A Weekend with Penny Ch. 01

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There I was, on my knees, staring straight at the business-end of Eric’s hard, throbbing cock. Pre-cum was leaking from his piss-hole, and my face felt hot with anticipation. Not only was I touching another man’s penis for the first time in my life, but I was about to suck him until he came in my mouth, and I was going to do it in front of my sister Penny, and her college friend, Brittany. I looked up into Eric’s blue eyes, and he had a look that was a mixture of uncertainty, and lust. With my hand wrapped around the base of his stiff shaft, there was no doubt he was dying for sweet relief and I was dying to give it to him.

“Go on, taste him.” Penny urged from over my right shoulder.

As I leaned forward, my mind flashed over the events that lead me to this intersection of opportunity and hidden desire…

A short sixteen hours earlier I had been at home on this glorious sunny day, watching Family Feud from the comfort of the sofa in the family room of the house Penny and I had grown up in. It was Friday, mom was at work, Penny hadn’t returned from Debbie’s yet, and I was contemplating how I was going to fill the hours of the coming weekend.

Richard Dawson asks JoAnn from the Harrison family during Fast Money, “Name something found in a hotel.”

Before JoAnn could blurt out “a bed!”, I heard the backdoor open, announcing Penny’s return home after spending the night at her best friend’s house.

“I’m home!” she called out.

“I’m in the living room!” I replied

“Hey, what’s up?” was her greeting as she breezed into the room like a fresh wind on a spring day.

“Not much, just watchin’ the Feud,” I said, as she plopped down on the Lazy-Boy across the room. “How was Debbie’s last night?” I asked with a slight raise of my eyebrow.

My sister Penny is naturally sexy in a ‘girl next door’ sort of way. She wore her shoulder-length auburn mane back in a cute ponytail. Her green eyes were bright, almost emerald, as she flashed me a gleaming smile of acknowledgement that lit up her beautiful face. The cute green t-shirt she wore strained to keep her perky tits confined, and her jean shorts were ripped in such a provocative way that I couldn’t help but let my eyes linger on the white tassels of thread that decorated the transition between denim and the silky-smooth tan skin of her long, lean thighs. At 5’8″ she seems tall for a girl, and with 120 pounds of lean muscle, she always looks so well put-together. Her shoulders are broad, and her ass is firm and round. She’d look great even in a dress made of burlap sacks and the fewer clothes she’s wearing; the more likely it is that someone in her vicinity is going to need cardiac care.

“Oh, it was good,” she responded nonchalantly, keeping her attention tuned to the Harrison family who were all at once celebrating their Feud victory, and accosting Mr. Dawson.

After a few minutes of undivided attention to the between show commercials, Penny asked, “Did you work out today?”

“Yep, first thing this morning.” I bristled with a mock flex of my bicep. Early morning workouts had been my routine all summer long as I was trying to prepare myself for the upcoming hockey season during what will be my sophomore year at college. At 5’11”, 185 pounds, this summer’s work out regimen had been really paying off. My body was lean but my strength had increased well beyond my goals in every category. My shoulders had broadened; my arms had become more developed and defined along with my legs and chest. With the improvements to my physique, my self-confidence was also on the rise.

“Not bad, little brother. Not bad. So what’s your plan for the weekend?”

“I dunno. It’s funny you should ask I was just lying here weighing my options. There’s a party Dave and I were thinking of going to tomorrow, but we don’t have any definite plans.”

Penny sat up and offered, “Why don’t you go down to ISU with me this afternoon for the weekend? I’ve got to go down to sign my lease and do some other running around to get ready for classes, and there are a couple of house parties I want to hit!”

“I don’t know I kinda committed to going to this party tomorrow night and I don’t really feel like being in the car for three hours…” I lightly protested.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Dave will understand, and I would appreciate the company. Hey, it’s not gonna be long and we’ll be back at school, and we won’t have the opportunity to spend time together.” She reasoned. “Besides, if you don’t go, I’m not going to give you your gift,” she finished with her patented coy indifference.

She had my attention.

Sitting up to face her, I asked “Gift? What gift?”

“Oh nothing,” she toyed. “So what about this weekend, are you in?”

Momentarily (and I stress, momentarily), weighed my commitment to Dave for the party and the other inevitable impromptu shenanigans that would take place amongst my close group of friends, against a few days of probable relative boredom on a vacant summer college campus with my sister casino şirketleri my hot sister my smoking-hot sister who likely would indulge my panty fetish in some way the same sister who also apparently had an unknown gift for me, which I wouldn’t get if I didn’t accompany her.

Decision made: I’m in.

With a mock tone of indignation I said, “Oh, I suppose if you really need me to, I’ll go.”

Penny’s face lit up with her smile as she popped up and out of her chair, “Cool! This is gonna be fun! I’m going to go get my stuff together so we can get rolling,” and with that she started for her room.

“Hey, when do I get my gift?” I asked.

“Oh, thaaat, I almost forgot,” she feigned as she stopped in her tracks, and turned in my direction. Damn she looked good.

My dick twitched in my shorts as a list of possibilities flashed through my mind. Slowly, she began to move in my direction, her eyes were suddenly smoky and seductive, and the corner of her mouth upturned with her eyebrow. “Curious, are you?”

A lump of excitement caught I my throat as I sat forward and upright, my dick was now on full alert for what might happen next. “Uh-huh” was all I could muster in response.

As she closed the gap between us she said, “I have something for you that I think you might like.”

Penny walked right in front of me and put her hands on my shoulders, pressing me back on the couch, steadying herself as she moved to straddle my hips. She lowered herself down until her denim covered crotch nestled against my turgid pole which was straining to break free from my briefs and athletic shorts. She looked me dead in the eye as she rocked her hips once, then twice, to ensure the proper alignment had been attained between her sweet cleft and my hardened cock.

Upon achieving the desired positioning, Penny sat upright, maximizing the pressure of her hips against mine, her perky tits straining for release just at my eye level. My hands caressed her smooth thighs as my gaze broke from her pert nipples to return to her angelic face. She smiled a wicked smile, and used her index finger and thumb to reach into her jeans pocket, where she slowly retrieved a thin strand of purple fabric.

In moments I realized that she had pulled out a pair of sexy purple thong panties made of nylon with a cool paisley pattern on them. She cupped them in her hands, drew them to her face, fluttered her eyes and inhaled deeply. “Mmmmmmm” she sighed as her chest heaved, and she began to hump her crotch gently over my throbbing member.

I reached up with both hands along her sides and used my thumbs to brush her nipples from outside her t-shirt. They were both as hard as little rocks, and with no bra to interfere, they seemed to respond instantly to my touch.

My breathing felt labored with desire, and with a seductive look, Penny held the wad of panties to my nose. As though sampling a bouquet of roses, I inhaled deeply. The scent was as sweet as flowers, and yet contained a definite presence of musk. It was familiar in that it was the unmistakable aroma of pussy, but not the familiar aroma of Penny’s pussy. It was somehow the same, and somehow different.

I shot Penny a quizzical look as I continued to meet her gyrations. I swear, I could feel her heat on my cock despite the layers of material separating us.

“You like?” she breathed.

“Oh yes, but what’s different?”

“Mmmm, very good.” She surprised me with what she said next, “They aren’t mine, they’re Debs. I got her off three times last night, and she wore these the whole time! It was so hot,” she gasped, her movements now becoming very deliberate.

“I fingered her through them, ate her pussy through them, and we fucked our pussies together while we were both wearing our panties. She came soooo hard, they were soooo wet” she moaned. “They’re still a little damp.”

I reached up under her shirt to advance my assault on her stiff nipples, and she softly moaned as she rearranged Debbie’s panties to locate the crotch, which she then held over my mouth.

“Taste,” she said.

I snaked my tongue over the soft, fragrant material. It was impossible to tell if the wetness was from my tongue or had already been there, but I preferred the notion that it was still wet from her cum.

“Mmmmm, its good, isn’t it?” Penny purred.

“Ummmmm,” was my only response. My head was spinning with desire and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. I was getting close to going over the edge, and I didn’t want to stop.

Penny was getting close too. She ground her covered clit against my rock-hard cock with increasing speed. “You should have seen me fuck her, make her little bald pussy quiver, suck on her titties, finger her ass…”

And with those words, I felt the initial surge of spunk erupt from the tip of my imprisoned cock, emptying into my underwear, and with each successive pulse saturate my shorts with what felt like a quart of my milky, warm fluid.

Penny must have felt casino firmaları it too, because I felt her thighs clench and her movement suddenly stopped as her cunt began to spasm on my cock.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried as her orgasm flooded through her.

I wrapped my arms around Penny and held her close to me as we both took several minutes to catch our breath. My cum dribbled down the side of my hip as my underwear failed to absorb my load quickly enough.

Penny kissed me deeply with her soft lips and said with a giggle, “That was awesome! It wasn’t really how I had it planned, but once we got going I just couldn’t stop myself. You totally made the right choice about this weekend!”

An hour later, we’d cleaned up, called our mom to tell her of our plans, packed our bags, and we were on our way.

As we drove south we talked, laughed, sang along with tunes, and the three hours seemed to just breeze by. When we got to town, Penny got her lease signed, and we took care of her errands with the general intent of being able to go out and do a little partying that night. With our mission accomplished, we went back to her place and got ready to go out.

She wore sexy little white shorts with an orange knit short-sleeve top that left her flat tummy just slightly exposed. It clung to her in all of the right ways, and with her hair down, she was a total knock-out.

I wore a loose-fitting pair of khaki shorts, and a black silk shirt that buttoned up the front, and when Penny saw me she said, “Wow, very hot there little brother! I’m gonna have a hard time keeping the other girls off of you.”

“Yeah, right,” I said “and how will you do that with hoards of horny guys swarming around you?!?” As I stood back to visually take her in, she did a little pirouette for me to show herself off, and I had no sensation that I was ogling my own sister, merely a very, very beautiful woman. As we left for the evening, I felt like I was going out on a date with the prettiest girl at school, and I was looking forward to what adventures the night would bring.

The warm summer air felt fresh as we walked two blocks over to the house of a friend of hers that she knew had stayed on campus all summer to take classes. There was a small get-together going on, and as we walked up, we were greeted on the front porch by a group of three guys, who were all kicking back and having a couple of beers. They weren’t subtle about taking notice of Penny, and I couldn’t blame them. I was proud to be with her.

We weren’t ten feet inside the front door when a cute brunette came running up to my sister squealing her greeting of hello, and my sister reciprocated by throwing her arms out to hug her in return.

After a brief friendly embrace, Penny turned to me and said, “I want you to meet my friend Brittany. Brittany, this is Tim.”

I had to do a double-take back to my sister, as I extended my hand to shake Brittany’s, because, well, my name isn’t Tim. Penny, on the other hand, remained casual, and acted completely unfazed with the moment.

“Hi Brittany, nice to meet you.” I said with a friendly handshake.

“Hi Tim, nice to meet you, too. Let’s get you two a few beers.”

When Brittany turned to lead us toward the kitchen, I shot Penny a quick “what the hell was that?” look, to which she replied with a little smirk and a shrug of the shoulders.

For her part, Brittany was a very attractive young woman. As Penny and Brittany chatted about their respective summers and I tried to chime in with my two cents. All the while, I couldn’t help but think that this was a perfect example of what they say: the hot ones travel in packs. Brittany was just slightly shorter than Penny and possessed the same confidence and radiance that I find so attractive, and she was outgoing, bright, and very easy to talk to. Her brown hair was drawn back in an easy manner and held in place by a hair clip, and her brown eyes sparkled when she smiled, which she did quite often, showing off her dazzling smile. She was thin, like Penny, but her low cut blue blouse made it clear that she had been a little more endowed in the breast department, as it revealed a daring amount of cleavage. If I were to guess, I would have thought she was a full C cup or perhaps a small D, and there was little doubt that she was pleased with what god had given her. She wore a black skirt that accentuated her flat tummy and perky ass very nicely without looking slutty.

After getting beer for each of us, Brittany got pulled away for a moment, and I looked curiously at Penny and said, “Tim?”

“Well, I couldn’t very well introduce you as my brother, now could I?” she said with a wink as she took my hand in hers.

My cock twitched, my heart swelled, and a smile came to my face as I said, “No, I guess not.”

Brittany made her way back to us with a happy looking guy following close behind. “Tim, Penny, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Eric.” Eric was a good looking guy (as guys go, I thought). He was a little güvenilir casino taller than me, probably 6 foot tall. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and a real California look about him, like maybe he was a surfer. The dress shirt he wore was untucked, and only buttoned about halfway up. He had on blue jeans and he wore leather sandals, and like Brittany, he was easy to talk to, but a little more laid-back than the average guy. He was thin, and didn’t really look like he was terribly concerned about what happens in or around a gym.

The four of us ended up spending most of the evening talking, telling jokes, and drinking beer, and after a while, we decided to play a few hands of Euchre. We were really having a lot of fun just chillin’. It seemed as though only an hour had gone by when I noticed the house had all but cleared out, leaving just the four of us playing cards. It was already 12:30, and everyone else had either gone uptown to the bars, or to other parties.

I’d made no effort to keep track of the number of beers we’d drunk, but there was no doubt that we were all pretty buzzed and the interest in the Euchre had faded significantly.

Eric shuffled the cards, and he said slyly as he surveyed the table, “Hey, how about some strip-poker?”

I immediately looked at Brittany and Penny’s faces to try to gauge their reactions to this idea, while Penny looked at Brittany to get her opinion on the idea. Next, they both turned to look at me.

“Whaddya think?” Penny asked.

“I dunno.” I shrugged. “I’m in if you’re in.”

All three of us looked to Brittany, and without a word from us she said, “Looks like strip-poker it is. I’ll lock the doors.”

“One rule though,” I chimed in, “if we’re playin’, we’re playin’. No getting down to your underwear and then chickening out,” and with group agreement, the first rule had been set. From there we evened out the articles of clothing by declaring what items would be counted, or not counted. Then finally, we put down basic ground rules for five card draw poker.

The opening two hands made it seem that I’d be naked in no time, as I lost both with nothing better than a pair of 8’s. So I opted to take off one shoe and my shirt, in the interest of getting this little party rolling. The girls seemed to like my strategy.

Brittany lost next, and not to be out done, she removed her blouse, revealing a very sexy yellow bra made of a fine, mesh-like material that made her half-dollar sized nipples clearly obvious. When I noticed her nipples were already erect, my cock immediately began to swell as I took several moments to stare in admiration.

Penny lost next, and not to be out done, chose to stand, and seductively remove her sexy white shorts, revealing a lacy white thong that made me want to leap out of my seat and ravage her right then and there. Instead, I subtlety gave my throbbing member a little rub through my shorts, trying unsuccessfully to momentarily soothe the lust I was feeling.

Eric proceeded to go on a losing tear that made me wonder if he wasn’t trying to loose on purpose. When it was all said and done, he was sitting there in nothing but a sock, his boxers and a smile. His hard-on plainly apparent in his blue boxers, and looked rather impressive. At times it appeared it might peek out over the waistband, other times the thick helmet pressed obscenely into the thin material. A spot of darker fabric signified the moisture that leaked from the tip of his cock, and it was apparent that he didn’t care who noticed.

Brittany lost again, but to my disappointment, she only removed her socks.

Lady luck took a turn on me, and I opted to take off my other sock, which left me with just my shorts, my underwear, and my throbbing boner.

Penny lost twice, and she removed her socks and then her little top, revealing an incredibly sexy, lacy white bra that matched her pretty panties. This was getting to be almost more than I could take, and for a moment I toyed with the idea of going to the bathroom to jerk my aching cock, or perhaps just whipping it out right there at the table, but in the interest of seeing Brittany naked, I was able to keep my composure.

I lost again, and this time dropped my shorts. I playfully modeled my black boxer-briefs, and raging hard on for Brittany, Penny and Eric, which brought a round of mock applause from my audience, and a pat on the ass from Penny.

Brittany lost, and did a very seductive strip tease to remove her skirt. The skimpy yellow bikini panties she wore were incredible, and only made me more anxious to see what was beneath them.

Penny lost the next hand. She pushed her seat back from the table, and reached behind her to release her clasp with one hand while pressing the cups of her bra to her tits with the other. With her bra undone, she played a sexy little peek-a-boo, revealing one pert nipple for a moment, then the next. Eric looked like his eyes might bug-out, and I could see him absentmindedly caressing his hard cock through his boxers. Brittany giggled and stared at my sisters perky titties as Penny finally removed her bra and tossed it to her. Tan lines from her string bikini highlighted her boobs, and her hard nipples were sexy punctuations within the supple pale skin of her firm breasts.

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