Accidental Nude Day Noonie Lunch

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Though tired, I noted that neither Rita nor Helen had cum yet and I took on the mission to rectify that. I licked and kissed each sweet pussy with a promise to return with my dick ready for them a little later. Safa was already eating Rita’s pussy, so I decided to feast on Helen’s. Using my agile fingers, I was soon able to navigate thru the extra folds in a fifty-two-year old, healthy looking pussy and find her engorged G spot. She lurched and came like a virgin! When her spasms slowed, I decided to sample how a wet, older pussy tasted. She was surprisingly savory. Licking her long, fattened lips wasn’t enough, but stretching her clit set her off again.

As I rubbed my nose in the well-aged elixir, I noticed Safa, Rita and Glen smiling broadly at me. Helen caught her breath and began laughing madly. Finally, she gasped, “That was amazing. Glen hasn’t gone downtown in years and that was the best oral I can remember. You two will have to come by much more often! How about we eat some FOOD now?”


After we all washed up, Helen and I grilled the usual foods, though she leaned against me nearly the whole time. Her big, soft, naked tits felt so plush against me, especially compared to Safa’s tiny bumps. The grill was less than twenty feet from the sun-drenched pool and the rest of the naked, exhausted, pleased perverts, so Rita closely watched her mom draping dreamily on me, sliding her hands gently over my hairy butt and teasingly tugging my rumpled sack.

Rita was the end slice in a sandwich with Glen at the front end and Safa squashed in the middle. She stroked Safa’s clit and slid her big, soft, pointy tits against her back while Safa fondled Glen’s still huge, knobby serpent. Loud enough for all to hear, Rita teased, “Looks like mom has a new crush.” Helen just smiled and stuck her tongue out at her.

“You know, Helen, there’s a fetish centered on food play that ranges over a wide spectrum. Sploshing is a sexual/sensual food party, in which participants cover each other in foods of different tastes, textures, and temperatures. Eating the food is not required, but really common, as are the rampant food fights. Thinking what I can do with these foot-longs, sausages and corn has my dick stiffening again. You game?” My mind reeled at the tasty potential.

“Why don’t we hold off on that til NEXT time if you want a food fight?” Hmm, NEXT time? I heartily agreed to play without any food fights and called out for all the girls to come to the grill. I whispered my idea to have the women tease and serve the men appropriately.

“Hey guys, call out your grill orders one at a time and we’ll have someone deliver it shortly.” First call was for sweet sausage, followed by one for a HOT one. I asked for the girls who wanted ‘sausage’, and one came over. With three buns on the grill, I piled some steamed peppers and onions on a plate and had the girl lie back on the lounger I had moved near the grill. With her pussy facing the hungry masses, I asked her to pull her legs to her chest and expose her gaping flesh pot to all.

After double checking the temperature and thoroughly wiping the grease away, I took a sweet link and twisted it deep into her warm, fleshy oven. She lurched at the surprise of the heat, but I kept the link inside her. As the others watched and she came to enjoy the feeling, I grabbed the link by its twisted casing knot and pumped her with it. She gasped, moaned and let her wild eyes speak for her excitement. After pumping and swirling the meat inside her for just a minute, she shuddered in climax and leaked her delicious nectar all over the food.

While she was still gaining her breath, I slipped a warm HOT link next to the sweet one and coated it with her cum. She screamed in pleasure and came again. “Anyone else want sausage?” I asked. Two hands quizzically and slowly went up. “Let’s see if these are ‘done’ yet.” I pulled a link out of ‘sausage girl’ and slid the marinated tip over my tongue before biting off a small bit. “Ohhh yes! Absolutely delicious. Mmm.”

After twisting the link back into the steamy, sexy warmer, I helped the ‘sausage girl’ stand and keep the meat in her, then handed her the plate with the buns and fillings. “Sachet slowly to them and let them extract their links. I’ll send yours over next. Guys, I suggest you leave the links out of the buns and eat them bare for greatest flavors.” They didn’t answer. With all eyes leaping between the bare, swaying ass, denuded labia and the beguiling, horny smile of a beautiful woman, everyone was religiously quiet.

When the goddess reached the men and put down the plate, they jumped up and helped her recline. She again pulled her legs back and the guys each dug in for a hidden link at the same time. With two to four fingers and two thick, warm links in her, they made her eyes roll back in her head, her beautiful breasts shake wildly and ultimately, her whole casino şirketleri body spasm again in an engrossing climax. I wish I could cum that often. As they started to gently twist the links out of her, she began convulsing again.

They stared incredulously at each other and their friend’s girl. He smiled knowingly. They used the links as two dildos as she furiously stroked her swollen clit. She gasped, “Oh GOD! …THIS …is …what it’s like to have …two …dicks in your p…ppussy at once? I want to try that next… after I recohhh…uhh…” In seconds she came again and gushed on the fingers and finger food within her. The guys extracted the links and we all watched as they licked and bit into the luxurious lunch. They offered her a taste, but she still struggled with breathing and finally stuttered, “I have one of my own coming soon.”

The next young girl lay down, pulled back and spread her legs before I asked. One guy ordered a hot link and two foot-longs. Using my fingers, I checked that her internal flesh oven could handle that and an extra link for our first server. It would, even if I had to squeeze it all in. I licked the rich, sex moisture off my fingers and easily pushed the two links inside. The heat and anticipation made our second server cum quickly. Helen breathlessly prepared the buns and fillings.

Safa had never seen me take such commanding control and that was making her wetter. I pushed the first warm dog into our displayed server with a twist. She gasped at the heat. I slipped a finger in to check the gaps then quickly replaced it with the second dog. She lurched and trembled only a second. My finger tasted of sweet and tangy pussy ambrosia flavored with charred, greasy meat – a heady mixture. I told her I thought there was still room for one more link for her if she wanted to press for it. She answered, “God yes… Yes…YES…YES! Do it, you fucker!”

I took the subtle hint and used my finger to create a gap and desperately struggled to keep my stiff cock from being the next ‘link’ inside her! After an awkward, lustful delay, I twisted the last hot link into her. She moooaaannnnned deeply and her whole body began to turn blotchy then crimson from her chest down to her pubs and up to her eyes. She began to shiver, tremble, shudder and shout gibberish. I had to hold the food inside her and thought she was about to explode. Fortunately, only her pussy juices exploded over my hand and to my wrist.

I savored her delicious sauce until she could focus her eyes again. Then I helped her up and guided her to her, ummm, patron – the first girl’s boyfriend. He pulled a dog out to make room and licked then sucked it like a cock. Finally taking a bite, he put it on the plate. After repeating that with the second savory dog, while her boyfriend watched intently, he spread her wet, plumped labia and used his tongue to lap her up and locate a link inside her. Using one finger and his teeth, he pressed his lips against hers and latched onto a link. He inhaled and savored her nectar a long moment before he slowly pried it out as she moaned deeply.

He offered it to the first server, but she wanted to dig for her own. As we all watched, she took his place and also used her tongue, finger and teeth to sensuously explore her friend’s soaked and stretched pussy an extra long time for a link. She turned and rested her pussy on her friend’s lips. When she lapped along the swollen labia up to her oven’s clit, she climaxed again – on

‘s mouth and face. She pulled out the sweet link and dug in for the other. Amid more deep, dual moans, she extracted the hot link and cleaned up her warm oven’s greasy lips. She turned back again and they shared the juices on her tongue before licking and sucking the intoxicating, charred tanginess of the lewd meat itself.

Helen mumbled, “THAT’S sploshing? I’ll have what she’s having!” Facetious or spontaneous and genuine? Glen asked for a dog and corn. Helen held her hands up and back, “Not me!”. So I called for Rita or my wife. They giggled and pointed to each other, so I asked Glen. He said he’d tasted Rita’s juices many times, so he wanted to suck down my wife’s cocktail in case he never had the chance again. Safa looked at him askance and hesitated. When she rose, Glen kissed her ass gently.

Helen told her to “spread um wide, honey.” I asked what she was having and she said ‘Glen’ – then, amid general laughing, changed that to the dog and corn Glen wanted. I wondered if that meant anything unusual. When I pushed her legs onto her tiny tits, I saw her leaking nectar was filling the dimple of her tight, tiny asshole. Helen stood behind me, trying not to block anyone’s view of my wife’s splayed open pussy and star muscle, and watched as I dipped into her asshole with my tongue then lapped up the stream of ambrosia between her lips and deep into her sweet pussy depths.

After moaning my delight, I said I knew where this beautiful little ass has been and what had been inside it, (at least I thought I did until her wanton public show today) so casino firmaları I was fine to be tasting its muskiness. As I said that, I pushed two fingers inside her damp depths then declared her fit for corn.

I showed Helen how I wanted only one plastic corn holder screwed into one end of the hot corn, then how I used that to control dipping and twirling the cooling corn, clockwise only, inside my lover and wife. I told Glen he was about to taste the sweetest, most unique and luxurious, decadent, lavish corn butter he’s ever had. I know. I KNOW its taste well! After making my wife cream her cum on the cob and shudder in a minor pre-climactic orgasm, I couldn’t resist sucking some of her savory cum from the corn.

While refilling each little gap with her rich ‘butter’, I decided to share with everyone a special trick that should make her cum violently. I put two fingers of my left hand into her soggy pussy and slid the cob onto them. As I stroked the cob in and out, I turned it at varying speeds and pushed up with my inside fingers. This let me vary the pressure she felt on her clit and her G spot. The bumpy kernels apply unusual and unpredictable strumming on her G with immediate, volcanic effect.

Within seconds she was gasping desperately, her body turned crimson, her jaw clenched tightly and her head locked hard on her left shoulder all while showing everyone her intimate, intense, jaw-clenching cum face. She could only hold back about thirty seconds until she burst into a scream and flooded the corn and my hands. I LOVE watching her lose control and trust me as she never trusted anyone before. This time she was naked in public, under a bright sun with a horde of naked people watching. Helen was breathing raggedly. She whispered, “You really do know what you’re doing. I can’t wait….”

I slipped the finger foods into Safa’s pussy and coated them with the overabundance of the rich cocktail she made. I helped her up, onto her shaky legs. Helen gave her a plate and we nudged her toward Glen. He and Rita steadied her in her short trip. She sat and held her spinning head, but Glen was anxious to eat my wife. He laid her down, folded her knees back and opened her legs. The lusty sight of her streaming cum coating her thighs and ass made his monster dick spring up to full, dreaded size. He licked her legs clean as Rita tore her eyes away from the hot, sexy mess and came to me. He pushed her legs firmly onto her chest and stared at her tempting, soaked-again asshole.

After wordlessly asking permission to lick it, he saw her nod OK. His grizzled sixty-year-old tongue, licked her back hole dry. Her arousal from that let her puckered hole wink at him, as witnessed by the other men. He asked if he could try to repeat what I just did to her, but I said no. She would be much too sensitive for some time, but would still react strongly even to minor stimulation.

He touched her clit and she JUMPED back. For now, THAT was too much. Instead, he gently licked outside her savory snatch lips and she moaned. He watched her pulsing pussy clamp the protruding dogs so firmly, they threatened to cut off the ends. He slowly rolled open my wife’s beautiful labia, outer then inner, and rescued the dogs in peril. They were already indented.

He licked the fresh flow of the quim cocktail before rubbing his own sodden sausage under her nose, holding the bishop in place with his tongue. She inhaled her intoxicating scent and sucked his tongue intensely. When he withdrew, he slid the wet dog between his lips and close to her face so she could watch him eat her cum. Finally, he dug deep into her box and snatched the corn out while twisting it. She whimpered a shuddering response.

Before her sacred hole closed behind the escaped corn, he pushed four fingers inside her and scooped all the cum he could reach onto his tongue and fingers. She groaned once more, almost ready to cum again. Glen pulled her legs down and stared ruttishly at the corn glistening with my wife’s special sauce. I struggled and fought a recurring twitch of jealousy to allow him to eat my wife and her sauces. As Glen bit noisily into the special buttered corn and exaggerated a moan, Rita distracted me with her pussy against my ear and face. He declared it succulent and everything I claimed it would be …and ALL HIS! His next loud moans were made involuntarily and unaware of the noises and his rebounding, dancing cock.

Rita asked if I could make her cum like that too since no one ever had done that with her. Her mom chimed in, ‘ME TOO.’ I reminded Rita that, though I had seen her naked at least twice, we never interacted and I didn’t know her body as intimately as I knew Safa’s. She offered that was happy to fix that, but she wanted me to teach her husband Bill how to do it. I kidded that I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach others that and another trick I devised since that would spoil my monopoly. Then I smiled and said I’d consider it. The first two guys said they were ready for seconds, but I told them they had to wait for all to be fed once. güvenilir casino Two men were left and three women to serve us.

The penultimate guy ordered corn, a hot link and two dogs. If he hoped his order was too big for the other stranger, he was wrong. I called her over and asked Rita to wait to feed me MY order. The last stranger, Pam, got shorted since my mind was on Rita, her mom and their welcoming pussies. I went thru the motions on Pam – licking her sweet pussy, fingering her and stuffing the warm food in her. I licked her clit and kissed her mouth tenderly to apologize for my distraction. She enjoyed the attention, but didn’t cum for me. “Either later or another time, but I promise I will take care of you, Pam. Or maybe I should call you Sugar Bush since it’s so apt.”

Now what do I do with mother and child? Both had well-stretched pussies from accommodating Glen, yet fingering them both had proved they kept up with their kegels. “I guess one of you will feed me while the other brings refills to all takers. I hate to choose, so you sort it out and tell me. I’ll take care of the other another day if I can’t today.” They wouldn’t choose and left it up to me.

Considering that Glen was here and didn’t mind my fucking his brightly exposed wife while Bill refused to attend and watch his sexy wife fucking everyone, I chose to stuff and eat Rita, in case she suddenly became virtuous after this day of debauchery. Two ‘hungry’ guys ordered ‘buttered’ corn and four links. Only Helen and Rita stood a chance of containing all that in their honey pots at once, thanks to Glen.

Helen got on her back between the grill and the pool and her child pulled and held her thighs on her big tits. When she spread her mom’s legs, we each stared into the deep, long gash that split her vulva. It presented a sopping pool of slippery, fresh and fragrant cum that had already overflowed its banks. I looked up at Helen and she was nodding breathlessly for me to eat her. I smiled and, eyes locked on hers, lapped her wet cunt of its excess while she and her child watched intently. When I pushed back her hood and licked her throbbing clit, she shook violently in orgasm. In seconds, she flooded my face with her squirting cum. As I savored the fresh nectar, I wondered if Rita squirted like her mom did.

Before I could answer, or even ask that, Helen stopped twitching and let out a moan that could easily be mistaken for a petulant last gasp. I stuffed the large food order into Helen and she climaxed again. Rita let her legs down, but I told her to lie there for a moment, enjoy the hot food inside her and deliver it when she was steady to walk.

As her mom rested, I, and my stiff cock, went to Rita. We stood over Helen’s head so she, Glen and my wife could watch me slide my stiffness between Rita’s legs and my tongue into her mouth. I crushed her big, soft yet firm tits against my chest as we kissed deeply, tenderly and hungrily. When I broke to tell her how beautiful she was, she giggled at her mom’s cum still covering my face. I told her to lick it all off and share it with me. She did so very sensuously.

For some time before leaving to deliver her food order, Helen watched us kiss and focused on how my cock rubbed and split her child’s vulva. Finally free to move, I angled my hips down, then up sharply while still sucking tongues, and slid my aching cock home. There was no friction due to the liberal lubricants inside her chasm, but her strong pelvic muscles quickly adapted to my normal sized cock and crushed it firmly and HOTLY. She moaned from her gut and we fucked a few moments. We stood there before the naked horde and the hot grill.

In fleeting moments of clarity, I realized that my cock was angled away from her G, yet it was making her clit Rumba. Though I intensely wanted to plant my seed in her and fill her with my steamy cream, I also wanted her to scream in ecstasy before I was drained. With great effort, I pulled my cock out of her with a ‘pop’ and told her she better lie down. “If you react as strongly as I expect, you will fall and hurt yourself.” Her eyes bulged, but she cautiously did as I said. “I hope this is memorable for you.”

She paused on her knees to suck my cock clean of her ambrosia. As she sucked and I moaned, her mom, dad, Safa and others closed around us. They knew that my pulling out of a steamy, sexy, snug cunt indicated that something significant was about to happen. I could only hope so. Rita kissed and licked my balls, but as she began fingering my ass, I stopped her. “I want you to cum first and intensely. Then you can make me erupt anywhere you like.”

She laid back while still holding my damp but pristine cock. Safa knew to send me a pillow to go under Rita’s hips. After folding and placing it there, I spread her knees widely and took a close look at the beautiful pussy that held me captive just moments ago. Carefully, I slipped two fingers inside and, though she lurched and moaned, I tried to map her interior without excessively arousing her. “I already know where your clit is most sensitive, now I know how your G is positioned. I hope your heart can stand this! I don’t want this to be your last GREAT experience, just your first like this.” Suddenly she looked concerned and wondered if I were serious. Go figure!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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