A Virgin released from Chastity

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It was time to move on…

I will be graduating today, 4 years after moving in with Ruth, and tomorrow, I will be moving out to start my life as a grown up.

I already found a job in my home town, and rented a small apartment near the new office place.

Ruth came with me and my parents to the graduation event. My parents liked her a lot. For them, it was like I was staying with my grandmother; they had no idea that I was Ruth’s chastity-boy.

Ruth turned 60 that year and I was already 22 years old. I was still a virgin, since Ruth never let me out of the chastity cage; she controlled my orgasms completely.

My mind was racing – I never had a girlfriend, I never had sex, I never even kissed a girl; how will it be from now on. Ruth made me very submissive. I am not sure if I can live without my chastity cage on.

Ruth noticed I was deep in thoughts. I am sure she guessed what I was thinking about. She leaned toward me and said, “I have a big surprise for you. Later tonight, when we are back at the house, I will give you a blow job and will allow you to cum in my mouth as a release present and I will take your chastity cage off for you to move on with your life, my virgin sub boy.”

It was good to be in a cage at that point. My cock was struggling to get hard.

Ruth never gave me a blow job. It was either hand jobs or pegging, She never ever went beyond that. My mind was racing, I wanted to cum in her mouth so badly, I was scared to cum in a few seconds. How can I last if she blows me?

After the graduation event ended, my parents came over to take my things from Ruth’s place. I stayed with Ruth for the night; my last night in chastity.

When they finally left, Ruth told me to get naked, like always. At home, I needed to be naked all the time; I only had my cock cage on. I obeyed immediately.

Ruth then had me bent over a stool, legs open wide for an enema. She took her time preparing it. It felt like 30 minutes or so. When she finally entered the room, she was naked, She was shaved smooth and looked amazing, even at her age. I felt pulses, like an orgasm is building up, just from seeing her.

Ruth held 2 enema bags. She smiled at me and said, “one is for you and one is for me.”

I didn’t know what to think, I was aroused like never before.

Ruth sat near me. She took the lube box and started to lube my ass for the enema. She then inserted the tube into my ass, as I moaned with pleasure.

“It’s your turn to insert my enema.” Ruth said, as she bent over a stool near me, opening her legs wide and pulling her afyon escort ass cheeks apart, to expose her ass hole. I froze. My heart was racing. Ruth never let me touch her like this.

I lubed my finger and asked her permission to push it into her asshole. Ruth replied, “No need to ask, my boi. Enjoy yourself. Do what you need to do, to give me an enema.”

I slowly inserted my finger into her ass, Ruth closed her eyes, smiling. She moaned silently, with obvious pleasure. I added a second finger and she just opened up more for me. It looked like she is allowing me to go even further, so I added a 3rd finger, making her moan strongly.

“You want to fuck me,” Ruth moaned. “I feel it. Use your fingers to fuck my ass, Boi”.

My cock twitched and a load of cum ejaculated, as I heard her words. I moaned and said, “Oh no”.

“Did you cum, Boi?” Ruth asked.

I apologized and admitted that I ejaculated a small load.

“Let me taste it.” Ruth moaned.

I was all dizzy. Here I was; fingering my mistress, in her ass and feeding her my cum. I had my hopes up. This night is going to be special.

After a while, Ruth ordered me to stop and insert the enema tube into her. We both took the enema at the same time, moaning together.

After we both cleaned up, Ruth smiled at me and asked if I enjoyed my little anal treat, I nodded and thanked her for letting me.

Her reaction surprised me.

“You will be punished, young man. You seem to have forgotten that you may not do that. You fucked your mistress’ ass and fed her your cum. This is not allowed, you know.” Ruth said, with a severe look.

“Good thing, your ass is prepared.” She added.

Ruth wore her strap-on and gave me the sign to bend over. She stood behind me and positioned the 8-inch dildo near my ass hole. She pushed it in, in a single stroke. I moaned strongly and ejaculated a burst of cum. Ruth kept going hard, fucking my ass, strongly, until my cum ejaculated through the chastity cage.

“Eat it, young man. Eat your load.” Ruth said.

I ate my load and started to realize that the promised oral is not going to happen. It was getting late. We both fell asleep, sweating from the anal sex we just had.

I woke up early in the morning, feeling Ruth unlocking my chastity. She was smiling at me; still naked like last night. As she was licking her lips, looking at my stiffening cock, she said, “I promised you a blow job. I will keep this promise.”

Ruth took my hard cock in her mouth. I was hard like never in my life. I started afyon escort bayan moaning right away, as she gently licked and sucked me.

“Try not to cum very fast.” She said, as she sucked and massaged my balls. Unfortunately, my first blowjob didn’t last very long, I exploded in Ruth’s mouth, only seconds after what she said, I came a lot and moaned strongly.

“Good boy. Cum as much as you can. I want all the cum that is in you.” Ruth encouraged me and continued to suck me. Eating all the cum I ejaculated. She didn’t stop, She wanted me to cum again. This time, it lasted longer. She licked and sucked me for 15 minutes before inserting 3 fingers into my ass and making me explode again. I came strongly and Ruth swallowed every drop.

“Go and get ready for your new life.” Ruth said and kissed me. I tasted my cum in her kiss, I was still hard.

I showered and got dressed. Ruth and I hugged for long time. It was strange to be without the cage on. We said goodbye and I left.

New chapter in my life…

I had a small apartment and a nice job. My freedom drove me to excessive masturbation. I started each day jerking off to porn and masturbated 2 to 3 times more, after coming back home. There was no chastity to prevent me from doing that.

I talked with Ruth every few days; she knows I was masturbating alot. But, she said nothing, nor tried to influence me to stop. All she said was, “you should find a nice girl.”

I met Leah in the supermarket. We lived close to each other and chance had us bump into each other in the supermarket time and again. After a while, we became friendly and started going out together. Leah was shy, so sex was not on the menu for very long.

We were going out together for 6 months and didn’t go beyond kissing and holding hands. Ruth was a good listener. I told her about Leah and the nature of our relationship. She always encouraged me that everything will come in due time.

“Why don’t the two of you come over for the weekend?” Ruth offered, in one of our talks.

I liked the idea. I hadn’t seen Ruth in almost a year. I convinced Leah to join me and we both went there early Friday.

Seeing Ruth made me very happy. My 4 years there were amazing, Leah was shy, as always and didn’t say much.

We sat in the living room and Ruth turned to Leah, and said, “Did you know that your boyfriend’s penis was locked in chastity for 4 years when he lived here?”

I turned red, and my heart beat increased. I had no idea why Ruth said that to Leah.

Leah blushed. escort afyon “Well, no. He didn’t tell me that. You mean, he was not able to masturbate or have sex, for 4 years?” She asked Ruth.

Ruth took the cage out and gave it to Leah. “This was his cage for 4 years. Shall we put it back on him? What do you think, Leah?” Ruth asked.

“He is masturbating a lot. Sometimes, 4 times a day. I bet he thinks of you, Leah, when he is jerking off so freely.” She added.

Leah was thinking. She looked at Ruth and then at me and said, “I think you are right. He needs to be locked. I know I cannot accept a man masturbating this much around me. I am so glad you told me that, Ruth.”

“Get naked, young man.Let’s get you locked up.” Ruth said.

I undressed in front of Ruth and Leah. My hard-on was huge. Ruth smiled and told Leah that this is exactly the way I looked the day I moved in. A huge hard-on that does not indicate how submissive I was.

“Go on. Jerk it. Make it soft for the cage.” Ruth said.

I started jerking in front of them. It seemed Leah enjoyed watching me; she never saw a man jerk off before. She was licking and biting her lips, as she watched me.

“Are you getting close to cum?” Ruth asked me.

I nodded.

“Leah, I will let you decide. In my house, cum is never wasted. So, who is going to eat that sweet load that we will soon get? Our jerking boi here? You? Or, me?” Ruth asked.

“I want to be honest. I haven’t had cum for 2 years. But, I never seen a man eat his cum before and I am dying to see that.” Leah said.

I came into my hand. It was a big load of cum. I ate it in front of Ruth and Leah. Leah seemed different; she looked aroused and sexy. I loved it.

Ruth caged me back in, after a year of freedom. “I believe that you will spend your life in chastity, it is your destiny.” Ruth said and handed the key to Leah. “His cock is in your control, Leah.”

Ruth and Leah spent some time talking. I was asked to stay away. I heard laughs from time to time. At some point, I went to sleep and they continued to talk. In the morning, Leah came in to wake me up. She was smiling; she looked very happy, as if weight was taken off her shoulders.

“Ruth gave me many things. She said she has no use for them anymore and that I can make good use of them from now on. She also told me all about the 4 years you were here. I love that you are submissive, I could never handle a man. I am too shy; but, like this, I think it may be possible.” Leah was different, Calm and confident. I liked it a lot.

I stood up and went to my bag to get dressed, but Leah stopped me. “No need to dress up. You should stay like this, when you are with me. I want to see that caged cock all the time.” Leah said, smiling.

I stayed naked, like I always was in this house. I realized that Ruth passed the key to Leah and my days of freedom were over.

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