A Special Wake Up

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Hey everyone! This is my first submission to Literotica, and it took me a while to summon the courage to post this. I originally wrote this for a friend, so… if you have comments or suggestions, I would like to hear them ^_^


Yawning, you blink slowly in bed, having overslept since you went to bed late last night. Turning your head to the side, you notice that I’m not there. Puzzled, you start to try to get up, and that’s when you realize you can’t move.

Looking up and around, you see your wrists tied to the bed posts with red silk, and looking down you see that your ankles are also loosely tied to the lower bedposts. Smiling, you wait for me to enter the room, knowing that I must be planning something.

After a few minutes, I enter the room, dressed in a tuxedo complete with black leather gloves, black silk tie, and dark shades, with a scarlet rose in my hand. Smiling, I wordlessly present the flower to you, holding it close to you so that you may inhale the flower’s natural fragrance. Taking a deep breath, it’s aroma fills your senses, and I casually place the rose on the bed stand next to you.

“Today is going to be your day, dear.”, I say to you. Kneeling down next to the bed, I lean in and whisper in your ear, “Yes, it will be your day… and I’m going to love you so much, you’ll be straining and pulling against these silk ribbons that I’ve tied you down with, just to feel the release.”

Getting back up, I take my gloves off, laying them down on the dresser, and casually walk over to you.

“I know that you went to sleep in the nude, since I was here when you came home late last night. So, it should surprise you to see… “

Standing next to the bed, I slowly take the bedspread that you had been sleeping under off, showing you wearing a revealing lacy black lingerie set, one that you recognize.

“You see this, dear? This delicate, barely there piece of lingerie is something I noticed you looking at when we went shopping… so I bought it for you, and thought it would be nice to present it to you in this fashion.”

Speaking for the first time this morning, you say, “You know, most husbands wrap gifts to their wives, not wrap their wives in their gifts.”, sticking your tongue out at me.

Smiling, I bend down and kiss your cheek. “There there now, you should know that I enjoy doing things with a bit of added fun. Besides…” Bending down, I kiss your open lips, and with one hand I trace my way over the familiar curves and valleys of your body. “Besides, look down, and look at what you can see.”

Looking down, you notice that the thin black cloth shows more than it hides. From your breasts, you see the outlines of your nipples, already starting to harden. From there, gazing downward, you can see the light color of your aksaray escort skin showing through, revealing everything from your belly button down to your crotch.

“Now dear, at this point I will leave one decision up to you: “, I say smiling. Standing in front of you, I pose. “Do you want the suit on, or off?”

Pretending to be torn over the decision, you mull over it, and reply, “Well, as much as the suit turns me on, I’d love to see you strip and take it all off, and then have your way with me, my love. Besides, I picked that jacket out for you, and we wouldn’t want to wrinkle that fine set, would we?”

I happily do your bidding, taking off my jacket, shades, and commencing to strip down for you. With your eyes watching me, I tease you by taking some of the pieces off slowly, tantalizing you as I bare more skin. When I finally take off my boxers, your eyes look at me, hungry.

Moving back close to you again, I lean over and kiss you, being surprised when you feign an attempt to bite me, but aren’t able to due to your constraints. Laughing, I nip playfully along your jawline, starting from your earlobes, and licking and nipping down your neckline to your shoulders.

With a playful look on your face, you giggle, and teasingly say, “You know, this is quite fun… but you better watch out, because now I have a whole new set of ideas to play with… look out for how you might wake up one of these days.”

Kissing your lips again, I reply, “Oh, I’m definitely looking forward to it. Now, sit back and enjoy this present from me, dear.”

Never closing your eyes, you watch me as I lick and tease my way over your body, letting my fingers flow and move everywhere. Under your gaze, I let my hands move over to your breasts, softly straining the material. Using my palms, I hold the full weight of you in them, using my fingers to softly tug and twist your nipples. Seeing them harden and stiffen even more, I remove my hands, showing you what I’ve done.

Looking down at them, you can see your breasts clearly through the material, with your stiff nipples trying their best to poke through the material. With bated breath, you watch me as I slowly lower my mouth over one of them, letting my lips and saliva make you wet through the cloth. When the material covering your nipple is fully soaked, I start to lick and tease your nipple with my tongue, starting softly, but increasing the pressure and tempo, licking harder. You moan softly, and I smile, moving to your other nipple, which by now was demanding attention.

Stopping momentarily, I raise my mouth from your nipples, and I can see you, your cheeks starting to flush, and without meaning to, you begin to strain against the silk ropes, trying to move your breasts anadolu yakası escort closer to my mouth. Smiling, knowing that I’m doing what I should be right, I lap my way down the middle of your body, stopping to lick at your belly button.

Keeping my mouth there, I lick in slow circles, and finally raise my head.

Looking lower, down at your crotch, I can see through the outline of the shimmering cloth, and note that you have started to get wet, making the lingerie start to stick to your skin. Moving my head lower, I lean in between your spread legs, still tied to the bed posts.

Softly, I begin to blow air on your crotch, letting you feel your wet skin being chilled by it. You slowly raise your hips, surprised at your own body’s reaction to lust, and are once again constrained by the silk ropes. Smiling, but saying nothing, I move up to kiss your lips again, and move back down between your legs.

Looking closely at your face to see your reaction, I gently splay the fingers of one hand against your pussy, through the cloth. I gently press against the wet cloth, rubbing it against your skin. Hearing you gasp, I lay one finger along your pussy opening, and start to move against it, making the cloth and my finger start to go inside your pussy.

You moan now, audibly, and I smile. Leaning down close to your pussy again, I softly kiss it through the cloth, and then gently untie a few of the knots keeping your lingerie on. With a flourish, I bare a small triangle of skin, from between your thighs up to your belly button.

With your pussy now exposed to the air, you look at me with intent. Looking back, I lay the removed piece of cloth aside, and slowly, without breaking our gaze, I gently press one finger inside your open body.

Staring deep into your eyes, I slowly move my finger around, getting it lubricated from the ample amount of wetness your pussy is making. Softly, I press my finger all the way into you, and gently begin to move it in and out.

Sensing my rhythm, your hips attempt to move against me to speed things up, but once again you find you cannot move at all. Laying back against the pillow, you moan loudly, saying nothing. Increasing the speed, I stop, and press another finger against you, and press into your willing softness.

“Stop, stop”, you pant. Looking back at me, you speak in a passion laden voice. “You’re going to make me come soon, honey. I.. I want you inside of me. Now.”

“Hmm…” I feign a look of concentration, pretending to mull over the decision. “I think… I think I shall have to have an appetizer before the main course, my dear.”

I look at you, and see the dawning of realization in your eyes. Softly, you plead, “But, but… you know how much that drives ataköy escort me up the wall… Honey, I don’t think I can take that at this point, the feeling would be too…”

Letting those words hang, I gently place my lips against your pussy, and I hear you let out a sudden gasp. Not moving fast, I gently use my tongue to lap up the wetness your body is spilling out, pleased to know the efforts only cause you to become wetter. With your legs already spread, I use my fingers to hold your pussy open, and softly start to lick and tease your inner pussy lips. With one of my fingers, I find your very erect clit, and gently start to trace circles over it.

Moaning very loudly, you let out, “OOhhh!… honey, that feels soo good… yes yes yes, just like I showed you… mmm… I.. I…”

Taking that as a sign, I stop, moving back up to kiss your passion full lips. Settling myself between your thighs, I kiss you passionately, letting our tongues play with each other.

Feeling my cock pressed against your pussy, you again attempt to strain upwards. Placing a finger against your lips, I bid you, “Shh… dear. For this… I will do all the moving for the both of us.”

Gently, I use one hand to position my cock, and staring deep into the pools of your eyes, I ease myself into your willing wetness. Feeling how hot and soft you are inside again makes me let out a small moan myself, which makes you giggle. After making sure your body has adjusted to my presence inside you, I start to move, feeling my cock become more lubricated each time I move up and down.

Smiling, you feel me pressing in and out of your body, and despite not being able to move against me, I notice you as you use your internal muscles to squeeze and pull my cock as I move in and out, timing it just right.

“Mm… baby, that feels good… “, I let out with a sigh. With one hand, I untie and lower the top of the lingerie, and feast my mouth over your now bare breasts, suckling your nipples and making them hard again.

Keeping this up, I sense the signs of you starting to come, and I moan out, “Yes, yes, come with me! I’m almost there, yes, yes.. mm…”

Feeling your muscles start to spasm, your pull all of your limbs against the bed posts, and not being able to move them, the muscles in your pussy seem to constrict and spasm with an intensity you haven’t felt before. Letting out a small moan as you feel yourself starting to come, you intensify it to a loud wail, and you bite down on my shoulder to dull the sound of your orgasm.

My cock, feeling your pussy go through all of this, finally lets go, making you feel the stream of hot fluid moving deep into your body. Before collapsing against you, I make one final effort, and with each hand and foot I pull on the knots tying your arms and legs to the bed posts, letting you free.

Snuggling, I wrap you in my arms, and with my cock still inside you, I kiss you again.

Looking into my eyes, you reciprocate, and listening to each other’s heartbeats slowing down, we fall asleep together.


Reply with comments, to let me know what you all think!

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