A Sissy’s Sister Pt. 01

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My twin sister had a big role in how I became a sissy. I feel I’ve always been a sissy so she didn’t make me a sissy but had a huge influence on how I embraced it. Our parents encouraged her to include me when she would play with her friends and I credit her with obeying with gusto. I was a regular, if unofficial, member of her girl group of friends. When we’d go to the mall, they would make me carry the bags but all of them enjoyed teasing me lightly about what outfits would look good on me or even what panties I should wear and more. I didn’t recognize how wonderful this made me feel at first but eventually it became clear that it was touching me on a deeply sexual level. The very thought of wearing panties would get me aroused and to be included with a group of cute girls shopping for panties and bras was absolute heaven.

I also have to credit a bit of fate with my genetics that I was never a hairy guy and in fact developed a slender body type that was not that far off my sister’s in size. I never developed beautiful breasts like she did, of course, or the extra curve to her hips and bottom, but I looked way more like her than I did some of the jock guys at school.

Naturally this caused me to be picked on at school. I guess I was giving off “sissy vibes” in the way I looked or acted. My sister was always there to defend me which should have embarrassed me but I just loved her the more for it.

Eventually, we had a heart to heart where she tried to figure out how to ask escort me what my “deal” was. She didn’t want to be cruel but she also was a little scared of the answer. Finally she asked if I wanted to wear her panties. I think the way my face lit up was plenty of answer but I said yes.

“Okay, these are now yours,” she said, handing me a pair of cotton string bikini panties. Not thinking I had anything to hide, I started to pull off my shorts and underwear. She laughed and turned around until I’d put them on.

She turned back and saw my shorts were still on the floor, “Oh, I thought you were… well, okay.” She looked me over, had me turn around. “They fit really nice on you. Shows off your cute butt too.”

I was so excited and happy that my cock got hard but luckily the panties were just big enough to contain it. If my sister noticed, she made an effort not to show it or mention it. “Here, why don’t you take… all the blue ones and those can all be yours. Don’t want to get our panties mixed up, do we?” I accepted seven pairs of panties, some cotton, some satin.

“Can I try your bra?” I asked, going for broke. She looked at me a second before opening another drawer and finding one that was a similar color to the panties I was wearing. She’d developed full C breasts by that point so the bra cups were very loose on me, but I loved that she showed me how to put it on and how it should fit on my body. Again, our “wonder twin powers” were in action as her bras fit me very well.

“Now escort bayan bras are expensive, so you can keep that one, but just that one. If you want more, we’ll have to go shop for them.” We each had jobs by then but were still living at home so we had cash to play with. I pushed and got her to commit to a shopping spree that Saturday. I begged for the other girls in the group to come along.

“You want all of them to know?” she asked seriously. I nodded.

“Are you gay?” she blurted out, her face turning red.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think about guys the way I think about girls, you know, _being_ with girls. But well, it’s complicated.” I couldn’t get myself to confess that I did fantasize about cocks but never the guys they were attached to.

“Do you think about Amy, Brenda, or Susan that way?”

I had had to be very careful but I also wanted to tell her so much. “I think _all_ the girls in our group are very beautiful and sexy.” I let it sink in that I’d made particular phrasing to include her. She gave me a Hmmm and thought about it.

“So if you got to ‘be’ with a girl, would this be part of it?”

“I hope so. I mean when I think about being with a girl this is always part of it when I’m… um… you know.” That got her to blush a little and she couldn’t help but glance at my hard-on in the panties.

“What do you want me to tell the girls?”

That gave me a pause but the answer came pretty quick. “Tell them I confessed to bayan escort being the sissy they always tease me of being and I need their help buying pretty undies and outfits.”

She thought on that for a bit, nodding slowly.

“Jim, do you want to BE a girl? I mean, get a sex change and the whole bit?”

“No…” I responded quickly and then thought more. “I have done some reading. I’m not a cross-dresser…”

“But, bro, you’re wearing girls’ panties and bra right now!”

“No, I mean a cross-dresser doesn’t do it for sexual reasons, they do it to express their inner nature. I don’t feel like I am a girl trapped in a guy body, I just love feeling like a girl certain times.”

“Oh, so for you its a sex thing?”

“Yes! I mean I think its just a sex thing. I don’t feel like I want to be a girl forever but I do fantasize about being like a girl, you know, like in bed… It’s confusing to me and I’m the one that’s living it. I mean, I’d love to have pretty breasts like yours… just not permanently.”

She touched her breasts, pushing them together to enhance her cleavage. “You like them?” she teased.

“Very… much…” I said, flushing deeply. “Does any of this make sense?”

“Not really, but you can always talk to me. If I can help you figure things out, I want to help.”

That’s when I hugged my sister just wearing her panties and bra and trying to keep the erect bulge in my panties from rubbing her as I enjoyed how good her body felt. The look she gave me after we stopped hugging told me that she’d definitely felt how hard I was.

“Okay, let me call the girls and let them know what we’re doing Saturday. I don’t think it will be a complete surprise…”

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