A Simple Wish

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There is no deep plot here. It’s all about sex.


“I am a simple woman with simple wishes. I do not ask for much. There is only one thing I really want.”

I want you to fuck me, on your terms, not mine. Let me be your slut, make my body yours for your pleasure. Order me to strip and get over your knee. Let me show you what a good slut I will be for you. Watch as my nipples push their way through the sheer fabric when I run my hands over my body. Moving my hips in time to sultry jazz music, I slowly unbutton my red silk blouse. My hands linger on my breasts as the blouse falls to the floor. My hands caress the skin, I lower my mouth and flick my tongue across my nipple; you nod in approval. You reach for my jutting nipple and roll it between your finger and thumb before attaching the clamp that hangs from a chain. As you clamp my other nipple, I feel the heat building in my pussy.

“Who’s your Daddy?” you ask.

Through lowered eyes, I reply. “You are.”

” Go on.” You say as you return to your chair.

I wiggle the short black skirt off and it joins the blouse on the floor. You moan when you see I am not wearing panties. My fingers caress the folds of my freshly shaved cunt; there is just a tease of soft curls remaining. I turn around and slowly bend from the waist to pick up my clothing. My sexy ass sways in your face. Red fingernails leave faint trails as I drag them over my skin. At my puckered hole, I tentatively stop and wiggle a finger inside. I bend down low, spreading my toned legs wide. I want to make sure you have a clear view of my shaved pussy. I want to make sure you see the slick cum gathering at my entrance and beginning to ooze over my swollen lips, leaving a glistening shine…

SMACK! Playfully, your big hand buzzes through the air delivering a stinging swat to my rear end, a warm up for what lies ahead.

My skin tingles from the touch of your hand on my ass. Wearing only the nipple clamps, a black leather garter, sheer, back seamed stockings, and classic ‘fuck me’ stilettos, I lie over your legs and push my ass up high. You feel your pants getting wet from the excitement dripping down my thighs. Desire blasts through escort ataşehir you and your prick begins to stir between your muscled legs.

“Fuck my ass baby, please.” I moan to you.

SMACK! The first smack catches me off guard and I let out a squeal. I have no idea where or when the next one will hit. My pussy juice dampens your pants as I squirm on your stiffening cock. One smack to the left then a teasing tickle on my thigh, leaving me to guess where you will strike next. You make me count each blow as my butt gets redder and redder.

I try to get my hand to my pussy to ease the building desire but you push my hands away. I feel your thumb enter my wet cunt. My asshole begins to open as you prod me with your finger, teasing me but not entering. I try to push back against you but you stop me and laugh.


“You’re my slut, remember? My terms whore.” You bellow.

Tears flow from my eyes. Each smack stings my ass more than the last. Every time you deliver another smack, your cock grows beneath me. I squirm so I can feel you better. Moaning, you push my scarlet ass into your lap. My clit finds the sensitive tip of your manhood through the damp fabric and begins to throb.

Suddenly you begin a relentless attack on my butt, drawing me closer to the edge. I gasp, unable to count anymore, only sob openly. Over and over your hand attacks my ass leaving visible handprints that will last for days. Just when I can take no more, you stop.

I feel your strong hand slide between my legs to my sopping wet pussy. My cunt is so wet it glistens. My clit is swollen and hard, demanding your attention. You watch as a silky cum stream runs out from my tight fuck hole. Your fingers play in my wet folds, stroking between my lips, playing in my juices. This causes your cock to strain more against your pants, begging for relief. I need to feel your sex in my mouth, my pussy, my ass; I need to feel you everywhere!

“Daddy, can I, please? Can I take you into my mouth? Let me taste you Daddy!” My voice fills with lust.

Your moan is the only answer I need. My teeth unzip your pants. I slowly drag my mouth down the front of you, kadıköy escort bayan taking the zipper with me. I reach in and pull out your iron rod. You are already so hard. The vein that runs your length is full and pulsing with blood.My hot breath on your cock arouses you more.

Kissing your belly, I watch as a shiny drop of precum begins to seep from the tiny hole atop your bulging purple head. It is thick enough that I can wrap my tongue around it and pull gently. A thin string of cum covers my tongue as I keep twirling cum from you. I rub my lips in your precum; my tongue grabs the glob and twirls it more, milking the thread from you. You bend down for a kiss, enjoying your taste on my mouth.

My legs spread so your finger can work its way into my little asshole. Moaning a little at first I push into your hand. Your finger enters my ass deeper. As I loosen up you slide another finger in me .Surrounded in my tightness, your fingers move in and almost all the way out of my ass.

Tasting you is exquisite. I love taking you in my mouth, feeling your shaft as you push deep down my throat. My head bobs faster. I love the feel of your prick invading my mouth. I take you deep down my throat as my tongue swirls up and around your swelling desire.I stop to lick you a while.My hand massages your balls. The more I lick the more sweet cum oozes from your cock into my mouth. You taste salty sweet, you taste soo good. Sensing you are close to cumming, I grasp the base of your raging cock.

“Good girl” you moan.

“Daddy pleeeeease, fuck my ass, NOW DADDY, PLEEEASEEEEE! Fuck my ass with your hard cock, Please Daddy!”

You toss me gently onto the bed. I kneel at the edge spreading my legs wide and grabbing my ass cheeks. My skin is shiny with my juices. You are rock hard, dripping precum steadily, more than enough to ease your entrance into my waiting ass… I feel you playing between my swollen lips, coating your cock in my cream.

Even though you want to ram your horny cock hard into me in one move you enter me slowly. You take your time easing into my tiny ass. The head of your cock pushes against my puckered hole and you feel me open for escort bostancı you. My sensitive skin feels the juice seeping from the tip of your engorged sex. Two thrusts later your swollen cockhead is all the way in me, I begin to push against you. Each time I push harder and you journey deeper inside me.I am pushing against you, urging you in deeper, harder, and faster. Your whole cock is inside my tiny ass, totally squeezed in my tight passage. You take long strokes, pulling almost out then slowly pushing deep into me once more.

Hard and pulsating, your cock stretches my tunnel more with each stroke. Intimacy mixes with raw sexual energy. This act is both brutal and loving.

“Harder, Harder Daddy, fuck my ass harder NOW,” I plead.

We are breathing hard and fast. You start fucking my ass wildly. Deep hard forceful strokes into me, your fucking me so hard, it feels so good. I feel you swell inside me. Your fingers are working my pussy, first two now three, forcing their way in stretching my tight cunt as it squeezes down on you.

SMACK! SMACK! An unexpected assault on my tender red butt catches me by surprise and I yelp at the sting. My yelps turn to moans, each thrust and smack send me into a whirlwind of sensations. Your fingers and cock move in and out of my body together, fucking me in unison, filling my ass and pussy at the same time, pressing against each other in such small spaces. This sends me to the edge I know I need to cum and soon!

There is a pressure inside me as your cock swells and expands, pressing harder against me. Your breathing is coming out in animalistic grunts; I feel droplets of sweat falling onto my back.

“Do you want it slut, tell me how much you want my cum. TELL ME!”


” AAARG” You grunt, yelling “cum now my little slut, now!”

At your command, my body explodes in a never-ending wave of ecstasy. I feel your cock jerking inside me, filling me with your hot sweet cum. Your movements are not timed, jerkily, without control of your body you fill my bowels until I feel your cum leaking down my shaking thighs. Your hands reach under me; you caress my breasts as you gently lay me down, resting on top of me…

Our breathing gradually returns to normal while you kiss my neck, telling me words I long to hear. We are together and happy. We drift off to sleep smiling.

Goodnight, sweet prince…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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