A Special Delivery

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a secret fantasy about deliverymen. I’m sure you all know the one: you get a routine delivery, groceries or laundry, and when you hand the deliveryman a generous tip, he thanks you with more than a smile. I never thought I would have the chance to make the fantasy come true, but one day last year, I did.

My local supermarket offered free delivery and I usually took advantage of the service. Steve, their regular deliveryman, was a nice guy but not much to look at. He was around 50 and balding, with a little bit of a beer belly. He would have been completely ordinary except for his gorgeous blue eyes and killer smile. When he dropped off the groceries, I would find ways to make that smile appear just so I could see the twinkle in those baby blues.

Steve had an easygoing personality that made it simple for us to become good friends in a short time. Little did I know that under that cordial smile there beat the heart of a lion, with a libido to match. My own libido had been neglected since I broke up with my last boyfriend. I was more than ready for a new adventure and thought Steve would fit the bill nicely. I was even more turned on by the fact that Steve was a transplanted Texan, with a drawl guaranteed to soak my panties every time he opened his mouth. In my dreams, he was opening his mouth for more than conversation.

Steve had been delivering my groceries for about 6 months, and thanking me politely for my tips, when he dragged himself up my steps one Saturday. He looked awful. “I hurt my back yesterday,” he explained.

“You should get a massage,” I said. “I have chronic back problems and that helps me a lot.”

“That sounds great,” he said, grinning at me. “Know anyone who could do it for me? Free? I’m kind of broke right now.”

I was silent for a minute, wondering if this was my chance. Steve had never so much as touched my hand, except for a quick kiss and hug at Christmas when I rewarded him with an extra $20 on top of the regular tip.

Steve seemed to sense my dilemma. “Well, if you know anyone, let me know,” he said quickly, turning to leave.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted “Well . . . I could do it myself pendik escort . . . I learned some massage techniques from the chiropractor I went to last year.” I smiled shyly, hoping he would get the hint. It didn’t take long.

Steve smiled and asked “Where do you want me?”

Lost in my fantasies of having him all over me, I didn’t answer. He touched me on the shoulder and I jumped guiltily. Laughing, he repeated the question.

“Sit at the table,” I said. “I’ll start with your shoulders.” I got some cream from the bathroom and told him, “Take off your shirt.”

When Steve pulled his tee-shirt over his head and threw it to the floor, I gasped in amazement. His beer belly hid an amazingly powerful chest, with just enough hair to make me drool. I’ve always loved hairy men. He sat back down and I began to massage him, but couldn’t really work on his back with him sitting up.

“This isn’t working, Steve,” I said. You’ll need to lie down.”

He stood up and glanced at my tiny sofa and miniscule love seat. “I guess we’ll have to use the bedroom,” he said softly.

My heart was in my mouth as I nodded. He lay on the bed with his arms wrapped around my pillow. I couldn’t move for a minute, imagining those arms wrapped around me instead. I finally knelt on the bed, straddling his hips.

“That feels so good,” he sighed as I rubbed his back, working the kinks out of his tight muscles. All the time, I was thinking of another muscle trapped inside his jeans. Just touching him was making my pussy dripping wet. My crotch rubbed his buttocks as I continued the massage.

As I worked my way down his back, he began to moan softly. “Are you all right, Ba . . . uh . . . Steve?” I asked

“Yeah,” he whispered. “I’ve never felt so relaxed.”

A little later, Steve began to squirm. “What’s wrong?” I asked, kneeling beside him on the bed.

Steve rolled onto his side and looked at me. “Uh . . . moving around on the bed has . . . kind of got me . . . hard,” he answered. “I haven’t had sex since I broke up with my girlfriend.” I smiled and he blushed. “I didn’t mean to get so personal, but I think of you as a friend.”

“That’s okay, Steve,” suadiye escort I said. “You know, you and I are in the same boat. I haven’t . . . um . . . never mind . . .” I couldn’t go on. My face was on fire from embarrassment.

His erection made a huge bulge in the front of his jeans. I looked away, more embarrassed than ever. He took my hand and pulled me down beside him. “It’s been a long time for you too, hasn’t it, Baby?” he asked softly. I just nodded.

“Well, we need to take care of that right now,” he said, kissing me softly. “I know we both need it,” he continued, letting his hands roam. “I’ve been hot for you from the day we met.”

I sighed as he fondled my breasts. All thoughts of proper behavior left me as we kissed and caressed each other. He removed my shirt, followed by my bra. I moaned as his mouth found a hard nipple, while his fingers slipped inside my sweatpants and then into my moist panties. I groaned as his fingers explored my pussy.

When I reached down and opened his jeans, I got a huge surprise . . . well, two surprises. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his cock was immense! It sprang out of his pants, fully erect and at least 10 inches long. I fondled his huge stiff dick while he was making love to me, his mouth on my tits and his fingers deep inside my hot tight wet pussy.

“Take them off . . . my pants,” I finally gasped. Steve only took a few seconds to strip me and discard his own clothes. Then we were lying on the bed, sharing our first naked embrace.

“On your back,” I said a few minutes later. I climbed on top of him in 69 position and took his cock in my mouth. He nearly screamed with pleasure as I slipped my tongue over his head and ran my fingers up and down his long thick shaft.

Steve pulled me open with his thumbs and took my clit in his mouth. I was close to cumming when he abandoned my clit and began licking up and down my hot pink vulva. I moaned as he thrust his tongue deep inside my cunt.

After a few more minutes of oral exploration, we were both panting. I couldn’t wait another minute for his cock. I climbed off him and lay on my back. “It’s time for the next delivery, Steve,” I said. acıbadem escort “I need you inside me.”

Steve knelt between my legs, rubbing the head of his stiff dick gently against my pussy lips. He began to slide it into me, but suddenly stopped and sat back on his heels, saying “Oh, shit . . . wait . . . I don’t have any condoms.”

I just looked at him and grinned before opening my night table drawer, revealing the array of condoms, in different sizes and colors, along with lubricant and spermicide. “For someone who hasn’t gotten laid in a while, you sure have a lot of stuff ready,” he commented as he chose the biggest condom.

“My last boyfriend cheated on me,” I explained. “After I dumped him, I wanted to make sure I would always be protected in case someone else lied to me. I hope that doesn’t turn you off.”

“No, I’m impressed that you think so clearly,” Steve said as he slipped the condom over his giant dick. He knelt between my legs again, teasing my pussy with the head of his cock.

I groaned, “Baby, I can’t wait . . . I need that delivery now!”

Without another word, he sank his gigantic pole into me. After an ecstatic stretching and filling, his balls were pressing against my pussy hairs. It felt incredible!

Steve fucked me until we were screaming loudly enough to be heard in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Cumming violently, I screamed, “That’s it, you sexy cowboy! Ride me hard! Give it all to me . . .” That sent Steve over the edge. He groaned and shot rope after rope of cum inside my convulsing pussy.

Steve rolled off me, collapsing at my side to catch his breath. He pulled me close and kissed me gently. “You’re so good, babe . . . so hot . . .”

We cuddled for a while, kissing and caressing. As he turned onto his back to pull me closer, he caught sight of my alarm clock. “SHIT!” he screamed, jumping up and grabbing his pants.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” I asked, startled.

“I was supposed to deliver an order of frozen food to Mrs. Wilson an hour ago,” he answered as he reached for his shoes.

“I’ll let you go for now,” I said as I kissed him at the door. “But I’m going to be expecting another delivery very soon . . . And next time, I want you to deliver through the back door.”


Special thanks to Howie for his love, understanding and support. I love you, honey.

Many thanks to KenJames for his editing skills and friendship. You are always an inspiration.

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