A Sexy GILF Masseuse’s Magic Feet

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I get massages wherever I go, I travel a lot and indulge myself whenever possible. Forget what you hear about getting happy endings with massages; I go to spas in reputable hotels, and that’s never been an option, I just don’t even think about it. Sure, I’ve had hot masseuses who I’ve fantasized about while getting rubbed down, even sporting a half boner at times but they tend to just ignore that and keep working. I figure as long as you don’t proposition them, it’s no big deal, just part of the job and they deal with it by ignoring it.

Riva was different. And older, much older than most I get. I’m 37, and attracted to hot older MILFs, but Riva…well, she was spectacular, and more a GILF than MILF. She was probably pushing 60 if not older, but had wonderfully dirty blonde hair framing a very pretty, angular face beset by the usual wrinkles and folds of a woman her age, but beautifully so, and when she smiled, that somewhat rubbery face erupted with brilliance, green eyes sparkling. She had a killer body, too, in her spa blouse and tight black pants, from what I could tell.

But mostly, I noticed her sexy as hell feet. Now I’m not even into feet that much, but as I lay face down and felt her strong, old hands working my neck and back, I peered down at her gnarled feet, bare, visible from toes to slender ankle, long, bony toes but smooth and firm, a veiny instep smooth and tanned, a patchwork of sexy wrinkles on the side going underneath to what I imagined to be an exquisite sole.

I wanted to lick them, suck them, fuck them. It just came over me. And more and more as I watched them move to work my upper body, the tendons and sinews rippling as she moved. I felt my cock throb; I wore nothing and it pressed into the warm towel under me. Flipping over at some point would be an issue, when she turned me over and lay the blanket over me, the tent pole being impossible to hide.

It got worse. Even with her feet out of view as she massaged my upper ass cheeks, I was ready to explode. I had to take a chance and at least tell her she had lovely feet.

“Uh, Riva,” I said, somewhat nervously. “I know this is out of line and I don’t mean this as a come on, but you really have beautiful feet from what I can see. I hope that’s OK to say that.”

There was silence for a long moment, and then I heard her laugh gently.

“No, it’s ok, in fact, I get a lot of that,” she sighed. “I guess for an old gal, I do have sexy feet, and that’s kind of you to say.”

“Oh, my pleasure,” I laughed. “Glad we got that settled.”

She worked more and more by my head, giving me more glimpses of those sexy, flexing feet. And she knew it, staying there longer than usual and making my cock throb full out bursa escort in a seven-inch testimony to her lovely feet.

“OK, I’ll have you roll over now,” she said, standing to the side and holding the blanket up to shield her view of my naked form.

“Uh,” I stammered, frozen in fear, trying to will my dick down. “I, uh, don’t think….well, it’s just that….”

“Relax,” she giggled. “I’ve seen everything on this job, and the fact that you’re rather uncomfortable about rolling over says something about the job I’m doing, I guess. Don’t worry, it won’t bother me but if it bothers you…”

“Uh, no, no, that’s fine, I’m just sorry that…well..you know.”

“I know,” she said, somewhat with a sexy hiss. “I know…”

Fuck it, I said to myself, flipping over and closing my eyes as she draped the blanket over me, and sure enough, my cock poking straight up in it. She said nothing, tucking it in and I sneaked a peek through my narrowed eyelids and saw a slight smile on her wonderfully wrinkled face. She came to work my head, scalp, neck and upper chest, saying nothing, and my boner never flagged. I figured she was OK with it, so more and more I began to have sexual thoughts of her feet, and now my cock oozed precum making a spot in the white blanket, a damp ring forming around the head as it pushed into the soft fabric.

“Pity you can’t see my feet in this position,” she smiled warmly, walking to my feet and working them, sending electric jolts up my legs to my balls and dick, making me moan.

“Yes, pity,” I warbled weakly, wondering if just her massage would make me cum.

She worked one leg, tucking the blanket between them, working my calf and then up my thigh to within a half inch of my balls and as I watched her through barely open eyes, she had a slight smirk on her pretty, saggy face, her own eyes heavily lidded. At one point as she worked the other thigh up high, I saw her bite her lower lip and wondered just how much she was turned on. If half as much as I was, I figured she’d cum herself any second now.

She returned to my neck and shoulders and now leaned closer to my face, her sweet breath washing over me as she spoke.

“You know, it’s funny about men and feet,” she said softly as she worked my shoulders. “Some like the look, the texture, the toes, even the wrinkles in my soles…some like licking them and sucking the toes, running their tongue between them…and some love the smell of my feet…I dated one young man who insisted on cleaning them after a workout, I mean he’d just kiss my dirty sneakers, then take them off and smell and lick my wet, white socks and take those off and really go to down licking and sucking the sweaty toes, licking between bursa escort bayan them, sucking my heel and sole..God, that was good, I must say!”

I moaned and now gently thrust my cock into the blanket, not caring if she saw it. She giggled.

“Are you….?” She asked gently, leaning closer to me. “I mean, me just talking about my feet and rubbing your neck, could you….?”

“I….I think so!” I moaned louder now.

“When….uh, when is the last time you….?”

“A couple weeks ago!” I cried out. “Been busy…traveling..no time..no girlfriend…been so long…”

She walked to the side of the table and slowly pulled the blanket off, my wet cock bobbing free. She smiled and stepped back to sit on another massage table in the room, pulling her legs up, heels on the table, those glorious feet flashing into view in the muted light of the room. She pulled her pant legs to the knees and now showed me the firm, folded muscles of her flared calves, thick, wrinkled but powerful looking, tanned waves of flesh pushing around her shiny shin bones as she now wiggled her toes, the tendons and sinew in her feet and calves flexing in a sexy dance of brown flesh. She smiled.

“By law, I cannot touch you nor allow you to touch yourself,” she said in a dominant playful tone. “But if you were to stand here, by my feet, watching….could you…?”

“Oh yes!”

I slipped off the table and stood by her feet, my cock a foot or so above it, a silver strand of pre-cum instantly winding down and landing on her wiggling toes, making her giggle. I groaned and felt my cum boiling in my balls as I stood, hands behind me, watching her feet and shins and calves flex madly.

“I know you’d probably like to kneel down right now and take a big whiff of my sexy toes and feet, wouldn’t you?” she growled, me nodding frantically. “Well, you cannot, but you can watch them wiggle, watch my toes bounce up and down, watch the sweet, sweaty space open between them and imagine your tongue running in there, tasting the salt and grit and grime!”

She was verbally working me like a pro, her eyes flashing in the dim light, looking up at me, then at my cock, then her feet. It was working, I felt closer and closer.

“Notice the sinews in them, the veins in them, and look at this!” she hissed, turning her knees outward, exposing the insides of her soles and the dark, folded wrinkles of flesh there, making me lurch toward cumming all the more quickly. “Can you imagine your face buried in those soles, smelling the sweaty, sexy funk of my feet, licking each and every wrinkle and fold of them? And look at my calves, look at the muscles bulge into big balls of flesh, the thick meat of them as I wiggled escort bursa my toes and feet, look at those bubbles ripple!”

I couldn’t take it anymore, feasting visually on her sexy, splayed toes, the ribbons of dancing tendon and sinew in her insteps, the wrinkles of her lovely soles, the thick balls of calf muscles covered in gently wrinkled flesh over those tight muscles beneath. I groaned and felt my cock twitch and set to explode.

“Oh, Riva…Riva…Riva!!!”

“Cum for me!” she hissed, wiggling all of her sexy lower legs and feet even more madly now. “Cum for momma’s feet and calves!”

Fuck, Momma just put me over the edge with that one and I groaned and felt my nuts explode, a thick river of cum blasting out of my cock head and landing with a sizzling splat on Riva’s pumping calves, coating them thickly with lumps of goo, the second jet splashing and coating her wrinkled soles, the third, fourth and fifth stream splashing onto her insteps and toes, and the remainder drizzling out in a thick strand of cum reaching from my dick to dribble out over all as I moved it side to side.

Incredibly, she came as I did, as she sat back on the table, leaning on her hands, eyes closed, head tilted back and exposing the sexiest wrinkled neck I have ever seen, grunting and cumming in her tight slacks. When she was done and looked at me, our eyes locked, hers half shut and dreamy, mine wide open wondering if what just happened were real. I looked down at her muscular calves and sexy MILF feet coated with hot lumps of my cum and knew it was.

“Thank…thank you…” I panted, out of breath.

She smiled, and ran a strong finger through my cum, bringing it slowly to her lips and sucking it clean, moaning as she did.

“No,” she hissed, reaching for my head and pulling me down for a quick little kiss, making me taste me on her lips. “Thank you!”

She got a towel and cleaned the cum from her shins, calves and feet, slowly and sexily, watching me watch her do it. She gave me the damp towel to clean myself and slipped off the table, pulling her pant legs back down over her beautiful shins and calves and stood, watching me wipe my dick clean, a goofy smile on my face.

“Take your time, Mr. Anderson,” she said sweetly. “I’ll be outside waiting.”

It took me a long time to will my still stiff dick down, but I put my robe back on, slipped into the spa sandals they give you and opened the door where Riva stood, smiling, ready to escort me to the men’s relaxation room where it would take me a full half hour to fully unwind enough to get dressed and leave.

“Next time you’re in town,” she smiled, handing me a card. “Do look me up.”

She walked away, looking back over her shoulder, eyes flashing, a thick nest of wrinkles visible on her very sexy neck.

“I do sessions off site, too, Mr. Anderson,” she said softly. “Where even more interesting things can happen….”

I’d be back. No doubt about it.

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