A Stormy Passion

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It was saturday night and she was home alone again. Her dad had went on a blind date a friend of his had set up. She was sitting in the living room watching the weather channel. BORING. The anchor man was talking about the severe thunderstorms approaching her area. She glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight. Daddy should’ve been home an hour ago.

Her mom had died two years ago and it was still hard to be alone. Her father was her best friend. Alot more so since the tragedy. More recently she realized that she loves him much more than a daughter should love her father. In fact, she wants to fuck him. Suddenly, the front door bangs open, scaring her so badly she screams. The door closes and daddy runs in.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, baby! The weather is awful out there!” his deep voice calls out.

“I was so worried, Daddy. I can’t bear the thought of you hurt.” she whispers emotionally. She throws her arms around his neck. His manly scent filling her senses. His strong arms holding her close and his mouth kissing her cheek.

“How was the date?” she asks, hugging him a bit to long.

“I’m home now baby, no need to worry. The date was awful, of course. I am so exhausted. I’m going to bed. If you need me, call for me.” comforting her before heading down the hall. She watches him walk away, gawking at the way his taut ass moved in his fitted jeans. She thinks to herself how hot he is. His chestnut hair closely cut to his head begged güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to be played with, clean shaven, and a very sexy mouth begging to be nibbled. Last but not least, his body. He was built very solidly but felt so warm and soft at the same time. She wonders if his cock was big? Did he think she was pretty?

She shakes her head violently. Get a grip girl! Your eighteen now, its time to let go of impossible dreams, she silently berates herself. She turns off the tv and sulks into her bedroom, across the hall from her daddy. She turns the light on, searching for her favorite night shirt. She undresses slowly, watching herself in the mirror. She’s not half bad, not a knock out but definitely not a plain jane by any standards. Her shoulder length auburn curls are soft and shiny, hazel eyes that are clear and expressive, a cute button nose and full, pouty lips round out her facial features. Her body was another matter all together. She surprisingly had a body of a penthouse playmate. Her breasts were big and full, stomach was smooth and flat, her ass was curvy and firm, and her pussy was bald and glistening with juices. Sighing quietly, she decides to sleep nude and crawls into bed. She falls asleep quickly, sighing her daddies name.

She wakes up screaming. The loud thunder and cracks of lightning sends her flying out of her room and into her daddys bed. “Daddy! I’m scared! Oh god, this is a bad one!” she cries out to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him.

“Shhh, come here baby. I won’t let anything hurt you.” his gentle voice urging me to calm down.

She clings to his warm body tightly. Suddenly realizing shes naked but more surprising is that daddy is too. He gasps when she places a soft kiss on his chest.

“Baby, what are you…” he whispers hotly but can’t continue because she captures his mouth in a deep and passionate kiss. His groan of desire sends a bolt of lust through her body. They are laying face to face, clinging to each other passionately. She raises her shapely leg and hooks it over his hip to bring him closer. His hard cock now nestled against her wet pussy.

“Baby! Oh god, this is so wrong, we have to stop right now.” he nervously whispers.

“Oh daddy, I want you so badly! Please don’t stop!” she whimpers, pulling his mouth to her neck. With a loud moan, his big hands cup her ass cheeks and squeeze roughly.

“Oh fuck, Jessie! Your so beautiful! I know its wrong but i want you just as bad!” he growls out, flipping her onto her back.

Her body shudders in delight as he sucks on her hard nipples gently, his hand sliding down her stomach to cup her wet cunt. She almost cums right then, raising her hips up to push her cunt into his hand harder. She can feel him tremble as he slips his middle finger into the wetness to tease the throbbing clit. güvenilir bahis şirketleri

“Oh my god! Yes daddy, make me cum!” she screams.

“Oh Jessie, cum for daddy, baby!” He moans and shoves two fingers into her wet sheath and moves his mouth to the swollen clit, flicking on it quickly. She screams with pure lust and bucks her cunt hard on his fingers. He sucks on her clit roughly, sending her spiraling. Her hot cum soaks his hand and the bed beneath.

“Fuck! Fuck me now! I want your cock deep in your baby’s cunt!” she squeals loudly.

He quickly crawls up and pushes her legs up and out and aims his thick cock at her dripping cunt.

“Baby, you sure you want me to fuck your pretty little cunt? Fill it up with my thick cum?” he groans out as he rubs his cock on her clit.

“Fuck yea! Fill me up with your cock and cum!” she pleads.

Her eyes close in complete bliss when he rams his eight inch fat cock balls deep into her waiting pussy. He grabs her tits and squeezes as he starts to pound over and over into her pussy.

Her body is flushed with desire as her father rams his big dick in her cunt hole. She grab his ass and screams loudly, her hot cum gushing out around his dick. He swells inside her and growls loud and long.

“Fuck baby! I’m cumming!” he yells.

She wraps her legs around him and milks his cock empty with her young pussy. He collapses on her, both of them gasping for air.

“Daddy, I love you so much.” she whispers lovingly into his ear.

Her father gently pulls his cock out and tugs her into his warm embrace, “Baby, I love you too and if you want me, I’m your man until the end of time.”

We gently and peacefully fall asleep in each others arms as the storm rages outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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