A Twinkle in the Twilight Act 04

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Act 4 – The Glow Grows

Our shower was not only sexually draining, but it caused us to work up a veracious appetite. Once we managed to get some stability back in our legs we dashed for the kitchen. We found some roast chicken in the refrigerator along with almost as many condiments as one could find at a Subway sandwich shop. We ate in silence. It’s not polite to speak with your mouth full you know.

Once the nourishment was done we, like two high school teenagers, look at each other with lust in our eyes and passion in our hearts. Without a word we held hands and headed for the bedroom. We were both still stark naked from the shower so that saved us some time. Maude climbed up on the bed, and assumed an all fours position.

“How’s this?” she asked over her shoulder.

“I need some lip and titty loving to get me started again, gal,” I said.

“Me too,” she said excitedly as she actually flipped over on her back and spread her legs on the way down. This may be a large woman, but she had the strength and agility of an athlete. One of these days I was going to ask her about that. For the moment, however, I crawled between her legs, placed my limp dick along her belly, and lowered my body and my lips to meet hers. Our embrace was much like that of a couple on their honeymoon complete with the moaning and sighing of ardent passion.

Before long I worked my way down to her gigantic bosom, and immediately latched onto a rigid nipple. She pressed her body against my face as I began to caress her boob. Naturally, my hand strayed to her idle breast while her hand, as if we had practiced the maneuver, felt between our bodies until she found my rapidly rising cock.

In less than 48 hours we were becoming familiar with each others likes and dislikes, at least in a sexual sense, and we were both dedicated to satisfying these wants with a passion. My breasts manipulation had aroused Maude noticeable, as had her attention to my manhood. I was as hard as a bone, and she was as wet as morning dew. I rose to a kneeling position between her legs, and she reluctantly released by swollen cock. It stood proudly above her fuzzy crotch.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” Maude said in a teasing manner, “hide that ugly thing somewhere out of sight.” She giggled like a schoolgirl. She also spread her legs as wide as possible as if to give me a hint.

“I think we should put out the welcome mat, don’t you?” I asked, and before she could answer I positioned myself to devote full attention to her pussy. I lowered my head until my mouth came into contact with her already saturated crotch. My tongue slid easily between the lips of her pussy bringing sensuous moans from deep within her chest. casino şirketleri I found her sounds of ecstasy to be very arousing. Naturally, my cock swelled to a point of aching; a positive sign that it wanted to take part in the merry making.

Maude was actively showing signs of her eagerness to participate on a more physical level. Her hands were grasping my hair on either side of my head, and pressing my face firmly into her crotch. She was even encouraging me to travel up and down her slit until I finally latched onto her prominently swollen clitoris. She squealed with joy as I began to suck on the little nub, and without further ado she blessed her crotch and my face with her juices.

Once her climax began to subside, she slowly released her grip on my hair. I continued caressing her clit with my tongue until I was certain she was on the verge of another orgasm. I gently probed her pussy with my forefinger and index finger until they were well coated with her juices in preparation for her next thrill. When her orgasm was obviously eminent I inserted my fingers into her asshole. There was no shyness in her vocal appreciation of my gesture, nor were there reservations in her unbridled execution of her second orgasm. She bucked so violently against my face that I made a mental note to guard against whiplash in the future.

I gently disengaged from her valley of pleasure, and worked my way up to her upper body. She had tears in her eyes, but a beautiful smile on her face. She took a corner of the bed sheet and wiped some of her pussy juices from my face before smothering me with kisses. Then she wasted no time in helping me guide my engorged cock into her equally swollen pussy which was slick with her arousal juices. The penetration was practically effortless. Her moaning prompted me to thrust my member as deep as it would go before commencing my pumping action.

We were getting rather good at this particular part of our coupling. Maude quickly fell into my rhythm, and within seconds our crotches were slapping together relentlessly.

Maude’s legs were overlapping mine for better leverage, and I was back at her enormous breasts titillating her nipples. She continued to express her immense pleasure with moans and sighs while I did good to breathe heavily and nurse on her bosom bounty.

As is usual with women, Maude’s second orgasm was close behind her first. We had just begun to work up a sweat when she sensually announced her approaching eruption. She was whimpering along with the moans and groans usually accompanying such an event, and she was pounding her pussy against my crotch.

“Oh God, Randy,” she cried, “I think I’m going to shit with this one. Here casino firmaları it comes.” I could feel her inner muscles as she discharged spasm after spasm of her juices. She was drenching both hers and my pubic patches with her arousal, and I could just imagine how much of this liquid was trickling down her legs and into the crack of her ass. We were indeed making a mess on the sheets, but at least we didn’t have the pile of shit she predicted.

“Okay, old girl,” I said with bated breath, “we made a mess at your front door, so let me in the back one.”

“Absolutely, Baby. That’s my favorite of all the things we do together. Do you want me on my hands and knees?”

“That won’t be necessary,” I grunted. “I’ll go in from here this time.” I didn’t go to the extent of explaining to her that her ass was so big that it elevated her asshole to a very accessible position while she was lying on her back. I didn’t even need a pillow.

After sticking two of my fingers into her pussy to get them lubricated, I gently inserted them into her backdoor. She moaned with pleasure, and I worked my fingers around inside her causing her to squirm. As I prepared to mount her I noticed she lifted her ass higher into the air even though the effort was necessary. I slid my still pulsating cock into the tight recesses of her bowels as far as it would reach.

The muscles around her ass and the mysteries of nature that made her colon do what it does were busy massaging my shaft. I began slowly pumping in and out of her pleasure palace, and she did everything within her power to help me. This was rapidly becoming my favorite part of our fuck test as well. Maude’s almost animalistic commentary of my cock’s magnificent intrusion of her back side was causing my sexual ardor to rise to the occasion.

When my impending orgasm grew nearer, I intensified my attack on her asshole. She began to bark and squeal her encouragement, and I responded to the best of my ability. When the spurts started gushing from my hose I joined in with my partner with growls and groans celebrating my climax. Surprisingly, I realized Maude had also enjoyed another orgasm at the same time.

I fell forward on Maude’s sweat drenched body, and we lay there heaving and moaning until we regained some of our composure. Our bodies squished as we moved, and like kids, we made a game of it.

“Shower time,” I announced and Maude promptly pushed me off of her body.

We wasted very little time in regulating the water and climbing under the moderately hot stream of water we both enjoyed. We lathered each other thoroughly, and as usual, we devoted more time to our favorite body parts. In the process, Maude worked her soapy güvenilir casino index finger into my asshole and wiggled it around playfully.

“Trying to get even?” I asked jokingly.

“Get real,” she huffed. “My finger could never compete with your tool. But I may find a way someday.”

Oddly enough, Maude’s finger wave action did cause some life to reappear in my cock. It had filled out some, but not enough to get it erect. Maude also noticed this metamorphosis and quickly pounced on the opportunity. Her soapy hand brought on more life to my pecker, and before I knew what was going on she was on her knees and sucking on my cock.

“Damn, woman,” I cried, “you’re going to give me a heart attack.”

She broke away from her coupling long enough to breathlessly say, “Bitch, bitch, bitch.” Then she was immediately returned her attention to my manhood where she demonstrated her prowess as a cocksucker. I helped as much as I could.

Maude was a quick learner especially when it came to something she enjoyed as much as she did sex. She had my cock rock hard once again, and that was largely because of her determination and my willingness to participate. Her mouth was concentrating on the head of my dick while one of her hands was gently massaging my balls.

As soon as she was convinced that my orgasm was eminent, she calmly inserted two soapy fingers into my asshole. The surprise, the sensation, and the excitement ushered in one terrific orgasm. She held her mouth on my convulsing cock, and retained all of the juices I was spurting into her mouth. She also continued to stroke my cock making sure none of my semen lingered behind. Greedy old bitch; she wanted it all.

We finally rinsed off and got out of the shower. I loved toweling down Maude’s ample body especially under her enormous breasts and her ample ass cheeks, I actually believe Maude was doing her best to revive my cock when she dried my crotch. She reluctantly abandoned all hopes when she realized my pecker was still convalescing from our earlier escapades.

As was our custom, we went to the kitchen for a snack as we did after nearly every one of our fuck fest. Maude was a wonderful cook, and we both loved to eat.

As we sat there eating, I told her about this very good contract I had executed in a town about 150 miles to the South. It would take about a week, but the money was good, all expenses paid, and I was very good at performing the work to be done.

“Oh, so you’re going out of town to fuck some other old lady until she falls at your feet,” she said jokingly. And then she added, “Like I did.”

“Now, I’ll hear no more of that,” I said sharply. “I have all the woman I need, and can handle, right here. You just keep your legs crossed while I’m gone so dinner will be warm when I return.” She returned my smile.

“I was just joking,” she assured me.

I left early the next morning after Maude made sure all of my equipment was working properly.

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