her flaccid fat cock. Again I held her and she grasped my hard cock. I un-wrapped a magnum condom and she expertly rolled it down my cock. She had anal lube on her desk and applied some to my pulsing dick.

I turned her around and pushed her face down to bend over the glass-top desk. She presented her fine, plump, hard-ass cheeks for my inspection. I opened her cheeks to view her anal opening, a small open hole surrounded by a brown puckered corona. The well used opening was big enough to fit a finger in easily.

I pushed my cock into her ass slowly as she grimaced once or twice. I poked and pushed the shoulder in and out as my cock seemed to expand and snake inside her ass.

I reached both hands to her large nipples—pinching and pulling—she cried out in sweet agony pushing her ass onto my cock. I stroked her “pussy stick” as I fucked her ass.

She worked her ass impaling my fat cock a little at a time until she had it all. I could feel her firm ass cheeks on my upper thighs.

The wall behind her desk was mirrored. I could see her face contort in pleasure as she wiggled her ass on my throbbing cock.

I could see her perfect titties and her cock that was now hard and jutting out swinging and bobbing as she swayed her hips.

I heard a deep groan and realized it was Butterfly enjoying the passion and fullness within her rectum. “Fuck me—fuck me Wiley—fuck my ass,” she encouraged me.

I pumped her ass harder and pulled almost out and back in harder and faster each time. I frigged her hard cock in a blurr.

We fucked like that for three or four minutes when she cried out that she was cumming.

I swear I heard cries and applause but figured it was the rehearsal.

I could see a small stream of white jism ooze from her cock head over my hand.

I stopped pumping and slowly withdrew my cock still hard from her tight scabbard. She used a towel to clean her cock and my hand.

She turned, kissed me hard, removed the condom and had me sit in her leather chair.

She coated her palm with oil and kneeled in front of me on the carpet. She frigged and sucked my cock head and alternating the frigging and sucking until my cock erupted.

My body tensed and I let out an awwwggghhh. She sucked on my cock as it exploded in her mouth.

She had a spittoon by the chair that she bahis firmaları spit a big mouthful of cum into. Then she rinsed her mouth with a bottle of vodka and spit that in the spittoon also.

“Oh, that was so good baby,” she said smiling. The door opened and two ladies walked in. They were smiling and giggling as I sat there with my naked spent cock hanging out.

“That was so hot,” one said. The ladies all chatted like it was a TV show.

Turns out that the mirror was a two way and the two ladies were also trans-gendered and they were watching us fuck.

That was August past.

Time flies by when you’re having fun. “A year flies by like a day when you get older,” said my dear old pappy.

And a year has come and gone since I met Bobbie and Madeline. Madeline delivered a healthy baby boy with the help of a midwife and two very anxious women, Bobbie and Susie. Madeline was calm except when pushing as she soaked in the big antique tub.

I received a page as I passed through Austin on my way to Dallas. I stopped to call home. Susie answered who excitedly said Madeline had a baby and abruptly hung up. Duhhh!!!

I didn’t see the birth but Susie said the baby squirted out in the warm water as the midwife plucked him out of her womb. Apparently the tub of water was an old midwife tool. (Go figure).

Madeline recuperated quickly and she was very proud of her little blond haired blue eyed boy. The girls all clucked at his wee fat baby penis. He was big boy and his fat little cheeks suckled greedily on Madeline’s tits.

Spring was upon us. The leaves were quickly turning green. The days were brighter and warmer.

The house was always a flurry of activities. The girls loved the hot tub on the back porch.

Bobbie was expected to deliver the last week of April or May and Bonnie was due in June.

Susie was doing very well in college. I bought her a red Ford Mustang convertible. Susie remodeled her own bedroom and found the furniture that she liked.

She liked for me to sleep with her while Madeline slept in the nursery and Bobbie needed more sleep.

I whipped her at her request once a week with the leather flogger turning her ass a bright red. Her pussy flowed like no other and it enhanced her anal orgasms to a higher out of body experience.

Susie was a very responsible girl. She made lots of friends at college. She liked to socialize and study with her friends.

Occasionally, she brought a girl friend home to spend the night. I was always respectful, hands off and impressed with her friends. Her best friend’s name was Debbie, 18, a little mousy brunette with cute freckles and big brown eyes. The girls seemed to know what the other one was thinking. They liked to go horseback riding at a neighboring stable.

I was working in the barn one afternoon when Debbie walked in under the pretense of looking for Susie. I had noticed her blatantly staring at me before but shrugged it off as nothing. But once alone, we hit it off immediately.

I kissed her softly on the lips and she wrapped her arms around my neck. We French kissed and I rubbed her crotch roughly with my hand. I felt the heat and moisture through her jeans.

I told her we would have to get Susie’s permission to fuck. My cock was hard as a honeymoon prick. Her small fingers grasped the bulge in my jeans and she moaned in appreciation.

She said that she would ask Susie. She wanted to fuck that night. Susie walked in the barn and I told her that Debbie wanted to fuck me. She seemed pleased and told Debbie that she would really enjoy it not like quick sex with other boys she knew.

“I want to see his cock,” Debbie said boldly. Susie nodded and I unfastened my pants and pulled them down. My cock sprang straight out hard as a rock. She let out a sigh and her eyes were transfixed on the sight of the massive shaft and big pink head.

“Oh my—its so big—it’s so much bigger than any cock I’ve ever seen before,” she exclaimed as her small hand reached out and shook hands with the one eyed monster.

Her fingers could not reach half way around the girth and the feeling of her cool fingers lightly pulling on the skin was maddening.

She marveled at the seven inch thickness at the head and the whopping eight inches at the base.

“Its bigger than my wrist,” she exclaimed.

I wanted to taste her and fuck her and watch her face in agony as my fat cock stretched her small pussy.

“Feel his balls—they’re big too,” Susie said. Debbie held the monster up with one hand inspected the nut sack below and reached under with her other hand to gently lift and feel the huge nuts.

“Oh my God—they are big,” she exclaimed as she hefted each lemon-sized nut and lightly squeezed in her examination.

“Kiss it—just bend down and kiss it,” said Susie. Debbie giggled a little and her face was crimson but she leaned over raising my cock to her lips and planted a kiss on the bulbous head.

A drop of my pre-cum moistened her lips and she licked them with kaçak iddaa her tongue. She administered her tongue on my cock head with great effect.

Susie gave me a look of passion unlike any I had seen in her before. This was her conquest of sorts and I was the toy in her scheme.

“Hmmmm—his cum tastes good,” she said to Susie as she pulled this way and that on my turgid member.

“See if you can put it in your mouth—why don’t you get on your knees and suck it,” suggested Susie.

Debbie kneeled down and looking at the fat cock in her hand, licked the head and opened her mouth to squeeze the plum sized head between her lips.

“Hummpppfff—gaaaahgg,” she moaned as the huge head spread her jaw open to its fullest breech. She used both hands to gently frig the shaft as she suffered stretched lips and an engorged mouth.

My cock released a small amount of cum and she relished the fluid in her mouth and swallowed it greedily. Susie grasped her hair and pushed her face hard onto my swollen cock.

Debbie attempted to take more but she was unaccustomed to such a thick cock and gagged.

Susie pulled her head back. My cock popped out of her lips and Debbie’s mouth was white with jism and spit that connected my cock with her mouth in a thick string.

“Now it’s his turn to kiss your pussy,” explained Susie. “Here, let’s pull off your pants,” she said as she pulled open the belt and helped Debbie to strip. I likewise pulled of my shoes and jeans.

Standing naked before me was a perfect figure of a young girl with firm titties and brown nipples. Her face was charming with a few freckles and upturned nose. Her stomach was flat and her cunny was capped with soft dark brown hair.

I tossed a thick moving blanket over the tool table and lifted her butt to sit on the edge. The table height put her pussy in direct line of my cock. I massaged her titties and pinched lightly teasing her nipples.

I kissed her and pushed my tongue in her mouth taking her breath away. My hands squeezed tightly around her titties and I pulled on her nipples hard causing her to wince and squirm.

I pushed her back and lifted her legs and knees so each foot rested on my back as my face plunged between her legs to her Venus mound.

My eyes feasted on her small pussy. The perfect proportion of the lips and budding pink fissure caused my cock to strain and my mouth to salivate.

My face was one inch away and I inhaled her near virginal pussy scent. It filled my nostrils and caused great eagerness for my tongue to taste the sweet juice of such a fragrant flower.

I pushed her dewy pussy hair aside with my fingers opening the slit for my close inspection. The bright pink clam opened showing a very tight crevice and a small protruding clitoris at the cleft.

“Oh, Susie, she has a beautiful pussy—it’s so small and soft and look how wet she is,” I said proudly.

“He really likes your pussy—yes she has a very pretty pussy,” replied Susie. Debbie covered her face and eyes with her arm.

I savored the flavor of her pussy with my tongue by inserting it in her moist slit and sucking her slick cunny juice in my mouth. The taste of her thick creamy cunny was exquisite and I said so. Debbie squirmed under my gentle assault and moaned.

I held her pussy lips open and began vigorously licking of her anus and open cunny stopping at her little clitoris. I felt the buttery smooth nether hole with my tongue and savored its tangy taste.

She seemed surprised at my assault of her small brown anus. I gradually forced more tongue inside her pouty anal opening each time using her pussy juice as penetrating lubricant.

I took my time causing Debbie to squirm uncontrollably and her hips rose in anticipation of my tongue strokes. I held open her small pussy lips and sucked her clit while stroking it with the tip of my tongue.

My tongue attacked the small nub like a boxer striking a speed bag. Her breathing became shallow and her hips bucked tying to dislodge my suction on her cleft. Her juice poured out of her pussy streaming in her crack and anus soaking into the thick green pad.

I applied my middle finger to her pouty anus opening. It slipped into her buttery smooth sheath with ease. I pushed the entire digit within her rectum testing for any feces.

Once I was certain that her rectum was an empty cavern, I stretched her virgin ass with two fingers while continuing my tongue assault on her clitoris.

I used my forefinger to fuck her tight little cunt while two fingers fucked her anus and I maintained my animalistic sucking and tongue rhythm on her clitoris.

She was soon on her first journey of blissful orgasm and I was the first man to give her such sweet pleasure.

“AWWWWW—Oh GAAWWWDDD—OOOOOO—UUHHHHH,” she screamed as she let her body cum over and over.

I could feel wave after wave of orgasm wash over her in electric jerks as her body contorted and spasmed in one cum after another—I sucked and licked and prodded her ass and pussy with my fingers as kaçak bahis she came and came.

My face and tongue were tired and her cum filled my mouth. I forced her creamy juice inside her tight rectum with my lips and tongue.

I gave her a minute to recover from her extreme orgasm. I asked Susie to hold her ankles up to her breasts and my fat cock pushed inside her small cunny lips.

The sight of my big cock head as it spread and nestled between the swollen lips of her slit brought on a renewed animalistic lust. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of her pussy stretched over my cock head.

My cock oozed pre-cum into her slit and it flowed out like whip cream all around my cock head providing additional lubricant for the work ahead.

Her pussy was hot and creamy slick. I pushed the head into the tight opening feeling the gripping pressure shape my cock to fit inside her tight little pussy.

I could hear the sluicing sound as her pussy gave way to my forced entrance.

I jabbed in little strokes trying to get her tight pussy to adjust to the stretching. My efforts were futile so I grabbed her hips and pushed my bone hard cock half way inside her.

Her body writhed and she gasped in little heaves as my cock suddenly pushed half way inside her. “Gaawww—its too big—ooohhh—ouwee—eeeee—mmppfff—gawwg,” she cried out in sweet agony.

I did not pull back but continued to push my cock harder and deeper stretching her channel beyond her limits. When I stopped pushing, her small pussy pushed back begging to take more.

I checked my advance long enough to savor the moment of such a darling young girl impaled with half of my fat cock.

It was an erotic moment I shall never forget. I couldn’t take my eyes of her face as she grimaced in pain and lust. She felt for the first time what a huge cock does to a small pussy.

The sight of my fat log within her distended pink pussy lips stretched around my white shank caused my cum to boil. I thought she’s going to take the thicker part easier than the shoulder.

I began humping and thrusting and pushing little by little more of the fire plug member stretched deeper and the outer lips were being stretched greater by the thicker base.

My cum was boiling to spew inside her and I knew that I needed to pound her pussy to thwart the ejaculation.

I began pounding my cock harder inside her and within two minutes work; I was in her little cunny to the hilt. My light blond pubes were intertwined with her dark brown crown.

I didn’t stop but for a second to savor the moment and continued to plow her pussy with one inch strokes—then two inch strokes—and then five and six inch strokes slapping her pussy in a smack, smack, smack steady pace.

“Awww—awe—awe—awe—yes—yes—oh fuck—fuck—fuck,” she cried out continuously in whimpering high-pitched gasping tones.

Susie let go of her legs and kissed her lips. They French kissed and Susie pinched and pulled her nipples.

The wet slapping sounds of my cock pounding her pussy and the friction of the pistoning cock drove Debbie into another dimension of intense orgasms.

I could feel her little cunt squirt juice adding lubrication and redoubling my efforts to achieve my own cum. We were both covered in sweat, and her pussy juice was all over my stomach, balls, and I could feel it running down my thighs.

My face was sticky with her cunt juice so my entire body was literally deluged in pussy juice.

Debbie began her fourth or fifth orgasm—her eyes rolled back—her body tensed up—and she muttered incoherently.

“Agggh—agghh—humpfff—awww—gawwwd—I’m cumminnnggg,” she cried out for the fifth time as I sawed faster inside her tight sheath.

I couldn’t cum and realized that all the friction of pounding her pussy had desensitized my cock head.

I stopped fucking her, caught my breath and decided to deflower her anus. My cock was buried in her belly and I asked her if she enjoyed it.

“Did you really enjoy fucking,” I asked.

“Uh-huh, yes,”-she breathed hard—,”yes—it was won-DER-ful,” she exclaimed.

“I need to cum and I want to fuck your ass hole,” I said matter of fact.

“Oh God—I don’t know,” she protested.

“Oh yes, fuck her ass—you’ll love it Debbie,” Susie explained.

“Well, ok—but go slow please,” she whimpered.

Susie held her ankles back and I slowly pulled my distended member soaked in her oily juice and positioned the head at her small pouty hole. I began pushing the head stretching the crinkly nest tight and it popped inside.

“Uggghh—she bleated—but not in pain, the sponge like soft head massaged her entrance for a while as I applied more pressure on the invading shoulder.

I stabbed at her hole for two or three minutes when the shoulder eased in and her ass fell apart with no pain. She closed her eyes and suddenly opened them staring at me with a flush of adoration.

The darling girl discovered the bliss of anal fucking. I could tell by the reaction in her breathing and the jerking of her legs as she shuddered to an anal climax.

I soon had the entire cock imbedded to the hilt. Her buttery smooth sheath gripped and milked my cock. I felt her channel spasm as I stroked at my own pace in and out.

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