Adventures After 35: Episode 07

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In my last episode I had just sucked off Steve the boyfriend of one of Holly’s best friends. The next morning when I woke up, Holly was still sleeping. I lay there looking at her thinking to myself how lucky I was to have such a wonderful girl, who would let me explore my sexuality and wanted to join in as well. I pulled back the sheet exposing her naked body as I let my hand slide up her thigh going slow feeling the softness of her skin. My hand glided across her hip to her waist and up to her breasts. She started to stir looking at me with those sexy blue eyes.

“Morning babe, You still going to let me watch you today?” Holly asked.

“Morning sexy, you can watch me do anything you desire” I told her. I leaned in and kissed her, bringing her in tightly holding her as her leg wrapped across my waist. Our kiss was very passionate and lasted what seemed like a long time. Holly slid on top of me, rubbing her pussy on my cock as I felt the warmth as she reached down and slid my soft cock inside her. Holly leaned down and kissed me again as she worked her pussy muscles on my cock. I could feel my cock beginning to rise inside her as she made her pussy contract and release on my dick. I reached up and began twisting her nipples as she ground her pussy down on me. My cock was becoming fully hard as Holly rolled her hips up and down on my hard dick. She grabbed my hands and pressed them back by my head taking full control of me. She was wiggling her ass as she rose and dropped down on me. I was close to blowing my load as Holly was working my cock like a pro with her pussy. Just as I was about to blow my load she rolled off me and engulfed my cock with her mouth, taking it down her throat and backing off and repeating until I started erupting in her mouth. She sucked every last drop of cum out of my dick then slid up my body and began kissing me, pushing my load into my mouth. We swapped the cum back and forth a few times each of us swallowing a little till it was all gone.

“Now lets get you all cleaned up and ready for you delivery that is coming in today,” Holly said as she walked into the bathroom.

I got up and followed her into the bathroom where she had started the shower and stepped in first motioning me to join her. Once inside the shower, Holly took a lufa sponge and began soaping my body down. She started on my chest taking her time cleaning every pore of my body. She took extra time in cleaning around my cock , balls and ass making sure they was extra clean. Holly then turned me around and pushed me down to my knees and shoved her pussy in my face.

“Eat me out, my cock sucker,” Holly giggled.

I buried my tongue into her pussy, as she grabbed the back of my head pulling me hard into her cunt. I licked up and found her clit sucking on it like it was a small cock. I slid two fingers inside her as pumped them in and out as I continued to suck on her clit. Holly began bucking on my face as I started fingering her faster. She grabbed the back of my head as she filled my mouth with her love juice.

“Go ahead and get dressed baby, while I clean up.” Holly told me.

I was finished getting dressed when Holly got out of the shower. I told Holly I was going on to the office and for her to join me when she was finished getting ready. Once in my office I did a small amount of work before Holly came in. canlı bahis She seemed anxious as the day progressed. I heard the distinctive sound of Gregg’s truck as it pulled in the drive way. I had Holly hide in one of my storage rooms, just as she got in the room good Gregg walked in. He was all smiles as he walked in and dropped off the daily delivery. He grabbed his crotch and rubbed his cock while grinning at me.

“What are you waiting on boy, Don’t you want your special package?” Gregg asked me.

“Yes I want it,” I said as I crossed the room. I was a lil nervous as Holly was watching what was going on. I stood in front of Gregg, and he wrapped his meaty hands around me cupping my ass and squeezing it hard.

“My dick has missed your tight ass bitch. Now get on your knees and worship my cock.” Gregg said.

I dropped to my knees and began licking the crotch of his uniform pants. Gregg grabbed the back of my head rubbing my face all in his crotch as I continued licking it. I unbuttoned his pants and slid his zipper down exposing his green sport boxers, while sliding his pants down I continued licking his cock thru the underwear. Gregg kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants as I let my hands wonder up and began to unbutton his shirt. Gregg had a smooth hairless chest and one of the best looking six packs I have ever seen on a guy. I began kissing my way up his body as I let my hand slid inside his boxers and grab hold of his soft cock. I licked around each of his man nipples, wanting to put on a very good show for my girlfriend as I did my best to please Gregg at the same time.

“You sure are an eager cock slut tonight,” Gregg laughed as I continued licking and sucking on his chest.

Gregg’s cock was beginning to show signs of life as I kissed my way back down his abdomen. Back on my knees I fished his cock out of the boxers and wrapped my lips around the head. His hand went to behind my neck holding me there as I swirled my tongue around his cock head and massaged his balls with my hand. I started taking a little more of his cock in my mouth getting it good and wet with my saliva as I worked it into the back of my throat. I was just getting into a good rhythm of sliding his cock in and pulling it out getting it wetter then sliding it back deeper into my throat, when Gregg pushed me off his cock.

“Get naked slut I want to see your sweet little ass,” he said.

As I took off my clothes, I looked into the dark office window where I knew Holly was watching and winked at her. Gregg laid back on the couch. He was watching me closely as I took off the rest of my clothes.

“Now get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.” Gregg said.

I dropped down and crawled over to Gregg and began licking his balls as he was stroking his cock. Gregg pushed me away again. I looked up at him questioningly as I sat there on my knees looking at his cock and balls.

“You must tell me what you want bitch, ask for it,” Gregg said.

“I want to suck your cock,” I told him.

“Is that all you want bitch,” He shot back.

“No, I want to please you I want you to take my ass, like you did the other night.” I said.

“You want to please me? Will you do anything to please me.” He asked.

“Yes Gregg, just let me have your cock.” I told him.

“That’s my bitch. Now eat my ass, while bahis siteleri you stroke my cock,” Gregg told me.

I wrapped my fingers around Gregg’s hardening cock and began stroking it up and down as I pushed my tongue into his ass and began swirling it all around his rosebud. Amazingly he didn’t smell bad at all, as I buried my face in his ass crack. I began pushing my tongue into his hole as my hand worked over his cock. I was really getting into pleasing Gregg and almost forgot that I was being watched by Holly. Gregg’s cock was getting harder and longer as I continued licking his asshole, shoving my tongue deep in his chute. Gregg stood up pulling me with him.

“Get me some lube bitch, I am ready to fuck that ass.” Gregg said.

I handed him some lube from my desk drawer. I watched as he squirted some in his hand and began stoking it over his hard cock. He just pointed to the wall and I put my hands against the wall bending over and showing him my ass. I felt him squirt some of the lube onto my hole, as he pushed a finger deep inside me. He fingered me for a few minutes working up to three fingers getting me spread and ready to accept his fuck stick. I soon felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my hole, as he just held it there for a second.

“Gregg please give me that cock, I want it bad.” I said.

“That’s a good bitch, daddy is going make you feel real good boy.” Gregg said as he pushed the head of his cock into my ass.

I reached back spreading my ass cheeks as he slowly pushed half of his cock into my hole. Gregg grabbed my hips and started pushing in and out of me working more and more of his cock into my hole until I felt his balls resting on ass. I clinched my ass around his cock as he began stoking the full length of his cock in and out of my ass. He reached around me grabbing hold of cock and jacked me off while he was thrusting his big dick in and out of ass. I began moaning and pushing back into his thrusts enjoying the sensations his cock was giving me. He buried his cock deep in me and held it there for a minute.

“Your ass feels so good, it was made to fuck” Gregg told me as he pulled it out of my ass. “Clean my cock off,” he commanded.

I turned around and took his rock hard cock in my mouth swallowing inch after inch as my tongue licked around the shaft as it slid deep into my throat. Gregg grabbed me by the ears and shoved his cock in my throat until his balls were on my chin. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls, as he pulled his cock out letting the head rest on my tongue then shoved it back down my throat. He pulled me back across the room with his dick buried fully in my throat until he was sitting on the couch. He worked his cock in and out of my mouth getting it wet as it slid in and out. He pulled my head off his cock and pushed me back causing me to fall on my ass.

“Sit on this cock bitch, and ride me.” Gregg said.

I stood facing Gregg and straddled his legs as I slowly lowered my self until his cock was at the entrance to my hole. Looking in his eyes I sat down in his lap letting all his hard cock bury up inside me. I rolled my hips feeling his cock as it slid across my prostrate as I rose up and dropped back down on his cock. I stuck my tongue out and licked Gregg’s lips as I bounced on his cock. Gregg opened his mouth and began kissing me a she bahis şirketleri grabbed my hips spreading my ass as I ground down on his lap allowing even more of his huge cock to get deeper inside me. I was really enjoying being somewhat in control of the fuck as I would raise up till just the head of his dick was in my hole and would twist my hips as I lowered myself back down until his balls were against ass. His fingers dug into my hips as I bucked up and down on his dick. Gregg once again pushed me off him, I grabbed hold of his cock with my hand and stroked it as I wrapped my mouth around the head sucking and licking on it as I stoked.

“Your such a good cock sucking bitch,” Gregg said I continued sucking and licking.

I sucked on his cock head like it was a blow pop, going around the head with my tongue. Gregg’s hand went to the back of my head and pushed down. I swallowed him down to his balls and back off to just his head. I didn’t even care that it was just in my ass, I wanted to suck him and taste his cum. I started massaging his balls as I worked his cock in and out of my throat. I licked his rod for everything I was worth as it slid in and out of my mouth. Gregg was roughly fucking my face as his balls slammed into my chin and my nose was buried in his stomach. He continued using me just like the bitch I was for 5 or 10 minutes. Shoving his cock in and out of my throat, I could tell he was close to blowing his load. Gregg all but his head out of my mouth as I swirled my tongue on the head, hoping I was about to taste his cum.

“Get on your hands and knees bitch, this load is going in your ass.” Gregg said.

I got down as Gregg told me and presented my ass to him. He got behind me and roughly slammed his cock deep into my ass. He hammered my asshole roughly fucking me with long strokes. Grabbing my hair and pulling back as he shoved all of his cock deep into me. I was shoving back meeting each of his thrusts as he slammed in and out of my ass. Gregg grabbed my hips fully penetrating me with his cock as I felt it pulse his hot man seed dumped in my ass. He continued shoving in and out of my ass, as his cock continued to dump his load into my ass. Gregg wrapped his hand around my waist holding me as his cock blasted the last of his load into my ass. Gregg stayed buried in me till soft cock slipped from my ass. I turned around and took his cock in my mouth cleaning the remains of his cum of his soft dick.

Once he was cleaned up he put his clothes back on as I laid on the floor looking up at him stroking my rock hard cock. He sat in a chair watching me jack off as he laced his boots back up. I was so hot it didn’t take me anytime till I blew my load all over my hand. I licked my hand clean and scooped the cum off my chest and ate it as well, watching Gregg’s eyes all the time as I did. Gregg left without saying a word to me, as soon as his truck pulled out of the drive Holly came out of the office where she had been watching us from. I had forgotten all about her watching as I had gotten lost in the hot session between Gregg and myself. She has me eat her to four explosive orgasms, before she let me finally fuck her. The sex that night was some of the best we had in several months. I knew that our relationship was heading in a new direction, and that we had many wild times ahead of us.

This is the seventh installment of the series, I really appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming. Let me know what you think, or what you might like to see happen. I am open to any and all criticism and compliments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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