A Special Rent Agreement Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a story so please read the first part first! If you have already read it: a short comprehension: Shari, a young black student girl, born in a poor family, comes to Boston for studying at the university. At searching a room to rent, she gets to know mature Christine Fisher, a rich, white BBW-lady, who is offering her to live in her big flat for free, if Shari is prepared to spend some time with her. Shari is somehow attracted to the experienced, mature, feminine lady and even agrees to share her bed. They get closer to each other from day to day and have a common masturbation session.

When Shari awoke the next morning, after that unbelievable hot masturbation session she had shared with her mature lady, she was still cuddled very close to Christine and her head still rested at the soft, big, white breasts. The 53year old woman was still fast asleep. Shari had to get to the university and so she silently left the bed – but not before she had placed a very soft and shy kiss to both her breasts.

Shari was absent minded and in a constant state of a kind of arousal all day. She couldn’t stop thinking about the last night. Her mind always drifted to the somehow very fascinating, in a very special way so erotic body of her 25years older house lady. She didn’t know herself what she found so exciting in a 53year old, considerably overweight white woman. She had never spent a second before thinking about any woman, less somebody of Christine’s age and figure. And now that she had seen this woman naked she couldn’t get her picture, the looks of these gorgeous, white, a little sagging breasts, big like melons, her curvy voluptuous arse, her soft, big belly and this feminine, well-cared-for face out of her mind.

She didn’t know where to put her feelings, for this lady. Was she really having some lesbian fantasies about a much elder woman?! She was not lesbian, she had been with two boys before and never been sexually attracted to any woman or girl. And if she really were attracted to her, would the woman be attracted to her?

Christine had also said something about a surprise last night? What could that be?

All these thoughts going constantly through her head all day, the 18year old black student-girl was really happy, when university was over and she reached her new home in the early evening.

Christine was opening the door, dressed in a very pretty black cocktail-dress specially tailored for her size and letting her look quite good, in spite of her BBW-body. She also wore some expensive looking jewels and had put on some make-up. She had used her best perfume and Shari loved the smell.

“Wow!!!!,” she exclaimed, when she saw Christine. “You look just perfect. A perfect feminine beauty!”

“Thank you, Dear!” With that she leaned forward and kissed her fully on the lips and Shari had absolutely no objections against her tongue as it slid into her mouth and they French kissed. So their greeting kiss had reached a new level. Christine was a great experienced kisser and Shari loved the intimacy.

After they ended their kiss, the mature woman said:

“Take a shower and you will also find some cloth in the bathroom. Put these on and nothing else.”

The young black girl hurried to the bathroom. A short, sexy, white dress, quite low cut, was the first she saw.

When she came out of the shower, Shari was looking for some underwear – but there was none. Christine had said “…and nothing else.” And now she knew what she had meant. So she only put on the white dress. It perfectly fit her body and the white colour was a great contrast to her black skin. It was a real sexy dress, ending only a few inches below her arse. She found herself very erotic, when she looked at her picture in the mirror. And she found it even sexier, knowing that there was no underwear bahis firmaları beneath – she had never been out without any underwear before.

“Now it’s me to compliment on you, my sweet young girl,” the woman said, when she came into the living room, where Christine was waiting. “And you are a real beauty!!! I’m happy to see, that the dress suits you quite well!”

“It’s perfect, Christine! I have never owned something like that. It’s great. Thank you, so much.” Shari hugged the big lady and without thinking she started kissing her and the kiss, quickly developed into a hot dance of tongues. While they were still kissing, one of Christine’s hands wandered to Shari’s bum and even under her short dress, feeling out her naked arse for a moment.

“I see, you really listened to my words,” she said after they broke their kiss. “I really appreciate that!”

Christine finally ordered a taxi and they drove to one of the best restaurants of Boston enjoying a great grilled lobster and a very tasty sauvignon. After that dinner the 53year old white woman, led her 18year old black girl to the club she had promised the night before.

Christine obviously was known quite well at the club, as she was greeted with her name. It was a club for women only, as was stated clearly at the entrance and it was a very noble facility. They entered into a great bar and dancing room. There was some slow Soul Music, not at all too loud. There were women dancing with other women, women at tables with other women and women having a drink at the bar with other women. It was very obvious that these women not only were friends. They either were couplings or they were heavily flirting with each other. There were a lot of couplings were one mature lady was with a much younger women or girl. It was very clear that this was a lesbian club for rich women and lots of them had much younger female lovers.

Shari somehow felt aroused immediately by just looking around and watching all these lesbians.

They walked to the bar, where Christine greeted another mature woman by kissing her on both cheeks. The woman seemed to be Christine’s age, but was much more slim. She was introduced as Catharine and a young, blonde beauty in her twenties, that had her arm around her back and leaned very close to her, escorted her. After a short time of greetings and introducing everybody; the blondes name was Sarah, Catharine complimented:

“You show your great taste again, Christine! Shari is a real beauty; you must have very good nights at the moment? How long are you together?”

“Some secrets, have to remain,” Christine smiled and then she asked Shari for a dance and led her away from the bar.

“I hope you like the club!”, the elder lady whispered into her ear, as they were dancing a very slow soul-song. One of her hands was massaging Shari’s ass through the thin fabric of her white dress.

“I love it. I have never been to such a bar before,” the black girl whispered back. She wanted to say something else but at that moment she felt the woman’s lips on hers and she just closed her eyes and opened her mouth. The hand had found its way beneath her dress and was now directly massaging her naked arse cheek and pressing her very close to Christine’s body. She could even feel that the 53year old woman’s nipples were stiff and she knew that Christine would feet it too, that her nipples were hard.

They spent some time in the club, dancing some very close dances, Christine’s hand always at fondling her arse cheek and kissing from time to time passionate kisses, had some drinks at the bar and where talking to Catharine and her girlfriend Sarah, who was a student too and the woman’s girlfriend for almost four years.

It was almost midnight when they took a taxi home. Shari was very aroused at this time, she was aroused and excited in a way kaçak iddaa she never had been before. The atmosphere of the lesbian club had totally overwhelmed her. Everything was so natural there and for her it was very sexy watching woman with other woman and elder woman with younger woman. She had seen so many lesbian pairs with a huge age gap; there couldn’t be any wrong in it.

“It was a perfect evening. Thank you,” Shari whispered when they entered their flat. The experienced, elder lady smiled a very special smile at her. She had won! Then she took her in her arms and they kissed a very long and deep kiss. Shari lost herself completely in that kiss. She didn’t feel as Christine was moving the straps of her dress over her shoulders and the dress just fell down. She was only aware of it, as the woman’s hands were moving up and down her backside from the neck to her arse, caressing her body.

Shari enjoyed it, as she stood in front of the older woman, that watched her naked body and whose hands were feeling out her whole body. Slowly the experienced big woman moved her to the couch, all the time kissing and fondling her and thus raising her arousal. Shari was soaking wet now between her legs and her nipples were rock hard.

The 53year old woman leaned back, sitting on the couch. The 18year old black girl sat on her lap, facing her, her legs spread. Christine was breathing hard just watching the young girls firm, exotic, naked body and letting her fingers and hands feel every inch of her body. Her fingers were slowly touching Shari’s neck and wandering down to her breasts, teasing the hard, dark black nipples, caressing her belly and navel, playing around her pubic area, gently stroking the insides of her thighs, feeling the wetness coming down from her pussy and finally reaching her soaking wet cunt and touching it for the first time. Shari moaned loud when Christine’s fingers tenderly went up and down her slit, from almost her anus to her clit.

The black student girl was hot now, as never before. Eagerly she leaned forward and started kissing the big, older woman wildly and with a burning passion. Christine was still massaging her tits with one hand and caressing her wet pussy with the other hand. Shari started kissing down the older woman’s neck. Her hands were trembling from excitement when she finally moved the straps of Christine’s dress over her shoulders. A bra was holding Christine’s huge breasts in place. The black girl cupped her boobs with both her hands. She just wanted to feel that wonderful big breasts.

“You can open my bra,” the 53year old woman moaned between hot kisses and within seconds her bra was open and thrown to the floor and two black hands eagerly were fondling her white breasts and playing with her hard nipples.

Christine now had one finger inside of the young girls cunt and slowly started fingerfucking her. The aroused girl was moving her crotch hard against her hand and her lips now reached the breasts. For the first time Shari’s mouth started sucking a woman’s nipple. She loved the feeling of the hard nipple in her mouth and played with it, with her lips, her teeth and her tongue; changed from one nipple to the other and her hands were still massaging the big breasts.

Christine added another finger into Shari’s pussy and soon a third one, till she felt the black pussy contracting wildly and felt the girl biting softly into her hard nipple, as she came wildly. For a moment then the girls back face rested on her white breasts and Christine gently stroke her cheeks. She had removed her fingers from her pussy and was now licking them clean from her juices; thus tasting her new young lover for the first time. Shari tasted fantastic.

“Let’s go to our bed, Shari, my love. I want to please you with my tongue. Do you want me to lick you, Darling,” she whispered softly kaçak bahis into the teenagers ear.

“Yes, Christine.”

When they had reached the bedroom, Shari had stripped her older lover naked too. They both were falling to the bed rolling around in a lusty embrace. Finally the big, white woman was lying on the slim black girl, covering her fully with her voluptuous body. Shari loved that special feeling of being fully covered and the heavy weight pressing on her. They kissed for a long time and Shari massaged her curvy, big arse.

After a short while the woman started kissing down Shari’s body. Inch by inch she went deeper, covering all off her body with passionate kisses and wet licks. For a long time she paid a lusty attention to the black teenagers small, firm breasts, with the dark black nipples, making her moan loud of sexual pleasure, before the white ladies lips moved deeper again and after caressing her belly finally reached her crotch. The girl had opened her legs wide and the wet, black cunt lay open before her. For a moment Christine just took in the sight of this young, exotic and so aroused pussy, before she brought down her mouth and started kissing her cuntlips. Shari’s moans and cries showed her that her young lover loved what she did.

Christine had some experience in licking pussy and she used all of it to make it a great first licking for the 18year old girl. Her tongue now slid up and down her slit and each time circled her hard clit. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder her licks became each time till Shari came in a wild orgasm, closing her feet over the big woman’s back to press her face deep into her wet pussy.

Christine’s face was covered all over with the young black girls pussy juices when she moved up again and kissed Shari, after she had relaxed again. Shari tasted her own juices and she loved the taste of it, she licked and kissed all her own juices from her elder lovers face.

It was kind of starter for the teenager to taste her own juices before she would taste another woman for the first time. She had no experience at all and so she just repeated what Christine had done to her. But she was to aroused in her first lesbian sex night to take a lot of time for kissing all the big, voluptuous body of her mature, white lover. Quite quickly she went down to the dripping wet cunt of the lady. She took in the wonderful smell of sex and then felt Christine’s hands on the back of her had and she dove into the woman’s big wet pussy. A few kisses and then she started licking wildly. It was an inexperienced, unskilled first time, but it was a licking full of sexual passion and total arousing that – together with the thought that this wonderful young black girl was eating her pussy – quickly brought mature Christine over the edge and made her cum hard, shoving her wet pussy up and down the girls pretty face.

Both women were exhausted after those wild orgasms. Shari rested her pussy-juice covered black face on the mature woman’s white, big upper legs, very close to her cunt. She loved it to lie there and take in her wonderful feminine smell of sex and lust. Christine gently stroke her long, curled, black hair.

“I love you, Shari”, she whispered.

“And I love you, Christine. I adore you and I would love if you would teach me everything you know about lesbian sex; I want to learn how to please your lust in every way you like, in every way you can imagine!”

“I will, Shari, my Sweetheart. We will have many nights, full of sexual pleasure. I will teach you everything and my lips, my breasts, my pussy and arse will be very happy to do so…”

Shari was kissing the 53year old white woman’s cunt from time to time, every time earning a satisfied moaned before both fell to sleep.

The 18year old black student girl was sure now, what she wanted. She wanted to be this white, mature ladies passionate, young lover and learn from her sexual experience every night and become a better lover for her each day….

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