A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 06

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Sunday. I’m lying in bed just tossing and stretching as I’m waking up. My wife is just walking out of the shower, she walks over to me and asks, honey will please lick my asshole for me. I ask right now? Yep she says. Okay climb on I say. She mounts my chest and slowly inches her butt up to my awaiting face. She is in position and I raise my head to take a taste. She lowers further onto my mouth as I lick her ass crack up and down, pausing to tickle her hole as I pass over it. I swirl my tongue around and poke it in a little. She squirms down onto my harder as I probe deeper. She says lick my pussy too as she backs off a little and rocks her hips up so I can run my tongue through her pussy. She is wet as I reach her clit and lick around it and flick my tongue over it. She starts to rock her hips up and back so that I can get at her pussy then asshole with the alternating motion. She speeds up her motion and starts to grind a little harder into me. I reach my hand up and start to twiddle her clit with my thumb. I can feel her muscles contract and relax tighten again, she says she is going to cum and moments later my face is flooded with her warm juice.

I keep going with my thumb and concentrate my tongue on her asshole. I shove it in as far as I can as I feel her tense up again and mumble something. I think I heard don’t stop so I drive deeper. She pushes back hard onto my probing tongue as she is cumming again. She relaxes and I go at her pussy to lick some more of her cum. A minute more of this I slow down and she says she has had enough. She rolls off of me and onto the bed. She gives me a deep wet kiss and says thank you. She gets up and walks out of the bedroom. I’m lying there with a hard on so I start stroking it. I’m so worked up by what just happened that I’m already getting ready to cum. I shoot all over my chest and stomach. I finish cumming and wipe the last drops of cum off of my dick and put them in my mouth to suck the cum off. Then I go after the rest of it covering my torso. Finger full after finger full till bahis firmaları all of the sperm is off of me and into mouth. Just as I’m finishing my wife walks back in as says good, you took care of that. I say yeah I didn’t want to waste it. She comes over to me helps me out of bed and again gives me a deep kiss probing my mouth for and trace of sperm.

That afternoon she says lets go out to lunch but let’s wear his and her butt plugs. I’m game for this and grab the two njoy plugs we have. One is an inch and half wide the other is two plus inches. Of course she will have the small one and I get the bigger one up my ass. She bends over while I lube up the plug, then her asshole. I put one hand on an ass cheek and spread it so I can gain access. I put the tip up to her asshole and slowly slide it up her butt till her hole closes down onto the stem..

It’s my turn and I bend over she Lubes me and my plug up, then up my ass it goes. My butt hole stretches over its 2 inch girth and clamps down tight onto its stem. It feels great the fullness and the weight of it. Since I have the larger one there is no chance of it working out of my butt without it being pulled out. This gives me a good piece of mind. This whole scene is getting me hot and I ask my with if we can try something else. She says sure, what is it? I tell her I want her to spank me. Well okay, though she says she definitely doesn’t want one but is willing to do it to me.

I lay on the bed and she swats my ass with her hand. I tell her I want it harder. She swats me again and asks if that is okay. I tell her as a matter of fact, no I want it harder. Grab my belt and use that on my ass. She does and swings half heartedly. Is that okay? No it want it hard. Leave some welts on my butt so I can feel it all day. Okay she says, she swings hard with a big long swing. The belt cracks across my ass very loudly. I feel the sting and before she can even ask I tell her, yes just like that only harder. Again the belt whistles into butt cheeks with a loud crack. She says that kaçak iddaa will leave a mark. She swings again and again, I don’t know how many times maybe twenty. My ass is on fire. I ask her to stop. She says you are going to feel that for awhile. Let me get my phone and take a picture. I wait for her and she takes a few pics. I get up and feel my ass. It is on fire and I can feel welts raised up on it. I tell her lets go because I’m starving. We get dressed and head out.

During the ride to the restaurant I can feel my ass, both inside with the plug and outside because of the spanking. Once at the restaurant I get out of the car gingerly, there is no doubt where my mind is at. My wife rubs my ass gently and asks again if I liked it. I said yes I loved it. We go in and sit to a nice meal and a few drinks. My hot ass has me thinking of tonight and what that will bring. We finish and I can’t take it anymore. Let’s go home and fuck. I get her sly smile looking at me and can tell she can’t wait either.

Once back in the car I can’t help it, I begin to undress. I’m totally naked just minutes after we leave the lot. We pull in our drive way I can’t wait to get in the house to the bedroom. I get out of the car before the door is closed. I’m standing there naked in plain view encouraging her to hurry up. She says patience she will be there. If you are going to be a bad boy I’m going have to spank you again. I take a deep breath but don’t say anything. I really don’t know if my ass can take anymore so I just hurry off to the bed.

I lay down and my wife walks in. She’s say you are cumming twice tonight, I think great, my balls ache from all of the sexual tension today. My rock hard cock is looking right up at her as she climbs on the bed and inhales my cock. She sucks for all she is worth working my cock with her hand as she pulls her mouth off of it again. Back down she dives again as I feel my cock in her throat. She grabs my balls and rubs them on her chin as my cum is getting ready to explode. I give her a warning and she pulls kaçak bahis out to catch it all in her mouth.

She milks me empty and tells me to put my legs over my head. I do as she says she grabs the butt plug and yanks it out of my ass. She starts to play with my asshole then empties my sperm into my ass. She pushes what doesn’t drain into my hole into it and forces it in. She tells me flip over again, put your pillow under your ass so I have better access. I’m going to fuck you ass with your own cum in there, then you are going to lick my strapon clean. She grabs a medium size strapon and works it up my ass. In and out it goes as my cum is leaking out of my ass and onto my pillow. My dick now shrunken dick is coming to life again, she tells me. Okay it my turn to cum. She takes the strapon off and she helps me lick its length clean, she sticks it in my mouth and says suck it clean. I do then she shoves the whole thing down her throat and gives it a final cleaning.

She climbs on top of me and works my cock up her pussy, she buries it all the way in, wiggles around on it then starts riding me. She pounds her crotch up and down onto me with full long strokes. I’m cumming again as she rides me like a bronco. I shoot my load deep in her moans she is cumming. She says ohh ohh eat me, eat my pussy, I’m going to cum on your face. She climbs up and plants her sopping cum leaking pussy right on my face and grinds into it. Seconds later her and my cum are mixing and draining into my mouth. I swallow and swallow but it keeps flowing and is all over my face. We both collapse into each other’s arms and try to recover.

We just laid there talking and she asks, how did I like cum up your ass. I didn’t know what to say so I said it was great especially when you were fucking me with it. She says you know when you had your ass presented to me I could see your butt cheeks real good. They have a couple of good welts on them and they are also black and blue. You definitely will feel it for a few days. I tell her great it will remind me of what a great sex life we have every time I sit down. We roll over to sleep her on her side me on my side will my pillow full of cum stuck to my face. I fall asleep with the sweet smell of sperm wafting up my nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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