A Royal Love

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For generations, the Royal Family had been protected by the elite Royal Guard, given the best training and the most advanced weapons to date. With a proud heritage which stretched back generations, the Royal Family had always been under the protectorate one family.

Since the birth of their first and only child, a daughter named Cleo, they had lived outside of the ever-watchful eye of the world’s press, only making appearances for formal functions. Born six minutes before the Royal Princess to the head of the Royal Guard was Talia, raised as sisters the two where almost inseparable as children, until Talia took up the role she had been prepared for, for her entire life, the coveted role of Royal Guard to her life long friend, Princess Cleo.

Returning to the Royal Palace, Talia entered the Princess’s chambers after her subordinates checked the room for any hidden monitoring devices, since two years earlier, naked images of the Princess appeared in the world’s press two weeks after her 18th birthday. Smiling slightly, Cleo slumped into a chair with a large sigh as her luggage was placed on a sofa close to a window.

“Thank you, you may now leave” Talia said to those whom had carried the Princess’s bags.

“Yes ma’am” Bowed a Royal Servant with respect.

Walking backwards out of the personal chambers of the Princess’s suit, the two large double doors where closed as Talia stood almost at attention before her oldest and closest friend.

“Your highness, the room is secure” Talia bowed with respect.

“Ohh, lighten up Talia. We’ve just been to Vegas, had some fun… I wanna do more then just talk about who is seeing my father tomorrow” Cleo moaned.

“Your Highness, your engagements are already made. You have too prepare for…”

“The Ambassador, yes I know. Don’t you want too have some fun like we used too?”

“Since taking over your Personal Guard, I have little time for fun Your Highness” Talia grunted.

“Talia, I know you… this is the most secured building on the planet. Let your hair down, have some fun… that’s an order!”

Smiling slightly, Cleo stood from the large, soft chair and walked towards her oldest friend as she continued too speak.

“You know what you need? Movie night and drink, lots of drink! Come on, I promise you it’ll be fun”

“Is that an order from the Princess?” Talia smiled slightly.

“If you want it to be!”

“Alright! Let’s do it. It’s been awhile since we just had fun”

Cleo’s face lit up like a search light as she hugged her stoic friend. Stepping backwards one-step, she spoke with a soft eloquent voice.

“You get the drinks; I’ll find a few movies!”

“Yes… Cleo. Ohh, none of the dopey action movies you like. Something fun!”

Mocking a salute, Cleo replied softly. “Yes Major!”

“Hey! Tomorrow, I’ll be a Major!”

“I know, I know… Ohh one thing. Take that gun off your hip. It’s gonna be a girls night… no guns allowed”

With a skip in her step, Cleo almost ran into the large room to her left, a room which contained a large TV screen and four large comfortable chairs. After ordering the drinks from the Princess’s personal stores, Talia entered the Entertainment room of the large personal quarters. Stopping at the door, she looked in shock as the beautiful princess stood before her wearing only panties and a bra.

“So, if this is a girl’s night in… we should b e comfy right? Loose the uniform Talia”

“Umm… I’m not wearing anything under” She blushed.

“You rebel, I fucking knew it! Alright, I’ll make this fair. Top and trousers… I’ll do the same!”

“Naked?” Talia blushed.

“Sure, why not? Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Placing down the silver tray, Talia laughed as she replied. “Why do I let you talk me into these things?”

“Because you’re a good friend!” Cleo smiled.

Kicking off her boots, Talia removed her uniform slowly, almost mocking a strip dance as she removed her top, revealing her C-Cup breasts before unbuttoning her belt and slipping down her trousers with a smile. Standing naked before her friend, she blushed slightly as she spoke.

“Your turn”

“Ohh my god, I can’t believe you did that!” Cleo laughed.

“What? You’re not going too… your turn, Princess!”

Laughing like schoolgirls, Cleo removed her bra seductively revealing her large D-Cup breasts to her friend with a wink before pulling down her matching silk, white panties. For a moment, they both stood looking at each other’s naked bodies, as if too examine every curve of their female forms.

For the next few hours, they both drank and laughed at the movies they where both enjoying and from the many bottles drink they had consumed. As the second movie ended, Talia picked up her half empty glass of whisky with her shaky hand, which slipped and spilled and the drink down herself. Laughing, she looked up at the ceiling as she reached for a towel next too her, too clean herself off.

“No-no, don’t waste it! I’ll get it!” Cleo laughed.

Slowly sliding bahis firmaları off her chair drunk, Cleo crawled between her friend’s legs and delicately ran her tongue up her body from Talia’s knees, taking in every drop of the alcohol covering her friend’s toned body. Smiling, Talia rolled her head back and moaned with pleasure as Cleo’s soft and wet tongue ran over her left nipple slowly as she felt her friend’s large breasts press against her body softly. As she spread her legs slowly, Cleo’s tongue ran up her chest and past her neck until their lips met for the first time in a soft and playful kiss.

Slowly moving away from the shared kiss, the two life-long friends laughed slightly as they looked into each other’s eyes. The soft scent of Cleo’s perfume filled Talia’s senses while the beautiful princess ran her fingers over her friend’s lips softly causing the air around them filled with sexual energy as in unison, they both moved closer for a kiss which seemed to last for hours as time almost stood still for the two of them.

Awoken by the morning sun peaking through the windows, Talia stretched out her arms as her head began too throb from the effects of the alcohol she had drank the night before. Confusion over came her as she looked at the large TV set before which danced with the logo of he DVD screensaver.

Slowly sitting up, she held her head as it throbbed with pain as she clamped her eyes closed. Confusion ran over her as she looked at her surroundings for a brief moment while she tried to remember what happened the night before and how a pure silk cover had been laid on top of her. Slowly, she opened her eyes as she looked around and instantly recognised the inner sanctum of Princess Cleo’s inner quarters. Confusion ran through her mind as the last thing remembered was watching an old comedy movie about two men trying get home for Christmas.

“Burning car?” She said to herself. “Ohh right… that movie, I was beginning too worry”

The silk felt amazing against her aching body as she fought against her pain and dizziness too stand and walk towards a small chair where her clothes where thrown. Pulling on her uniform, she finally wrapped the gun belt around her slender waist before staggering into the Princess’s bedchambers where she lay in a deep sleep as the odour of stale alcohol filled the room. Standing by the Princess’s bedside, she smiled slightly as she began her daily routine of waking and preparing Her Highness for the day ahead. Kneeling beside her bed, she gently awoke the Princess as two Royal Servants entered the room carrying her breakfast and placed the two silver trays on a table next to the bed.

“Your Highness, we have a busy day ahead…” She said before turning to the servants with a smile. “Thank you, you are both dismissed”

“Yes Ma’am!” They both said as they bowed with respect and left the large elegant room.

Slowly awoken from her sleep, the Princess sat up as she kept her covers over her large breasts while the servants left and closed the doors. With a smile, she released her covers as the doors closed and she sat upright while Talia placed the tray before her before she held her own head in pain.

“Ohh, what did I drink last night?”

“Judging by what’s in the other room… everything” Talia said as she swayed slightly.

“Must have been a good night then. What the hell happened Talia?”

“With regret Your Highness, I do not know. We must… get you sobered up, me too; the Ambassador will arrive at noon for the negotiations. Your father requests your presence Ma’am”

After her breakfast, the two sat on the balcony overlooking the Royal Gardens while Talia slurred her way through the engagements for the day before the Princess was bathed by her personal handmaidens under the ever-watchful eye of the chief of her personal guard. Passing without incident, the day progressed as planned and as night fell, the two women retired to their own personal quarters for the night. Alone in her own personal quarters, set off from the Princess’s bed chambers, Talia finally fell into her large comfy bed for the night after making sure the Princess herself was asleep first.

With her gun of choice placed firmly under her pillow, she lay down for sleep wearing boxer shorts and a camisole as exhaustion took over her.

Around 2am, she began to stir in her bed and moan softly as images flooded her dreams, images of an unknown person caressing her breasts softly and the feeling of a tongue carefully teasing her pussy lips with each stroke. In her deep sleep, her hands ran over her body, up her camisole and squeezed her breasts as she arched her back and spread her legs as her right hand slowly pushed down her toned stomach, under her boxer shorts and teased her wet lips as in her mind, the image of who ever was pleasing her separated her throbbing with pussy and gently teased her clit. Imitating every stroke of her erotic dreams with her finger, Talia continued as she pushed two fingers deep inside herself and moaned with pleasure as her dream lover kaçak iddaa rolled her tongue around inside her slowly. Her left hand squeezed her breast and toyed with her nipple as she moaned with ecstasy ate her own touch and the dream lover’s amazing gentleness as she came to an amazing climax.

Panting and exhausted, Talia awoke to the sense of sexual satisfaction as she smiled from ear to ear while her orgasm continued as her body shook slightly with the relief she had not felt in years. Dripping with her own juices, her hand raised towards her lips as she placed her fingers in her mouth and savoured the flavour of her own juices with a large satisfied grin as she once again sighed deeply. Slowly regaining her senses, Talia looked in shock as her mind ran wild.

“What the hell just happened?” She whispered to herself.

Her mind ran wild with the erotic images as she focused with all of her strength to keep the dream alive within her mind while she searched her memories for the face of whom had pleasured her in her dreams. Sitting up quickly, she covered herself as the adjoining door too the Princess’s room flew open and Cleo entered with a worried look upon her face.

“Talia? Are you okay?” She said as she ran towards her friend’s bedside.

Quickly pulling her covers over her half exposed breasts, she smiled as she spoke. “I’m fine. Just, just a… bad dream”

“Are you sure? You’re covered in sweat, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine. Remind me, who is supposed to look after who?” Talia laughed.

“You know, it may help if you talk about it. Daddy always said that to me when I had bad dreams” Cleo laughed.

“Go to sleep Cleo. I’m fine!” Talia said, hoping her friend wouldn’t press for more answers.

“Are you sure?” Cleo laughed. “It’s not like I wanna get out of training tomorrow…”

“Cleo, how long have we known each other?” Talia said with an embarrassed grin.

“Forever… and you’re right; I should go back to bed. Good night!”

As she turned back towards the adjoining door, the moonlight bounced off the Princess’s large breasts, through her short flowing silk night dress as every curve of the amazing young woman was revealed too her protector. Her hair flowed delicately in the breeze as she moved towards the adjoining door, which separated their quarters. For a brief moment, the feeling she felt during her dream returned as her jaw dropped and she simply watched her life-long friend and Princess leave her personal bedchambers.

The gentle bounce of her perfect breasts, the curve of her hips and shadow of her buttocks under the tight tiny silk night dress made her almost explode once again as she held her covers over her erect nipples. ‘Ohh my god!’ She thought as her memories flooded back to her of the night before, the mysterious figure of her dreams, pleasuring her. As the door closed between the two rooms, Talia jumped out of her bed and ran towards the balcony. Her Boxer Shorts half pulled over her hips, her breasts bouncing free of her camisole as she stepped out into the night air and tears flowed free from her eyes.

“What have I done?” She declared to the world. “I fucked her?” She whispered to herself as her pussy became wet while the erotic memories returned to her. Since assuming command of her personal guard, she had spent every waking hour by her side, she had helped her through the bad times and laughed with her through the good times and stood watch while the two beautiful handmaidens bathed her carefully and sensually.

However, never had an erotic thought of the Princess crossed her mind until now. Slowly, she closed her eyes as in her mind she saw herself lay on the floor before the chairs as she gently squeezed her breasts while Cleo’s face was buried between her legs softly licking her waxed pussy lips. Her tears gave way too a feeling of satisfaction as her fingers followed her memories with each sensual touch. Biting down upon her bottom lip, Talia moaned softly when her free hand softly slid up her stomach and squeezed her left breast softly as by her own hand, she once again brought herself to yet another orgasm while her legs gave way and she fell to the floor with satisfaction. Breathing deeply, she softly licked her own juices from her dripping hand as she smiled with content as her mind replayed the memories of the two women lay in each other’s arms, kissing passionately as their hands toyed with each other’s wetness softly and sensually.

The next morning, Talia could not shake the image of her Princess between her legs, nor the soft and sensual feeling of her touch as they once again began the routine for the day as every second day, Talia instructed her closest friend in self-defence as she had since assuming the responsibilities years earlier. In the large gymnasium area of the Royal Palace, Talia stood in the room wearing tiny shorts and a sports bra, which left nothing to the imagination of anyone watching. Dripping with sweat, she stood waiting for her friend whom was late as always, which had given Talia enough kaçak bahis time to work out in attempt to bury her newly discovered sexual feelings towards the beautiful Cleo.

Smiling as always, the amazing form of Cleo entered the Gymnasium wearing a similar style of clothing which barely held in her large breasts.

“Sorry I’m late!” Cleo laughed slightly.

“We left at the same time Your Highness, as always” Talia smiled. “Shall we begin?”

“Ohh, my body is yours to abuse” Cleo smiled.

Pushing past the invitation too fulfil her newly discovered dreams about the amazing woman before, they both stood in the centre of the gymnasium alone as they bowed with respect towards each other.

The training session passed quickly as Cleo threw her mentor around the room as if she was just learning the art of self-defence, with each time she held Cleo, Talia felt her heart pound and her pussy awaken with excitement at the feeling of her touch of her amazing figure. It was not until Cleo threw her onto the floor and sat on top of her, smiling down upon her with her sweat dripping onto Talia’s chest that she almost lost control of her feelings, as Cleo sat on top of her chest, her tight pussy inches from Talia’s lips. Talia’s heart pounded as she looked up at the Princess’s large breasts which where barely contained by the sweat covered sports bra.

All she wanted to do now was to reach out and touch her, taste her, pleasure her. Laughing slightly as Cleo raised her hands in triumph, Talia smiled as if to hold back all of her feelings while she panted.

“That’s… enough for today…”

“Are you sure?” Cleo laughed. “I finally beat you!”

“Rough night and we have a long day ahead” Talia said as her juices began to flow while she kept one eye between her friends.

“Okay Major!” Cleo laughed.

Slowly standing up, Talia’s heart pounded as she lay for a brief moment looking up at her closest friend as she once again raised her hands in triumph at finally beating the Major in a sparring session although it was not her arms which had caught her eye as under Cleo’s shorts, she could see she was wearing nothing else, Talia could see her tight and perfect trimmed lips. Stepping beside the Major, Cleo reached down and offered her hand, as Talia reached out and took her soft hand; once again, the almost static charged filled her body as she stood facing her, their large breasts almost touching each other’s.

Smiling, Talia stepped back as she spoke with an almost shaky voice. “You’ve… done well. You learn quickly”

“I have an excellent teacher. However it seems that you have been holding back today, is something wrong?”

“I am fine Your Highness, A… rough night, that is all”

Her erotic dreams had almost overtaken her, as all she now wanted to do was to reach out and touch her, kiss her and show the Princess what her true feeling where for her. However, deep down inside, she could not afford such a beautiful luxury even though all she now wanted to do was to spend the rest of her life between her friend’s perfectly shaped thighs with her hands caressing her large breasts and taking her towards new heights of pleasure forever.

“Well Talia, since you have… given in for the day. We should hit the showers before lunch, I’m dripping with sweat” Cleo laughed.

Excitement exploded over Talia, her pussy sprung into life at the thought as she replied. “Of course… after you, Your Highness”

When Cleo turned to walked towards the showers, Talia took a deep breath as she followed her closely while her eyes locked on Cleo’s perfectly shaped buttocks as her shorts clung too her shorts from the sweat which rolled off her tight body. Stepping into the dressing room of the showers, Cleo removed her Sports Bra and allowed it too fall to the floor as her large D-Cup breasts bounced free of their prison, slowly removing her trainers, socks and shorts she stood naked before Talia as she released her long black hair which fell elegantly over her shoulders framing her features and milky white skin.

Talia’s body almost exploded with an orgasm as she looked at the naked goddess before her as she turned slowly and walked into one of the two coverless shower cubicles, which faced each other. It was not the first time she had seen her friend naked as she monitored her bathing routine every day with the two handmaidens who cleaned her body softly each morning. Talia sighed slightly as another thought entered her mind, the two handmaidens who bathed her. Their delicate features, their tight bodies and breasts pressed against the princess as their hands rolled over her large soap covered breasts, her thoughts where almost out of control as she slowly removed her own clothes and shyly walked towards the vacant shower. The hot water caressed her curves as she ran her fingers through her newly cut short hair of military style, which now hung just below her jaw line. With her hands now covered with soap, she delicately ran her fingers over her C-Cup breasts almost enjoying the pleasant feeling. From the corner of her eye, she saw the Princess facing away from her, bent over and soaping up her long legs revealing her ass and pussy as she ran her hands up her long slender legs, carefully cleaning herself.

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