A Surprise Encounter

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Big Dicks

During a party a few months ago at a friend’s house, the liquor was flowing heavily. The liquor made people silly, but it also made us horny. That makes for interesting combinations.

I got this crazy idea, and I couldn’t wait to put it into action. But I needed some prep time first. Heading into the master bedroom, I locked the door behind me, then closed the door to the bathroom. Once I made sure where all the furniture was located, turned off the lights in the room. After my eyes got used to the dark, I turned around slowly, making a list of things that let in any amount of light.

With my eyes adjusted to the light, it was obvious there was way too much visibility in here. Squinting as the lights went back on, I got to work covering up the gaps. Rolled up towels under the doors, dark sheets and towels tacked up over the windows, and a few black T-shirts thrown over the alarm clocks. Testing with the light off again, it looked to be perfect! I could see absolutely nothing! I just stood there enjoying the stillness of the room as the party continued just on the other side of these walls. After just a few seconds, I had to kneel down to keep from falling. There was just no reference points for my drunken body to stay balanced.

Breaking out of my trance, and getting a few more arrangements together, I was ready for the plan to come together. I found a low chair by a makeup table, turned it towards the wall, put a towel on the seat, and a pillowcase on the floor behind it. I was so turned on by just my thoughts, my pants didn’t have a tent, there was a pyramid trying to poke it’s way out of them. Calming down my johnson was a requirement before I went back out to the party.

Going out to the back porch where everyone was gathered, I noticed that there was a new face. Then I remembered, Mark had said he would be a bit late. My brain shifted again, now I had a wrinkle in this deviant plot of mine. Thinking of what to say, I made my way over to him.

“Hey Mark, it’s about time you got here! It’s a damn good thing you did too, ’cause we need to go get more liquor. I don’t know how we got so low, but we need to go before the store closes.”

He replied “No problem, dude, we have already talked about that. Let’s get going then. There’s gonna be a few of us going, Matt and Myles wanted some more beer too. Looks like it’s gonna be a long night!” Turning to the rest of the crowd, he called out for the thirsty people, and they all headed towards the door to go.

Running over to my wife Karen and pulling her aside, I whispered “I have a game for you. Listen closely, I don’t have much time.”

She smiled and nodded, replying “This sounds interesting. Are you being dirty again?”

All I could respond with was a little mischievous grin. “We are all going to the store in a sec, but you have to do something for me. You need to wait exactly five minutes, then go into the master bedroom, close the door behind you, and wait for my orders. Do not do anything else. You will do everything that you are told. Do you understand me?”

She smiled bigger and bigger as I gave her the instructions. When I finished, her smile faded, and she said “No problem, I got it. Now hurry up before you get left behind!”

Turning, I ran across the house to Mark’s car waiting outside. Running up to side of his car, I put on my best upset face. “Dude, Karen is mad at me for running off, she wants to “talk” or some crap. Can you get me a bottle of vodka and a bag of ice? Here’s $30, that should cover it. Please don’t tell Karen, she doesn’t want me to drink any more tonight, but I can’t let this buzz I got run away from me. OK?

I hurried back into the house as Mark drove away. Sneaking into the master bedroom, halkalı escort I went into the closet to wait for Karen to come in. Lost in thought scheming over what I should do to her, I was startled by the door opening. I closed my eyes just in time to prevent getting blinded from the open door, and Karen walked in timidly, looking around in the dark. Just like she was told, she swung the door closed, and it latched as she was walking towards me.

Before giving her time to adjust her eyes, I walked forward softly. Standing in front of her, the light just strong enough to make out very vague shapes. That was just enough to see she was there, not even a good idea of the body structure.

I got around behind her, putting my hands on her shoulders and put my finger to her lips. In a whisper, I said “Shhh, don’t say anything right now. It’s me babe, just do what I say, allright?”

She whispered back “Sure, OK” then gave a little drunk giggle. That quickly turned into a gasp as my finger left her lips, and my hand traced down her neck, stopping at the top of her blouse and unfastened the top button. Not stopping to see what her reaction would be, I got the rest of the buttons undone and slipped the blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall halfway down her back.

Not wanting this to go too far here, I pushed forwards and guided her to the chair I had prepared, feeling for it with my hands. She felt where it was, and with us both unsteady on our feet, it took both of us to seat her on the unseen chair.

Moving my hands back to her shoulders, I slowly moved my hands down her chest, lightly passed over her breasts, and across her belly. I stopped at the top of her pants to figure out how to undo them, but she stopped me, so I moved my hands to her thighs. In less time than it would have taken me to figure out how the worked, she had them undone. She wiggled her ass around, and pushed her pants and g-string down to her knees.

My hands slowly moved up her smooth thighs, stopping when I reached her crotch. One finger lightly traced the lips of her pussy, which were already starting to get wet. She gasped out loud, and it turned into a low moan as I lightly brushed across the hardening nub of her clit. Not stopping the teasing of her pussy, I reached up and gently pushed my finger to her lips.

“Stay quiet, ” I whispered “put your hands down by your sides and try to not make any noise.”

She moved a bit, and I think she put her hands away, but it was too dark to tell. I quickly pulled her pants off, tossing them to the side, then moved her knees apart, making room for my tongue to play where my fingers had been. I heard muffled groans as I eased her lips apart to let my tongue inside her pussy, and back out to play around on her clit. Her ass was moving, thrusting with her hips to get closer to my face.

She was breathing fast, and trying to cover her moaning, but it didn’t work too well. Easing back on the tongue work, I took my hands back from her legs. I gave her pussy one last lick and a kiss before standing up. From ahead of me, I could hear her whisper “No, damn it, don’t stop. Get back down there.”

Still whispering, I responded “Not yet, beautiful. I need you to sit up for a minute. Give me your hands.”

Fumbling around for a few seconds, we found each other’s hands, and I helped her sit up. But I didn’t let go of her. I guided her hands back behind the chair, and quickly tied them with the pillowcase. I quickly undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees, but not before taking a toy out of my pocket. Before we came over, I had taken her favorite little rabbit vibrating toy from her hiding spot in the dresser. haramidere escort Now it was in my hand, waiting for delivery.

Kneeling down in front of her, I pushed her knees apart, but she resisted a little. “Move your legs apart a little. There you go.”

As I placed the toy at the opening of her wet pussy, she squirmed. “What are you doing? What is that?” She asked, sounding worried.

“Don’t worry, you will thank me.” I replied as I eased the vibrator past her lips. I hit the button for slow speed and she jumped a little, but said “holy shit, that’s so mean.”

“We shall see” I thought as I put the controller on the towel between her legs.

“There is not the time to be a tease, we can take a long time later. Just make us both cum. Make sure I am cumming in your mouth at the same time you cum.”

No sooner did I stop talking than I felt a warm tightness surround my rock hard cock. Up and down just an inch or so at first, then she started going deeper. Just when I thought she was going to stop, I felt the tip of my cock rubbing the back of her throat, and her nose brushing my belly button. She had only done this a few times before, she said she didn’t like doing it. Could have fooled me now!

As she swallowed my cock, I could hear her saying “mmffffff mmmm mmmmfff” as she reached the back of her throat. Reaching down I caught her shoulder and followed it down her chest. Pushing the bra strap off her shoulder, I reached down for a handful of breast and squeezed her nipple that was quickly growing harder.

This had to be the most incredible feeling in the world. In almost absolute darkness, I was getting the blowjob of my life. Holding and teasing these breasts that felt as good as they looked. Having her completely under my control.

“Oh yeah, you’re doing awesome, baby. That deserves a reward.”

In this case, that would be to turn up the rabbit one notch. I still couldn’t hear it, the towel and her body were blocking the sounds. But I could feel her notice it. She actually bit my cock a little while she tensed up, but it hurt good.

I grabbed her head in both of my hands, making her bob her head on mine. She moaned deep in her throat, and I could feel the vibrations from it. I don’t know how or where she heard of this, but she started humming as the head of my cock was lodged deep inside her mouth. The vibrations were even more intense. This was really going to help make sure I would not last long. I couldn’t cum alone though.

Pulling my throbbing cock out of her mouth, I reached down and flicked the toy to the next level, and I could hear the buzz coming from her pussy. My fingers went up to her pussy, and it was wetter than I ever remember seeing it. Rubbing her clit even a little bit made her crazy. Doing her damnedest to be quiet, she was trying to bite her lip, but it wasn’t working too well.

Still wanting to tease her, I didn’t get up, but leaned forward into her. Pulling her bra down I took both full, lovely breasts into my hands, pressing my face into them. Sucking deeply on a nipple, her back arched and she twisted around.

“Get that lovely cock back up here, I am so close. I need to cum!”

I jumped up, holding my cock in one hand, and her head in the other. Bringing us together, I left my hand on her mouth, guiding my cock between her lips, and stroking myself at the same time.

She started writhing around, trying to get that exact spot where she will explode in passion. She was mumbling “mmmfffff” over and over again around my cock.

It was too much.

We both started to cum that point. She stopped sucking me as she started to cum, but I couldn’t let that ikitelli escort happen. Grabbing the sides of her face, I moved her head up and down my cock, fucking myself with her mouth. It helped so much, but I think I noticed her shake her head ‘no’ so I stopped. Only my hand was left on the back of her head, holding her still, as I rubbed myself with the other. The head of my cock going in and out of her lips, and my fist just touching her lips.

I think I missed. I started to cum and my body curled in with the effort. Her lips were barely on my pulsing purple head as it shot at her. She must have leaned forward as she engulfed me with her mouth again. My hand from the back of her head was holding nothing. It needed something. I reached down for her breast, squeezing it, kneading it, holding on to it for dear life. I loved the way it filled up and overflowed my hand.

My body slowly stopped pulsing, but I couldn’t let go. From a mile away, I heard her say “dammit, make it stop. Oh shit, no more, no more, no more!”

The chair was shaking with her movement. It took a few seconds to my cloudy head, but I found her pussy and the toy almost jumped out. Her muscles were squeezing and pushing, and she was so incredibly wet, it came out as I touched it.

Standing up, I found the controller and turned it off as I dropped it. I was still stroking my cock, winding down from the exertion, but stopped as she inhaled me again. Growing softer, it was no problem for her to take me all the way in. Her tongue was wiping me down, caressing my shaft, and feeling so damn good. I felt it was such a waste that I couldn’t get hard again in a few seconds.

Finally getting recovered a bit, I realized that we should get dressed and re-enter the party before we were missed. Getting dressed slowly, I congratulated myself on such an intensely good plan. I cleaned up some, but left Karen on the chair, still tied up.

Wandering a bit, I found the chair, feeling her body jump at my touch.

“What’s the matter baby? It’s just me.” I whispered. “I thought you liked my touch.”

My hands roamed down, caressing her breasts, and down to her pussy and the soaked towel. Lightly kissing the side of her neck, I said “Thank you, that was amazing. We have to do this again, and soon.”

Her first answer was a moan, but she whispered back “damn straight we do, but first you have to let me out of here.”

Untying the pillowcase, I said “I will be gone in 10 seconds, and then you can get up and do whatever you need to do. See you back at the party!”

And I was gone. The light outside the room stung my eyes, but by the time I got to the back door, I could almost seeing normally. Just relaxing on the railing for a few minutes made me feel like a new man. It wasn’t but about three minutes when I felt Karen stand by me.

“Hey, how did you get back out here so quick? The other guys just got back from the store like ten seconds ago.”

I looked at her a bit confused, and almost said something silly about how she was mistaken, but just then I saw her shirt was a pull-over, not a button-down. My heart stuck in my chest, and I stopped breathing for a second.

Acting calm, I said “Oh, I just got out before them, they all stayed in the car for a minute.”

After a slight pause, I asked the question that was screaming in my mind. “So, umm, did you like your tour of the master bedroom?”

She giggled. “No, I figured you had one of your buddies in there and were going to try to scare me or something. I didn’t go right away, then I totally forgot all about it.”

If it wasn’t for the alcohol, I think I would have noticed some differences, but now I was really glad I didn’t say anything else. But who was in there with me? This was going to bug me all night! Looking around, there seemed to be several ladies it could have been, based on what I remember of the feel of the clothes.

Maybe I’ll just forget about it. Next I need to go back in that room and set it up again, this time being a little more careful about who comes in… Maybe?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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