A Spanking She Will Have

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I wasn’t expected at the mansion until late to give the Lord Antony an estimate for redecorating his house.

I am his regular decorator so taking the liberty of walking straight in was standard.

With no one downstairs I took a peek upstairs to see if the Lord was around.

Then I heard a sort of swishing sound and not quite making out what is was I quietly opened the door slightly to the room the sound was coming from.

What a surprise I had. It was Janice from the library receiving ten of the best from the lord, sprung over his lap and revealing that top notch hind which had often been secretly admires by yours truly, So much so that even although I am not reader, I often pay a visit to the library when she is on duty, just to see if I can get the occasional glimpse of her bending to return readers books to their perspective areas.

In fact to be quite truthful I have taken a few delectable pictures on my mobile camera and have built up a tidy collection over the last few months. I don’t know whether she suspects anything but I have to be a little more cunning than of late because she keeps watching me.

But for the quality of that gorgeous rump it is well worth the risk of getting caught. My favourite one is the time she bent enough just for me to get a glimpse at her red tie thong which really accentuated her curves and a similar one with here reading blue, a sight to behold and I have lost count of the number of times I have cum looking at them before I go deep into slumber with a very gratified cock.

But the times I have wished it for real, that she was my girl but still I haven’t had the courage to ask her out assuming she was free that is.

But now seeing her in that very thrilling position was better than all my pictures and I could not help but take a few moments to enjoy watching the Lord enjoying the raptures of Janice’s sweet and very bare ass, her red thong slipped down over her knees and I was wondering if this very private affair I had unwittingly uncovered was about to lead to anything else.

With the swelling I felt coming on I was hoping on the other hand it would but then eon the other, I was a little flabbergasted and disappointed that by all accounts she did already have a boy friend, or rather a man friend because the Lord was a good thirty years her elder, maybe she was one of those girls who like older guys which was a bit of a shock because I was more like her age which I reckoned to be about 25. But Wow! That beautiful ass, just leaning over like that, looking so very appealing and me thinking if only…I had the ache, the feeling that I just wanted to press my self into the gap between those reddened cheeks but at that point I had to quickly retrieve because he said thank you to her and he’d see her again as usual in a week.

What was this all about, I was determined to find out somehow, was Janice simply pleasing an older man with his joys, he obviously didn’t want any more, as far as I could see he didn’t have a hard on so there was nothing there. Perhaps he was just one of those guys who get his satisfaction the spanking way.

I could see that of course I could, for a little spanking fun wouldn’t go amiss as far as I was concerned. Anyway things worked out okay because Janice, seeing me at the door downstairs as she left asked me why I was there canlı bahis şirketleri and I told her.

I was not quite prepared for what she said but was pleasantly surprised, “You can come and decorate my place anytime” she smiled gorgeously and in my mind was that picture of her in her red tie thongs again.

Was it going to be at all possible I could get a real close look at her that way; I asked her I was her guy if she wanted any decorating doing?

“I’ll think about it” she said and I am sure she was teasing me. She was sort of gently rubbing her behind over her very delectable tight blue brush jeans, the ones that have tears in and for all the world I could have there and then, wiggled my fingers in the tear on the inside of her thigh and given her some real pleasure.

“Haven’t I seen you in the library? She asked with that smile again which lit up her gorgeous open blue eyes and I replied yes,

“What do you read err – I don’t even know your name?”

“Pete and to be honest I only look at the pictures.”

“Oh yes. And m, I’ve seen you peeking, but don’t worry I am flattered and the name is Janice right?”

That smile again but this time with a more provocative expression, me thinking had she sussed me, did she know I was watching her, just all that time and patience to see under her plush red short skirt she wears at work, sometimes the tight black one which is a real thriller.

It was my turn to ask a few questions; well she had, so I felt comfortable in asking them;

“What do you do for the lord?” I asked.

She flushed, like she was a girl coming on – paused and I was aware she was gently stocking her behind again.

“Shall I let you in on a little secret, Pete?” she whispered.

“Okay” I replied eagerly.

And she told me how the Lord frequently visit’s the library and it all started when he asked her if she could recommend some really erotic books top read.

“One thing led to another Pete and. Well he is just pleased to light spank me. He is happy with that and for a few extra pounds for the service I can pay for my new convertible, so there you are you have it. If that turns you off well no problem, I understand, but that is all there is between us, he has never suggested I sleep with him or anything else, I would have thought afterwards he would want some massage or something buy no, he is quite contented with his weekly slap and tickle, so what is wrong with that?”

I [paused to take it all in and admitted I had accidentally seen her being spanked, that my first thought was that she was the Lord’s daughter or something and she had been naughty and was receiving her penance.

She laughed heartily and asked if I had enjoyed the scene. “Come on, be honest, Pete – you did didn’t; you else you wouldn’t have said?”

“It was nice yes, in fact a surprise too because I thought he was the other way inclined.” What makes you say that, Pete?”

“Well there have been times he has brushed up against me in a very suggestive way. “You mean you think he’d like to spank you?” she asked eagerly, like she was really interested in my reply.

“I just don’t know, Janice.”

“Aww! Are you jealous then Pete?”

“No way” I replied hastily, the last thing I wanted do for her to think I was gay, with the ideas I had in mind canlı kaçak iddaa to do with her. “I’m relieved Pete” she said brushing my cheek’s with her lips, “There was little me thinking yet another hunk turns another cheek.”

“You are?” I gulped excitedly.

“Look Pete. How about coming to my place when you are finished here, I can make a mean cup of coffee, how’s that?”

I just couldn’t believe my luck and after agreeing she walked off, swaying that beautifully tight ass for all she was worth, and I felt she was doing it for me. Yes I could go for some of what the Lord likes too. I wondered if she would, perhaps that is what her body language was saying.

Wouldn’t that be just heaven, although unlike the Lord I would want the full compliment afterwards, I was imagining again, I was very good at that and seeing Janice across the Lord’s knee like that was a real turn on.

Roll on later; I just could not wait to taste her mean cup of coffee!

Later, Janice warmly welcomes me with a very worm snuggle and kiss on the cheek. She looked absolutely stunning in her beige trim trousers which fitted snugly to her wonderful figure, and now after what I had seen I was thinking ‘spank able’- for she was certainly that.

She was very outward and had no qualms at all about talking of her encounters with the Lord Antony – apparently he loves her to wear her riding gear sometimes when he used a horse whip to some degree, “But he knows just how severe to apply and I have my sounds of approval or otherwise if he does come down on me too severely”

“Does it make for any sensual feelings on your part, Janice, I mean he is getting all the pleasure in tanning you this way and that but what about you. Does pain really do something for you?”

She looked at me with those wide blue eyes again with a very serene smile. “Well you shall have to see wont you?” she said and there was I taking that as an invite.

As if to tempt me she arose from her seating position on the settee next to me, turned so she was looking away from me, grabbed the waist of her trousers at the back and pulled them up tightly. The result of all that was very pleasing and she knew how to tempt a guy alright, the way the tightness caused her beautiful hind to part to reveal its true magnificence.

She twisted her head, bent over some and smiled at me in an intuitive way.

I whispered that it was very nice thinking in my mind just what I would love to do at that moment. I am sure she read my mind because she said she liked me and just to chill and do whatever taunted me. Sitting up I placed my hands around the front of her thighs and gently pulled her to me, prompting her to bend over a little more.

It was lovely and now I could enjoy a close up of that very voluptuous ass so waiting to be pampered. And when she gently swayed like she did I could hold myself back more. The gorgeous gap between and the crevice revealing a beautiful separation of each cheek minded me of what there was tucked away between and my growth down under took on a stiff erection as I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and pushed my mouth deeply into that gap, moving my mouth and for all the world I was tasting her.

“That’s good” she yelled, and prompted me to slap her as I continued to sniff and massage her so firm cheeks with my face.

She canlı kaçak bahis prompted me to slap harder and I did, and after a few slaps she asked if I would like her to slip down her trousers and bend over my knee for punishment.

My mind was in turmoil, this was sex at its very best, and I have never been so thrilled and hard as I was then. She did the business and it was a joy to see her in her beautiful nakedness. “I will place a couple of cushions over your knee, like the Lord likes, he says it makes it more presentable” and when she did that the sight of her looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Spank me, I want that.”

“With my hand?” I suggested being that excited I could hardly get out my words.

“Well that for starters then we shall see how you do with the cane!”

My mind was asunder, was this really happening. A beautiful girl like she was enjoying spanking. I guess I was very gentle at first getting the joy of watching how my hand bounced against her firm flesh and those sweet noises and sounds urging me not to stop and to be a little firmer.

I was a little concerned when I saw it redden up and could see scars of caning, probably that administered by the Lord. But she certainly liked it, she said she loved me to be the master and wanted me to give her a sound spanking.

I did, stopping occasionally to nudge the heat in her cheeks. She murmured sweet nothings and said my touch was absolutely fabulous. I could not resist teasing my fingers into the space between, I longed to have oral sex with her, especially seeing her ass looking so beautifully spanked and flushed. I teased my fingers there a little feeling the moistness, and when she opened her legs wider I knew she was enjoying it and really went for it, massaging her femininity so beautifully soft and wonderful.

I suggested I should get up but for her to stay there, crouched over the settee/ I kneeled facing her hind and stretched those gorgeous cheeks apart to get a really good sniff of her femininity, she was gorgeous aright and was right for fucking and after I’d sucked her awhile and enjoyed the taste of her she said there was only one thing she wanted, that the Lord would never do – and especially after she’d had a good spanking, and that was to be fucked from behind whilst her ass was still numb, that would be out of this world she said.

I took up the hint and there I was, twisting her to the right position so I could fuck that ass in the way she said she would like. She said she would like it in her ass first and then in her pussy after, and not to be too gently because what she wanted now after a good sound spanking was an equally good sound fucking, so who was I to refuse,

Fucking a fresh spanked ass like Janice’s was heaven on earth and I can vouch that never have I enjoyed a woman so very much.

I wanted it to be the beginning of a brand new relationship. I found myself besotted by her.

And now, when she retuned from her weekly service to Lord Antony, whether shed been spanked, caned, belted, whipped or paddled she wanted me just as soon afterwards and I was happy to oblige, for her fuck after having that treatment was something so very special, and to make it even more thrilling I massaged her soreness with baby oil.

Now as the advert says; I bet you have never seen that before.

You have my blessing now if you’d like to go and do something, well I make myself horny just writing and imagining and yes, I do include some of the things that are true.

Spanking Janice is true and it is now an integral apart of our love-ins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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