A Study Session Gone Wrong Ch. 01

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I was 18 and in my senior year at high school. I was not popular, but not as unpopular as the nerds. However, I was smart, with a GPA of 4.5, and I was one of the heads of the school band. I was not jacked, but I had average muscles and stood at 6’0.

Like many high school experiences, my high school had that one dream girl that girls wanted to be and guys wanted to be with. Her name was Shelby and she was a typical dream girl. Head cheerleader, nice brown hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous body. She had 34D breasts, stood at 5’4, and had a nice body that she kept in shape at the gym. Also, she was a huge slut, known to have slept with almost every guy on the varsity basketball team. She also had two friends, Melissa and Courtney, who were equally hot. Those three were almost always seen together. I had many masturbation sessions that included the three of them, but mainly Shelby. I was one of the guys who if you said my name, she would reply “Who”? Simply put, we were not even near the same social class.

Although she was popular, she was not totally dumb and was actually in the same AP Physics class as me. Our teacher assigned us a partner who would be our main study partners for the year. Lucky for me, I was teamed up with Shelby. She really did not care and took our partnership lightly for the first two weeks. Then, our teacher assigned us a major project that she and I had to work on together. Surprisingly, she invited me over her house on Friday after school to work on it. I accepted immediately, embarrassing myself with how quickly I said yes.

Friday came along and I couldn’t wait to be with her alone. Right before the school day ended, one kid named Robert came up to me and said “Hey, you better go to Shelby’s prepared.”

“Why,” I asked.

“Because she is known to try and make deals that involve her offering sex in exchange for the ability to do less work on her projects,” said Robert.

Keeping Robert’s words in mind, I was excited when I got to Shelby’s house at 3 PM. She opened the door, wearing a short skirt with a pink shirt adana escort bayan that revealed her breasts bulged right through pretty well.

“Come in,” she said. “I got some stuff set up in my room upstairs.”

We started working, but after about 15 minutes, Shelby was losing interest. That’s when she proposed her deal. She offered a blowjob in exchange for me doing most of the work. To make the deal more persuasive, she even said that if I was any good, she would let me have full on sex with her. I was a virgin, but even I knew that the deal (just a blowjob with a chance of sex) was a rip off. However, I said yes, due to my deep desire to have her mouth around my dick.

“Alright,” she said. “Let me get a little more comfortable.”

Right in front of me she lifted her shirt and took it off, revealing her 34D breasts in a hot pink bra. Then she dropped her skirt, revealing a matching pair of pink panties. Needless to say, I was getting hard right there.

“Ok,” she said. “Take off your pants and we’ll do this.”

Almost immediately, I dropped my jeans right in front of her. I was about as excited as possible, until I saw Shelby’s reaction. She was bursting with laughter, starting at my dick.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Your dick is sooooooo small” she said. “You’re the smallest guy I’ve ever seen. The sad part is, you’re rock hard too. You’re hung like a little boy and I don’t suck the little pin dicks like yours.”

I was shocked. I always knew my dick wasn’t huge, but I though of it being about average. While I was stuck in shock, she pulled out a ruler and measured my dick.

“Wow, 4 inches? That’s just plain sad. You don’t even have the girth to make up for it. Smallest dick I’ve ever had was six inches. I bet you’re a virgin too, because no girl would want that little thing in them.”

“But…you said you’d suck it,” I stuttered in an embarrassing voice.

“Sorry pin dick, but I’d rather do my share than ruin my streak of man cocks. Now sit in the corner because adana escort I want pictures.”

For reasons I couldn’t understand, I obeyed her and moved to the corner. She pulled out her camera on her phone and snapped a couple pics. To make the situation worse, she forwarded them to Melissa and Courtney, along with an invite for them to come over and see it (they were about 5 min away).

A little later, Melissa and Courtney showed up with their cover ups over their bikinis, as they had gone swimming in the indoor pool at the YMCA. When they saw me sitting in the corner, they both laughed hysterically, saying how my dick really is as small as it is in the picture.

“You actually gave this loser a blowjob?” said Melissa.

“No, he isn’t man enough and his little dick probably couldn’t handle it. Watch, I bet he can’t last more than 2 minutes masturbating while we pleasure ourselves together.”

Both Melissa and Courtney agreed to take the challenge and they dropped their cover ups. I was hoping they’d drop their bikinis too, but Courtney told me that little dick men don’t get to see them completely naked. Regardless, Courtney and Melissa looked ridiculously hot, with Melissa in her red bikini and Courtney in her white one. Melissa was a bit bigger than Shelby, standing at 5’6 and a slightly bigger body. However, she was still gorgeous and her breasts were almost the same size as Shelby. Meanwhile, Courtney was the same height as Melissa, but with the biggest breasts of them all and nice blonde hair.

“Ok loser, get your two fingers ready to jack your pathetic dick” said Shelby. “Two minutes starting….now.”

Right there, the three of them starting slowly making out, rubbing their hands over their beautiful, smooth skin. I felt like I was in my best and worst dream at the same time. The girls were gorgeous, with Shelby in the middle, directing the action. They’re breasts were lined up and looking gorgeous as always. I desired a touch of the action, almost drooling over them. In about 20 seconds, I felt escort adana myself on edge.

“Uh-oh,” said Melissa. “I think the loser is about to cum.”

Shortly after, I shot the biggest load I’ve ever shot. It felt great and I enjoyed it as it came on my face. However, it ended quickly and I felt embarrassed. I realized that they were not pleasuring myself in the same way I wished. I was being humiliated by them, with every bit of manhood being stripped away from me. I felt helpless, with my limp dick getting softer.

“Wave goodbye to the loser dick girls,” said Shelby. “Looks like it’s a solid 2 inches now”.

The girls playfully waved goodbye to my dick. It was slowly getting soft, to about two inches. Courtney started calling me “2 inchy” and all the girls joined in. I couldn’t take the humiliation and tried to escape, but the girls stepped in my way.

“Oh no,” said Shelby. “We aren’t done with you yet. Be a good boy and move back in the corner.”

I tried to escape, but the three, very fit girls overpowered me and forced me back in the corner. Shelby grabbed a chair and taped me down with tape as Melissa and Courtney held me down. I felt so weak because I couldn’t even escape when it was just Melissa and Courtney holding me down. Their strength surprised me and I eventually gave up resisting. Little did I know was that Courtney had a video camera in her purse and took it out.

“Now little dick,” said Courtney. “You’re going to sing a little song for us about your pathetic excuse of a dick. Make it interesting and put in some great effort. Otherwise, these pictures of your dick are going out to everyone in our school.”

With no hope to escape, I gave in and tried to think of a song.

“I’m a little dick man, here’s my dick. Small, pathetic, with no hope of girls. When I get lonely, I wank it off. But it only makes me morreeeeee of a loseerrrrr…”

When I was done, the girls were laughing hysterically on the floor. I blushed bright red and could not look up. I never felt so pathetic in my life. While I was feeling shameful, the girls were whispering something to each other. Then Shelby spoke up.

“Ok loser, you’re free to go. However you will be back in this corner at 2 PM tomorrow. We have a little surprise planned for you. If you don’t come, these pictures and video will be public to all.”

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