A Servant’s Punishment

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“You missed a spot.”

I looked up to see the Lord of the Manor looming over me. He’s not especially tall but from my knees he looked to be over six feet.

“Apologies, my Lord.”

I have worked as the lone servant in my Lord Asher’s small estate for over five years now, alone in the Manor but for one maid and the Lord himself. Despite his handsome features, dark green eyes and beautiful blond curls, he has never once hosted a party or courted a lady in all of my time working for him. He does not travel often and when he does he returns within the week, worn thin and exhausted as if the world beyond our walls has drained his very essence. The maid and I have always made sure to keep the manor in perfect order while he was away to ease his mind when he returned. The sight of his tired, grateful smile as I served him a glass of scotch after tending to his horse has never failed to warm me to my core.

That smile was now miles away. He coldly looked down on me as I scrubbed the floor. I was tasked with redecorating a drawing room and in my haste I had neglected to cover the floor. Inevitably, paint had splattered onto the hardwood and my Lord was, understandably, furious. I cannot help but feel ashamed, having made such a mess of a seemingly simple task.

And yet… A shimmer of tension seemed to sparkle through the air. The way in which my Lord stood over me, arms crossed and expression stormy, had me swallowing past a thick lump in my throat. My cheeks reddened at the sudden direction of my thoughts and I tried to scrub them away along with the paint drying on the hardwood beneath my knees.

“I must say that I am quite disappointed with your lapse of judgement,” my Lord said, disdain clear in his voice. “I expected better of you, Hendrick, and I am starting to think that cleaning the floor is not punishment enough.”

I hung my head in meek shame. “What else would you have me do, my Lord?”

His footsteps echoed throughout the room as he strode over to one of the large armchairs, situated next to an imposing bookshelf, and sat with his legs parted. “Come here, Hendrick.” I started to stand but he raised one hand and shook his head. “On your knees, please.” My mouth dried up and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth as I followed his order, maltepe escort crawling over to him on my hands and knees and settling between his legs. He reached down and tilted my head up with one hand on my chin, his palm soft against my skin and his eyes dark and intense as they gazed into my own. “You want to serve your Lord, don’t you, Hendrick?”

I nodded, captivated by his sudden sensuality. My hands clenched on the legs of my simple linen trousers and I knew then that I would do whatever my Lord asked of me. My tongue clicked in my mouth as I opened it to answer, “Anything.”

He smiled, gentle and reminiscent of tired evenings after long travel. My already flushed cheeks burned hotter with his silent approval and I leant further into his hand. He sighed out a deep, satisfied rumble at my submission. Still cupping my face, his other hand fell to his lap, undoing the buttons of his trousers with deft motions. I watched with wide eyes as he opened them and drew his thick cock out from his underclothes, already growing firm in his grip.

“M-My Lord…” I trailed off and tried to look away but my eyes were hypnotically drawn to his hard length.

“Please, Hendrick. No titles like this.”

“I understand… Asher.”

“Good boy, Hendrick.” My Lord- Asher sank his hand into my dark brown hair and pet my scalp with his fingers. He held his cock out towards me. “You know what I want, don’t you?”

“Yes, Asher.”

“Then suck me.”

I swayed forward, entranced, the spongy head drawing me in and making my mouth water. Asher’s hand in my hair encouraged me and I dropped my mouth open, stuck my tongue out and tasted my Lord for the first time. A quiet grunt punched out of his chest as the salty taste of skin and sweat exploded across my tastebuds. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and flicked my eyes up through my lashes to admire his handsome face, twisted in erotic pleasure. My own cock firmed in my trousers at the sight and I squeezed my eyes shut in a vain attempt to control myself and focus on pleasing Asher. I sucked and lapped at the slit of his cock, reveling in every moan and sigh that dripped from his lips.

“Can you take more?” Asher asked, voice already sounding strained. My thighs flexed hearing how affected he escort maltepe was already, my hips desperate to thrust up into the air and find friction for my own contained hardness. I pulled back just enough to let Asher’s cock fall from my mouth.

“I’ve not done this before, my Lord,” his hand tightened suddenly in my hair and I corrected myself, “Asher, my apologies.” I looked up at him once more, caught by his intense gaze and finding myself desperate to please him. “I can take anything you give me, if you would let me try.”

“Good boy. Open up for me.”

I did as he asked and he guided me down, feeding his cock into my mouth with care. “Be careful with your teeth,” he murmured, and I hummed in acknowledgement. I sealed my lips around him and caressed him with my tongue as he pulled me further and further down. The tip nudged the back of my throat and tears sprang to my eyes and dripped down my cheeks as I choked slightly. Asher eased the pressure on my head, letting me draw back just enough to catch my breath, but not letting his cock slip from my mouth completely. I took a deep breath and swallowed as best I could with my mouth full. Once I had regained my composure, I sank back down, sucking him and slurping lewdly as I ran my tongue over every inch of hot flesh within reach. Again, his cock edged into the back of my throat and I felt the telltale flutter of a gag forcing my eyes to water even more. This time, I swallowed hard against the intrusion, forcefully suppressing the reflex.

Above me, Asher shouted with pleasure and surprise as my throat constricted tightly around the head of his cock. My own length jumped within my trousers at the sound and I was determined to force another, and more, from his lips. With newfound confidence I began to bob my head up and down, swallowing every time his cock entered my throat and delighting in the taste of salty precum coating my tongue as I wrought pleasure from my Lord.

Out of nowhere, I felt a sudden firm pressure on the crotch of my trousers, and I whined a thin moan out around my mouthful. The hard sole of Asher’s shoe pressed down against my cock and my hips rutted up and into it uncontrollably.

“That’s it, Hendrick.” Asher goaded me on as I humped his shoe desperately. “You deserve a reward maltepe escort bayan for sucking me so well.” His fingers in my hair tightened almost painfully. “Next time I’ll have you-” he gasped as I sucked him messily, unable to stop myself from debasing myself for him, “-I’ll have your arse and you won’t be able to muffle those pretty moans as I take you.” I moaned again then, high pitched and strained as I came hard in my underthings, his filthy words forcing me over the cliff of my climax. Asher pulled my hair hard, holding my head firmly in place barely an inch from his throbbing cock as he stripped it with his free hand. My mouth hung open and my tongue lolled out, pleasure still sparking through my veins and numbing me as I dumbly watched my Lord find his pleasure. He came with a growl, deep and rumbling and echoing around the large room, thick globules of his semen spurting out of his flushed cock and onto my face and exposed tongue.

Asher let go of my hair then, and I fell backwards onto my hands like a puppet with its strings cut. I must’ve been a sight to behold, debauched and messy, a wet stain spreading over the crotch of my trousers and semen dripping down my face and chin. I closed my mouth and swallowed what I had been able to catch in my mouth, savouring the flavour of my Lord’s seed.

“Hendrick.” I looked up to find my Lord holding a simple cotton handkerchief. He cupped my cheek gently, just as he had done before our lewd activities, and he began to wipe all traces of his sticky semen from my face. He didn’t need to say anything to convey his satisfaction with my performance, and the care in his actions brought a deep flush to my cheeks that spread down my neck. Once I was clean he searched my eyes with his own and drew me in slowly for our first kiss. The tenderness with which his lips caressed mine had me sighing and pushing further into him, opening my mouth to let his tongue explore. My lips tingled as he drew back and my eyelids fluttered open as he brushed my cheekbone with his thumb. “Thank you,” he said, his deep baritone overflowing with affection.

“Anything for you, my Lord.” He chuckled and released me, helping me up from my position on the floor. My knees creaked and I grunted in pain as they twinged, unused to being sat in such a position for so long. “I will go clean myself up, if my Lord permits?”

“Of course you may, but afterward you must come back and finish these floors,” he said with a smirk.

I chuckled and bowed my head at him. “Of course, my Lord.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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