A White Mom and Two Males

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A little bio before I start the story. My name is Jake. I am thirty-three years old, an architect and Black, living in the Chicago area. My wife is Caucasian, thirty years old and a beautician. We have two sons ages three and six.

My story is about some of my college life in San Francisco. It involves a white divorced lady of five years at the time and her white son who became a college buddy of mine and still is. We met in a freshman physics class. The chemistry between us forged a deep, ever-lasting friendship with no sexual involvement. Well the forging probably came about more because of what I am going to write about.

His mother was forty-five at the time, a most stunning hot lady for that age. Her frame looked as if she was twenty-five when I first laid eyes on her. Her name was Margaret but everyone soon called her Maggie because she preferred it. She weighed at close to one hundred and thirty pounds. She was five feet seven inches in height. Her silky, smooth jet-black hair was to the middle of her back. The eyes had the color of a Siamese cat with those long fuck me now eyelashes. God they were awesome to look into.

Mike and I were both five-foot nine inches. We both weighed about one hundred and eighty, give or take a few pounds. Mike had blond wavy hair and you know my color. In college, I kept my hair very short, almost bald.

Mike lived at home to help his mom out having no brothers. He did have an older sister married and living in Oregon.

I lived with an aunt since my parents had passed on. My aunt was fifty-five when I was in school.

Spring break in my freshman year had me stuck in Frisco doing things for my aunt. Mike was stuck doing things for his mom.

We decided to have a good time in San Fran in the evenings during the spring break. Being the area we were going to party in was closer to Mike’s place, he invited me to stay the night and then drive home after a good nights sleep. I would drive to his place to pick him up or he would drive and I would leave my car. This way we only used one of the cars.

Either the third or fourth night of the spring break, we arrived back at Mike’s place, earlier than normal, maybe by thirty minutes. I was surprised to see Mike’s mom still up.

Mike and I tapped into another beer and his mom was sipping white wine. She was into some book which name has escaped me. We sat around with Mike’s mom asking me those million get acquainted questions.

It was approaching 2:00 AM so I excused myself and headed to bed.

I could over hear Mike and his mom discussing some of the household things. They must have been sitting close to a heat vent that was transferring the voices.

I began drifting to slumber-land and I heard Mike say, “Mom it’s been five years since you and dad split. I don’t think you have had a date in that time. Don’t you miss having a man in bed with you?”

I then heard, “My God sweetie what triggered that question?”

“Mom don’t get mad but when you and dad were together in bed playing, sis and I would eves drop standing outside the door. Sis and I both think you loved whatever dad was doing to you or for you. I noticed you were looking at Jake’s crotch a lot tonight and assumed you miss whatever dad did for you when he was living here and Jake’s crotch brought back nice memories. That is what made me want to ask.”

There was a few minutes of nothing. Then Maggie said, “Sweetie, I will not lie to you. Yes seeing the bulge in Jake’s trouser brought back good and bad memories.”

“Mom, why have you not dated guys since the divorce?”

“Sweetie I am afraid. The only sex I have ever had was with your father. I don’t know what guys want nor do these days.”

“Mom I have an idea. I will rent a porn movie and you can watch it and see what guys and women are doing. Then it will not be a surprise.”

“You’re not going to be here if I decide to go along with this crazy suggestion of yours, are you?”

“No mom, Jake and I will be out. You will be alone. I will get a couple just in case there might be slight variations. Remember mom, my friend Jim in high school? He sneaked a porn VHS to me from his dad’s collection. Sis and I watched it. God it made us hot. We assumed that you and dad were doing things like the couple in the movie. On a few occasions you and dad were so vocal that it turned sis and me on and we played with each other to get cooled down.”

“Oh my God sweetie! When you and Brenda were in high school you two were at our bedroom door listening and playing on the other side.”

“Yeah mom. Ever since then I have looked at you as a hot lady and my mother. I have lost track of the times I have masturbated thinking of you and us making out. I would sneak your used panties with dads and your juices in them to my bed and unload my sticky stuff in them to mix with dads and yours and then throw them back in the dirty clothes.”

I heard laughter from Maggie for maybe a minute and then I heard, “I was wondering why my panties seemed to have a lot more stuff in them as you call it when I casino şirketleri went to wash them. I just assumed your dad was generating more.”

“Mike did you and Brenda at anytime go all the way?”

There was a minute of silence and then softly, “Yes mom we did, several times. After we saw the porn movie and hearing you and dad one night, she took me by the hand to her bed and asked me to do her like the guy did to the girl in the movie.”

“Since you mentioned several times, I assume she did not have to pull you too hard to her room the second time. Am I right?”

“Yes mom, it got to where I was asking her before you and dad split.”

“I hope I have not upset you mom. I am sorry if I did.”

“Relax Mike I am not upset at all. Surprised, yes very much so. And I probably should not tell you but it has excited me some knowing you were thinking of making out, as you say, with me as a women and not your mom.”

“Does it bother me with you and Brenda doing it? No sweetie because all teenagers are horny and she did not get pregnant so either she was on the pill or you used the raincoat.”

“She was on the pill mom. I hate those condoms.”

“Well son use them. It’s too risky not too.”

“Well son it’s late. Come here, give mommy a good night kiss and bring home those porn movies.”

My heart was thumping listening to the conversation and my cock was steel hard.

Then I heard, “Oh Mike your cock pressing into my mound, and your hands on my butt feels so good. Oh how I miss a man doing this to me.”

“Mom do you want me to be your man until you find one?”

There was dead silence. I heard them come up the stairs and one bedroom door closed. In a few minutes, I heard a woman moaning sounds of pleasure. I will let you readers fantasize about what was happening behind closed doors. Since I was not a witness, I cannot describe the action.

I pushed the covers out of the way, lowered my underwear and was stroking to her moans. My tempo tried to keep pace. As her moans increased in number and intensity, my stroking increased. I was hoping to cum when I assumed she was cumming.

Well it did not happen as I had planned it. I heard, “Oh my God Mike, you are unloading like your father.” Well that caused me to fire. My first shot hit my chin with the others landing further down. After firing my last round I then heard, “Oh God!” from Maggie. Then everything was silent. I did not know if I should get up and clean up or what. I decided to pull my underwear up and the covers back over me. If his mom finds the stain maybe it will turn her on for me. I was for the first time looking at her differently.

In the morning, I woke to the smell of coffee. I dressed and decided to have a cup before going home. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted with, “Good morning Jake. I trust you slept well. That is a comfy bed that you are using.”

“Morning Maggie, yes, very comfy. Thanks for allowing me to sleep here after partying these last few nights. That coffee smells great. May I have a cup before going to aunties?”

“Sure Jake, help yourself to as much as you want. It easy to make more, if Mike desires some later. He might sleep in. We talked for quite awhile after you had gone up. He might sleep a little later.”

Only if she knew I was short of sleep. She was looking very hot in her white silk rob that was knee length. I thought I’d seen her nips pressing into the cloth but maybe I was wanting to because she looked like a 36DD when clothed, which I did notice many times.

Maggie asked question about my aunt and parents then I said, “Thanks for the coffee Maggie and hope I see you tonight before Mike and I hit the streets.”

“You are welcome Jake. She walked me to the door, unlocked it, opened it and as I passed her to go out, she gave me a pat on the butt and said, “See you tonight.”

My cock strained in the confinement but she did not see it. I waved ‘bye’ over my head with my back towards her as I headed to my car.

I picked Mike up that evening. He was standing outside chatting with his mom. As I approached, she waved. When I had stopped, she approached the driver’s side. I rolled the window down and heard, “Hi Jake! You guys have fun tonight and be careful. Watch out for the crazies.”

I gave her a wink as Mike was climbing in and said, “Will do Maggie, nice seeing you.” In my brain it was, damn you are one hot lady to look at. I’d love to see you naked.

When we returned that night, she was again into the book and wine. Mike and I had another beer. We sipped our beers with general chitchat. When we had finished Mike asked me if I desired another one. I responded with a no thanks and “I am going up to fight a pillow.”

“I’m right behind you Jake. Night mom.”

“Mike if you are not too tired can you sit with me and talk a little.”

“Sure mom.”

“Night my man, see you tomorrow,” as I headed for the bed. Mike walked over to sit on the sofa near his mom who was sitting in a chair, legs curled under her, in that white robe.”

I casino firmaları then heard through the vent again. “Mike I watched the porn tonight. I did not see anything different from what your dad and I did. Thanks for bringing them home. I was thinking it would be different for some reason.”

“Are you more comfortable going out now and finding a man?”

“Yes Mike I am but I am in no hurry with a man already in the house.”

My cock did a rapid expansion hearing that.

“Mike last night you mentioned you masturbated in my soiled panties thinking of making out with me. What was you thinking then?”

“Oh mom do I have to go into detail? It does not seem right.”

“Sweetie, those porn movies have me heated up. I was hoping you could get me warmer by describing what you were doing with me and to me in your brain while you stroked yourself. I was hoping the talking would get you to a point I could take you by the hand and continue from where we left off last night. I figured if you were worked up, you would not argue with me.”

“Oh mom I am so worked up now already. I thought it was just the wine, the talking and it would be like a one nighter.”

“Sweetie I want more than a one nighter. Last night stirred embers and until I can find someone, I want you to be the man.”

“Oh mom I am as hard now as when sis and I used to listen to you and dad outside of your bedroom door.”

“Sweetie, I am going to come over, toss a pillow in your lap and lay my head down. I want you to tell me what you were thinking about years ago stroking yourself to get off in my panties.”

“Okay mom. Can we kill the lights? The darkness will help me relax.”

“Sure son.”

All the time this conversation was taking place, I had my undies down to my knees and was slowly stroking my nine-inch dip rod that wanted to be inside Maggie’s engine that had to be well lubricated. It had to be wet, hot and lovely pink. I had to strain a tad to get all of the conversation but I think I was picking up 99% of it.

“Mom I need to open my trouser to get comfortable otherwise I am going to be sore.”

“Go ahead son in a second it will be dark with the lights off”

“Mike do you need to go pee or get a drink before you start telling me the naughty things that you thought about while stroking?”

“No mom I’m okay?”

“Mike did Brenda ever watch you masturbate or help you do it?”

In about thirty-seconds I heard, “Yes mom.”

“So my children were enjoying sex under my nose.”

“Ready for my head in your lap son?”

“Sure mom. This is going to feel so weird having my mom’s head in my lap while I talk. It’s giving me the creeps.”

“Mike sweetie, before telling me what you were thinking when stroking yourself, do you remember how old you were when you had your first wet dream?”

There was silence again, then “I was in sixth grade mom, either twelve or thirteen.”

“Did you have a sexy dream with it? Do you remember what the dream was about?”

“Oh mom this is so embarrassing.”

“Sweetie relax. I just desire to get to know you better and get closer to you. If it is too much, just tell me and we can drop the subject but I am so curious and so turned on with talking about these intimate things with my man.”

I could no longer hold back and blasted my nut juice all over my chest and stomach.

I picked up on Mike saying, “I do not remember much about the dream except you were out in the back yard by the pool. We didn’t even have a pool. That was so weird. Well you were lounging in a chair with thick cushions. You had your knees drawn up reading a book and you were in a bikini. I had never seen you in a bikini. I wanted some money and I wanted to get a closer look at your body. As I was walking towards you, the angle was so that I could see your entire bottom. I just remember squirting because your bikini bottom was not there and I saw everything. The dream ended and I had wet underwear. I knew then and there, what had happened. God the feelings I had during the dream. My cock was throbbing and feeling so good. I remember closing my eyes and drifting back to sleep thinking about your thing.”

“You mean my pussy don’t you?”

“Mom please.”

“Okay son go on.”

“I woke up having a hardon harder than ever. I decided to play with it to see if I could duplicate the feelings I had in the wet dream. It took me a little while to figure out how to hold it and make it feel good. Once it felt good, the good feeling kept building. The more it built the faster I stroked it. God mom I’ll never forget that sensation of my cock filling up with sperm and firing it out. I don’t know if I passed out when I shot. I knew then and there that I wanted to do it as often as I could from then on; and did it every day after that and then in high school sometimes two times a day. I’d even get blue balls in classes looking at the girls wanting to get my cock between their legs or them masturbating me or sucking me. God mom this has me so hard talking like this.”

Then no one güvenilir casino was talking. I kept straining me ears thinking they were whispering.

The next voice came from Mike, “Oh mom that feels so good, oh mom, oh.”

My heart went beating to a hundred beats a minute. What was Maggie doing to him?

“Oh mom, ohoooooo, please stop, mom. I will cum if you continue doing that. Mom you are going send me over the edge if you don’t stop.”

By then I was wanking again, picturing her hand masturbating Mike.

I was trying to picture Mike, sprawled out, his mother head in his lap, facing his cock, trying to see his manly cock in the dark while stroking him but images were blurred because of the darkness.

“Oh mom, Oh mom, I’m going to Uuunnnnnnngggghhhhhh!”





I had been stroking since my last cum and knowing Mike was cumming, caused me to fire again.

There was heavy breathing coming from Mike but no voices.

I was half way maybe into slumber-land breathing hard myself having listened to my best friend cum and cumming myself when I heard, “Mom no girl has ever done that for me or to me. That was the hardest cum I have ever experienced. Your throat felt hotter and tighter than a virgin. You had my whole cock down your throat. God I bet dad regrets not having that from you anymore.”

“I never did that for your dad Mike.”

My cock was waking up. Did I hear it right? My God, what a spring vacation this was turning into.

“He wanted me too but I would just take it to the gag point and let him fire. Your cock slipped past that point so fast it startled me but I did not want to pull back. It felt so good being so intimate with you having your pubic hair at my mouth and my nose pressed into your thigh. You smelt good too. Maybe that helped. I just locked myself into that position and got you off with mouth swallows.”

“Wow mom, I will remember this like I remember my first wet dream but this was real.”

By now, I was ready to fire again overhearing she had deep throated her son. I fired blanks. I had drained myself from the earlier two cums.

“Mike it has to be very late. You can tell me some other time your thoughts while masturbating. What do you say?”

What do I say was chuckling through my brain? Of course but will I be here to hear it?

“Sure mom. After that, I will tell you everything I can remember and maybe not be so embarrassed.”

“How about talking tomorrow night again, after you and Jake get back?”

“Sure mom.”

“Do you want to sleep with me again tonight sweetie?”

My heart leaped into my throat. God Mike is sleeping with his mom and I get to hear some masturbating thoughts.

I smelt coffee again the next morning. I dressed and went to the kitchen to have a cup. I was hoping Maggie would be there but she was not.

The coffee maker was on a timer. When I reached for the coffee, I saw a note. It read: Dear Jake, help yourself to the java. Do me a favor please and wear those tight fitting Levis again. You look so hot in them, Maggie.

My cock immediately reacted. I poured my coffee and let my mind whirl. Was she and Mike going to get it on with his morning hardon? Is that why she is not here? Will I, wearing my tight Levis lead to anything for me or just make her wet?

My mind was in overdrive all day thinking of the upcoming evening dialogue between mother and son.

As per usual, I went to Mike’s place and since he was driving, parked my car and walked to the door to ring the bell. Maggie appeared out of nowhere and was standing behind me as I pushed the buzzer button.

“I’ll let you in Jake. She opened the door and pushed me in softly with her hand on a butt cheek of mine. My cock strained in my trousers. “Thanks for wearing the Levis, Jake. You look awesome in them.” Now my heart was pounding.

I heard, from upstairs, “Be down in a second Jake. Need to put on some aftershave to entice the chicks you know.”

“Your aftershave smells good Jake. I never noticed it before. Is it anything special?”

I looked at Maggie, smiled and said, “No nothing special. Just ordinary department store stuff.”

Maggie dropped her eyes to my crotch, turned and said, “Well it smells good anyway. Not that cheap stuff without looking me in the eyes.”

God I wanted a piece of that white tail seeing her in tight fitting slacks that made her buns stand out. They were in perfect form; not any sign of flatness or drooping.

Mike came down, I spun and out the door we went hearing, “Try to get back at a decent hour boys and I will wait up for you two.”

I instinctively new what that comment was about.

Well we did get back as usual and had what become a habit now of the last one. During the talking over drinks scene, Maggie asked about my girlfriends, marriage plans, and all that maybe motherly stuff or just really interested.

I said, “Well guys I’m off to dream land.”

I stood and Mike said, “I need a glass of milk, see you tomorrow Jake.”

As Mike headed to the kitchen Maggie stood and walked to me and said, “Jake there are extra towels in the hall closet. Feel free to use them. Then I will not have to wash the sheets everyday.”

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