A Simple Seduction Ch. 02

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My experience with Kathy was amazing, but now I need to focus on the important job at hand: convincing Jackie to have sex with me, in an effort to break her up with my mom and prevent all of this sex-change garbage from happening. With Kathy, my heart was in it to win it, so the whole thing happened naturally and flawlessly. With Jackie, that might be difficult to replicate. But if I set my mind to it, it can happen. Thinking about my future and the greater good, I’ll need to put my personal opinions on Jackie aside.

I wake up the next morning in bed with Kathy, both wearing solely panties as we’re snuggled beneath the sheets. I look into her face as she continues sleeping and stroke her curly hair, finally dry from all the fun we were having last night. I silently move my hand beneath the sheets and make my way underneath her panties, gently rubbing her pussy. “Wake up,” I softly whisper. After rubbing her pussy for about a minute, a whiff of her morning breath wafts into my face. She slowly opens her eyes, and we greet each other good morning with a smile. I continue rubbing her pussy as we kiss, and Kathy holds me closer to her.

A few minutes in, we’re suddenly interrupted. “Hey, guys!” I hear an enthusiastic voice from the door. I almost have a heart attack, feeling an absolute rush. I quickly look behind me, and it’s Ashlee walking towards us on the bed, fully dressed. She makes herself comfortable, sitting on my side of the bed. “Hey, Kendra,” she says, and leans toward me with a kiss. I close my eyes and reluctantly accept it. “Hey, Mom,” she says, as she leans in towards Kathy with a kiss.

“Um, what’s going on?” I say, confused as hell.

“How was last night for you two?” Ashlee says with a smirk, ignoring my question.

I nervously cover myself with the sheets, while Kathy appears extremely relaxed by the entire situation. “Really, what’s going on here?”

“Okay, okay, fine,” Ashlee says, “I explained your whole situation to my mom. I told her that you were gonna seduce her.”

I’m blushing, I’m so embarrassed. “Oh my God,” I say, open-mouthed. I glance over at Kathy, remaining in her calm smile. “Why would you do that!?”

“Relax, my mom’s cool, obviously,” says Ashlee.

“I always found you cute,” intervenes Kathy. “And I thought if I let it happen, you would have the confidence to get done what you needed.”

Really? This is all way too weird. “I was feeling good about it, but now you just made me nervous again,” I say to the two schemers.

“Don’t be,” responds Kathy. “You have it in you. I would’ve went with it whether Ashlee told me or not, trust me.” She gives me a kiss in reassurance.

“Isn’t that adorable,” says Ashlee. “I hope you treated my mom well last night!”

I start feeling a little uncomfortable. “Oh don’t worry, she did,” says Kathy, kissing my cheek.

“I’m a little jealous!” Ashlee says in a playful tone. “Aren’t her boobs amazing?” she says, grabbing Kathy’s right breast. They chuckle, but I still a feel a bit awkward. “Oh come on Kendra, it’s all in good fun.” Ashlee kisses me, and I smile a bit. “Don’t act like I didn’t see you two kissing. But now you have to share, you can’t keep hogging all of the fun.” She grabs Kathy’s breasts, and they start making out. I look over, shocked at what I’m seeing. Even more shocking, the fact that I’m enjoying it. Ashlee comes up for a moment to look at me, and follows it up with a kiss. When Ashlee goes back to kiss her mother, I gently finger Kathy like before.

“Mommy, can we play with your boobs?” Ashlee innocently asks.

“Okay, but it’s only morning so be gentle, girls,” responds Kathy.

Kathy looks up at the ceiling as each one of us focuses on a breast to suck and fondle. She sighs as she strokes both our heads of hair. Ashlee and I kiss, as Kathy looks down upon us. I bet she likes what she’s seeing. The three of us continue to gently play for about another ten minutes, but I have to get going and prepare for seducing Jackie tonight. I want to save all my sexual energy for her.

“I’ll see you two soon,” I say, as I get dressed and ready to leave.

“Thanks for coming,” says Kathy with a wink. “You’ll do fine with everything.”

“Let me know how it goes, canlı bahis right after it happens!” says Ashlee.

I walk out of Ashlee’s house with the confidence I needed to solve my problems. Jackie will fall right into my plan, seduced by a younger, sexier version of my mom. I walk inside to see my mom quietly reading a book in the living room. She looks up with a smile. “Hey, Kends,” she says nicely, “how was Ashlee’s?” I never told her I went there when I stormed out of the house, but she must have assumed. My mom’s trying to ignore that whole incident, which I guess is for the best.

“It was fun, it was really good to see her and her mom again.”

“Hey honey, sorry about last night. I should’ve broken the news to you more easily.” I don’t think I would care how she told me, I’m still pissed off. Whatever, there’s bigger things to worry about, not worth arguing with her when I have a more effective way of fixing it.

“It’s okay, Mom. It all just came as a shock.”

She walks up to me. “We’ll talk it all through soon, okay?” she says, as she hugs me tight.

“Are you working tonight?” I ask, knowing she always works on Wednesday nights.

“Yep. Jackie was going to come before I left, is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, Mom, that’s fine,” I act. “I’m not doing much tonight, maybe her and I can find something to do.” I try to make it look like I’m coming to terms with the bad news.

My mom smiles. “Well, that would be sweet of you.”

Later on in the afternoon, around 5:30, my mom isn’t in the living room or the kitchen like she normally is. Her bedroom door is open just a peep, and I listen in to hear my mom and Jackie giggling and kissing. I hear the bed springs bounce and their voices come closer. I quietly sprint to my room to avoid getting caught. I pick up some things in my room, pretending to clean when there’s a gentle knock on my door. “Hey Kends, can we come in?”

She wouldn’t usually knock like that, but I guess she’s being careful today. “Sure!” I yell.

My mom opens the door with Jackie behind her. “I’m heading to work now,” she says. She turns to Jackie, “Kendra thought it would be nice if you two did something together.”

“That sounds great!” Jackie says. She sounds so fake, that bitch.

My mom comes up to hug me. “Okay, see you later,” she says to me. Walking back towards the door, she gives Jackie a kiss. “I’ll be back around midnight.”

Once my mom leaves, Jackie casually rests her body against my doorway. “So, what were you thinking of doing?” she says.

I really hadn’t thought this far out. “Oh, I don’t know. Hey, my mom says you and her have been going to the gym more, right? Have you been yet today?”

“Mhmm,” she says in response to my first question. “No, I haven’t! Did you want to go?” she says enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I haven’t worked out since I’ve been home.”

When we meet in the living room ready to go, Jackie is wearing a tight, neon green polyester shirt, with black leggings outlining her figure. Her short blonde hair is neatly tied up into a ponytail. I have to admit, she looks better than she usually does. “You look cute,” she says to me. I’m wearing a light blue tank top and short black shorts, my hair in a ponytail. Hey, I guess I do look cute.

When we get to the gym, we both get on treadmills that are right next to each other. We briskly walk to warm up, making small talk about the news that’s on the TV. When Jackie ups her speed to go a bit faster at a steady jog, I follow her lead. The conversation stops as we both get focused on our workout. Jackie puts her speed up to a fairly intense run, and again I follow her lead. She seems to be catching on that I’m copying her, and she quickly looks over and chuckles. With a determined face, she puts her speed up even higher, and again I follow. We’re both sprinting to the point it feels pretty dangerous for me, I haven’t ran like that in months. I keep up with her for about 30 seconds, until I’m completely out of it. “Shit,” I sigh, as I lift myself up to plant my feet on the side of the treadmill, and crank the control down to walking speed. I’m laughing at all of this, and Jackie’s chuckling as she brings her speed down to a jog.

“Gotta stay in shape,” she says in a jovial manner. Despite being fairly heavy, Jackie seems to take care of herself. I look over at her as I walk bahis siteleri and she continues jogging. Her large breasts bounce up and down her stomach with each stride, her butt and legs appearing strong. Sweat is riding down the back of her shirt, but she appears to be maintaining control.

“I’m gonna head over to lift weights,” I say.

Jackie doesn’t stop jogging. “Okay, I’ll see you there in a bit,” she says between heavy breaths. I’m mostly just bullshitting with the weight portion of the gym when I hear Jackie’s voice. “Hey, Kendra!” she says from about ten feet away, as she’s walking closer to me. “Do you mind spotting me real quick?”

“Not at all,” I respond. We walk to the bench press, which she has already set up with her weights. She lays down on the bench, prepping herself to lift as I look down upon her. As I spot her, I look down on her. Sweaty armpits, and moisture traveling through her breasts. With each rep, a rush of her breath travels up to me as she struggles. Maybe I could just sabotage her bench press, injuring her terribly or maybe even killing her, and then my mom would be turned off to her and the sex change could be stopped. But that thought doesn’t race my mind, because seeing Jackie struggle right now is turning me on.

After getting back from the gym and showering, we cook dinner together and drink wine. For once, Jackie and I were finally getting along, able to connect on crappy reality TV shows and my mom’s antics. As the buzz from the wine grew on me, Jackie was looking more and more attractive. Still fresh out of the shower, her wet hair hung loose, dripping watermarks on her tight, pink wifebeater. Not wearing a bra, her nipples were sticking out the slightest bit, and her top was high enough that the bottom of her plump stomach was exposed. Her pink pajama trousers form-fit perfectly around her luscious legs and ass.

Both of us tipsy from the wine, I sit on the countertop in the kitchen as Jackie cleans up. “Jackie,” I innocently say, “I’m really scared about my mom.”

“Aww, honey, why’s that?” she responds in a concerned voice.

“I like you and all, but… I’m worried about you two getting married.”

“Oh, sweetie,” she says, attempting to reassure, “things will be okay,” as she hugs me, as I remain on the countertop. Jackie rests her head against my small breasts, as I hold her head tight to my body.

“I feel really bad,” I say, trying to fake some tears. “I really like you a lot and I should be more okay with it than I am.” I grow red in the face, trying to force out some tears, my mouth making my way to the top her wet head.

“Kendra, I know it can be tough,” she says, holding me tighter. “We’ll all get used to it. I know how change can be a hard thing.” We rock back and forth a bit as we hold each other closer. Jackie rubs my back as I kiss the top of her head. She turns her head quickly to kiss my chest, in an innocent way, and turns her head to look up at me. By now, I’ve probably shed a tear or two. Seeing my tears, she gives me a wet kiss on the cheek. “Oh, honey,” she says, “you’ll be okay.”

We hold each other tight again, and kiss her on the neck. I whisper in her ear, “I really like you, Jackie,” and breathe on it with the slightest nibble. “I think I’m jealous.”

Jackie pushes me back and looks me in the eye. “Kendra, what are you doing?” I lean forward to kiss her lips. It lands, but she doesn’t reciprocate. “Kendra…” she says, slightly disappointed.

I go for her neck again, and start kissing it more aggressively. “Please,” I beg in her ear, “just this once,” my hand grabbing her great ass. I look at Jackie in the eyes again, and she sees my teary, red face. She strokes my wet hair back, smirks, and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. Her tongue goes deep into my mouth, as if she wanted me all along and has been holding back the energy for months. Our kissing grows sloppy, saliva everywhere on our faces, as she scrappily removes my shirt.

“Oh my God,” she says, looking at my little nipples, “I’ve wanted this for so long.” She licks around my areola as I hold her close. She bites my nipple with her grayed, mature teeth, giving me pain and pleasure. It makes me moan, and it feels so good. Jackie kisses me way down to my crotch, as I pull off her beater. She removes my shorts, and licks my pussy. “Your little pussy is so, so sweet,” she lets bahis şirketleri out, breathing on it. I feel a rush of pleasure as her hard, wet tongue lunges inside me. I try to hold back the screams, but it’s no use.

“Fuck!” I yell, “oh yes…” I hold her head closer, getting her tongue deeper inside me. She grabs my tight, little ass from behind, pulling me closer to her mouth. She flicks my clit with her tongue, and I lose it as I scream.

“You like that?” she says.

“Yes!” I yell, “Oh fuck, yes!” The warm sensation in my body fills me with such an amazing feeling. I want to hate it, but I love it, as my body shakes with pleasure. I can see why my mom loves her so much. I grab her hair, and push her face deeper towards me. I could’ve never imagined her to be so good. I bite my lip as she feasts on me, attempting to hold back my screams. Jackie lifts her head to kiss me, her face covered in my pussy juice.

As I’m licking it off of her face, she says “honey, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“We should,” I whisper in her ear. I jump on her, clinging onto her and beg, “please take me to my room.” I follow it up with a kiss. I know I have all the power now, Kathy was right. Her desire for me overpowered her willingness to do what was right for her relationship with my mother. This power I had over her turned me on even more.

“Okay, fine,” Jackie conceded with a smile. “But I can’t promise that you won’t pay for it later.” We laugh at the joke, and kiss each other as she carries me to my room. She plops me down on my bed as her great, big body hovers over me. I remove her shirt as he we kiss, exposing her breasts and stomach to warm my body. I make my way on top of her on the bed, as I grind on her legs. She slaps my ass, as I moan and kiss her sensuously. My mouth makes its way down to her breasts, as I begin to remove her shorts. I suck on her left breast as I pull her right closer to me. Jackie lets out a slight moan with closed eyes, followed by a quick squeal when I bite her nipple.

I begin fingering her as I make my way down, licking her stomach. I lick her clit as I continue to stick my finger deeper inside of her. “Oh my God,” Jackie sighs. She looks up at the ceiling and bites her lip as I pleasure her. I stick my fingers in deeper, as her moans grow louder. I feel wind flowing through my hair as she breathes out.

“You like that?” I say.

“I do,” she responds, “I love it.”

“Am I better than my mommy?” I ask innocently. I felt weird saying it, but I think it’ll work.

“Yes, baby,” she said, breathing out, “just please, don’t stop.” She was eager for more.

I smile at her, and immediately stick my tongue deep into her pussy. Jackie cries out in joy as she kicks her legs up, and pulls my head closer to her body. She tastes mature like a fine wine, and I love every second of it. Her stomach and breasts are shaking with pleasure. I grab her right breast to keep it steady, squeezing it hard. My other hand is holding her ass, keeping her beautiful pussy steady for my pleasure.

She squeezes my head between her legs as I continue to eat her out, biting my finger as she’s panting and sweating in pain. “I need it,” she moans between breaths, “I need your sweet little pussy.”

I jump up to kiss her, as I position my pussy on her mouth. I grind on her wet face, as I feel her tongue and teeth in me. I hold steady on the bedpost, as I grind harder and faster on her face. “Fuck!” I scream out, as I look below me and see Jackie suffocating, but loving every second of it. The pleasure builds, and I can’t stop fucking her face as wrong as I know it is. I pull her hair for traction as she grabs my ass, getting her tongue deeper inside my pussy. My sweat keeps dropping, as she suffers for air. I scream louder and louder, and I can’t stop, while Jackie’s moans grow more and more desperate. “Shit!” Before I realize it, I cum right into her mouth, as I collapse onto her big, beautiful body.

We hold our sweaty bodies close as we passionately kiss. “How do you taste?” she said with a laugh.

“Very sweet,” I said with a smile, followed by another kiss. “Do I taste better than mommy?”

“We wouldn’t want her to get jealous, would we?” she responds. We laugh and continue to kiss.

Wow, I guess I set my mind to seducing Jackie so much to the point I became attracted to her. Maybe I just like doing something naughty behind my mom’s back. Either way, I hope this works. Even if comes down to making it so Mom discovers her girlfriend and her daughter fucking, it could be worth the fall.

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